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510 Oakland ps3
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Panic4Me writes...
at 5:17:01am on 12/1/08
You're welcome. :]
Yukari Yakumo writes...
at 12:49:05am on 12/1/08
That's a shame, sorry to hear. Hopefully the problem's been resolved since then.
Yukari Yakumo writes...
at 11:36:46pm on 11/30/08
I don't celebrate Thanksgiving actually, as far as I know it is something about the English sailing to North America and such. The concern is not mine. However, I am found well these days.
Did you enjoy your turkey though?
musical_vampire writes...
at 6:47:11pm on 11/19/08
aaaawesome :D
Yukari Yakumo writes...
at 4:53:13pm on 11/19/08
Hello again. Lately I try just to improve the multiplayer level, but it can be hard to find somebody willing to play.
How have you been recently?
Yukari Yakumo writes...
at 5:25:52pm on 11/17/08
It's fine, I'm just about to play the game.
Yukari Yakumo writes...
at 5:14:03pm on 11/17/08
Right now it is in the mid-60s and quite nice. Well, we have a lot of pollution, but isn't a problem when staying indoors most of the day.
Yukari Yakumo writes...
at 5:09:38pm on 11/17/08
No, certainly not at all. Welcome to be the first friend on my list here in this community.
Cutie_Pie ^.~ writes...
at 6:13:58pm on 10/15/08
Thanks ^^
paiiqexo16 writes...
at 1:41:17pm on 8/29/08
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