Songs of the Week and Weekly Update 11/19/2022

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We’re back to weekly Songs of the Week releases on Saturdays at 12 AM Server Time! Like before it’ll be 3 songs per week.

We’re looking for assistance in UI development for our Rust based FFR engine. If you are interested and experienced in HTML, CSS, Tailwind and UX design, please take a moment to swing by our Discord server and chat with us in our dev-chat channel! You can also refer to the pinned message within that channel for more details.

We have two new musicians this week for everyone! Details below!

Yobi Mu no Kamisama
Musician: Se-U-Ra
Step Artist: Elite Ninja
Song Length: 1:47
Song Style: Healing Future
Note Count: 507
Difficulty: 32

The Cherry Blossoms Will Bloom Againbluenocturne
Musician: bluenocturne
Step Artist: M0nkeyz
Song Length: 3:01
Song Style: J-Traditional
Note Count: 1353
Difficulty: 64

bluenocturneBattle of the Bits | SoundCloud | YouTube | Twitter

Musician: Pixel Terror & Aviella
Step Artist: Rapta
Song Length: 1:34
Song Style: Electro House
Note Count: 921
Difficulty: 82

AviellaHome | Spotify | SoundCloud | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


-DossarLX ODI, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

8 Responses to “Songs of the Week and Weekly Update 11/19/2022”

  1. What’s with this Elite Ninja guy stepping so many Se-U-Ra songs lately huh

  2. also rip Yobi Mu did not convert the way it was intended to at the end xd

  3. Never too many Se-U-Ra songs!!

  4. Yobi Mu conversion should be fixed now, contacted goldstinger about it, enjoy~ \o/

  5. Conversion issue should be fixed now. It should not affect leaderboards, or scores.

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