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Default History of TWG

Complete history of FFR TWG
(for jTWG history, visit this thread)

Game I: The Werewolf Game

Hosted by: Chardish
Result: Werewolves win
Aleco (lynched on Day 2)
CypherToorima (murdered on Night 4)
djshox (lost at end of game)
Flypie (murdered on Night 3)
Guido (murdered on Night 2)
ImEric (SEER, lynched on Day 1)
Kenzya (WOLF, won the game)
Kilgamayan (WOLF, won the game)
Lightdarkness (lynched on Day 3)
Moogy (lynched on Day 5)
MrESqueek (GUARDIAN, murdered on Night 5)
Qreepy (lost at end of game)
SleeplessDragn (lynched on Day 4)
Tasselfoot (WOLF, won the game)
The Q (murdered on Night 1)

Comments: The first ever game of TWG, the humans pretty much had no clue how to find the wolves and made a series of poor judgements that started with them offing the seer in Day 1 and continuing to off humans until they lost. A complete shutout for the wolves.


Game II: A Tremor In The Force

Hosted by: Chardish
Result: Humans win
MVP: Tasselfoot

Banditcom (lynched on Day 4)
Blahblah (won the game)
Cenright (lynched on Day 2)
Emccky (killed on Night 3)
Flypie (JEDI SEER, won the game)
GuidoHunter (killed on Night 4)
ImEric12 (won the game)
Kilgamayan (killed on Night 5)
Lightdarkness (JEDI GUARDIAN, killed on Night 2)
MrESqueek (DARK JEDI, lynched on Day 5)
QreepyBoris (DARK JEDI, lynched on Day 1)
Roopert (won the game)
Snapps (killed on Night 1)
SleeplessDragn (DARK JEDI, lynched on Day 3)
Tasselfoot (won the game)
Tasuke (won the game)
The Q (JEDI PSYCHIC, won the game)
Whorlichan (won the game)

Comments: This one was Star Wars themed, with the wolves as Dark Jedi and the people with special roles as Jedi Knights. When the votes are split in day 1 between Tasselfoot, a human, and Flypie, the seer, Flypie realizes her only hope is to convince Tass she's the seer and vote out someone else. They manage to do so, and the seeds of an alliance are sown. Tasselfoot makes a bunch of good calls that hide the seer's identity while allowing him to eliminate potential non-humans. Eventually Flypie seers MrESqueek - the final wolf - on a hunch, and it's all over.


Game III: The Backstabbing Buccaneers

Hosted by: Chardish
Result: Humans win
MVP: CypherToorima

87x (lynched on Day 2)
aleco (lynched on Day 4)
Blahblah18 (killed on Night 5)
Cenright (WOLF, lynched on Day 6)
CStarFlare (won the game)
CypherToorima (SEER, won the game)
flawofhumanity (killed on Night 3)
Flypie743 (WOLF, lynched on Day 3)
GuidoHunter (won the game)
hydrojakep (lynched on Day 5)
ImEric12 (WOLF, lynched on Day 1)
Kefit (GUARDIAN, killed on Night 4)
Kilgamayan (won the game)
lightdarkness (killed on Night 1)
QreepyBORIS (won the game)
roopert (won the game)
Sleeplessdragn (WOLF, lynched on Day 7)
Tasselfoot (killed on Night 6)
The Q (won the game)
zildjian113 (PSYCHIC, killed on Night 7)

Comments: Pirate themed, y'arr. Though there were issues with some people losing interest in the game, the humans went on to win this one through another incarnation of the AIM alliance. I didn't think this one would be as big of a human win as it was, primarily because of days 4 and 5 looking pretty bad for the humans including the death of the Guardian on night 4. Cypher wins MVP for not being detected as Seer and doing a good job of making himself look like a clueless human.


Game IV: Turbulence in the Air

Hosted by: lightdarkness
Result: Werewolves win
MVP: Tasselfoot
Runner up: Chardish

87x (PSYCHIC, lynched on Day 2)
Aleco (killed on Night 3)
Blahblah18 (lynched on Day 5)
Cenright (GUARDIAN, lost at end of game)
Chardish (WOLF, won the game)
CypherToorima (lynched on Day 4)
Eyespewgreekfire (killed on Night 4)
Guidohunter (killed on Night 5)
Kefit (killed on Night 1)
Kilgamayan (SEER, lynched on Day 1)
QreepyBoris (lost at end of game)
Roopert (lynched on Day 3)
stretchypanda (killed on Night 2)
Tasselfoot (WOLF, won the game)
The Q (WOLF, won the game)
Tnyhawk900 (lost at end of game)

Comments: The wolves had it from the start. With 3 game veterans as wolves, the humans were in trouble. The wolves had the humans hooked the entire game. With the humans lynching their seer on day one, and the psychic the next day, they were never 100% sure who any of the wolves were. When Kilga annouced he was the seer, it gave Tass the go ahead to pull a fake-seer gambit, claiming Kilga was the master wolf. On the final day, Tass triumphantly announced his fake role, and the desparate clamorings of his target, Blahblah, were not enough to save him from the lynch. Tass wins the MVP for the seer gambit, and surviving Day 5. Chardish gets runner up with his conversations with Cenright, that really threw him off the trail.


Game V: Red Alert!

Hosted by: Kilgamayan
Result: Humans win
Co-MVP's: lightdarkness, Tasselfoot

Afrobean (won the game)
alainbryden (WOLF, lynched on day 3)
blahblah18 (SEER, killed on night 3)
Chardish (killed on night 2)
CypherToorima (won the game)
evilbutterfly (won the game)
GuidoHunter (WOLF, lynched on day 4)
Kefit (killed on night 1)
lightdarkness (won the game by default)
Moogy (VIGILANTE, lynched on day 1)
QreepyBORIS (lynched on day 2)
roopert (GUARDIAN, won the game)
sleeplessdragn (WOLF, lost at the end of game)
Snapps (won the game)
Tasselfoot (won the game)
whorlichan (won the game)

Comments: It looked like the wolves had this game won on day 2. The humans were completely unexpecting in who the wolves were especially with Alain pretending to be the seer to Tass. Then everything fell apart for the wolves. Blahblah is killed on night 3 after revealing himself as the true seer to LD. Tass confirms Alain was pulling a fake seer bit, and the humans jump on him. To further aid their downfall, Alain admits he is a wolf. Tass figures out Guido and Sleepless as the other two wolves, and Kilga ends the game early. Co-MVPs to LD and Tass for pegging the wolves.


Game VI: Bombs Away

Hosted by: lightdarkness
Result: Wolves win

87x (VIGILANTE, lynched on Day 5)
Afrobean (HUMAN, killed on Day 4)
Alainbryden (GUARDIAN, lynched on Day 3)
BlahBlah (killed on Night 4)
Cypher (WOLF, won the game)
Evilbutterfly (killed on Night 1)
eyespew (killed by vigilante on Day 5)
HansSky (Lost on at end of game)
Kefit (SEER, killed on Night 5)
Kilgamayan (killed on Night 3)
Omeganitros (Lost at end of game)
Q (killed on Night 2)
Snapps (lynched on Day 1)
Squeek (WOLF, won the game)
Tass (lynched on Day 2)
Tps222 (WOLF, won the game)

Comments: This game had the humans in disarray the entire time. With the seemingly random wolfings and the lack of information to base votes on, the humans had no clue how to find out the identities of the wolves. Eventually, the vigilante blew up a human on the last day only to find that due to his phantom vote from day one, he is instalynched by the three wolves, and there is nothing the humans can do to save themselves. TPS wins MVP for coming up with that idea.

Game VII: The Fox And Hounds

Hosted by: Chardish
Result: Wolves win

Afrobean (WOLF, lynched on Day 2)
Alainbryden (WOLF, won the game)
Blahblah ([HUMAN, lynched on Day 4)
CypherToorima (HUMAN, killed on Night 1)
Djshox (HUMAN, lynched on Day 6)
Emccky (PSYCHIC, killed on Night 3)
Evilbutterfly (GUARDIAN, killed on Night 2)
Eyespewgreekfire (MASON, killed on Night 6)
Flypie (HUMAN, lost at end of game)
Guidohunter (MASON, lost at end of game)
HansSky (HUMAN, lynched on Day 5)
Jpec07 (HUMAN, lynched on Day 1)
Lightdarkness (MASON, killed on Night 5)
StretchyPanda (WOLF, won the game)
Tasselfoot (HUMAN, killed on Night 4)
Verruckter (HUMAN, lynched on Day 3)

Comments: An extremely intricate, dozens-of-pages-long plot set in the Metal Gear Solid universe. Guido revealed all of the special roles to his girlfriend, Stretchy, who he did not know was a wolf. This made it all the easier for the wolves to eliminate both the guardian and psychic before taking out the masons. Some people had suspicions, and it was a fairly close game until Day 4, when the wolves clearly had the advantage in both numbers and information they were privy to. A fantastic game.
Game VIII: The Matrix Has You

Hosted by: MrESqueek
Result: Humans win

Afrobean (Kali) - Human (Won the game).
Alainbryden (Niobe) - Human (Killed on Night 4).
blahblah18 (Seraph) - Guardian (Won the game)
chardish (Kid) - Mason (Lynched on Day 1).
CypherToorima (Ajax) - Human (Won the game).
evilbutterfly (Ghost) - Human (Won the game).
flypie743 (Trinity) - Mason (Killed on Night 3).
Kefit (Smith Clone) - Agent (Lynched on Day 3).
Kilgamayan (Morpheus) - Mason (Won the game)
lightdarkness (Smith Clone) - Agent (Removed from game)
JurseyRider734 (Neo) - Mason (Won the game).
Lupin_the_3rd (Ballard) - Human (Won the game).
M-A-C (Oracle) - Psychic (Won the game).
nforcer06164 (Vector) - Human (Won the game).
roopert (Tirant) - Human (Killed on Night 1).
Tps222 (Soren) - Human (Won the game).
Tsuteto (Smith Clone) - Agent (Lynched on Day 2)
whorlichan (Smith Clone) - Agent (Lynched on Day 4)

Day 2 lost the game for the wolves this time. A human is saved the night before, starts an alliance, and causes two wolves to be under the chopping block. One is lynched, the other is removed from the game under the accusation of cheating. The next two days are wolf lynchings and FFR sees its fastest TWG with the most ratio of living humans ever.


TWG IX: Manhunt

Host: Tasselfoot
Result: Humans win
MVP: AlainBryden

Alainbryden - Alpha - WON
Blahblah18 - Beta - DIED NIGHT 2
Chardish - Gamma - DIED NIGHT 1
Charlotte21 - Delta - DIED DAY 1
Evilbutterfly - Epsilon - DIED NIGHT 1

GuidoHunter - Zeta - DIED DAY 2
HansSky - Iota - WON
Kefit - Kappa - WON
Kilgamayan - Lambda - WON
Nforcer06164 €“ Mu - WON
Roopert - Omicron - WON
The_Q €“ Pi - WON
Tps222 - Rho - DIED NIGHT 2
Tsuteto - Sigma - WON

Will Get a Post-Game from Alain.


TWG X: Not In Our Quiet Little Town

Host: Blahblah18
Result: Humans win

EB - WOLF (Lynched Day 2)
Roopert - MASON (Withdrew Day 2)
Eyespew - SEER (Won)

Matt4444 - HUMAN (Lynched Day 5)
aperson - MASON (Wolfed Night 2)
hans - PSYCHIC (Killed Night 3)
whorli - GUARDIAN (Killed Night 5)

TPS - WOLF (Lynched Day 1)
Jurs - HUMAN (Won)
Alain - DEVIL (Lost @ End of Game)
Guido - HUMAN (Killed Night 6)
Kilga - HUMAN (Lynched Day 3)

Stretchy - MASON (Killed Night 1)
Cypher- WOLF (Lynched Day 6)
Kefit - HUMAN (Won)
Afro - HUMAN (Lynched Day 4)
Mead - HUMAN (Won)

Will Get a Post-Game from Blah.


TWG XI: Attack on Flarev

Host: CypherToorima
Result: Wolf Team A Wins

evilbutterfly- Human- Lynched day 5
nforcer06164- Psychic 2-Killed night 1
Afrobean- Human-Lynched day 4
Tps222- Human- Lynched Day 2

Gamepro17616- Guardian 1- Killed night 2
HansSky- Wolf 2- Killed Night 1
Flypie743- Human- Killed Night 5
Tasselfoot- Seer 1- Killed Night 2
whorlichan- Human- Killed Night 7
Kilgamayan- Human- Killed Night 6

imeric12- Wolf 2- Killed Night 8
aperson- Wolf 2- Killed night 7

Cenright- Human- Removed day 2
mead1- Human- Killed Night 6

Omeganitros- Guardian 2- Killed Night 5
eyespewgreekfire- Wolf 1- Killed night 4
DjShox- Wolf 1- WON

Psychic25- Human- Lynched day 6
Neonatrias- Human- Lynched Day 7
Kenzya- Human- Lynched Day 4

Roopert- Seer 2- Lynched Day 1
Talisman- Human- Killed night 4
lightdarkness- Wolf 1- WON
blahblah18- Psychic 1- Killed Night 3

Will get a Post-game from Cypher.


TWG XII: Velyssis Attack

Host: aperson
Result: Humans win
MVP: HansSky

nforcer06164 (Won the game)
lightdarkness (Killed on Night 6)
Kilgamayan (Lynched on Day 5)
blahblah18 (SEER, Killed on Night 1)
eyespewgreekfire (Killed on Day 5)
ImEric12 (Won the game)
Tasselfoot (Lynched on Day 4)
Afrobean (Won the game)
Neonatrias (Lynched on Day 2)
Tps222 (Lynched on Day 1)
flypie743 (PSYCHIC, Killed on Night 2)
mead1 (Lynched on Day 6)
JurseyRider734 (Won the game)
evilbutterfly (Lynched on Day 3)
alainbryden (GUARDIAN, Killed on Night 4)
HansSky (Won the game)

Will get postgame from aperson.


TWG XIII: Dark Matters

Host: Kilgamayan
Result: Wolves win
MVP: HansSky

lightdarkness (Yoshi) (Lost at end of game)
nforcer06164 (Roy) (Lynched on Day 1)
blahblah18 (Fox) (Lynched on Day 3)
flypie743 (Captain Falcon) (Lynched on Day 6)
JurseyRider734 (Peach) (Lynched on Day 2)
Lupin_the_Third (Donkey Kong) (Killed on Night 3)
HansSky (Falco) (Won the game)
Tasselfoot (Bowser) (SEER, Killed on Night 1)
evilbutterfly (Kirby) (Killed on Night 5)
Tps222 (Ganondorf) (Lynched on Day 5)
alainbryden (Ness) (Killed on Night 2)
flux_ (Dr. Mario) (Lynched on Day 7)
QreepyBORIS (Pikachu) (Killed on Night 6)
deltro333111 (Zelda) (Lynched on Day 4)
stretchypanda (Samus) (GUARDIAN, Killed on Night 4)
Kefit (Ice Climbers) (Killed on Night 7)

Will get a postgame report form Kilga.


TWG XIV: Michigan Meetup

Host: lightdarkness
Result: Humans win
MVP: Kilgamayan

Alainbryden (Lynched on Day 6)
Blahblah18 (Lynched on Day 2)

Chardish (Killed on Night 3)
Flux_ (Won the game)
Gamepro17616 (Killed on Night 6)

GuidoHunter (Lynched on Day 5)
HansSky (Seer) (Killed on Night 2)
JenovaSephiroth (Lynched on Day 4)
Kefit (Guardian) (Killed on Night 4)
Kilgamayan (Won the game)
Mead1 (Won the game)

Nforcer06164 (Lynched on Day 1)
QreepyBORIS (Lynched on Day 3)
Talisman (Won the game)

Tasselfoot (Psychic) (Killed on Night 5)
WhorliChan (Won the game)

Will get a postgame report from LD.


TWG XV: #twgxv

Host: Kilgamayan
Result: Humans win
MVP: None

blahblah18 (won the game)
nforcer06164 (Guardian) (won the game)
JurseyRider734 (won the game)

lightdarkness42 (Lynched on Day 1)
chardish (Lynched on Day 3)
Tasselfoot (Vigilante) (Killed on Night 4)
aperson (Former Master) (Attacked on Day 2)
flypie743 (won the game)
whorlichan (won the game)
talisman (won the game)
Kefit (Psychic) (won the game)
mead1 (won the game)

Tps222 (Lynched on Day 2)
Spheroid (Killed on Night 2)
GuidoHunter (Killed on Night 3)
Neonatrias (Seer) (won the game)
alainbryden (Mark, Master) (Lynched on Day 4)
Matthew4444 (won the game)

Postgame report:


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Default Re: History of TWG

Second post so people can skip right to the end if they want and not have to scroll through the first fifteen games.

TWG XVI: A Dark and Stormy Night

Host: Chardish
Result: Wolves Win

aperson (Lynched on Day 2)
blahblah18 (Survived to the end of the game)
djshox (Lynched on Day 1)
evilbutterfly (Killed on Night 2)

flypie743 (guardian) (Killed on Night 6)
HansSky (Killed on Night 1)
Kilgamayan (Killed on Night 4)

lightdarkness (Survived to the end of the game)
mead1 (Lynched on Day 5)
nforcer06164 (Lost at end of game)
Omeganitros (Killed on Night 5)
Snapps (Lynched on Day 4)
stretchypanda (Lynched on Day 6)

talisman (Lynched on Day 3)
Tasselfoot (Lost at end of game)
Tps222 (Seer) (Killed on Night 3)

(Editor's note: Oh God, was this game painful to read through again.)


TWG XVII: Roasted Fanclub Chicken with Intrigue

Host: Kilgamayan
Result: Humans Win

talisman (Killed on Night 6)
hydrojakep/Flux (Ranpha Franboise, Guardian) (Survived to end of game)
whorlichan (Kokomo Peirou, Wolf) (Lynched on Day 1)
blahblah18 (Mint Blancmanche, Psychic) (Survived to end of game)

dAnceguy117 (Survived to end of game)
Tasselfoot (Killed on Night 7)
Kefit (Lynched on Day 4)
lightdarkness (Commander Mary, Mark) (Lynched on Day 7)
JurseyRider734/QreepyBORIS (Lynched on Day 5)
GuidoHunter (Forte Stollen, Voyeur) (Killed on Night 4)
HansSky (Chitose Karasuma, Master) (Lynched on Day 3)
evilbutterfly (Maribu Peirou, Wolf) (Lynched on Day 2)

deltro300111 (Lynched on Day 6)
Tps222 (Killed on Night 2)
Omeganitros (Vanilla H, Seer) (Killed on Night 1)
Kagome (Killed on Night 5)


TWG XVIII: Bored of the Rings

Host: JurseyRider734
Result: Wolves Win

Afrobean (Survived to the end of the game)
_BBQ_/deltro300111 (Lynched on Day 7)
blahblah18 (Lynched on Day 8)
chardish (Killed on Night 7)
dAnceguy117 (Killed on Night 8)

evilbutterfly (Psychic) (Killed on Night 4)
flypie743 (Lynched on Day 2)
GuidoHunter (Master) (Survived to the end of the game)

HansSky (Guardian) (Killed on Night 1)
ImEric12/FishFishRevolution (Lost at end of game)
Kilgamayan (Lynched on Day 4)
lightdarkness (Seer) (Killed on Night 3)
nforcer06164 (Lynched on Day 6)
Omeganitros (Killed on Night 6)
Psychic25 (Lynched on Day 5)
talisman (Killed on Night 2)
Tps222 (Lynched on Day 3)
Vashthestampede0987 (Lynched on Day 1)

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Default Re: History of TWG

Updated for TWG19-28:

TWG XIX: Atomic Apocalypse

Host: evilbutterfly
Result: Humans Win

1 - X Jursey (wolfed night 3)
2 - X Kilga / CStar (lynched day 3)
3 - X talisman (whooped ass)
4 - X HansSky / flux (lynched day 5)
5 - X mead1 (lynched day 1)
6 - X QreepyBoris (whooped ass because he's Noah (w00t))
7 - X aperson (wolfed night 1)
8 - X Tasselfoot (wolfed night 7)
9 - X LD (wolfed night 4)

10 - SEER danceguy (wolfed night 5)
11 - GUARDIAN Afrobean (whooped ass)

12 - WOLF TPS (lynched day 7)
13 - WOLF Roopert (lynched day 4)
14 - WOLF Omeganitros (lynched day 2)

15 - X Imeric12 (whooped ass)
16 - X vashthestampede / nforcer (lynched day 6)

X = human (because I am too lazy to write human 11 times)

TPS is insane. He convinced Afro (guardian) that he was human and then wolfed himself. He had everybody (except Afro, oddly enough) pretty much convinced of his humanity until the last day, when he got lynched suddenly. This was (I think) the LONGEST TWG EVER (at least in the number of pages). It has also set a record as the first TWG with 2 guardings, including the guarding of a wolf. But seriously, I'm glad it's finally over. GEEZ!


TWG XX: Cold Hard Steel

Host: GuidoHunter
Result: Humans Win
MVP: aperson
  1. mead1 (MASTER WOLF) (bookie'd Night 6)
  2. Tasselfoot (WOLF1) (Lynched Day 2)
  3. SpaceBoy492 (WOLF2) (Bookie'd Night 4)
  4. QreepyBORIS (PROSTITUTE) (Wolfed Night 4)
  5. aperson (VOYEUR) (Wolfed Night 3)
  6. FishFishRevolution (BOOKIE) (Won the game)
  7. HansSky (HUMAN) (Wolfed Night 1)
  8. evilbutterfly (HUMAN) (Lynched Day 1)
  9. talisman (HUMAN) (Wolfed Night 2)
  10. Tps222(HUMAN) (Lynched Day 3)
  11. JurseyRider734 (HUMAN) (Lynched Day 4)
  12. Kilgamayan (HUMAN) (Wolfed Night 5)
  13. TSAGod (HUMAN) (Lynched Day 5)
  14. lightdarkness (HUMAN) (Won the game)
  15. nForcer06164 (HUMAN) (Won the game)
  16. ImEric12 (HUMAN) (Won the game)

Now it's award time!

MVP award: aperson for his ability to create an alliance by just being so damned convincing.

Honorable mention: FishFish, for coming up with some sweet plans.

Bonehead award: Tasselfoot, for trying to pull that fake prostitute stunt. Not only did you fail really hard, no amount of attention to the thread would have saved you, I'm convinced, and plus, you brought Space down with you. GG.

Almost got the bonehead award: FishFish. After all the planning of coming down on mead like a sack of hammers, he ends up voting for TSA on the last Day. Had he not bookie'd mead at the end, that mistake would have cost the humans the game.

Why'd you even sign up award: SpaceBoy492


TWG XXI: X-Men Lockdown

Host: FishFishRevolution
Result: Humans Win
MVP: Tasselfoot

Jubilee/Juggernaut - mead1: Lynched Day 6
Nightcrawler/Magneto - HansSky: Lynched Day 1

Cyclops - Chardish: Won
Wolverine - aperson: Lynched Day 4
Beast - Omeganitros: Won
Storm - Torlock: Wolfed Night 1
Rogue - blahblah18: Won
Iceman - talisman: Wolfed Night 5

Bishop/Morph - Kilgamayan: Wolfed Night 2 - MORPH
Archangel/Professor X - lightdarkness: Won - PSYCHIC
Jean Grey - evilbutterfly: Wolfed Night 6
Shadowcat/Colossus - JurseyRider734: Won - GUARDIAN
Polaris - nforcer06164: Lynched Day 3
Banshee/Apocalypse - Tps222: Lynched Day 2 - MASTER WOLF
X-23 - QreepyBORIS: Wolfed Night 4
Quicksilver/Sabretooth - Afrobean: Lynched Day 5
Psylocke - GuidoHunter: Won
Havok/Gambit - Tasselfoot: Won - BOOKIE


TWG XXII: Vampire Melee

Host: WhorliChan
Result: Game ended early, but Wolves had the game won

- Guardian - Chardish
- Human Seer & Master Blue - Panda
- Psychic - Hans
- Master Vampire - LD
- Vampire Seer - Tass
- Vampire €“ Alain
Humans: Fish, Q, Jurs, Afro, Qreepy, Talisman, torlock, Kilga, Flypie, Blah


TWG XXIII: Assault on France

Host: Mead1
Results: Humans Win

1. FishFishRevolution (Died Night 4)
2. Tasselfoot (Wolf) (Lynched Day 4)
3. nickadeemus (Wolf) (Lynched Day 5)
4. nforcer06164 (Won the Game
5. dAnceguy117 (Lynched Day 2)
6. mattc16 (Wolf) (Died Night 1)
7. Kilgamayan (Lynched Day 1)
8. Afrobean (Won the Game)
9. talisman (Won the Game)
10. lightdarkness (Gaurdian) (Killed Night 6)
11. Tps222 (Lynched Day 3)
12. GuidoHunter (Wolf) (Lynched Day 6)
13. HansSky (Won the game)
14. QreepyBORIS (Died Night 3)
15. evilbutterfly (Won the game)
16. blahblah18 (Killed Night 2)


TWG XXIV: Calvin and Hobbes

Host: Flypie743
Result: Humans Win

QreepyBORIS - Moe
FishFishRevolution - Miss Wormwood
blahblah18 - Susie

Tps222 - Calvin
evilbutterfly - Hobbes

Humans: Nick, Tass, Rai, Afro, Mattc, nForcer, Talisman, LD, Kilga, Hans, Jurs


TWG XXV: Macho Man

Host: Kilgamayan
Result: Wolf Wins




TWG XXVI: Flash Flash Revolution TWG

Host: Afrobean
Result: Wolves Win
MVP: evilbutterfly




All I really have to say: Tass you still suck as a wolf. I'd have had you dead day 1. eb did a good job. Minineo did a good job. Hans didn't do the best, but I can't blame him for not seeing through noah.


TWG XXVII: Art Causes Harm To The Body

Host: Kilgamayan
Result: Humans Win
MVP: Tasselfoot

Wolves: talisman (master), JurseyRider734, Tps222
Seer: Tasselfoot
Wolfsbane: mead1
Humans: iggy, blah, guido, eb, wilkin, afro, vash, hans, mini

The wolves were doomed from the start since mead hit the jackpot by telling Tass Night 1 that he was the wolfsbane. Sorry guys.

I liked how this game played out, and am interested in using the idea again. The humans won, yes, but they got a LOT of lucky help - Tass being the seer, mead being an unlikely wolf kill, the bane coming out to the seer before the game started, and every single wolf kill being someone not in the alliance (first three seerings were Neo, eb and Afro) until the alliance outnumbered the wolves and Tass could simply remove people systematically. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the next time this game was played it swung the other way.

I figured talisman would eventually take a chance and wolf Tass, but he never did. Oh well.


TWG XXVIII: Card Sharks

Host: Wilkin
Result: Humans Win

WOLF - Afrobean (Insta'd Day 1)
HUMAN - aperson (Killed Night 2)
WOLF - PsYcHoZeRoSk8eR (Lynched Day 2)
HUMAN - nforcer06164 (Killed Night 3)
WOLF - Omeganitros (Insta'd Day 3)
HUMAN - blahblah18 (Survived)
HUMAN - chickendude (Survived)
GUARDIAN - FishFishRevolution (Survived)
SEER - HansSky (Survived)
HUMAN - iggymatrixcounter (Survived)
HUMAN - JurseyRider734 (Survived)
HUMAN - Kilgamayan (Survived)
HUMAN - mead1 (Survived)
HUMAN - talisman (Survived)
HUMAN - Tasselfoot (Survived)
MARK - Tps222 (Survived)

1) The wolves were done from the beginning. Actually nForcer and Iggy basically pinned all the wolves on Day 1. The inactivity issue was the main point of the game, and the circumstances (Afro's grounding, the other wolves' inactivity) only exacerbated the situation.

2) I really would've liked to see another day go on, just to see how everyone would've handled Tps' seering as a Wolf. That would've been hilarious.

3) I'm really disappointed in how this all played out. It was dumb luck that inactivity played such a huge factor. The Mark role really didn't get to play as big of a part as it could have. In fact, after the first day, the other factors kind of blotted it out entirely.

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Default Re: History of TWG


TWG XXIX: Crack Dens and Avenging Angels
(03/28/06 - 04/10/06)

Host: mead1
Result: Wolves Win

Afro - Blind wolf
Jursey - Blind Wolf
TPS - Interrogator
Talisman - Angel
blah - Master Wolf

Humans: Tass, nforcer, Fish, Tasuke, Kilga, Wilkin, Iggy, Mini, Hans, Guido, Vash

Great game played on both sides. Blah had the excellent idea to pretend to be Tass to his Blind Wolves, and TPS went hardcore to hoodwink Jurs. Came right down to the wire, and ended with a large amount of EPIC-Ness.


TWG XXX: Objection!
(04/18/06 - 04/27/06)

Host: nforcer06164
Result: Humans Win
MVP: iggymatrixcounter

iggymatrixcounter - SEER - Won the game
Kilgamayan - HUMAN - Won the game
mattc16 - HUMAN - Murdered Night 2
blahblah18 - GUARDIAN - Murdered Night 4
Kefit - HUMAN - Murdered Night 3
chardish - WOLF - Lynched Day 1
GuidoHunter - PROSECUTOR - Lost the game
Wilkin - HUMAN - Won the game
talisman - HUMAN - Won the game
FishFishRevolution - MASTER WOLF - Lynched Day 4
Tasselfoot - HUMAN - Murdered Night 1
HansSky - HUMAN - Won the game
Afrobean - WOLF - Lynched Day 2
nickadeemus - WITNESS - Lost the game
Tps222 - HUMAN/WITNESS - Lynched Day 3
lightdarkness - HUMAN - Won the game

From the start, it seemed that either the prosecution or wolves were set up to win this game. I don't know HOW Kefit did it, but he absolutely nailed chardish on Day 1. Then, Afrobean got hit on Day 2. Amazing playing right there. The wolf threat was virtually eliminated Day 2. Nice job.

I thought Guido was going to get this game, after his Day 1 pick. Nick was a great choice. He managed to appear genuinely human in an amazing display of skill. But, then he picked Afrobean who couldn't be called... that eliminated a wolf. I don't know why he picked TPS, but iggy did pretty much get him lynched on BS evidence to "protect blah," who ironically got murdered by Fish the next day, while in the alliance. Funny enough, that night, Guido also picked the last wolf, Fish, which, if announced, would ensure human victory. And it did.

What I find ironic, in the Day 1 discussions, was how Talisman made a comment about inexperienced or newbie players getting guarded. Guess what, buddy? You were guarded Night 1. NIIIIIICE =P

iggymatrixcounter gets MVP for engineering a human win as the alliance leader while not knowing what the hell he was doing. Kefit gets an honorable mention for nailing chardish as a wolf Day 1 after being gone for several games.


TWG XXXI: A Blast From The Past
(05/02/06 - 05/21/06)

Host: blahblah18
Result: Humans Win

wolves: tass, afro, eb
seer: talisman
guardian: fish
judas: wilkin
saulus: kefit
vampire: iggy
humans: minineo, hans, nforcer, kilga, guido, ddrdanc3r55, LD, tps

straightforward, because what i've now realized that by giving anyone a role, no matter how useless it is, is very strong if you have lax wolves. By claiming to be role X, only wolves want to argue that so its always good. If we had an all-green game where each player was given an individual name, then it'd be an autowin for humans... Wolves HAD to have tried and cause confusion on some of the roles that came out... I think it was a mistake for iggy to come out, but it is a close call either way.


(05/27/06 - 06/10/06)

Host: chardish
Result: Wolves Win

Wolves - Stretchy, Blah, Nforcer
Seer - Kilga
Channeler - Matt
Humans - Tass, Mini, Jurs, Wilkin, Afro, Talis, Iggy, Omega, Kefit, DDRDancer, DiscoBobbyPARANOIA

Statue location - #63

Wow, you guys got whacked, and hard. I really don't think it was the wolves' skill that won it - with humans playing this terribly, it was the wolves' to lose.

All in all, I think the statue thing is a nice twist to the game. Yes, I intentionally stacked this game in favor of the wolves. But with the humans winning almost every time (9/10 in the past 10 games before this one), I felt the wolves could use a little edge.

I think masons instead of a seer would have made the statue more interesting, and it would have given the humans a reason to pass the statue.

I also think the statue was too hard to find. I was starting to get really worried that it wouldn't be found, but there was no way I could change the balance without making it obvious that the statue hadn't been found. Maybe reveal 15, 15, 15, 10, 10, 10, 10 instead of 15, 15, 10, 10, 5, 5.

You guys suck at being active.

I'm really surprised none of you were able to get Nforcer, as he was acting very wolfish the whole time.

You guys suck at winning without an alliance (i.e., thinking for yourselves.)

If I were going to run a game like this again, here's what I would do differently:

12 players
3 wolves
3 masons
[Card-flipping rule in effect]

16 players/3 wolves is too difficult to keep track of and we're getting too many inactive players. We need to keep the games smaller.


TWG XXXIII: An Alien Invasion
(06/21/06 - 07/03/06)

Host: DiscoBobbyPARANOiA / Chardish
Result: Wolves Win

(WILKIN NOTE: As far as I could find, there wasn't a complete role list in either the game or the postgame, so this is all pieced together from reading the postgame over)

Kilgamayan - Wolf
Necamus - Human
FishFishRevolution - Human
Chardish - Mason
iggymatrixcounter - Human
Tps222 - Mason
ddrdanc3r55 - Master Wolf
xObserveRx - Wolf Shaman
FFR4EVA_00 - Mason
MiniNeo - Human
blahblah18 - Seer
Afrobean - Human
nforcer06164 - Wolf
Tokzic - Human
aperson - Human
JurseyRider734 - Human

Chardish in the postgame: You all suck.


(07/25/06 - 08/03/06)

Host: talisman
Result: Wolves Win

Wolves: tps, sertman, fish, cyhper
Humans: tass, petpro, afro, matt, nforcer, kilga, guido, iggy, fojar, wilkin, jwcgator, jurs

wolf mvp: tps. tps played a brilliant game, hovering the background and stabbing fish at just the right time.

human mvp: fojar. fojar was right on the money all game until he got distracted by iggy.

should never play twg again: jwcgator. my god you're retarded.

comments: the obvious wolf strategy in a game like this is to simply pick one wolf (since with 4 wolves one is expendable) and go against that one early, to make the rest of the team look human. I don't think the wolves in this game consciously did this, but it worked out that way anyway since fish blew in his posts early on and everyone noticed.

the one thing fish did right was in the way he played iggy... he let iggy lead him on, and iggy bought it.

also, iggy, never insta yourself if you're human.


TWG XXXV: Knick It In The Bud
(08/07/06 - 08/27/06)

Host: Kilgamayan
Result: Wolves Win

Tasselfoot - Human
talisman - Human
FishFishRevolution - Human
GuidoHunter - Wolf
FoJaR (later replaced by Jurs) - Wolf
flypie743 - Human
Shashakiro - Human
Tps222 - Human
CypherToorima - Wolfsbane
iggymatrixcounter - Human
Kefit - Human
blahblah18 - Human
Omeganitros - Human
aperson - Vigilante
Afrobean - Human
Wilkin - Wolf

Humans blew ass this game. Wilkin and Jurs were your two surviving wolves. The only wolf to get voted off was Guido and even then getting him was sheer dumb luck. Shame ap got banned on the last day, but I was sick of finding subs at that point.

Cypher and ap were who they said they were, obviously.

MVP to the FoJaR/Jurs tandem.


(09/04/06 - 09/30/06)

Host: FoJaR
Result: Wolves Win

Tasselfoot - Zombie Human
Mattc16 - Human
Shashakiro - Human
DiscoBobbyParanoia - Illuminati
Mead1 - Zombie Wolf
Kilgamayan - Illuminati
StoicRoivaS - Human
sertman - Human
Min1ne0 - Bookie
CypherToorima - Wolf Seer
JurseyRider734 - Human
chardish - Human
HansSky - Human
Afrobean - Illuminati
talisman - Red Miller
Wilkin - Human
flypie743 - Blue Miller
iggymatrixcounter - Tainted Seer
Tps222 - Blue Miller
ivaluebet - Wolf
FishFishRevolution - Wolf
ddrdanc3r55 - Human

Wolf MVP: Ivaluebet - flew under the radar the entire game. great first game, especially as a wolf.

Human MVP: Tasselfoot. caught mead day one, great use of bunking to extract information.

honorable mention to Talisman, great calls all game.

LVP: Tasselfoot. Bent the rules to create a human alliance that did nothing to stop the wolves, got minineo killed, and stopped the one good way of getting information by telling everyone not to bunk.

i'm sure there are questions about minineo, so i'll address that now.

when it became apparent that minineo had come out to tass, after a strict warning from me that if he came out, i would find out and he would be dead, i caught minineo.

i told him that tass told me that he (minineo) came out to him, and that he was now dead, and that he couldnt talk to any living players. he thought tass had tricked him and gave it up. gg minineo.

the humans had a huge advantage due to the human alliance. all they had to do was bait the wolves with the illuminati, and then have tass report the extra wolf kills. bing, bang, boom.

i was really disappointed with the way this game panned out. humans, you had a GIGANTIC advantage, which you failed to use at all.


(10/09/06 - 10/23/06)

Host: StoicRoivaS
Result: Wolves Win

Coroner: Vash
Psychic: Ivalubet
Forensic Scientist: FoJar
Guardian: Mini
TT Guardian: Talisman
TT Master Seer: TPS
TT Pupil Seer: Matt
Vigi: Sertman
TT Blocker: Cypher
TT Blocker: Afro
TT Blocker: Tokzic
TT Blocker: Iggy

Device Thief: Wilkin
TT Master Wolf: Hans
TT Wolf Seer: Kilga
TT Marked Wolf: Shash (Ex-TT Blocker)

Congratulations to the wolves for winning TWG XXXVII. There were 16 players with 4 wolves and 12 humans. The starting setup was 3 wolves plus one to be marked Night 1. Co-MVP's go to Shash and Hans for doing a great job at coming to Iggy with plausible (and true in Shash's case) blue roles as well as distancing themselves quite well the entire time.

To summarize for the lazy, the roles were pretty much what everyone said they were, save for hans. Shash was indeed a TT blocker and so any claims he made regarding the role were quite true. As a marked wolf he kept his human power, aka the Time blocking machine he was given. The original time machine that the device thief stole refined 1.5 units of fuel per night with each kill using up 1 unit. The extra .5 units could be stored, this is how the 4 kill slaughter happened. There was also 1 random event in the game that I decided upon ahead of time in the event that I had horribly messed up some balancing aspect of the game. If either team was noticiably disadvantaged from something that I did not expect, I would give that team 1 50/50 chance at generating an extra unit of time fuel to be given to a random role that could use it: Device thief, TT guard, TT seer. This extra unit would basically let them have one more action (kill, vision, guard).


(11/10/06 - 11/22/06)

Host: FoJaR
Result: Wolves Win

sertman - MCCARTHY
talisman - DEMOCRAT
chromer - DEMOCRAT (JFK)
vashthestampede0987 - DEMOCRAT
iggymatrixcounter - BALLOT BOX STUFFER
hanssky - RIGGER
jurseyrider734 - SECRET SERVICE
stoicroivas - CANDIDATE
wilkin - POISONER
minineo - RIGGER
hitheycallmegod - POISONER
DiscoBobbyParanoia - DEMOCRAT
petpro32 - CANDIDATE
mattc16 - CANDIDATE
xobserverx - CANDIDATE (REAGAN)
guidohunter - CANDIDATE

each night i flipped a coin. heads i ressurected someone. tails, nobody came back.

i drew names out of a hat for the ressurected player.

your name didnt go in the hat if you had been outed with an illegal role, or if you were removed for inactivity.


GAME MVP: DBP for infiltrating the human alliance.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Talisman for staying under the radar, Stoic for making everyone think there was a third party, and everyone who stayed active and posted.

fun fact: the Hans guard was made possible by an accurate poisoning.

as with last game, i think that people value the human alliance way too much. Large human alliances seem to prove the downfall of the humans. especially in a game like this where you have to use your role to get into the alliance, and your role can get you thrown out of the game. i think the humans would have had a much better shot if they had all played green. you would have had the wolves COMPLETELY mystified. That was the human advantage in this game, and i tried to set it up so that you'd hold on to that advantage.
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Default Re: History of TWG

TWG XXXIX: Caps Filter'd
(12/03/06 - 12/30/06)

Host: Wilkin
Result: Humans Win

iggymatrixcounter - HUMAN (Killed on Night 1)
Shashakiro - HUMAN (KitB w/ jwc on Day 1)
Afrobean - GUARDIAN (Killed on Night 2)
HansSky - WOLF (Lynched on Day 2)
sertman - HUMAN (Killed on Night 3)
lightdarkness - HUMAN (Lynched on Day 3)
Talisman - HUMAN (Killed on Night 4)
xObserveRx - WOLF (Insta'd on Day 4)
vashthestampede0987/Tps222 - SEER (Killed on Night 5)
FoJaR - HUMAN (Insta'd on Day 5)
ImEric12 - HUMAN (Killed on Night 6)
Kilgamayan - HUMAN (Self-insta on Day 6)
FFR4EVA_00 - PSYCHIC (Killed on Night 7)
StoicRoivaS - MASTER WOLF (KitB w/ Jurs on Day 7)
JurseyRider734 - HUMAN (Killed on Night 8)
DiscoBobbyPARANOiA - WOLF (Lynched on Day 8)
jwcgator - HUMAN (Survived)
nijatwo - HUMAN (Survived)

1) I'm really happy that this game got as much attention as it did, either through entusiasm, posts, or views (the last two going far past the last couple of games), and I think we should take some more examples from past games for a little while before we get back into the MYSTERY ALL BLUE CRAZY WEE OOO WEE OOO games.

2) If an MVP were to be named, one of my candidates would have to be Kilga. This is mainly because of his self-insta to prevent FFR from getting another phantom, as well as relaying some vital info to the other players right before he did it. If anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to hear them, as I didn't get that much from a lot pf other players.

3) I liked Tps' play at the end of the day (I forget which one) where he went out on the limb to tell everyone the guardian was still alive (to flip a coin to decide whether to guard FFR or Tps), and I don't doubt that it gave the wolves some concern or second thoughts on their kill for the night. Very nicely executed.

TWG XL: Mall Madness
(01/05/07 - 01/19/07)

Host: xObserveRx
Result: Humans Win

1. nijatwo (Rebelnija) - Serial Killer
2. talisman (stressreliefball) -Guardian
3. Kagome (dbzgoten50) - Seer
4. rioting (TheMajorDanish) - Wolf
5. jwcgator (jwcgator2) - Human
6. Kilgamayan (bjstrattonIM) - Wolf
7. sertman (alextp1651) - Wolf
8. Wilkin (Wilkin Evili) - Wolfsbane
9. StoicRoviaS (StoicRoviaS) - Human
10. Z3ratul (Z3narb) - Human
11. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (DBP TWG) - Human
12. Afrobean (Afrobean16) - Human
13. mead1 (fhqwhgads703) - Wolf (Master)
14. Aperson (phonemrecursive) - Human
15. nforcer06164 (nforcer06164) - Human
16. Chromer (stinnettefamily1) - Human
17. Iggymatrixcounter (iggy911mc) - Human
18. FoJaR (thisisfojar) - Human

This game, IMO was pretty balanced if played right. The unfortunate killing of Wilkin and Talis in the first two days was rather ****ty, but I was asking myself what the **** was going on with the math ****. It's a game, not a math competition. All the statistics in the world aren't going to keep you alive; playing the game the normal way, with suspicions, gut feelings, lots of convo and voting patterns will...hopefully.

If the humans would've cut the math ****, stopped arguing every second minute and just played like they would in any normal game, I think they would've worked together much better and people would've gotten lynched much faster.

Also, why didn't the humans just lynch Nija when he came out? Really. It would've been three wolves vs. a bunch of humans... sound familiar? At that point, some normal play could've resumed and it would've been a much tighter game. I dunno, I wasn't IN the game, so I can't say how I would've reacted, but that just seemed dumb as hell to me.

So yeah, after all the talk at the start of the game about how ****ed the humans were, they won. With all the arguing, stupid statistics and teaming with the SK, they won. So much for statistics, balance and whatever.

(01/25/07 - 02/06/07)

Host: DiscoBobbyPARANOiA
Result: Humans Win

Kilgamayan - Kamikaze, killed Night 4.
Afrobean - Human, killed Night 2.
Stoic RoivaS - Seer, won the game.
Rioting - Wolf, lynched Day 4.
talisman - Blue Miller, killed Night 1.
Tokzic - Human, won the game.
FoJaR - Kamikaze, vigi'd Night 4.
iggymatrixcounter - Blue Miller, killed Night 3.
roundbox - Wolf Seer, lynched Day 1.
Shashakiro - Human, won the game.
Omeganitros- Red Miller, lynched Day 3.
Wilkin - Wolf Vigi, lynched Day 2.
JurseyRider734 - Seer, won the game.
xObserveRx - Human, won the game.
nforcer06164 - Red Miller, won the game.
blahblah 18 - Wolf Vigi, kamikaze'd Night 4.

Immaculate job: luck
Decent job: humans (minus nforcer and iggy), wolves.

Dual mvp: iggymatrixcounter and nforcer06164

nforcer for being the perfect miller; iggy for turning the lynch around from nforcer (red miller) to wilkin (wolf vigi).


Overall, I'd say the game isn't too out of balance. If it were played again, I'd suggest changing the normal wolf to master, or something else to give the wolf team an advantage.

Worth noting, jurs hit three reds on the first three nights, which was a 3.3% chance (after factoring in the death of roundbox on d1) I believe. Pretty slick. Unfortunately, night two and three were both millers.

The night with three kills:
Fojar was vigi'd, kilga was nked (both kamikazes ROFL) and blah was taken out by kilga with a die roll.

TWG XLII: Raiders of the Temple of the Last Crusade
(02/12/07 - 02/28/07)

Host: Stoic RoivaS
Result: Humans Win

1. Mead - Wolf Thief
2. DBP - Wolf Thief
3. Roundbox - Wolf
4. Rioting - Wolf

5. Sertman - Decipherer
6. Kilga - Thief

7. Iggy - Human

8. Jurs - Thief (Indiana Jones)
9. Observer - Human
10. Wilkin - Human
11. Talisman - Master Thief
12. Stella - Decipherer
13. FoJar - Thief
14. Afro - Decipherer

15. Fish - Thief
16. Nija - Human

MVPs go to Stella for nailing the two unknown wolves (I think Iggy might have known one of them at the time) and to Iggy for doing what he does best. Honorable mentions to DBP and Mead for playing a very good wolf game until Iggy lock kicked in.

Perception artifact revealed human/wolf for humans and green/blue for wolves. Deception artifact made a vision of you come up in the most favorable way. Wolves look human, blues look green. Protection artifact could guard someone at night or save someone from a lynch should they use it on themselves at night and be lynched the next day (still with the protection artifact). The charisma artifact added 1 vote against whoever it's holder cast theirs against. The good-luck artifact prevented "losing" artifacts but did nothing about them being stolen. The unknown artifact had the ability to go to a dead player upon being "lost". Should it do so, the dead player would be brought back to life and the unknown artifact would shatter. Unfortunately, based on how the game played out, few of these ever successfully applied.

Thanks to iggy's grand ability to take over my games, this went nothing like I had expected. If the game were run again, it would have to be altered.

TWGXLIII: Finish the Fight
(03/08/07 - 03/19/07)

Host: iggymatrixcounter
Result: Wolves Win

kilga (church) wolfed night3
sert (flowers) wolfed night5
chromer (
simmons) lynched day3
stoic lynched day1

talisman wolfed night2
rioting wolfed night4
1 roundbox (grif) won the game

disco (caboose) wolfed night1
pntballa (shela) lynched day2
fish (
donut) vigi’d night3
Fojar (sarge) vigi’d night4
tpslost the game

stella vigi’d night2
observer lost the game

2 mead (lopez) won the game
omega (tucker) lynched day4

1MVP: Since the wolves won it’s got to go to whoever decided to grow some balls and fight back the red seering from pntballa. That was a very bold move for wolves to try. 2MVP for humans is probably kilga since he was really the only one to stay logical the whole game.

Big Noob Award: pntballa (for vigi killing and losing a day) and roundbox (for trying to play off not being a wolf when everyone knew he was one)

GENERAL: (for the twg history)

Thought both sides did very stupid things and very powerful things. Pntballa almost crushed the human’s chance of any type of victory by viging an almost confirmed human. When the wolves were able to take advantage of this, they started bragging about their win. This pissed sert off apparently since he grabbed pntballa’s vigi role and went to town, countering the bad vigi kill.

Despite what happened during this game. I thought it went very well mechanically. The vote modifiers didn’t mirror one another as much as I thought. (The wolves took the more advantage of them I thought.) The sarge/church roles cancelled each other and the tucker/lopez roles balanced fairly well in my opinion.

My simmons role was completely trashed in practicality. Anything that would have resulted would have been something you could have figured out on your own. (I.E. a vigi kill, vote adding to someone, seering) So it didn’t work the way I wanted it to. I felt that giving a name was too powerful but being general was redundant. SO I kind of ignored it since there wasn’t anything I could tell the wolves that they wouldn’t find out.

I was very interested in this game despite it being a third draft of what I wanted. And I think that the Flowers role should be a repeated role in future game because of its hidden “guardian” type role it can play in building hidden, but not public, alliances. It takes a little bit of the luck factor out of the game also in case a major blue dies early.

Here's a list of the results of the first 43:

01 - Wolves
02 - Humans
03 - Humans
04 - Wolves
05 - Humans
06 - Wolves
07 - Wolves
08 - Humans
09 - Humans
10 - Humans
11 - Wolves
12 - Humans
13 - Wolves
14 - Humans
15 - Humans
16 - Wolves
17 - Humans
18 - Wolves
19 - Humans
20 - Humans
21 - Humans
22 - Wolves
23 - Humans
24 - Humans
25 - Wolves
26 - Wolves
27 - Humans
28 - Humans
29 - Wolves
30 - Humans
31 - Humans
32 - Wolves
33 - Wolves
34 - Wolves
35 - Wolves
36 - Wolves
37 - Wolves
38 - Wolves
39 - Humans
40 - Humans
41 - Humans
42 - Humans
43 - Wolves

Which puts the current standings at:

Wolves: 20 / Humans: 23

Iggy911Mc (12:55:49 AM): Mudkip is a Koala Bear.

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Default Re: History of TWG

Okay, since no one else seems to care, I've taken it upon myself to look up the old TWG's.

TWG XLIV: RQU Dimensional Disruption!

Hosted by: FishFishRevolution
Humans Win
MVPs: DBP, talisman

FictionJunction - human/human - lynched x1d1
X3R0H0UR - seer/human - wolfed x2n3
thunderstrike687 - human/human - lynched x2d2
DarkManticoreX2 - human/human - won x2d3
flawofhumanity - human/human - won x2d3
roundbox - human/guardian - won x2d3
StoicRoivaS - wolf/human - lynched x1d2
talisman - human/human - wolfed x1n3
rioting - guard/human - wolfed x2n2
iggymatrixcounter - human/human - wolfed x1n2
FoJaR - human/wolf - wolfed x1n1
Kilgamayan - wolf/wolf - lynched x1d3
Tps222 - human/wolf - lynched x2d3
DiscoBobbyPARANOiA - wolf/seer - won x2d3
Stella! - human/human - won x2d3
HansSky/pntballa - human/human - lynched x2d1

TWG XLV: Let’s Play Danmaku Detective Game!

Hosted by: MilfeulleSakuraba
Wolves win.
MVPs: Mamimi, Stoic

4 Wolves

- 1 Master Wolf (played by FishFishRevolution (Sakuya Izayoi))
Power depends on other events

- 1 Wolf Seer (played by DarkManticoreX2 (Alice Margatroid))
Looks at one other player a night and gets a return of green or blue

- 1 Wolf Hoarder (played by x3Mamimi (Reisen Udongein Inaba))
As long as this wolf is alive, the wolf team can store a kill for later use
If kill is stored, it is not used that night
Wolf cannot store more than one kill
If Wolf Hoarder dies while a kill is stored, it is lost

- 1 Normal Wolf (played by talisman (Yukari Yakumo))
Standard red infantry


9 Special roles:

- 1 Serial Killer (played by Kefit (Cirno))
Independent third party
Returns "blue" to Wolf Seer
Has highest victory priority
Can only be wolfed if targeted on a single hit night
If the serial killer targets the Master Wolf, there is a 33% chance the MW will die, a 33% chance no one dies and a 33% chance both the SK and MW die
If the serial killer does not send a kill in before deadline, a target will be chosen at random from the pool of everyone alive (including the serial killer themselves)


- 1 Defector (played by flawofhumanity (Patchouli Knowledge))
Returns "green" to Wolf Seer
Wins if humans lose
Wins if survives through a human win
Loses if dies in a human win


- 1 Crazy Ivan (played by roundbox (Kaguya Houraisan))
Returns "blue" to Wolf Seer
Kills random player if killed
If killed via any non-lynch method, odds that a member of the responsible party is killed in retaliation are increased

- 1 Ballet Box Tamperer (played by FoJaR (Sikieiki Yamaxanadu))
Returns "blue" to Wolf Seer
Operating illegally
Can change one person's vote per night to whatever they want
If someone comes out in thread and claims they will vote for a particular player, BBT can check to see if they are lying
If there is a general thread consensus on who to vote for every night, BBT can check to see if any one person indeed voted for them
Can only perform one of the above actions per night

- 1 Mason Trio (played by sertman (Keine Kamishirasawa), FictionJunction (Remilia Scarlet) and Omeganitros (Eirin Yagokoro))
Return "blue" to Wolf Seer
Three humans who know each other to be human

- 1 Voyeur (3 looks) (played by Stella! (Suika Ibuki))
Returns "blue" to Wolf Seer
Operating illegally
Targets, at most, one player per night to watch
If Voyeur picks a wolf or a human that survives, they will see them asleep in bed
If Voyeur picks a human that gets wolf killed, they will see a random wolf
If Voyeur picks the serial killer, they will be told the person wasn't home
If Voyeur picks the serial killer's kill, the serial killer will spot them and there is a 50% chance the serial killer kills the voyeur

- 1 Blue Miller (played by JurseyRider734 (Hong Meiling))
Returns "blue" to Wolf Seer
Will not know they are a miller

- 1 Morph (initially played by StoicRoivaS (Youmu Konpaku))
Returns "green" to Wolf Seer
Chooses 4 people to pick 1 randomly from
If Morph gets a green, their power transfers to that green
If Morph green a blue, they gets that blue's power for one night/day (depending on what the power is)
If Morph gets a red, they lose their power and is told that player is red
If Morph chooses the Master Wolf or the Serial Killer, they die

- 1 Aspiring Psychic (3 spells) (played by rioting (Yuyuko Saigyouji))
Returns "blue" to Wolf Seer
Operating illegally as long as any spells remain
May cast, at most, one spell per night
When a spell is cast, the psychic will know how many wolves are left
If the serial killer is alive when a spell is cast, the psychic won't be told
If the serial killer is dead when a spell is cast, the psychic will be told


- 5 regular humans

Played by jwcgator (Ran Yakumo), DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Marisa Kirisame), pntballa18/Larrikin (Komachi Onozuka), PsYcHoZeRoSk8eR (Reimu Hakurei), thunderstrike687 (Yuka Kazami)
TWG XLVI: For the King!

Hosted by: DiscoBobbyPARANOiA
Humans Win
No MVP specified?

Copied from DBP's text, which was kind of confusing:

kilga - lucky charm
stoic - lucky charm

mamimi - lucky charm, cursed shield
roundbox - revolve

sertman (guard) - scrying stone
flaw (seer) - revolver
jwc (hunter)
Yesssss (hunter) - lucky charm(bad)


jurs - scrying stone
stella - gold dagger
talis - bag of gold
observer - revolver
pnt - golden dagger
psycho - explosives
manti - diamond ring
x3ro - cursed shield
thunder - poison

TWG XLVII: 28 Half-dozen Hours Later

Hosted by: StoicRoivaS
Humans Win
No MVP specified

Team Evil:
x3ro - Plague Progenitor
yesssss - First Infected

Team Good
Roundbox - Scientist 1 (vaccine)
Flaw - Scientist 2 (cure)
FoJar - Scientist 3 (DNA test)
Observer - Scientist 4 (DNA test)
DBP - SWAT Member
Sert - SWAT Member

Talisman - Human
Pnt - Human
Rioting - Human
Fiction - Human
Kilga - Human
Stella - Human
Manti - Human
Thunder - Human

I'm getting kicked off for now, more to come later.

Thanks for the memories, folks. u da bes

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Default Re: History of TWG

TWG XLVIII: Phantasmanosebleed of "Flower" View

Hosted by: MilfeulleSakuraba
Humans Win
No MVP Specified (?)

1 Master Wolf (played by flawofhumanity (Patchouli Knowledge))
Returns "human" to Aspiring Seer
Only has 25% chance of losing an artifact
If lynched, Master Wolf gets a retaliatory kill the next night - this kill is unguardable but can only target someone who voted for the Master Wolf
Unaffected if in possession of the Deception Artifact
Master Wolf is treated as green for all Question Artifact purposes (unless a question is asked about wolf population)

1 Wolf Thief (played by FishFishRevolution (Sakuya Izayoi))
Returns "not human" to Aspiring Seer
Operating illegally
Each night, the player targets one other player for theft
If a player targeted for theft has any artifacts, the Wolf Thief steals them
Cannot target self or fellow wolves

1 Wolf Seer (played by Yesssss (Reisen Udongein Inaba))
Returns "not human" to Aspiring Seer
Each night, the player looks at one person and is told if they are green or blue

1 Aspiring Wolf Jeweler (played by thunderstrike687 (Yuyuko Saigyouji))
Returns "not human" to Aspiring Seer
Has a 50% chance of figuring out the use of any artifact they come in possession of


1 Aspiring Seer (3 looks) (played by DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Marisa Kirisame))
Returns "blue" to Wolf Seer
May select at most one person per night to look at
Person looked at will return "human" or "not human" to the player
If the player survives to Night 5, they get 2 extra looks
If player dies, they lose all looks and cannot ever gain any new ones

1 Priest (played by talisman (Yukari Yakumo))
Returns "blue" to Wolf Seer
Operating illegally until power is used
Power must be used at night
Once during the game, the Priest may resurrect one wolfed/lynched player

1 Jesus (played by StoicRoivaS (Youmu Konpaku))
Returns "blue" to Wolf Seer
If killed, resurrects three days later for a single day
If Lazarus is killed, saying that player's name will resurrect that player at the next night-to-day transition
Does not know who Lazarus is

1 Lazarus (played by mattc16 (Reimu Hakurei))
Returns "green" to Wolf Seer
If Jesus says player's name after player is killed, player is resurrected at the next night-to-day transition
Does not know who Jesus is
Does not know they are Lazarus

1 Jeweler (played by X3R0H0UR (Suika Ibuki))
Returns "blue" to Wolf Seer
Operating illegally
Can identify any artifact the player gets a hold of if player so chooses

1 Thief (played by pntballa18 (Komachi Onozuka))
Returns "blue" to Wolf Seer
Each night, the player targets one other player for theft
If that player has any artifacts, the thief takes them
Thief cannot target themselves for theft
Thief only has a 50% chance of stealing from the curator (each artifact is rolled for separately)
The thief only has a 25% of losing an artifact, but if they lose one they lose them all and each artifact is rolled for

1 Curator (played by Kefit (Cirno))
Returns "blue" to Wolf Seer
0% chance of losing artifacts at night (except in special cases)
100% pass accuracy

1 Crazy Ivan (played by DarkManticoreX2 (Alice Margatroid))
Returns "blue" to Wolf Seer
Operating illegally
Kills random player if killed
Chance of retaliation toward killing parties is increased

1 Defector (played by nijatwo (Eirin Yagokoro))
Returns "green" to Wolf Seer
Operating illegally
Wins if humans lose
Wins if survives through a human win
Loses if dies in a human win

3 normal humans (played by rioting (Sikieiki Yamaxanadu), roundbox (Kaguya Houraisan), FictionJunction (Remilia Scarlet))

TWG XLIX: Another unnamed TWG!?!

Hosted by: DiscoBobbyPARANOiA
Wolves Win
No MVP specified(?)

wolf - mamimi
wolf - stoic
master - kilga

seer - FoJaR
guard - X3R0

human - flaw
human - manti
human - talisman
human - jwc
human - sertman
human - ld
human - nija
human - toph
human - thunder
human - alain
human - tps

TWG L: Time Travel TWG v2

Hosted by: StoicRoivaS
Cancelled Game

TT Wolf Sabateur - Flaw
TT Wolf Blocker - Rioting
TT Wolf Seer - Talisman

TT Guardian - Manti
TT Seer - DBP
TT Tamperer - Matt
Confidant - Travman
Human - Cypher
Human - Nija
Human - FJ
Human - x3ro
Human - Mamimi

TWG LI: Dead Alive

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Draw Game
MVP: Makilaz

1. emerald000 (GUARDIAN, wolfed night 2)
2. argo15 (HUMAN, survived)
3. Pyroshock (GRAVEKEEPER, survived)
4. xplayfan (HUMAN DISRUPTOR, lynched day 2)
5. freakysnots (WHITE MILLER, survived)
6. rzr (WOLF, lynched day 3)
7. gnr61 (HUMAN, wolfed night 4)
8. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (WOLF, revealed day 5)
9. EnR (HUMAN, survived)
10. Makilaz (SEER, wolfed night 5)
11. DarkManticoreX2 (SPIRIT, wolfed night 3)
12. Heavylee (WOLF, ate some pudding)
13. edubardus (HUMAN, wolfed night 1)
14. mattc16 (HUMAN, survived)
15. meno_rocks123 (WOLF, lynched day 4)
16. Litodude (HUMAN, lynched day 1)
TWG LII: Avatar

Hosted by: argo15
Humans Win
MVPs: travman301, heavylee

DarkManticoreX2 (Human: SURVIVED)
freakysnots (Human: SURVIVED)
EnR (Toph/Seer: Wolved Night 5)
timotolkki11 (Ty Lee/Wolf Seer: Lynched Day 5)
rzr (Human: Lynched day 2)
Pyroshock (Human: Wolfed Night 6)
travman301 (Human: Lynched Day 4)
Litodude (Human: Wolfed Night 3)
heavylee (Uzula/MW: Lynched Day 6)
emerald000 (Human: Wolfed Night 2)
pntballa18 (Katara/Mason: Auto-Kill Day 3)
SethSquall (Zuko/LoneWolf: Lynched Day 1)
gnr61 (Human: Lynched Day 3)
mattc16 (Human: SURVIVED)
Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Aang/Guardian: Wolfed Night 4)
Makilaz (Soca/Mason: Wolfed Night 1)
massflavour (Air Nomad: Auto-Kill Day 2)
rzrsgirl04284520 (Human: SURVIVED)

TWG LIII: The Chimera Code

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Humans Win
MVP: Manti and his little blinking friend

1. emerald000 (Jade, Mason)
Found Tainted Crystal and Pure Shard, Night 2
Used Tainted Crystal Revelation Ability on heavylee
Kept Pure Shard
2. argo15 (Vale, Human, wolfed Night 2)
3. gnr61 (Lain, Human)
4. Litodude (Keevan, Lonewolf Mason)
5. DarkManticoreX2 (Auran, Human)
6. EnR (Shade, Human)
7. flawofhumanity (Ether, Guardian)
Guarded Ravia, Night 1
Guarded heavylee, Night 2
8. Pyroshock (Zade, Wolf Thief)
Unsuccessful in theft, Night 1
Attempted to steal from DarkManticoreX2, Night 2
DarkManticoreX2 did not have any items
9. Heavylee (Psykit, Seer)
Seered flawofhumanity, Night 1
Seered DarkManticoreX2, Night 2
10. freakysnots (Ailian, Cursed Mason, vigi’d Night 1)
Recieved Tainted Shard Night 1
Used Protection Ability on SethSquall
11. Makilaz (#000, Master Wolf)
12. meno_rocks123 (Myne, Human)
13. edubardus (Visark, Human)
14. rzr (Arun, Wolf)
Recieved Tainted Shard Night 1
Used Destruction Ability on freakysnots, Night 1
15. emocheergirl (Mavy, Human)
16. SethSquall (Ran, Scavenger)
Found Tainted Shard, Night 1
Gave to freakysnots
Found Tainted Crystal and Pure Shard, Night 2
Gave both to emerald000
17. travman301 (Tair, Thief, wolfed Night 1)
Attempted to steal from Ravia, Night 1
Ravia did not have any items
18. Ravia (Malakh, Wolf Scavenger, lynched day 1)
Found Tainted Shard, Night 1
Gave to rzr
19. X3R0H0UR (Marth, Cursed Human)
20. pntballa18 (Kilvan, Lonewolf Mason)
21. xplayfan (Kain, Cursed Human, lonewolfed Night 2)


Hosted by: FictionJunction
Humans Win
MVP: freakysnots

1. Flaw - redrumfortherich (builder) - (shot in the face by shotgun ****er Mamimi day 1)
2. travman - Rbennie362 (betrayer) - (General win - Personal lose)
3. enr - ryanffr (lover) - (wolfed night one)
4. makilaz - benderchan (seer) - (general win - personal win)
5. pyro - djpyroshock (priest) - (died by curse day 2)
6. seth - sethsquall (remorseful seer) - (general win - personal lose)
7. emerald - emerald3x0 (paranoid human [lazarus]) - (general win - skeptical personal win)
8. massflavour - massflavour (guardian) - (SK'ed night one/resurrected day two/darted night 3)
9. xero - thespindokta (devil) - (general win - personal win)
10. freaky - freakysnots (seeker) - (wolfed night two)
11. manticore - darkmanticorex2 (wolf seeker) - (died night two - poison gas)
12. mamimi - x3mamimi (master wolf) - (lynched day two)
13. rzr - twgxrzr (lover) - (general win - personal lose)
14. thunderstrike - thunderstrike687 (rogue) - (general win - personal win)
15. pnt - merlonifan28 (regretful Serial Killer) - (lynched day one)
16. jwc - jwcgator2 (Wolf Leader) - (lynched day three)

TWG LV: Harry Potter Books 1-7

Hosted by: rzr
Humans Win? Again? Grrrr.
MVP: emerald000

1. argo15 (argo1516)- Vampire wolf- Voldemort
2. travman301 (RBennie362)- Seer- Ron Weasly
3. SethSquall (SethSquall)- Wolf- Wormtail
4. Brilliant dynamite neon (megamngtx) - human
5. litodude (litodude)- human
6. heavylee (heavyleah) -human
7. DarkManticoreX2 (Darkmanticorex2) - human
8. emerald000 (emerald3x0) - human9. Einherjar_04 (Jeremy0416) - guardian- Dumbledore
10. makilaz (benderchan) - recruiter
11. thunderstrike687 (thunderstrike687) - Protector - harry potter
12. pntballa18 (Merlonifan28) - Wolf Seer- bellatrix lestrange
13. Halleys5thConcerto (Halleys4th ) - Rebel
14. freakysnots (freakysnots) - Master Wolf - Barty Crouch Jr
15. pyroshock (djpyroshock) - scientist
16. mattc16 (mattc16mcfc) - wolf -
17. meno_rocks123 (MenoRS123) Recorder - hermione
18. gnr61 (basketcase1161) - Executioner - snape
19. emocheergirl (bgurl99o0 ) - murderer - sirius black
TWG LVI: The War For Hyrule (Expert Edition)

Hosted by: DarkManticoreX2
Wolves Win
MVP: pntballa18

1) Pntballa18 (merlonifan28) Zant
2) Pyroshock (pyroshockTWG) ------Replaced By ENR (RyanFFR) Human
3) Heavylee (Heavyleah) Human
4) SethSquall (SethSquall) Midna
5) Edubardus (FikshonJunkshon) Zelda
6) Argo15 (Argo1516) Kotake
7) Psychopete (petermogsworth) Human
8) Meno_Rocks123 (MenoRS123) Legendary Archer
9) thunderstrike687 (thunderstrike687) Link
10) madmatt621 (sjcdravens2008) Human Immune from effects
11) Xplayfan (JONALEON1) Koume
12) Halleys5thConcerto (Halleys4th) Human
13) mattc16 (mattc16mcfc) -------- Replaced by Roundbox (Tehroundbox) Human
14) dooey100 (Dooeyabillion) Human immune from damage
15) T3hDDRkid (TheVisualParadox) Ganondorf
16) Emerald000 (emerald3x0) Human
TWG LVII: A Few Nights in Ancion

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Humans Win
MVP: DarkManticoreX2

1. Makilaz (RED MILLER, vigi'd Night 4)
Received a Blue Orb, Day 3
2. Einherjar_04 (HUMAN, lynched Day 3)
3. pntballa18 (WOLF, lynched Day 1)
4. DarkManticoreX2 (WOLF, blah)
Received a Red Orb, Day 3
Killed Makilaz, Night 4
5. edubardus (GUARDIAN, vigi'd Night 5?!?!?!? )
6. thunderstrike687 (HUMAN, wolfed Night 1)
7. dooey100 (SENSOR, attacked Night 5, saved by Guardian)
8. freakysnots/rzr (HUMAN, eliminated Night 3)
Received a Yellow Orb, Night 1
Seered pntballa18, Night 1
9. argo15 (HUMAN, wolfed Night 2)
10. meno_rocks123 (HUMAN, lynched Day 4)
11. Halleys5thConcerto (MASTER WOLF, lynched Day 2)
Received a Red Orb, Night 1
Killed SethSquall, Day 1
12. emerald000 (HUMAN, wolfed Night 3)
Received a Blue Orb, Night 1
Guarded dooey100, Night 3
13. EnR (MASON, wolfed Night 4)
Received a Yellow Orb, Day 3
Seered DarkManticoreX2, Night 4
14. T3hDDRKid (MASON, won the game)
15. SethSquall (WATCHER, vigi’d day 1)
Missed deadline Night 1


Hosted by: roundbox
Humans Win
MVP: SethSquall

1. Emerald000 (emerald3x0) DEMOMAN, won the game!
2. DarkManticoreX2 (DarkManticoreX2) HEAVY, wolved nights 1 and 2
3. BDN (MegamnGTX) HUMAN, wolved night 3
4. EnR (RyanFFR) HUMAN, won the game!
5. travman301 (RBennie362) PYRO, lynched day 1
6. Makilaz (BenderChan) SNIPER, survived and won!
7. thunderstrike687 (thunderstrike687) SPY, killed night 1
8. mattc16 (mattc16mcfc) HUMAN, killed day 3
9. pntballa18 (merlonifan28) SOLDIER, lynched day 3
10. argo15 (Argo1516) HUMAN, killed day 3
11. rzr (twgXrzr) SCOUT, lynched day 2
12. Dooey100 (Dooeyabillion) ENGINEER, won the game!
13. madmatt621 (sjcdravens2008) HUMAN, won the game!
14. Litodude (Litodude) HUMAN, won the game!
15. SethSquall (SethSquall) MEDIC, won the game!
16. Heavylee HUMAN, won the game!

TWG LIX: Welcome to Bucketheadland

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Humans Win
MVP: your mama's kitchen

1. DarkManticoreX2 (Centipede Woman)
2. pntballa18 (Bucketbot #2)
3. edubardus (Park Visitor)
4. Makilaz (Buckethead!)
5. travman301 (Park Visitor)
6. meno_rocks123 (Malfunctioning Bucketbot)
7. thunderstrike687 (Park Visitor)
8. argo15 (Ani Maldjian)
9. hoochan (Brain)
10. freakysnots (Slipdisc)
11. emerald000 (Vee)
12. dooey100 (Li'l Littles)
13. roundbox (Bansheebot #1)
14. mattc16 (Bucketbot #1)
15. Litodude (Maximum Bob)
16. heavylee (Mischevious Park Visitor)
17. xLF_WhiteTrash/EnR (Bansheebot #2)
18. scorpio1690 (Park Visitor)

Damn, this game was a bear to host. I got lazy and sent vague PMs and hoped that you all were smart enough to piece everything together.

Items behind the doors were picked from a random list, which included rare items and deaths/curses/imprisonments/etc.

If roundbox would have attempted to eat his cake, he would have broken a tooth on a Resurrection Stone.

I thought wolves had it in the bag at some points, but you humans got really lucky. Even without a successful seering and meno working behind the scenes you managed to add another human victory to the already disgustingly high pile.

TWG LX: Mystery Game

Hosted by: travman301
Nonstandard victory
MVP: emerald000

The Internet Brat - Manti
Rosie O’Donnell - Rebirth
The Bashful Serial Killer - pnt
The Hacker on Steroids - Neon
The Indexer - Gnr
The angry noob - Emerald
The bi polar - Ravia
The Microsoft Fanboy - hoochan
The paper bag - Dooey
Maury Povich - EnR
The aspiring Mod - pete
The scientologist - BDN
Synthlight’s Fangirl - Mak
Blazze - Thunder
The Game Whore - Meno
Nothing - Litodude

Host comments:

Alright, now that you know the role titles I'm sure you are wanting to know what each role details. However, that is where my game is totally different from all of the TWG's.

Okay, ready for the big twist??? Alright. You all had the same role. Each one of you had the same exact role.

Right down to the number of items and their effects, you have the same roles.

Each one of you need to be the last to survive. I gave you three items to do it with.

That's the concept at least. Everyone is on an equal playing field. The best TWG'er should prevail.

It turned into an inactive mess because you were all scared ****less you would get noticed, but still. My concept stands.

TWC Comments:

Neonatrias is mean ;_;

Thanks for the memories, folks. u da bes

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Default Re: History of TWG

TWG LXI: Back to Our Roots

Hosted by: emerald000
Wolves Win
MVP: Who me?

1- argo15 (argo1516) Wolf Argus
2- pntballa18 (merlonifan28) Seer Pentti
3- flawofhumanity (redrumfortherich) Guardian Flann
4- Makilaz (BenderChan) Mack
5- Brilliant Dynamite Neon (MegamnGTX) Wolf Bidane
6- travman301 (Rbennie362) Wolf Travis
7- rzr (twgXrzr) Razar
8- freakysnots (freakysnots) Master Wolf Frankie
9- meno_rocks123 (menoRS123) Menno
10- Litodude (Litodude) Leto
11- EnR (RyanFFR) Enric
12- Heavylee (heavyleah) Lee
13- thunderstrike687 (thunderstrike687) Tndr
14- dooey100 (Dooeyabillion) Dua
15- roundbox (tehroundbox) Rond
16- jwcgator (jwcgator2) Jawidgatoro

TWG LXII: Cthulhu Rising

Hosted by: devonin
Cancelled Game
MVP: Random.org

1. thunderstrike687 (thunderstrike687)
2. pntballa18 (Merlonifan28)
3. Hoochan (TWGHoochan)
4. meno_rocks123 (MenoRS123)
5. freakysnots (freakysnots) Substitution FictionJunction (FikshonJunkshon)
6. Makilaz (BenderChan)
7. flawofhumanity (redrumfortherich)
8. DarkManticoreX2 (darkmanticorex2) Guardian
9. x3Mamimi (x3mamimi)
10. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (MegamnGTX) Master Wolf
11. Roundbox (tehroundbox)
12. litodude (litodude)
13. dooey100 (dooeyabillion) Seer
14. Pyroshock (pyroshockTWG)
15. GamerShadow ( TwilightxShade)
16. EnR (RyanFFR)

Host comments:

Okay guys...the game ended early due to incredibly rampant lack of activity. We could drag it out for several more days, with random.org wolfings, and KitB lynchings, but honestly since it seems clear that almost everyone else has better things to do with their time, I'll be happy to remove any guilt they might feel from neglecting the game.

Anyways, onto business.

Night 1
Wolves kill Roundbox
Seer sees Pntballa18
Guardian guards Dooey100

Day 1
Humans lynch Pntballa18

Night 2
Wolves kill Edubardus
Seer sees Hoochan
Guardian guards Litodude

Day 2
Humans lynch Litodude

Night 2
Wolves kill DarkManticoreX2
Seer sees x3Mamimi
Guardian dies, failing to guard.

Day 3
Knife in the Box kills BDN

Night 3
Wolves kill EnR
Seer sees flawofhumanity

Game ends.

MVP: Random.org Players wolved two greens, lynched a green and a seered red. Random.org managed to kill both the guardian and the master wolf, thus making stronger plays for both sides than either side did for themselves.

Secondary MVP to Dooey100 for (presumably) lucking into picking a wolf to seer on night one. But he loses points for flip-flopping on his last seering, going from a green, to red, back to green.

LVP: Litodude and Inactivity. Lito got himself lynched purely because he went ridiculously overboard on accusing people of doctoring logs. x3Mamimi said you lynched the only person who was actually trying and yup, you did.

TWG LXIII: Mutiny in FFR

Hosted by: rzr
Wolf Wins
MVP: I wonder...

The players:
1.Travman301 - Tasselfoot- (lynched day 1, LOST THE GAME)
2. emerald000 – Plaguefox - (wolfed night 3, LOST THE GAME)
3. Makilaz – chardish – (Survived, WON THE GAME)
4. GamerShadow - MalDON - (lynched day 2, LOST THE GAME)
5. Dooey100 - JasonKey (wolfed night 2, LOST THE GAME)
6. Brilliant Dynamite Neon - nestlekwik(wolfed night 1, LOST THE GAME)
7. Freakysnots/Xception704 – Lightdarkness – (lynched day 3, LOST THE GAME)
8. Roundbox/EnR – Xelius (wolfed night 4, LOST THE GAME)
MVP goes to our dear friend and EXCELLENT wolf, Makilaz!

TWG LXIV: Endgame

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Wolves Win for TWG records
MVP: thunder

1. dorama (Rebel, ejected from game Day 2)
2. LifeVirus7 (Northern Vanguard Recruiter, killed in Shadow Dragon attack Day 5)
3. Xception704 (Lonewolf, lynched Day 3) (SD)
4. DrKirth (Priest, killed by Vampire Night 3, resurrected Night 5, wolved Night 7) (SD)
5. Bynary Fission (Vampire Seer, lynched Day 1)
6. heavylee (Mason, killed in Shadow Dragon attack Day 5) (NV)
7. DarkManticoreX2 (Vampire, Wolfed Night 1)
8. argo15 (Vampire Hunter, Vamp killed Night 5)
9. aTzUeLo1191 (Master Wolf, lynched Day 2)
10. Makilaz (Cursed Human, purified Night 3, lynched Day 7)
11. Temote (Vampire Hunter, killed by Rebel Day 1)
12. xplayfan (Cursed Human, killed by Rebel Night 4)
13. thunderstrike687 (Cursed Wolf, Purified and killed by Vamp Seer Night 1, resurrected Night 3, WON THE GAME) (SD)
14. meno_rocks123 (Cursed Serial Killer, died from curse Night 2)
15. Kekeb (Shadow Dragons Recruiter, lynched Day 6)
16. travman301 (Spirit, wolved Night 6)
17. emerald000 (Tainted Seer, wolved Night 3) (NV)
18. GamerShadow (Vampire, lynched Day 8)
19. Isosceles (Wolf Seer, lynched Day 4)
20. Tokzic (Guardian, killed in Shadow Dragon attack Day 5) (NV)
21. pntballa18 (Mason, double whammy’d Night 2, resurrected Night 4, wolfed Night 8)
22. sullyman2007/rzr (Rebel, lynched Day 5)
23. hoochan(Vampire Wolf, SK’ed Night 1, resurrected Night 2, silver staked Day 2)
24. freakysnots (Mason, LOST THE GAME)


The Wolf Pack (Wolves)
Collective Power: Wolf kill every night.
Objective: Whittle down the Innocent Flock until they are ripe for the killing. (Default Wolf Victory)
Enemies: The Innocent Flock

The Innocent Flock (Humans)
Collective Power: None
Objective: Kill all the Wolves.
Enemies: The Wolf Pack

The Blue Vanguard (Blues)
Collective Power: None
Objective: Lead the Humans to victory.
Enemies: The Rogue Assassins

The Best Friends (Masons)
Collective Power: just friendship and luv ^_^
Objective: Live to the end of the game together.
Enemies: None

The Nightstalkers (Vampires)
Collective Power: None
Objective: Survive. Killing the Illuminati can be an added perk.
Enemies: The Illuminati

The Rogue Assassins (Rebels)
Collective Power: None
Objective: Kill the Seers.
Enemies: The Blue Vanguard

The Northern Vanguard
Collective Power: Attack the Shadow Dragons at any time. If you equal or outnumber the Shadow Dragons, they die. If not, you all die.
Enemies: Shadow Dragons

The Shadow Dragons
Collective Power: Attack the Northern Vanguard at any time. If you equal or outnumber the Vanguard, they die. If not, you all die.
Enemies: Northern Vanguard

The Illuminati (Vampire Hunters)
Collective Power: None
Objective: Kill all VAMPIRE.
Enemies: The Nightstalkers


Night 1

LifeVirus7 decides to recruit emerald000
Temote uses a VH kill on DrKirth
thunderstrike sends in wolf kill for travman301
Xception704 chooses to investigate DrKirth.
thunderstrike cancels wolving travman
thunderstrike sends in wolf kill for DarkManticoreX2
Bynary Fission decides to kill thunderstrike.
emerald000 decides to seer DrKirth
Kekeb decides to recruit DrKirth.
Isosceles chooses to seer pntballa18
meno_rocks chooses to murder hoochan.
DrKirth chooses thunderstrike to purify.
Tokzic sends hawt guardian pics of Makilaz
Temote cancels VH kill on DrKirth.
Temote uses a VH kill on Argo.
Temote cancels VH kill on Argo.
Temote switches back to Kirth.
Argo uses a VH kill on travman.
Xception cancels investigation on DrKirth.
Xception switches to travman.
Bynary Fission decides to V-seer DarkManticore.
Isosceles seers pntballa18 Blue.
emerald seers DrKirth Blue.
Bynary seers Manti as a Vampire.
Temote’s kill on Kirth fails, leaving 2 vigis.
Argo’s kill on travman fails, leaving 2 vigis.
emerald000 is recruited to Northern Vanguard.
DrKirth is recruited to Shadow Dragons.
Manti is wolved.
Thunderstrike is purified.
Thunderstrike is killed by Vamp Seer.
Hoochan is murdered by Serial Killer.

Day 1

Argo decides to use VH kill on Bynary.
Argo cancels using VH kill on Bynary.
rzr uses a vigi on Temote.
Bynary Fission is lynched.
Temote is vigi’d.

Night 2

meno_rocks chooses to kill pntballa18.
emerald chooses to seer Makilaz
DrKirth decides to purify xplayfan
Tokzic guards travman
travman301 decides to resurrect thunderstrike.
LifeVirus7 decides to recruit Tokzic
Kekeb decides to recruit Xception.
travman cancels resurrecting thunderstrike.
travman chooses to resurrect hoochan.
Isosceles chooses to seer Tokzic
Atzuelo sends in wolf kill for pntballa18
Tokzic is recruited to the Northern Vanguard.
Xception704 is recruited to the Shadow Dragons.
emerald seers Makilaz Green.
Isosceles seers Tokzic Blue.
Xplayfan is purified
hoochan is resurrected.
pntballa is SK’ed/wolfed.
meno_rocks dies from his curse.

Day 2

dorama decides to vigi travman.
dorama is ejected from the game for rule-breaking (sharing Role PM.)
argo15 decides to VH kill Isosceles
argo15 cancels killing Isosceles.
argo15 decides to VH kill hoochan
Atzuelo is insta-lynched.
Hoochan is killed.

Night 3

Tokzic sends hawt guardian pics xxx nsfw of travman
DrKirth purifies Makilaz
travman decides to revive thunderstrike.
Isosceles decides to seer heavylee
Isosceles sends wolf kill for emerald000
Kekeb decides to recruit Tokzic.
Argo decides to VH kill Xception
emerald000 decides to seer Isosceles
GamerShadow decides to kill DrKirth.
Makilaz is purified
thunderstrike is revived.
Kekeb’s recruitment fails.
Argo’s kill fails.
emerald000 is wolved, failing to seer.
DrKirth is killed.

Day 3

Xception is insta’d

Night 4

Kekeb decides to recruit thunderstrike
thunder sends wolfing for travman
travman decides to resurrect pntballa.
Rzr decides to kill xplay
Isosceles decides to seer rzr
Tokzic guards trav.
Iso seers rzr Green.
Thunderstrike is recruited to the Shadow Dragons
pntballa is resurrected
xplayfan is killed.

Day 4

Isosceles is insta’d.

Night 5

GamerShadow chooses to suck argo15's blood.
Thunderstrike sends wolf kill for freaky.
Thunderstrike switches to Tokzic
Thunderstrike switches to LifeVirus (oh the woes of indecisiveness)
Tokzic offers viagra cxx guardianings CHEAP to LifeVirus
LifeVirus decides to recruit heavylee to the Northern Vanguard
travman decides to resurrect DrKirth.

heavylee is recruited to the Northern Vanguard.
Argo15 is killed.
LifeVirus is guarded.
DrKirth is resurrected.

Day 5

Kekeb chooses to attack the Northern Vanguard.
Rzr is lynched.
Kekeb’s attack is successful. LifeVirus, heavylee, and Tokzic are killed.

Night 6

thunderstrike sends in wolfing for travman.
Travman chooses to revive rzr.
DrKirth purifies an irrelevant person.
Travman is wolved.

Day 6

Kekeb is insta’d

Night 7

thunderstrike sends in wolf kill for DrKirth.
DrKirth is wolved.

Day 7

Makilaz is insta’d

Night 8

pntballa is wolved.

Day 8

GamerShadow is lynched.

TWG LXV: Aperture Science

Hosted by: Makilaz
Humans Win
MVP not specified

BDN - Human - WON the game!
rzr - Wolf - vigi'd night 3
LifeVirus7 - Human - WON the game!
freakysnots - Human - lynched day 3
emerald000 - Human - wolfed night 3
Sh4d0wD3v1L - Human - WON the game!
Xception704 - Seer - wolfed night 4
dooey100 - Human - WON the game!
travman301 - Human - Wolfed night 1
DarkManticoreX2 - Human - lynched day 2
DrKirth - Wolf - lynched day 1
Nellac - Human - WON the game!
Pyroshock - Wolf - lynched day 5
aTzUeLo1191 - Master Wolf - lynched day 4
pntballa18 - Guardian - wolfed night 2
hoochan - Human - wolfed night 5

TWG LXVI: Montezuma's Revenge II: CANADA

Hosted by: FictionJunction
Wolves Win
MVP: Manti

1. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (MegamnGTX)--------Blue miller
2. travman301 (rbennie362) --- Red Miller
3. Makilaz (BenderChan)-------Human
4. Manticore (DarkManticoreX2) ----- Master wolf
5. PNTBALLA (MERLONIFAN28) ------ Mason
6. roundbox (tehroundbox) --------- Blue Miller
7. thunderstrike687 (thunderstrike687) ---- End of night Totem seer
8. flawofhumanity (redrumfortherich) ------ End of day Totem seer
9. LightKnight (Nakah92)----- mason
10. hoochan (TWGHoochan)------Human
11. Atzuelo1191 (aTzUeLo1191)------Wolf
12. LifeVirus (psimasta666)-----Human
13. emerald (emerald3x0) ----- Mason
14. DrKirth (DrKirth)------- Psychic

TWG LXVII: hoochan sucks and can't change his own thread titles

Hosted by: hoochan
Cancelled Game

manti - seer
heavy - guard
flaw - mw
fic - wolf
mamimi - wolf

all others - human

TWG LXVIII: High School Hit-List

Hosted by: u84
Humans Win
MVP: DarkManticorex2

Here is the original list:
1. Nerd - Can hack into the school system and switch two school member's schedules (roles) once in the game. - DarkmanticoreX2
2. Pothead - May cure (un-curse) one school member each night with his psychedelic drugs. - Brilliant Dynamite Neon
3. School Nurse - May heal (revive) one school member each Day. - Hoochan
4. Slut - Infects any one school member with a STD, forcing them to drop out and be placed in the hospital within two days once in the game. Also is infected, so is cursed to drop out by Day 3. - Atzuelo1191
5. Class Clown - Tells a joke to any school member during class (Day). They are given the option to laugh or not. If they laugh, they are expelled for it. - Litodude
6. Mayor's Kid - Is unable to be expelled. (Wolf's Bane) - Jwcgator
7. Drop-out - Cursed to die by Night 3. - Vashthestampede0987

1. Teacher - May choose one school member each Night to find the background (role) of. (Seer) - LifeVirus7
2. School Psychologist - Is told the remaining number of normal school members, extraordinary school members, outcast school members and trouble-makers after each Day. - Temote
3. School Police Officer - May protect one school member each Night from trouble. (Guard) - Xception

1. Substitute Teacher - May choose to randomly receive any ability each day. - Meno_rocks123
2. Janitor - Must clean up the messes made and by doing so, learns the exact type of school member to have made it. (Coroner) - Pntballa18

1. Bully - May steal one school member's item each Night. Also has the ability to altar his/her color in the beginning of the game. (Master Wolf) - Tupacodaman
2. Child Molesting Substitute Teacher - Rapes children each Night, cursing them to drop out two Nights later. - X3Mamimi
3. Tattle-Tail - May choose any school member to report and expel. In doing so, both get expelled. - Travman301
4. Principal - May remove any school member of their powers once in the game. - Makilaz

None of the wolves knew each other.

Night 1
Outcome for Night 1
- Tupacodaman changes his color to GREEN.
- Tupacodaman stole Travman's Backpack. He opened it and random.org killed him.
- X3Mamimi cursed DarkmanticoreX2 and sent in a kill for Hoochan.
- Jwcgator corpse-loots Tupacodaman and finds his backpack. He opens it and gets a real-time vigilante.
- Travman301 sends in a kill for Litodude.
- Makilaz sends in a kill for Meno_rocks123 and a power-strip for Pntballa18.
- LifeVirus7 seers Temote BLUE.
- Nightly random.org switch-up selects "No changes."

Special outcomes of Night 1

- DarkmanticoreX2 was cursed to die on Night 3.
- Pntballa18 loses his powers and is virtually a Purple Miller.
- Random.org decided that out of the kills, Litodude will die.

Day 2
- Litodude is saved from a late-guard, which instantly revives him at the start of Day.
- Litodude tells DarkmanticoreX2 a joke.
***- DarkmanticoreX2 gets lucky with random.org and everyone gets a random gift.
- Hoochan was lynched.

*** I am not going to list exactly what happened here. Only the final results, if they mattered.
- Makilaz's 1 vote = 2 votes.
- Jwcgator gets one real-time seer. He seers Brilliant Dynamite Neon GREEN.
- Travman301 kills Litodude with a vigilante he got.
- Atzuelo1191 gets a real-time seer and the ability to seer once a Night. He seers Travman301 RED.
- Hoochan gets voted an extra vote.
- X3Mamimi gets a real-time seer on Xception, who seers BLUE.
- All others either declined, didn't open in time or were too insignificant.

Night 2
- Meno_rocks123 gets Night protection from an item twice. This combination results in another late Guard.
- Xception given lynch protection for Day. Seers Meno_rocks123 PURPLE. Guards DarkmanticoreX2
- Atzuelo1191 gets one real-time seer. Seers X3Mamimi RED. Also seers Vashthestampede GREEN. Vigilantes Makilaz.
- X3Mamimi curses Temote.
- Travman301 and X3Mamimi send in a kill for Brilliant Dynamite Neon, so they learn each other's existence.
- Temote discovers that two GREEN and one RED have died.
- Brilliant Dynamite Neon learns the substitute ability, like Meno_rocks123.
-Jwcgator learns the seering ability. Seers Travman301 as RED. He Uses his Vigilante item on him.
- LifeVirus7 seers Xception704 BLUE.
- Pntballa18 gets a real-time vigilante.
- No one gets actually wolfed.
- Nightly random.org switch-ups select to "Revive a wolf at daybreak." It then chooses Travman301 to be alive at start of day.

Day 2
- Travman gets revived by random.org.
- Meno_rocks123 gets to be the class clown. He sends a joke to Pntballa18, who turns it into a vigilante on Meno_rocks123 and gets his 1 vote to = 2 votes.
- Meno_rocks123 is revived from his late-guard.
- Jwcgator seers LifeVirus7 BLUE.
- X3Mamimi is lynched.

Night 3
Pre-Role Swap
- Most people swapped with each other's role, but finally random.org ended that. Pntballa18 was killed by it. Then everyone alive got completely new roles.

New List:

1. Musician - Improvises, so is good at quick thinking. Wolf'sbane. Also takes two vigilantis to kill. - Jwcgator
2. Geek - Can hack into the school from home and block one Night action each Night. - Temote
3. Bi-Sexual Pervert - Can remove anyone of their dignity and send them home for good once in the game. - Travman301

1. Principal -May remove any school member of their powers once in the game. - Brilliant Dynamite Neon
2. Guidance Counselor - Learns color of anyone any night. - Meno_rocks123
3. Lunch Lady - Brings back any dead player with great food! - DarkmanticoreX2

1. Bus Driver - Can learn the role and ability, but not color, of one player each Night. - Xception704

1. Bully - May steal one school member's item each Night. Also has the ability to switch his/her color with anyone as soon as they get this once in the game (Master Wolf). - LifeVirus7

Post-Role Swap
- LifeVirus7 switches color with Travman301.
- Jwcgator gets a guard for Night 3.
- LifeVirus7 gets guard for Night and Day 3.
- Xception704 learns the abilities of DarkmanticoreX2.
- Meno_rocks123 seers DarkmanticoreX2 BLUE.
- Travman301 fails to kill LifeVirus7.
- Xception704 gets wolfed.
- Nightly random.org switch-up selects to "Stay the same."

Day 3
- Brilliant Dynamite Neon tries to strip Jwcgator. Random.org selects that both get new roles.

Minor Role Swap
1. Senior - Free to leave in times of trouble, avoiding lynches and vigilantes with a late guard for both. - Jwcgator
2. Geek - Can hack into the school from home and block one Night action each Night. - Temote
3. Bi-Sexual Pervert - Can remove anyone of their dignity and send them home for good once in the game. - Travman301
4. Hall Monitor - Nullifies one person's vote each Day. - Brilliant Dynamite Neon

1. Guidance Counselor - Learns color of anyone any night. - Meno_rocks123
2. Lunch Lady - Brings back any dead player with great food! - DarkmanticoreX2

1. Bus Driver - Can learn the role and ability, but not color, of one player each Night. - Xception704

1. Bully - May steal one school member's item each Night. Also has the ability to switch his/her color with anyone as soon as they get this once in the game (Master Wolf). - LifeVirus7

- Meno_rocks123 seers Brilliant Dynamite Neon GREEN.
- Travman301 is lynched.

Night 4
Due to circumstances beyond my control, Night 4 was extended and nothing was real-time.
- Temote is wolfed.
- DarkmanticoreX2 revives Xception704.
- Meno_rocks123 seers LifeVirus7 GREEN.
- Nightly random.org switch-up selects to "Stay the Same."

Day 4
- Jwcgator is lynched.

Night 5
- Jwcgator is revived with his late guard role.
- Nightly random.org switch-up selects to "Create a Survey."
- Survey correlated with a list on random.org. Results brought back some people.

New Add-ins
1. Senior - Free to leave in times of trouble, avoiding lynches and vigilantes with a late guard for both. - Jwcgator
2. Geek - Can hack into the school from home and block one Night action each Night. - Temote
3. Bi-Sexual Pervert - Can remove anyone of their dignity and send them home for good once in the game. - Travman301
4. Hall Monitor - Nullifies one person's vote each Day. - Brilliant Dynamite Neon

1. Guidance Counselor - Learns color of anyone any night. - Meno_rocks123
2. Lunch Lady - Brings back any dead player with great food! - DarkmanticoreX2
3. Science Teacher - Learns both color and role of one person once in the game using his new chemical formula. - Temote

1. Bus Driver - Can learn the role and ability, but not color, of one player each Night. - Xception704
2. Foreign Language Teacher - Can send one person home each Day phase by confusing them with different languages. - Pntballa18

1. Bully - May steal one school member's item each Night. Also has the ability to switch his/her color with anyone as soon as they get this once in the game (Master Wolf). - LifeVirus7
2. School Board Member - May select one person each Night. If Blue, can kill them. If green, gets an extra vote for Day. - Makilaz

- LifeVirus7 wolfs Jwcgator. Random.org allows him to make two more kills.
- Temote seers Makilaz as the School Board Member.
- LifeVirus7 kills DarkmanticoreX2 and Temote.
- LifeVirus7 is then killed by his lust for death and hate (random.org).
- Meno_rocks123 gets his powers stripped by Makilaz, who kills Xception704.
- Pntballa18 corpse-loots DarkmanticoreX2 and picks up a free lunch. He uses it to kill Brilliant Dynamite Neon.

Day 5
- Makilaz gets lynched.
- Meno_rocks123 survives with Pntballa18.
- Random.org declares it a double-victory between humans and Pntballa18.



Thanks for the memories, folks. u da bes

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Default Re: History of TWG

TWG LXIX: Joker's Revenge

Hosted by: u84
Humans Win
MVP: Brilliant Dynamite Neon

1. Xception704 (jungmour2009) - Harvey Dent - Died Day 1
2. meno_rocks123 (menors123) - Sal Maloni - Died Day 4
3. Brilliant Dynamite Neon (megamngtx) - Alfred - Won the game
4. DrKirth (drkirth) - Bruce Wayne - Died Night 2
5. tupacodaman (tupacodaman) - Lau - Died Night 2
6. Litodude (litodude) - James Gordon - Won the game
7. travman301 (rbennie362) - Batman - Won the game
8. Liferus7 (psimasta666) - The Joker - Died Day 2
9. aTzUeLo1191 (atzuelo1191) - Bank Manager - Died Night 2
10. Sullyman2007 (sully5313) - Rachel Dawes - Died Day 3
11. DarkmanticoreX2 (darkmanticorex2) - Two-Face - Died Night 4
12. pntballa18 (merlonifan28) - Lucius Fox - Died Night 1

TWG LXX: this is how i videogames

1. iluswirl (iluswirl) - Gordan Freeman - LOST - Lynched Day 4
2. Temote (Sumote) - Zanghief - LOST - Wolfed Night 1
3. BDN (MegamnGTX) - Kirby - WON
4. Tupacodaman (Tupacodaman) - Bomberman - LOST - Wolfed Night 5
5. Makilaz (BenderChan) - Link - LOST - Backstabbed Night 1
6. HansSky (NotSoFarOff) - Mario - LOST - Wolfed Night 4
7. Litodude (Litodude) - Psycho Mantis - LOST - Wolfed Night 3
8. pntballa18 (merlonifan28) - Master Chief - LOST - Obliterated Night 2
9. jump the bullet (aksmooth77) - Charizard - LOST - Lynched Day 2
10. Xception (jungmour2009) - Baal - LOST - Lynched Day 3
11. DarkmanticoreX2 (DarkmanticoreX2) - Kefka - WON
12. x3Mamimi (x3Mamimi) - Samus - WON
13. kotorfanboy (kotorfanboy) - Little Mac - LOST - Lynched Day 1

Fine details:
All purple roles had to survive with the exception of the role killers. They could die, but would only win if the others died in their presence.
All red roles had to eliminate the opposition (blues, obviously) and survive, while Kefka had to be the only wolf surviving to win. What a dick.
All blue roles had to survive AND eliminate the opposition. I know I forgot part of this in some of your PMs but I thought it would be implied you had to eliminate the threat.

BDN held Psycho Mantis' seering ability the entire game since Night 2.

TWG LXXI: The War For Hyrule II

Hosted by: DarkManticoreX2
Humans Win

1. Litodude – Immune to effects
2. Freakysnots – Zelda
3. u84
4. Temote
5. Jump_The_Bullet – Koume
6. Travman301 – Legendary archer
7. jwcgator – Midna
8. Pntballa18 - Zant
9. hoochan
10. GamerShadow
11. DrKirth
12. Brilliant Dynamite Neon – Immune to damage
13. Flawofhumanity – Link
14. Makilaz
15. SethSquall – Ganondorf
16. Roundbox – Kotake

MVP: Freakysnots for seering 2/4 of the wolves, and sucessfully creating a strong alliance.

LVP: Jump_The_Bullet Despite playing a pretty good wolf game, the failure to fire your arrow on day 1 and kill flaw quite possibly was the single most deciding factor in the wolf loss.

Game Log:

Night 1
Everyone gains 100 rupees (Link/Ganondorf 150)
pntballa18 steals 150 rupees from Flawofhumanity
pntballa18 Transfers 50 rupees to Roundbox & Jump_The_Bullet
Pntballa18 buys an ice arrow and a green potion
DrKirth Transfers 100 rupees to pntballa18
Gamershadow Transfers 50 rupees to Temote
Gamershadow Buys a red potion
Jump_The_Bullet buys a green potion and a fire arrow
Temote buys a green potion and an ice arrow
Jwcgator Steals 100 rupees from pntballa18
Roundbox Buys an Ice arrow and a green potion
Freakysnots Seeres Pntballa18
Pntballa18 & Jump_The_Bullet wolf Makilaz

Day 1 actions
Items are delivered
Brilliant Dynamite Neon Purchases an ice arrow
Roundbox & Jump_The_Bullet Fuse
Roundbox Fires an ice arrow at Flawofhumanity
Roundbox Drinks a green potion
Pntballa18 Fires an ice arrow at Freakysnots
Pntballa18 Drinks a green potion
Temote Fires an ice arrow at Freakysnots
Jwcgator Transfers 50 rupees to Freakysnots and 150 rupees to Flawofhumanity
Freakysnots buys a Hero's Sheild
Pntballa18 is Lynched
Freakysnots Receives a Heart container
Jump_The_Bullet's Fire arrow fizzles

Night 2
Everyone gains 100 rupees (Link/Ganondorf 150)
Items are delivered
u84 Transfers 100 rupees to Freakysnots
Jwcgator Steals 100 rupees fromu84
Flawofhumanity Buys a Hero's Shield and a red potion
Thunderstrike687 Buys a fairy
DrKirth Transfers 100 rupees to Flawofhumanity
Jump_the_Bullet buys a fire arrow
Jump_the_Bullet Wolves DrKirth
Jump_the_Bullet & Roundbox remain fused
Brilliant Dynamite Neon Ice arrow fizzles

Day 2
Items are delivered
Jump_the_Bullet Fires a fire arrow at Flawofhumanity
Jump_the_Bullet uses a green potion
Flawofhumanity repels the attack with a Hero's Shield
Temote sends 100 rupees to Freakysnots
Flawofhumanity uses a red potion
u84 is lynched

Night 3
Everyone gains 100 rupees (Link/Ganondorf 150)
Items are delivered
Jwcgator steals 150 rupees from Thunderstrike687
Litodude buys a fairy
Hoochan buys a fairy
Gamershadow transfers 200 rupees to Temote
Travman301 buys a fairy
Jump_the_Bullet & Roundbox unfuse
Flawofhumanity sends 150 rupees to Freakysnots
Flawofhumanity buys a Hero's Sheild and a red potion
Freakysnots buys a light arrow
Freaktsnots seeres Roundbox
Jump_the_Bullet Wolves Travman301

Day 3
Items are delivered
Freakysnots Fires a light arrow at Gamershadow
Gamershadow is cardflipped in the thread
Temote sends 100 rupees to Freakysnots
Temote sends 100 rupees to GamerShadow
Temote buys an ice arrow
Gamershadow buys an ice arrow
Jump_The_Bullet sends 100 rupees to Thunderstrike687
Thunderstrike687 buys Thieves Gloves
Roundbox is lynched
Gamershadow reveives a heart container

Night 4
Everyone gains 100 rupees (Link/Ganondorf 150)
Items are delivered
Gamershadow fires an ice arrow at Jump_The_Bullet
Temote fires an ice arrow at Thunderstrike687
Temote uses a green potion
Litodude buys thieves gloves
Flawofhumanity uses the Master's Sword on Jump_The_Bullet
Flawofhumanity receives a heart container
Temote transfers 100 rupees to flawofhumanity
Freakysnots transfers 200 rupees to flawofhumanity
Thunderstrike687 uses the theives gloves on litodude stealing 100 rupees
Flawofhumanity Purchases 4 fire arrows and a green potion
Jwcgator steals a fairy from Sethsquall
Gamershadow transfers 100 rupees to flawofhumanity
Brilliant Dynamite Neon transfers 300 rupees to flawofhumanity
Jwcgator transfers 100 rupees to freakysnots
Jwcgator buys 4 fire arrows and a green potion
Flawofhumanity Purchases 3 fire arrows a green potion and a red potion
Freakysnots seeres Hoochan
Thunderstrike687 Wolves Freakysnots

Day 4
Items are received
Jwcgator fires 2 fire arrows at Jwcgator
Jwcgator uses a green potion
Jwcgator fires 2 fire arrows at Jwcgator
Sethsquall is lynched
Litodude receives a heart container
Flawofhumanity's 7 fire arrows fizzle

TWG LXXII: The Chimera Code (Redux)

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Wolves Win

So this game is ruined yet again. At least it finished this time, I guess.


1. tupacodaman (tupacodaman) Raven (Zade, Wolf Thief)
2. aTzUeLo1191 (aTzUeLo1191) Vale (Marth, Mason)
3. Bynary Fission (MagmaGR) Visark (Jade, Mason)
4. u84 (u8477) Mezera (#000, Master Wolf)
5. freakysnots (freakysnots) Avant (Psykit, Seer)
6. travman301 (RBennie362) Axl (Malakh, Wolf Scavenger)
7. jump_the_bullet (aksmooth77) Lain (Lonewolf Mason)
8. Xception704 (jungmour2009) Keevan (Lonewolf Mason)
9. DarkManticoreX2 (darkmanticoreX2) Gryphon (Arun, Wolf)
10. pntballa18 (Merlonifan28) Exer (Ailian, Cursed Mason)
11. roundbox (tehroundbox) Xander (Human)
12. Temote (Sumote) Vee (Tair, Thief)
13. jwcgator (jwcgator2) Skech (Kain, Hoarder)
14. iluswirl (iluswirl) Lia (Mavy, Jeweller)
15. Litodude (Litodude) Leto (Ran, Scavenger)
16. gnr61 (basketcase1161) Arterus (Human)
17. Tps222 (Tps7910) Roivas (Ether, Guardian)
18. heavylee (heavyleah) Mavin (Human)
19. DrKirth (drkirth) Para-Medic (Human


Night 1
travman finds no items first attempt
Litodude finds no items first attempt
tupacodaman chooses JTB for first thief attempt (gets nothing) 
u84 confesses his love for me. Awwww <3 <---best part of the game
u84 sends a kill order for freakysnots
Temote chooses Litodude for first theif attempt (gets nothing)
Temote chooses travman for second theif attempt (gets nothing)
travman finds a Pure Shard second attempt
Litodude finds a Tainted Shard second attempt
Litodude sends Tainted Shard to Kirth
tupacodaman chooses freakysnots for second attempt (gets nothing)
freakysnots chooses to seer pnt
travman sends Pure Shard to Manti
freakysnots is wolfed
DrKirth dies from keeping his Tainted Shard.
Manti dies from keeping his Pure Shard.
Day 1
tupac gets no items
Temote gets no items
u84 is lynched
Night 2
travman finds a Soul Talisman first attempt
Litodude finds no items first attempt
tupacodaman chooses Litodude for first theif attempt (gets nothing)
Temote chooses jump_the_bullet for first theif attempt (gets nothing)
tupacodaman uses Soul Talisman to resurrect Manti and vigi Temote
travman sends Soul Talisman to tupacodaman
travman finds no items second attempt
Litodude finds Tainted Shard second attempt
Litodude sends Tainted Shard to Temote
Temote chooses Tps222 for second theif attempt (gets nothing)
tupacodaman chooses Litodude for second theif attempt (intercepts Tainted Shard transfer)
Manti is resurrected
Temote dies
Day 2
tupacodaman gets Tainted Shard
tupacodaman uses Tainted Shard Destruction Ability on jwcgator.
Tps222 is KitB lynched
jwcgator dies
Night 3
travman finds a Pure Crystal and Tainted Crystal
travman gives Pure Crystal to Manti
travman gives Tainted Crystal to tupac
Litodude finds a Pure Crystal
Litodude gives Pure Crystal to Atz
travman finds no items second attempt
Litodude finds Tainted Shard and Pure Shard
Litodude gives Pure Shard to jwc (returns)
Litodude gives Tainted Shard to roundbox
Atz uses Pure Crystal. 1. Guard himself 2. Seer JTB
tupacodaman sends kill order for Litodude
tupacodaman uses Tainted Crystal to kill Atzuelo
LW kill for Atzuwlo
Day 3
roundbox uses Shard Destruction ability on tupacodaman
Litodude late kill
tupacodaman gets a double whammy
Night 4
travman finds a pure shard
travman gives pure shard to manti
lonewolves elect to kill travman
ohh wolves just wanna kill bynary
manti sticks a pure shard in roundbox's eye
travman dies
bynary dies
roundbox dies
rick james, bitch
Day 5
ilu is lynched
wolves kick human ass

I hate you all. Litodude expressed my feelings quite appropriately with a certain post of his, and if he abandons this forum and goes off to play FFЯ TWG Iwon't blame him. If you weren't going to be able to play the game, you shouldn't have voted for it in the first place. That's the whole point behind voting for the game.

My mystery roles were Hoarder and Jeweller. The Hoarder could store as many items as he wanted without effects, and theives would only be able to steal one item a time from him as opposed to snatching all the items. The Jeweller could identify any item she came upon. Both roles were neutral and could win with any side.

While inactivity was the main issue, some screwups on my behalf. I tried to be all vague with the guardian's power when I should have told the truth outright. The truth was that Ether could guard up to 2 kills effectively. A 3rd kill would have a 1/3 chance of succeeding against the guarding, a 4th kill would have 2/3 chance. A 5th kill would succeed no matter what. I tried to sum this all up in the statement "the more kills on one person, the more likely it is to succeed" and it didn't go over too well. I also messed up phantoms and a wolf kill, but I don't think it mattered much.

TWG LXXIII: Elemental Struggle

Hosted by: GamerShadow
Wolves Win
MVP: wolfies

Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Bynary Fission

Special Humans:
Pyro Guardian: Ruritsu
Psychic: Turboyoshi
Earth Golem: jump_the_bullet

Thunder Wolf Seer: Temote
Shadow Wolf: sc979
Frost Wolverine: sullyman2007

So, I hear massacres are cool. Inactivity wasn't horrible, but I'd like to see a game where everybody is getting into their roles and such. Overall that was ok.

MVP goes to the wolves, who didn't really need to exert themselves at all but still did the best out of the lot. I think you guys had a perfect game other than safeties; nobody voted for you with evidence to back it up if memory serves. Good job bypassing the Pyro Guardian's ability with the frost wolf; I didn't think of that initially. You didn't even use the shadow wolf power to play with the Psychic, haha.

LVP goes to the blues. What a terrible use of your powers, guys. The Earth Golem is most effective when he doesn't tell the world who he is; it keeps an element of uncertainty and second guessing on the wolf side. Seriously, there was nothing special about you other than that.

Guardian, IMO, should have guarded random players. This way, if the attack was blocked, it would essentially have been a free seering as well as additional time for the humans. Earth Golem is a big boy; he can take care of himself. And if he hadn't shared his secret with the world, there wouldn't have been any need to guard him.

The Psychic wasn't even screwed with and was still useless.

The humans also sucked because from what I can tell, you all bandwagoned and voted people off for inactivity. I thought that the more experienced players would at least try to bust some balls, but that didn't happen did it.

Also, nobody defended themselves, primarily because you lynched the inactive players. A tip: If there are wolfings, there are still active wolves. People aren't wolves because they're inactive and are racking up phantoms.

To wrap crap up, learn to play without a seer. The game, according to Manti, was in favor of the humans, so this is just embarrassing.

TWG LXXIV: Luck of the Draw

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Wolves Win
1. Sullyman2007 (sully5313)
2. argo15 (argo1516) Wolf Seer
3. Litodude (Litodude)
4. jump_the_bullet (aksmooth77)
5. Turboyoshi (turboyoshi86) Psychic
6. Pichu_XP (PichusXP)
7. clarinet89 (clarinet898)
8. freakysnots (freakysnots)
9. tupacodaman (tupacodaman)
10. rzr (astickytree)

11. FoJaR (thisisfojar) Guardian
12. Ruritsu (Ruritsu)

Host Comments:

Humans blew this game. It was basically a courtesy on the part of the wolves to win. No MVP. What this game has really shown me is that you all have a LONG way to go. I give a challenge in hopes of breaking human dependence on the almighty seer, and you all flounder. Of course, blind bandwagoning was a factor; how was the AIM activity?

TWG LXXV: Death Cults
Я Us

Hosted by: Litodude
Humans Win
MVP Not Specified

Sullyman2007(Sheriff): Once per game, you can obtain a state warrant to search the house of any player. Your men storm the house overnight, searching for any indication that the person living there is a cultist. Functionally, this gives you a one-shot seer power, but only for colour. You will only know if the person is a cultist or not a cultist.

travman301 (Chemist): You've recently perfected a very powerful caffeine supplement, but you've only synthesized enough to make three doses. Using the supplement, you can easily stay up all night, preventing yourself or someone else from being killed that night by cultists. Functionally this gives you three nights of guardianship, and you can elect to guard yourself.

tupacodaman (Criminal): You're (secretly or not) a hardened criminal, you've done time, and the jailhouse doesn't scare you, and besides, given the circumstances, nobody will bat an eye if someone else turns up dead. You are a Vigilante Once per game, at night, you can kill any player you choose.

argo15 (Techie): You've got the highest of the high-tech everything anyone could want. Your pride and joy is your high-end security closed-circuit camera system. If you get killed by a cultist, there will be video evidence discovered by the police. This means that the post describing your death will include the name of the person who killed you (this isn't that broken, just keep reading)

BDN (Doctor): While your medical skills are useless to those who are already dead, your connections inside the coroner's office can slip you some information now and then. You can't ask too often, before you might become a suspect yourself, but twice during the game, you can find out whether the person who was lynched during the day was a cultist or not. Functionally this gives you two shots of the power of a psychic.

FoJaR (Unemployed): You, unfortunately, have no job. As a result nothing from your job will aid you in tracking down or identifying cultists. However, since you spend all day sitting on your ass watching TV, you are able to identify the actor, just from the sound of his voice. If you're still alive when the techie dies, if he was killed by the actor, you will be contacted and informed that you know it was him. Also, twice during the game, you can invite a buddy over to hang out. If the person you invite is a human, you are both guarded for the night, if the person you invite is a cultist, well, they get a free kill on you. Functionally you're a hopped up guardian for two nights, unless you die from picking poorly.

Temote (Researcher): You have an interest in things of the occult, though you'd never dare to meddle in the kinds of dark matters the killers are. Your insight leads you to being able to identify who the cultists are by observing things like arcane pendants, or hand signs, or messages in speech that might tip you off. As a result, twice per game you can ask at night time "Is person X a cultist" and receive a correct answer from the host. However, since you are interested in occult matters, a search of your house would turn up incriminating documents. You seer red to the sheriff, but not the preacher.

LifeVirus7 (Reformed Cultist): You've given up your dark ways, and everybody knows it. You're under no suspicion of being one of the killers, but you still have your connection to the powers that be. In exchange for having given up your dedication to the powers of darkness, the powers of light have given you an extreme gift. Once per game, during the night, you can bring back from the dead any player who was killed by man's inhumanity to man. You can bring back any Lynched player, though not those killed in the night by cultists or the criminal.

sc969 (Preacher): Drawn to the scene of the crimes by a righteous fury and fervor, the Preacher will rest at nothing until these wretched sinners are brought to justice. Like the High Priest, he is influential and able to sway the masses. Pending the existence of phantoms, the Preacher's lynch vote counts for 1.1 votes (Intended solely as an automatic tie-breaker, I can adjust the number if I need to.) Further, he has the sight, and once per game can pray for divine insight into the identity of one player. His one-use seer power reveals precisely who he has selected, including both colour and role.

pntballa18 (Actor): As an actor, you have access to a great variety of makeup and costuming supplies. As a result, when you are the cultist sent to kill somebody, you can impersonate someone else while you do so. This is entirely irrelevant unless you kill the techie, as he will have film evidence pointing to his killer. Thus, you are the only wolf who can kill the techie without being outed, and can implicate someone else while you do so.

jump_the_bullet (Cardinal): You're the head of the cultist outfit in this area. They do your bidding, at your command. However, cognizant of your position in the community, you painstakingly hide any evidence of your misdeeds. You are functionally the master wolf, and if the Sheriff searches your home, they will find nothing. You read as human. Further, you have a great deal of ability to sway the people of the area. They trust you, they follow your lead. As a result, no matter who you vote for in a lynching, you can once per game have 1 additional vote applied to anyone who has already received one vote, via PM during the day segment of the game. (You'll have to PM during the day whether you are or aren't applying your vote, so I know when to end the day early if your vote makes an insta)

DarkManticoreX2 (Magician):Unlike many typical parlour tricksters, your magical powers are real, and not to be reckoned with. It's no wonder you fell in with the cultists in a bid for more dark powers. Your mind is sensitive. You will be aware when any seer or psychic uses their powers, though you cannot tell who the person is, just that the act has been carried out. You can also commune with the spirits of the dead. If you are the wolf who kills the reformed cultist, the criminal, the sheriff or the researcher, you will be informed that they are who you killed. They have a strong enough spiritual connection to their work for you to tell even from their corpse.


All Night 1 actions are real-time which means any power that was used will get an immediate response from the host, excluding wolfings. Only applicable on the first Night.

Night 1 actions:
Temote(Reasearcher) seers LifeVirus7(Reformed cultist).
Above seering returns human.
Cultist DarkManticoreX2(Magician) chooses Sullyman2007(Sheriff) to kill.

Day 1 actions:
Sullyman2007(Sheriff) dies.
DarkManticoreX2(Magician) is informed that he has killed the Sheriff.
jump_the_bullet(Cardinal) decides to use his extra vote power on BDN(Doctor) but was a minute late on deadline. Null-void.
KitB between BDN(Doctor) and DarkManticoreX2(Magiacian) results in DarkManticoreX2 being lynched.

Night 2 actions:
Cultist pntballa18(Actor) chooses Temote(Researcher) to kill.
Brilliant Dynamite Neon(Doctor) decides to use psychic power on DarkManticoreX2.
tupacodaman(Criminal) decides to use his Vigilante power on pntballa18.
Temote(Researcher) decides to seer jump_the_bullet(Cardinal).

Day 2 actions:

Temote(Researcher) seers jump_the_bullet(Cardinal) and comes back green.
pntballa189(Actor) successfully killed Temote(Researcher) and took over his role as Researcher.
tupacodaman(Criminal) successfully vigi's pntballa18(Researcher).
BDN(Doctor) is informed that DarkManticoreX2(Magician) was indeed a cultist.
sc979(Preacher) uses his infallable seer ability on FoJaR(Umeployed).
jump_the_bullet(Cardinal) has been insta-lynched and humans win the game.

TWG LXXVI: America's Next Top Model

Hosted by: flawofhumanity
Humans Win

wolves - cyrenics fic spyke brutal: argo
masons - manti gun mak
psychic - sully
wolfsbane - thunder

TWG LXXVII: Sonic Unleashed

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
Wolves Win
MVP: DarkManticoreX2

The Roles:

1. EF-SS1996 - Fiction
2. Egg Burst - Sully
3. Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik - Manti
4. Amy Rose - tupac
5. Sonic - rzr

6. EF-NS2010 - Viccica

7. Civilian - Ruritsu
8. srhael - Litodude
9. Civilian - matt
10. Civilian - pnt

11. Knuckles - maki
12. Wentos - temote
13. Civilian - gun92
14. Shadow - trav
15. Tails - anthony/jtb
16. Civilian - emerald
17. Civilian - clarinet


Humans failed. That whole fiasco with FFR breaking may have had something to do with it, but it ended in an unproductive mess.

If there were a Best Newbie award, Viccica would undoubtedly earn it.
Consequently, a Worst Newbie award would be bestowed upon anthonycool4, who could hardly even form a coherent sentence. Nice first impression (not.)

should go to Manti, since he came up with most of the stratagems that led the wolves to victory. All the wolves played well, and everyone else pretty much did nothing. Some stuff was going on with the masons, and trav was a good human player in particular, but overall it was pretty dead. This is only going to reinforce the Manti notion, which is sad.

goes to rzr. Although he wasn't nearly as bad as some of his previous games, the humans might have had a much greater chance of surviving had he not came out. Anthony runs a close second for spilling his role.

Things I ****ed up on:

Items were way too expensive, more item flow would have made the game more interesting.
Very dubious about action precedence.
Late for phase endings, although it was largely due to real-life circumsatnces/broken FFR.


Hosted by: travman301

Sully - rzr Died Night 2
Emerald-hoochan Won the game
Darkmanticorex2 (Darkmanticorex2)- fic Won the game
Lito- spaceboy Lynched Day 2
Gun- Tass Won the game
Sc- lumph Died Day 1
Tupa- vash Died Day 3
Rzr- manti Died Night 1
Clar- BDN Won the game
Mak- pnt Won the game
Ruritsu- mamimi Lost the game
Jump- flaw Died Night 3


Well, overall I would say it was a pretty good game. Activity was decent.

The wolves played a good game. Much of their win can be attributed to luck though.

Manti was able to approach clar, after she flubbed her role color and they made an unbeatable alliance. The only person who could check them was lumpho, and sc never used his power.

MVP would have to go to Manti. He managed to somehow find out all of the roles, get to the wolves, and get his target killed by D2. You successfully dismantled my game. GG. T_T

LVP for this game is going to go to Sully. Manti came out of the thread as one of the two people that you were trying to find. You should have used your vigi on him right there. That would have stopped all of his manti bull****.

Sorry for being afk for two days. I slept for 20 hours one day, and got all out of whack.
Regardless I hope you enjoyed my game. ^_^

Other points of interest:
•Clar never successfully used her power.
•The only real human in my game was lito.
•Spaceboy indeed played one TWG around 2 years ago.
•Lumpho's power was every power in the game. Completly random. (Either vigi/seer/guard/roleblocker/revival/nothing)[Chosen by random.org]
•Rzr was manti, and died N1 (which is so ****ing funny). He was going to die D1 regardless, unbeknown to him.
•Clar sent me some very entertaining stories in her PM's. Kudos to her.

Thanks for the memories, folks. u da bes

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Default Re: History of TWG

TWG LXXIX: Unlucky

Hosted by: Makilaz
Wolves Win
MVP: Gun92

1. rzr (a sticky tree) - Wolf
2. Viccica (MMViccica) - Human
3. clarinet89 (clarinet898) - Paranoid Guardian
4. BDN (MegamnGTX) - Human
5. AC1speakerbox (AC1colossus) - Guardian
6. Temote (Sumote) - Human
7. tupacodaman (tupacodaman) - Human
8. Gun92 (james92hofmann) - Wolf
9. TC_Cyrenics (Cyrenics) - Human
10. pntballa18 (merlonifan28) - Human
11. Ruritsu (ruritsu) - Wolf
12. travman301 (rbennie362) - Human
13. sc979 (Sam97379) - Human

Host Comments:
MVP goes to Gun for winning after his teammates got killed the first two nights in a row.

Combination LVP goes to rzr for trying to claim guard after they had both come out already.

TWG LXXX: Top Secret Friends!

Hosted by: FictionJunction
game was canceled
but Wolves probably would have won

TWG LXXXI: Dark Cloud 2

Hosted by: TC_Cyrenics
Wolves Win
MVPs: pntballa18 and Makilaz

1. Ruritsu - Lin, lynched Day 1.
2. Bolth mannn Claire, lost by conditions.
3. pntballa18 Gaspard, won the game.
4. tupacodaman Olivie, seered Night 1, killed Night 4.
5. jump_the_bullet Pau, insta-lynched Day 4 to end game.
6. sc979 Flotsam, seered Night 2, insta-lynched Day 2.
7. Zananok Fabio, lost by conditions.
8. emerald000 Maximilian, killed Day 2.
9. Gun92 Rufio, killed Night 1.
10. Makilaz Emperor Griffon, won the game.
11. Viccica Mena, seered Night 3, insta-lynched Day 3.
12. DarkManticoreX2 Monica, killed Night 3.

Host Comments:
MVPs: pnt and mak, for annoying the **** out of the human side.
LVP: bolth, bandwagon voting hurt you a lot bro.
LVNP: myself, Manti alerted me that post #22 helped the wolves to get the guardian. I apologize for compromising emerald's position like that.

TWG LXXXII: Knuckles' Chaotix 2

Hosted by: Brilliant Dynamite Neon
game was canceled
but Wolves probably would have won

TWG LXXXIII: Screw Game Titles

Hosted by: u84
Wolves Win

1. Litodude - Human - Lynched Day 3
2. Iluswirl - Human - Died by KitB at End
3. Bolth Mannn - Wolf - Insta'd Day 2
4. Pntballa18 - Human - Died Night 3
5. Jwcgator - Human - Died Night 2
6. RedHerring - Master Wolf - Insta'd Day 4
7. Tupacodaman - Seer - Died Night 4
8. TC_Cyrenics - Guardian - Lynched Day 1
9. Gun92 - Wolf - WON by KitB
10. Rzr - Human - Insta'd Day 5
11. DarkManticorex2 - Human - Died Night 1
12. Travman301 - Human - Died Night 5
13. Clarinet89/Makilaz - Human - Died Night 6

TWG LXXXIV: They're on a boat

Hosted by: DarkManticoreX2
Wolves Win
MVP: Argo15

1. tupacodaman Vanilla Townie
2. iluswirl Vanilla Townie
3. RedHerring Vanilla Townie
4. sc979 Vanilla Townie
5. AC1speakerbox Wolf
6. argo15 Vanilla Townie
7. gun92 Vanilla Townie
8. Isosceles Psychic
9. freakysnots Master Wolf
10. SangeKusanagi Wolf
11. Temote Vanilla Townie
12. Bolth Mannn Wolf
13. FictionJunction Vanilla Townie
14. Travman301 Vanilla Townie
15. Pntballa18 Guardian
16. jwcgator Seer

Host Comments:
MVP goes to Argo15
--- for calling all the wolves before the end of game. Had the humans listened to you, you certainly had the potential to turn this game around. Unfortunately, you either didn't get established enough to accumulate a following, or freaky substantially undermined your efforts. Iso should have come out in full support of you at that point since he was basically useless from then on.

TWG LXXXV: Blood Alliance

Hosted by: Temote
Humans Win
MVP: tupacodaman

1. Spyke_MH Guardian
2. Bolth_mannn/DotKritic Human
3. tupacodaman Mafia
4. Gun92 Human
5. emerald000 Seer
6. RedHerring Coroner
7. AC1speakerbox Human
8. sc979 Detective
9. RawrInc Wolf
10. Viccica Human
11. flawofhumanity Wolf
12. argo15 Human
13. Ruritsu Human
14. GamerShadow Psychic
15. iluswirl Human
16. rzr Human
17. Brilliant Dynamite Neon Mafia

Host Comments:
That was a lot of fun to watch. Kinda feel like the end of the game dragged on, though. I'm surprised more people didn't side with BDN day one. I would've. Most of the players seemed to be doing well from what I could see.

TWG LXXXVI: Maniac Mansion

Hosted by: roundbox
Humans, Lost Soul, and Loner Win
MVP: sc979

1. tupacodaman Human
2. clarinet89 Power Seer
3. argo15 Ritualist
4. rzr Timeless One
5. freakysnots One-armed Vigi
6. iluswirl Wolf Mute
7. u84 Corrupt Savior
8. Gun92 Lynchbane
9. Makilaz Lost Soul
10. DarkmanticoreX2 Phantom Keeper
11. Viccica Savior
12. massflavour Vampiric Wolf
13. sc979 Midnight Master
14. emerald000 Loner
15. AC1speakerbox Human

Host Comments:
MVP: sc979, for being a lone wolf for the latter half of the game but remaining undetected.
LVP: freakysnots, for being impulsive and throwing away his vigi 10 minutes into the game. However, it did happen to kill a wolf, but strategically, you're ****ing stupid.

Other host comments: Was very surprised sc made it through most of the game with such a ****ty role. You guys are way more revealing of your roles than I thought you would be, so that turned out to be the downfall of some of you.

Thanks for the memories, folks. u da bes

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Default Re: History of TWG

TWG XCV: Nobody messes with the frog, see
TWG XCV: Nobody messes with the frog, see: Postgame

Hosted by: Fojar
Serial Killer Win
MVP: Freakysnots

1. Manti Vanilla Townie Killed night one.
2. TPS Wolf Killed night two.
3. Viccica Vanilla Townie Killed night three
4. danceguy Wolf Roleblocker Lynched day one.
5. James/Meno Vanilla Townie
6. zoshi Vanilla Townie Lynched day four.
7. jrodd One-shot Roleblocker Killed night four.
8. V Vanilla Townie Lynched day five.
9. freakysnots Serial Killer and WINNER
10. crazyjade Guardian Killed night one.
11. AC1 Wolf Lynched day three.
12. cedolad One-shot Vigi Killed night two.
13. yo man i'm awesome Roleblocker Lynched Day two.

Host Comments:
A lot of really good activity day one and two, I flinched when AC1 made that "but the mafia have a roleblocker" post, and freaky is the only candidate for MVP. he manipulated his way to victory.

I think if this game hadnt been so close to the last one we probably would have had more sustained activity, but still a good game.


TWG XCVI: The Challenge Board
TWG XCVI: The Challenge Board: Postgame

Hosted by: KrautHammer
Blue Faction Win
MVP: Vote for Courtney

1st Place:
1. DarkManticoreX2 Blue King
2. Sage of the Forest Blue Baron
3. dAnceguy117 Blue Wizard
4. Vote For Courtney! Blue Knight

2nd Place:
5. travman301 Purple King
6. James May Purple Baron
7. YoshL Purple Wizard
8. NetJet! Purple Knight

3rd Place:
9. Zoshi Red King
10. yo man im awesome Red Baron
11. CharlesClaythorne Red Wizard
12. Tps222 Red Knight

Last Place:
13. FoJaR Green King
14. pokelda Green Baron
15. Viccica Green Wizard
16. Vendetta21 Green Knight

Host Comments:
Well well, the winners this time were the Blue Team. Courtney set the bases, and then Sage and Manticore contributed to ensure the win. I was glad to see the amount of discussion that happened, at least that is what I glimpsed from PMs, including one that was sent and discussed a plan. Excellent game, you four!

You got second place because NetJet sent a PM, dur hurr. But no, you got second place because, despite travman's inactivity in all senses, you managed to give the Blue Team a good fight, if not by countering effectively the winners' plans, you still were a significant setback to everything.

RED TEAM: third place
The early deaths of half the team gave a severe setback to the team. Zoshi made a valiant effort to pursue the team's goals, but was brought down by the combined efforts of the rest of the teams. Oh well.

GREEN TEAM: Last place
The team showed some promise until its sudden death in Night 3. A confusion with the guarding squares were the doom of the team.
AAA's = 800

Originally Posted by V
Manti, I apologize for insulting you. Let the record show that I am a prickass douche, and not only that, but that I am a terrible player.

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Default Re: History of TWG


01 - Wolves
02 - Humans
03 - Humans
04 - Wolves
05 - Humans
06 - Wolves
07 - Wolves
08 - Humans
09 - Humans
10 - Humans
11 - Wolves
12 - Humans
13 - Wolves
14 - Humans
15 - Humans
16 - Wolves
17 - Humans
18 - Wolves
19 - Humans
20 - Humans
21 - Humans
22 - Wolves
23 - Humans
24 - Humans
25 - Wolves
26 - Wolves
27 - Humans
28 - Humans
29 - Wolves
30 - Humans
31 - Humans
32 - Wolves
33 - Wolves
34 - Wolves
35 - Wolves
36 - Wolves
37 - Wolves
38 - Wolves
39 - Humans
40 - Humans
41 - Humans
42 - Humans
43 - Wolves
44 - Humans
45 - Wolves
46 - Humans
47 - Humans
48 - Humans
49 - Wolves
50 - Cancel/Draw
51 - Cancel/Draw
52 - Humans
53 - Humans
54 - Humans
55 - Humans
56 - Wolves
57 - Humans
58 - Humans
59 - Humans
60 -
Nonstandard: emerald000 wins
61 - Wolves
62 - Cancel/Draw
63 - Wolves
64 -
Wolves (also Rebels/Northern Vanguard)
65 - Humans
66 - Wolves
67 - Cancel/Draw
68 - Humans/Baller of the paint.
69 - Humans
70 - Wolves/BDN & mamimi
71 - Humans
72 - Wolves
73 - Wolves

Humans: 37 Wolves: 30

AAA's = 800

Originally Posted by V
Manti, I apologize for insulting you. Let the record show that I am a prickass douche, and not only that, but that I am a terrible player.
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Default Re: History of TWG

If anyone feels like being useful, Please use the same format I used in post 11, and PM me for any of the missing games 79-94. I want colors, name of player and role, host, MVP and who won. When they died is not necessary.

I will include it in that blank post and get this thing back to fully updated.
AAA's = 800

Originally Posted by V
Manti, I apologize for insulting you. Let the record show that I am a prickass douche, and not only that, but that I am a terrible player.
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Default Re: History of TWG

can we start calling dibs on the games 79-94? I don't wanna redo anyone else's work.

feel free to delete this post when all is said and done.

future edit:
done with 79-86

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Default Re: History of TWG

Originally Posted by Wilkin View Post
should never play twg again: jwcgator. my god you're retarded.

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Default Re: History of TWG

here's the template I've been using. I've found that putting these together goes a bit more quickly with some of the tags already in place. the thread number in the URL obviously needs to be adjusted for each one, haha. any help would be amazinggg

[b][size=6][url=http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showthread.php?t=999999]TWG III: nameofgame[/url][/size][/b]

Hosted by: hostname
[b][color=green]Humans[/color] Win[/b]
[b]MVP: nameofmvp[/b]

1. playername [color=green]Human[/color]
2. playername [color=green]Human[/color]
3. playername [color=green]Human[/color]
4. playername [color=green]Human[/color]
5. playername [color=green]Human[/color]
6. playername [color=green]Human[/color]
7. playername [color=green]Human[/color]
8. playername [color=green]Human[/color]
9. playername [color=red]Wolf[/color]
10. playername [color=red]Wolf[/color]
11. playername [color=red]Wolf[/color]
12. playername [color=blue]Seer[/color]
13. playername [color=blue]Psychic[/color]

Host Comments:
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Default Re: History of TWG

oh yeah what about serial killer wins in your tally
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Default Re: History of TWG

^ Yeah, third party wins need to be accounted for somehow. I have no idea how we're supposed to account for nonstandard games like multiple wolf teams and such, but I'm sure someone will come up with something.

It would also be nice to link to the postgame thread for each, like manti is doing.

Otherwise, the basic format looks pretty legit to me. Although...if it were up to me (read: if I wasn't a lazy fucker) I'd tear everything down and start all over from scratch, because it's just an unholy mess right now, and it needs to make use of some new tech like the spoiler tags. And I would evenly separate them too, something like 20 games per post, and the OP would contain jumps to them all.

EDIT: Two more points
- In cases like TWG 64 and 70 where people had secondary win conditions that were achieved in tandem to the winning party, they should be listed as "other winning parties" with further indent.
- Lists of actions should be limited to postgame threads.

Thanks for the memories, folks. u da bes

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Default Re: History of TWG

well for serial killer you just make a purple thing that says Serial Killer: x
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Default Re: History of TWG

Okay, here is how its going to go down.

I am going to start another thread according to what I have laid out above and am gonna reserve space in as many posts as I need as of now to complete the history and records. Mostly I am going to cross-post from here, but I will also check every account for accuracy, rewrite all the accounts that are inaccurate or poorly written. Then I'll start doing the ones


If you need to comment on my work, do it here, in THIS thread. Not that one.

I will aim to get 10 games done per day, so things should be done in about two weeks. Once it's done this thread will be taken down. To prevent posts from cluttering up the actual history thread, we should probably make a "General TWG Discussion" sticky thread where people can comment and past games and discuss theory and stuff. Also, both of the "beginner's guide" stickies are terrible, and should be replaced by ONE newbie thread that is actually useful. That's an issue for another day, though.

Anyone who has already wrote accounts of games after I dropped off, please PM me with what you've got if you'd be so kind.

Thanks for the memories, folks. u da bes

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