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Dinglesberry writes at 10:47:23am on 7/3/16
RIP anubis ill be dedicating rest of tourney to you <3
sspeckless writes at 4:19:50am on 7/3/16
noooooo i was hoping you made it :( well, maybe we'll get through next time :D
sspeckless writes at 5:14:58am on 6/30/16
workin' on it >=)
sspeckless writes at 5:08:04am on 6/23/16
been a while >=)
sspeckless writes at 1:57:15am on 3/8/13
see i knew you were plotting >=)
.Rarity writes at 11:48:18am on 3/6/13
Digging through emails, apparently yes. I also do happen to count it from offline engines/SM files.
.Rarity writes at 11:46:02am on 3/6/13
Course' I do happen to play songs in that range - I'm just never satisfied with the results I get on them.
Micah_ writes at 8:17:42am on 3/1/13
Wow! Awesome job man! I seriously got super lucky with that run, it will be hard to catch you!
Micah_ writes at 8:16:45am on 3/1/13
Dude I was wondering the same thing! I had two windows open last night because I was trying on different browsers, and for some reason I could save reply, it told me I had 0 rank and everything.
DossarLX ODI writes at 8:08:46pm on 12/3/12