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I am. . . . . . . .. meeee yay yay yay. --kisses and hugs--
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About me <333333
Posted on: April 15, 2008, at 01:13:49am   [0 comments]
Im Katie (aka Raven) of course nd Sk8in is basically my lyfe.....
I do it everyday all day, But i still chill with my friends nd who ever else that wantz to chill with me <3333

I dont give a fuck about athority, i don't listen to ne one nd if u talk shit ill talk shit bak !!!!!
I do got anger issues lol but i dont like to be angery tho.... so plz dont plzz me off <3

I dress how ever i want, i do whatever i want, nd i get away with it....
I hate cheaterz...... i dont lyke lyerz!!! only if u have a pretty good damn reason to lye.....

I love making new friendz, nd i love to do stupid shizz.....
i lyke making ppl laugh, sometimez im good at it nd sometimez im bad at it lol but oh well.....

Im a pretty good person, im fun, playful, adventuriouz (idk how to spell right lolol becuz itz 4:38am nd im tired lol)
ill do ne thing, if u think itz fun nd stupid lol (nd sometimesz have a video cam) ill do it w/e it iz <3333

If u wanna know more juz talk to me or whatever nd yeppp thatz the end of thiz road.... ttys <333333

Comment wall
im not emo writes...
at 11:21:46pm on 12/22/08
Hi, long time no talk huh
xemox143 writes...
at 10:41:30pm on 8/9/08
xD Lovely Name ^^
kitty pop tricks writes...
at 8:29:51am on 8/4/08
Xtreme2252 writes...
at 6:50:39am on 7/29/08
*humps your profile* D:
assassinninjaeliz writes...
at 8:44:34pm on 7/2/08
hey do you have a facebook?
deadlykill7 writes...
at 1:01:44pm on 6/23/08
Infernalgate_Zach writes...
at 12:26:03pm on 6/15/08
I'm good. I can't figure out what game[s] to play this summer to kill time lol. Some RPG, for sure, of course, knowing me! ^^''
.Naruto_Uzumaki. writes...
at 10:46:15am on 6/15/08
hey, ur pretty, thanks for the comment.
Key Blade Master writes...
at 11:58:13pm on 6/14/08
Long time no talk Raven! i miss talkn' to ya i dont know if you still like me dude so if you dont tell me so i dont keep checking! So wats up dude?
minihaha writes...
at 2:59:49am on 5/30/08
Mmmmmmmm long time...aye
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