Countdown to Christmas – 1

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on December 24th, 2021

Christmas eve already and we’re down to our last day of this event. Don’t forget about the FFRmas Spon-cons. Today I’ve also re-started the veteran releases so that songs of the week will be back for everyone next week.

Fake Promise
Step Artist: Wiosna
Song Length: 4:20
Difficulty: 90

This week’s Veteran releases

Form, Part 1
Musician: Slippy
Step Artist: Rapta
Song Length: 0:51
Difficulty: 2

Charlie Brown Medley
Musician: The Piano Guys
Step Artist: WirryWoo
Song Length: 1:41
Difficulty: 48

Bad Apple!!
Musician: RichaadEB ft. Cristina Vee
Step Artist: Psychotik
Song Length: 3:03
Difficulty: 62

Lakes of Flame
Musician: Blue Stahli
Step Artist: trumaestro
Song Length: 2:48
Difficulty: 78



5 Responses to “Countdown to Christmas – 1”

  1. On the twenty-fourth day of FFRMas, Fiffer Gave to me… Twenty-Four Promise Breakers, Twenty-Three Foot Pumping Steps, Twenty-Two Full Blown Doggos, Twenty-One Awakened Rooms, Twenty Ghosts in my House, Nineteen lively DJs, Eighteen Makes Against Christmas, Seventeen DM Annihilations, Sixteen Shanghai Androids, Fifteen Enjoyable Killswitches, Fourteen Distant Travelers, Thirteen Turnt Down Ras’s, Twelve Accelerated Lifespans, Eleven Mega Saskrotches, Ten Scripted Ratios, Nine Ejaculating Penises, Eight Satien Gnossiennes, Seven New Lonesome Artists, Six Foxy Hearts, Five Time Warped Virts, Four Unstoppable Pianos, Three Strange Sharp Programs, Two Risen Bricks, and A Jingle Bells from a Tokyo Machine

  2. thank you zyzz

  3. who is dis “zyzz” u speak of?

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