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My FFR files(with comments!)
Posted on: May 27, 2009, at 02:16:31am

Indigo- first file i ever got into ffr haha. nice easy file not much to it. since it was one of my first files theres not much going on in terms of structure or anything.

La Campanella-its fucking LA CAMPANELLA BITCHES. it originally started out as a collab between highandroid and myself but that fell through and he just helped with the sync. another first for me but this time it was the first hard file that i stepped. more structure in this file because this is when i was starting to step more seriously than befor

Farewell, my little basquiat- imo one of my funner files. super enjoyable and just the right kind of hard i think.

ripoff- STEP EVERYTHING sums up this file pretty nicely. i tried to make this file as hard as possible while still keeping it fun

XP sounds Attempt- for some reason everyone likes this file i personally dont care for it at all. i really just stepped it because everyone wanted the song in game

Cette Annee- i love this song and file haha really fun to play for me and one of my better files i think. theres a step progression that takes place here since i stepped the first and second half of this file during different periods in my stepman career.

No Running Water- easy file for the sake of stepping easy files. not much to say here

Waltz In The Rain- another favourite of mine, super simple and just fun. i tried to keep the pr as much as i could while still having it be flow-y. i think i did a good job

Floating Through Time- another easy file

Champion Freeverse- such a fun and energetic song. i think it was a good idea to not layer anything during the verses makes it much cleaner

Guitar Sounds- ugh i hate the way this file came out. if i could i would restep it and use less colour notes and make it flow more

Everything Went Numb- i think this file turned out really well though i prefer my harder chart for this song i felt this file would be more appropriate for ffr.

sun and stars- stepped this because mans0n wanted a song in game lol

A Beautiful Storm- really really awesome song and i like the way i stepped this. theres nothing that id change in the file other than a couple arrows but nothing major

Wind Waker Unplugged- eh dont really like the way this file came out. feels like theres still more that can be done with the file. people seem to enjoy it though for some weird reason w/e

  1. I'm reading this

  2. nice :P i love all ur files! but damn La Campanella is so fucking hard!

  3. needs an update.

  4. Yeah it does lmao