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GH3 Solo Montage (Me)
Posted on: December 29, 2008, at 05:58:40am

Arranged to get better with every solo. Skip around if necessary.


  1. I'll start with the compliment:
    You're hella good.
    Even though the slowed down solo was impressive, it's very lame. You should've just missed some at full speed, and where's Raining Blood?! Best song!!

  2. I got -1 on "The Flood", but it was off camera, and this was meant to be all FCs. Sorry about the slowed down red snake. I can actually FC on Slower instead of Slowest, but I was out of practice. Believe or not though, that is still a very notable FC compared to others in this video.
    Much thanks for the comment, compadre :3