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No more rank 1
Posted on: August 22, 2008, at 04:45:09pm

yeah i know, i'm not rank 1 anymore... which means even less reason to play and i'll be here even less. it was a fun run being #1 though.

  1. you were rank one for over a year!! give someome elsesome time! XDDDDD

  2. it's ok... ther's always next time ;)

  3. Ah well... maybe soon you'll have more time to play and get smart. =D

  4. get some skill tokens, easy reason to stay :D

  5. you could always quit for awhile and when you come back there will be a ton of new songs and more reason to play. either way RANK 2 HELLS YEAH!

  6. Sorry.
    ILY anyways. <3

  7. When did this happen? By the way, who's 1 now?

  8. Isn't this the reason to play more, to steal it back, and have competition for it rather than be there all by yourself.

  9. In commemoration of the downfall of lump.
    You will be a legend in FFR history :D

  10. ill still rmembr u wer once #1=) just catch up to smartdude some time later=D!

  11. More important things to do? BD

  12. playing again? lol

  13. You're still #1 in my heart.