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7th official
Posted on: May 28, 2012, at 02:55:24am


After the pain of last year, coming 9th, one spot off vROFL,Its time this i think to make my stand, Im going to have to get back to my original skill and really push myself further then I have ever before.

Also quest for vROFL videos will return, now called Bob bob's revenge !_!

I made the first video, ill upload it later guyz

  1. looking forward to it bro :P

  2. Yeahhhhhh, hi-5, fellow former 9th place finisher o/

  3. \o

  4. whar es da videeohz + i better gets a shoutout cause im the best. underdoggin dis entire tourney.

  5. Dont worry bro, ill have the video done today

  6. aright bob remember this
    go back and whore some more

  7. theres almost no chance, my skill isnt coming back anytime soon and unless some kind of miracle happens I don't see myself moving on. I wish I hadn't gone away on holiday now T_T