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I'm eighteen with an attitude. I am fickle and insane. Judge me how you like, as long as you know that you'll be wrong. I have no self-esteem and am too concerned about my weight. I don't do fashion or makeup; I hang with the guys. I play way too many games and know more species of fish than you could possibly imagine. Other than that, yea, I'm just an ordinary girl.
Ask and you shall receive.
Fav Music:
m-flo. ; Third Eye Blind ; Goldfinger ; Immortal Technique ; Guns 'N' Roses ; Transistor Radio ; Wang Leehom ; Mayday
Fav Movies:
Vertigo ; Chinatown ; Battle Royale I & II ; Ichi Rittoru no Namida ; Ju-on I & II ; Suicide Circle ; A Walk to Remember ; An Imitation of Life ; FF7: Advent Children
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510 Oakland ps3 writes...
at 2:44:31am on 12/2/08
hello there :)
8 Hour Whore writes...
at 7:37:09pm on 10/12/08
hey there =]]
Falck Apsargs writes...
at 11:32:09am on 1/23/08
oh ok.
thats kewl=]
Falck Apsargs writes...
at 5:47:02pm on 1/21/08
how was California?
Falck Apsargs writes...
at 12:43:43pm on 1/20/08
hows ur weekend going?
Falck Apsargs writes...
at 12:42:53pm on 1/20/08
ntm just relaxing.
hows ur weekend goin?
the_angle_of_love writes...
at 1:54:44am on 1/20/08
Falck Apsargs writes...
at 1:22:36pm on 1/18/08
whats up?
Falck Apsargs writes...
at 9:38:38pm on 1/17/08
plz just for me?
if u can then i'll be happy.
but im goin to bed now sooo good night
Falck Apsargs writes...
at 9:32:23pm on 1/17/08
lol, awesome. *yawns* im kinda tired, r u gonna be on tomorrow?
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