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yup I'm Katrina I have a lot of nicknames...Kitkat is one of them. So whatever...lol I'm a whole lot of fun I love to chill I'm just that cool.I aam the Editor and Cheif of my high school paper, something I am very proud of considering I am a sophomore, and we have won state wide recognitions. I am 16 years of age, I was born and raised in Anchorage Alaska but I moved to texas 4 years ago =) I love to rock out. Oldies, metal, rock, alternative, indie ect. I'm sorry, but I hate country and what makes it worse, I live in Texas so it's kind of a controversy with my friends and I. I'm not one to go with trends, I don't wear skinny jeans and listen to hard metal because everyone else does, sorry but thats not me. I'm my own person deal with it. To all the people who like anime no offence, but I don't get it. My cousin tried to get me into it, just did not understand, but I tried it out lol. I'm pretty chill, love to write, ect. Add me, PM me, I don't care it's all good! :]
Friends, writing, sports, education!, I will try anything before I knock it so...
Fav Music:
ROCK! I am so into rock. My favorite band is Secondhand Serenade(love the lyrics) and I liked them BEFORE Fall For You. Other bands: Nirvana, Guns 'N Roses, Theory of A Dead Man, Metallica, Skillet, Bullet For My Valentine, uhm, nearly any rock. And I know I said rock, but I have to say that I love!!! Micheal Jackson!!!(Don't Hate)
Fav Movies:
LION KING!It has been my favorite movie since I was just a little baby! =D And V For Vendetta...that movie is magical..haha (I even have it on my ipod!) Then there is Across the Universe, it's beauty in many forms <3.
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GG_Guru writes...
at 1:49:09am on 2/5/11
best female singer check her out!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSlDr3-9d18
DaNameIzMarco writes...
at 1:40:55am on 2/5/11
DaNameIzMarco writes...
at 12:22:07am on 2/5/11
go in multiplayer
DaNameIzMarco writes...
at 12:20:55am on 2/5/11
get off that fail internet speed
DaNameIzMarco writes...
at 12:20:42am on 2/5/11
Yea,i'm soooooooo homo
DaNameIzMarco writes...
at 12:16:55am on 2/5/11
hurry upppppppp
DaNameIzMarco writes...
at 12:05:44am on 2/5/11
lol k :)
DaNameIzMarco writes...
at 12:02:56am on 2/5/11
get on msn, fuck this FFR BS :(
DaNameIzMarco writes...
at 11:59:39pm on 2/4/11
how ya been? lol
Midnighter writes...
at 5:54:55pm on 1/31/11
Some poems just have power behind them that move people...wow this moved me. Its so beautifully written that I just feel light-headed from reading it. Thank you. Poetry is one of the few things that always makes me happy. Your's just made my day. ^^
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