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About me:
i like dark things everyone wants to hurt me lolz i can be very bitchy im not mean i talk shit but stick wit friends and hate fightin' i hate losin friends but if i try i gain them...... i love emo things and goth things............^_^ i hate life im quiet till i get wit friends i may sound white not being rascit but im black..... -.- ya so what i might be emo. suicidal. and a cutter. i love the dark.i hate your face.i burn in the light.drama sucks but im good at it.i like emo guys. i dont care if my friends like the same sex.i have a group of bi friends.a few close gay lez.SO WHAT GET OUTTA MY LIFE.-_- and other things yah dont need to kno stop asking questions and get on wit ur life....... I MEEN IT talk cry rite anime stories try to commit suicede cut my self bring pain DIE BITCHESI LOVE HIP POP AND R&B sometimes ALTERNITIVE love linkin park love mims love adam and anderw young jock young jezzy solja boy and girl hola back bitches who eles get out of my bees wax umm soulja boy,nana kitade,alyandaj,ashly tidale,other whit people and blacks and japanese and but hey i kno i sound rascist but im not sooo get over it scary is what i watch hint hint the hills have eyes fredy vs jason the ring house of wax candy man one missed call errr um anything wit blood you no what i am not gonna go on MTV ANYTHING ELSE WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW? anime oh ummm dance shows i now ima go cry to my self to sleep get outta my head or else i want a cookie???........ GRAPHIC NOVELS AND SCARY STORIES ,HARRY POTTER, emo stuff and stuff that make you want to crawl in to a ball mahahah mawhahah janae tanisha segan paralee cheyanne asia susanne rebbeca nina and chezi, my idles my heros if you want to be on this you got to deserve it and swear heres one of my favorite songs
anime rite stories draw sing dance chatrooms other things not main makin f's
Fav Music:
j-pop rap hiphop jazz alternitive rock anything really but has to have a good beat..........
Fav Movies:
um.....silent hill hills have eye's three {hip hop harry}harry potter not it srry hate clowns
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Cody_038 writes...
at 5:06:05pm on 5/6/08
yup ^^ and thanks :D
* P a R i S * writes...
at 11:52:29am on 5/6/08
hiiiii me
jimerax writes...
at 8:26:51am on 5/6/08
Cody_038 writes...
at 1:14:47pm on 4/25/08
suuuuuure :D
K-fred writes...
at 11:41:40am on 4/25/08
sure thats fine i
Tidus78 writes...
at 5:12:50pm on 4/23/08
Synthlight writes...
at 11:42:25am on 4/23/08
First person to post on your wall.