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Uploaded on September 18, 2007 at 05:41:12pm

Picture Comments

  1. Make this ur profile pic >:]

  2. Thanks Ashley (=

  3. hey ur cute :P

  4. Cute.

  5. me gusta mucho tu sonrisa :)

  6. el Carita del Vladimir jhajha :)

  7. muyyy guapoo

  8. lol cute :)

  9. /Gets on top.

  10. Woow:) Your very cute yourself;]

  11. wowza. ur cute x3

  12. Cute! <33


  14. hi hotte

  15. Más comentados foto en FFR?
    Me gusta, pero sería bueno ver más de tu cara. Muy guapo de lo que puedo ver, sin embargo.

  16. Aye!!!Caliente!! tu es muy guapo!!!

  17. Wow, I love...your bed. You're pretty ok too. lol =D

  18. you are cute all the girl are going crazy i think you are sexy

  19. hot hot hot

  20. oh lol same comment 3 down >.< at least im not the only one who thinks so ;D

  21. cute cute!! lol you have a nice smile =)

  22. awww! :)

  23. You have a nice smile. :)

  24. ¡¡Muy atractivo!!! ¡¡Lo amo!!!

  25. Sexy ;)

  26. Thanks For The Pic Comment..Your Pretty Cute Yourself ;)

  27. YOu have a nice smile. :)

  28. HOLY FUCK.

  29. Cutee (:

  30. I see, so your from El Salvador, you look good also.

  31. you and me are very good looking people!


  33. cute :D

  34. your cuteee<3

  35. tu eres muy guapo<333 :)
    me encantas<333 :D

  36. Guess what?
    otro complimento para tu photo.
    wow, you look cute.

  37. cute :]
    but random lol

  38. yup...they're all right lol
    good looking, very nice smile ^^

  39. your adorable :] !

  40. your really adorable :)

  41. why do they all say cute?
    hot goes better with this pic.

  42. you're seriously good-looking. :)

  43. dang you got the girls going crazy on this pic
    hahaha you probably don't remember me

  44. lmfao XD what are you looking at?
    when someone takes at pic of you, you should be looking at thee camera :D

  45. haha ur cute too. realy kool pic wit the phone =)

  46. your cute.

  47. Wooww. ,
    ur awesome :D
    :P ChOW sexyy =D

  48. damn is it hot in here?
    the somke detkter is going off!
    o ur the prob!
    its becuz ur somkin!
    ur a hotty

  49. i ma waching u on ffr chat

  50. wow ur pretty sexii there

  51. WOW dnt you have a fan club!!

  52. thanks for the vote :]

  53. Now why would such a handome boy like you have an anime face for your avatar...If that was my face I would be showing it to every one!

  54. Wow your cute!;]]

  55. thanks for the comment...you're a cute one yourself!

  56. awww! your so cute! and hot! and i love it!

  57. ur cute too :D

  58. Same goes for you.
    I like your smile. :]

  59. cute =]

  60. sexy much?

  61. muy guapo ;)

  62. Ha,,
    your hott.

  63. cute^^

  64. Aww =]

  65. oh wow ur hot =D

  66. cute :]

  67. hey ur hot :]