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Falck Apsargs
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FFR Rank:32,378
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Location:Queensbury, New York, USA
Last Activity:04-17-2008
Member for: 14.17 years
Gaming Region:USA - New England
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Falck Apsargs's Gameplay Stats Today
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About me:
hey. MY names Matt. im 5'3 and 16 yrs old. im currrntly in High school and in 11th single rite now. feel free to ask ^_^. im da waterboyy for the football team and the bowling manager. i hang out with friends everyday and i make my friends laugh alot. i'm a popular kid at skool, im currently have no job and being a bum most of the time=/. well if wanna ask me anything feel free
music, $$$, cars, videogames, being stupid, Monsters, and anything that is kewl:-)
Fav Music:
anything that is good=]
Fav Movies:
Jackass 1 & 2, the longest yard, rush hour 1 & 2, transformers, the day after tomorrow, super troopers, the longest yard, the holy grail, super bad, chuck and larry, the lord of the rings 1 2 & 3. and idk what else that i can think of
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HammyMcSquirrel writes...
at 12:19:42am on 1/25/08
Hehe, awesome. :)
- iFox - writes...
at 1:56:02am on 1/23/08
No no, I returned to California. It's where I live. x]
- iFox - writes...
at 1:41:54pm on 1/21/08
It was alright. Just got back to Cali.
- iFox - writes...
at 1:43:01am on 1/20/08
Not much. You?
- iFox - writes...
at 9:42:32pm on 1/17/08
- iFox - writes...
at 9:36:00pm on 1/17/08
I dunno, maybe.
- iFox - writes...
at 9:30:51pm on 1/17/08
Lol, FFR. Unlocking the easy skill tokens.
- iFox - writes...
at 9:15:30pm on 1/17/08
Ah, I see. Nice to meet you Matt. You can just call me Fox. Makes things less complicated. ;]
- iFox - writes...
at 9:00:19pm on 1/17/08
See that's the thing: I don't remember.
Though I didn't do anything on it but play FFR; I was oblivious to the chat and forums aspect of the site and didn't really care.
Me? I'm alright. Could be better, could be worse.
- iFox - writes...
at 8:56:14pm on 1/17/08
Hey, thanks, though I'm actually not new. This is just a new account, since I can't remember the log-in info for my old one. x]
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