Happy New Year!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on January 1st, 2017

Happy new year to all of you keysmashers. 2016 proved to be a great year for the game on a number of fronts – a huge amount of file judgments completed, a number of great game updates, and of course, we had our 11th Official FFR tournament, which proved to be a more punishing than normal endeavor for most of you. But with that, the 2016 page of FFR’s book has been turned.

To open 2017 for FFR, we’re releasing a song that is familiar to most of you: Our Journey and Epilogue. by aaaa. “But wait, isn’t that in game already?” Yes, bmah graced FFR with his great chart, but it’s for a shorter version. Today, we bring you a chart for the entire composition, in all of its 5:47 glory. The chart should feel somewhat familiar to most players – it’s relatively close in difficulty to the original, but is more technical from start to finish and requires more focus to piece together.

Our Journey and Epilogue.
Musician: aaaa
Step Artist: YoshL
Genre: Game Music
Difficulty: 94
Song Length: 5:47

FFRMas Conclusion

Thank you all for your continued patience on the results and prize distribution of FFRMas prizes! I’ve got everything tabulated out for you guys and it will all be paid out to you tonight.

On day 11 of FFRMas, I announced that there would be a raffle for three chances to win the more elusive Event tokens (FREEDOM DiVE and The Wises Were Wrong).

The winners of that raffle are: MarcusHawkins, MikeShinoda12345, and sickufully. If you have both tokens already, or don’t desire the tokens (i.e. you’re an R^3 player and can’t play The Wisest Were Wrong), feel free to say as such and I’ll give you 25,000 credits instead.

lurker/evil smoke: You did not designate a specific token for your prize on the corresponding FFRMas day, so you can feel free to drop that in here as well.

Again, happy new year, everyone!

With the exception of lurker/evil smoke and their token selections, all prizes for FFRMas have been paid out.
- TC_Halogen

12 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Have both tokens already ^^
    Also, I think the hyperlink of Our Journey and Epilogue links back to this front page post \o/
    Thanks for all the work put into this!

  2. Look at that…you guys never cease to amaze me with your dedication to this game and its players. Happy New Year FFR community, I am back and look forward to playing again!

  3. Same as Mike, have them both.

    Happy New Year to all :)

  4. Congratulations on getting your first file ingame, Yoshl!

  5. aaaa

  6. Happy New Year! Oh, and as for the prizes, I posted that on FFRMas Day 12 comments, hehe!

  7. paid, nice, HNY.

  8. someone managed to out-bmah bmah at the very end

  9. 10/10 chart imo

  10. I don’t know what tokens are up for grabs. But I’d want The Bridgeport Run token if that’s allowed. If not, than instead Touhou Judgement or bedtime story. (gotta collect em all)
    Also happy new year!

  11. RIP FP

  12. tfw whole month with no official FFR posts

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