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I am spontaneous and random, and I worship the gods of sporks and insanity. I'm also a complete Otaku.
DDR and reading are two of my big ones. I also love anime and manga. My current favs are Fruits Basket (manga), Ouran High School Host Club (anime) and Air (manga).
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Generally I like soundtracks from movies, video games, and theater musicals. I also have a small collection of DDR songs.
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There are so many, I can't make up my mind.
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Posted on: October 1, 2007, at 06:04:27pm   [0 comments]

Posted on: October 1, 2007, at 06:04:11pm   [0 comments]

Posted on: March 11, 2007, at 07:22:08pm   [0 comments]
"Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'm a skitzofrenic,
And so am I."
--What About Bob

Comment wall
XanthReborn writes...
at 8:32:25pm on 6/9/08
Wow... I never seeem to go on anymore... -_-"
phe0nixblade writes...
at 9:25:18am on 3/8/08
Howdy, long time no see. :D
CobaltWire writes...
at 7:06:40pm on 10/22/07
nice to meet you too (yeah, I know... how late...)
CobaltWire writes...
at 6:53:39pm on 10/1/07
Air *thumbs up*
XanthReborn writes...
at 5:36:17pm on 10/1/07
*sweatdrop* I missed it again... *damn*
Zovistograt writes...
at 3:58:32pm on 10/1/07
or maybe later
Zovistograt writes...
at 3:55:31pm on 10/1/07
hi, want to do a few MP songs?
XanthReborn writes...
at 3:50:37pm on 10/1/07
Hey! Sorry I'm late! ^^"
Zovistograt writes...
at 3:14:00pm on 10/1/07
ap19 writes...
at 5:28:05am on 7/22/07
nyuu, sort of looks like Misuzu from Air but sort of doesnt, thumbs up
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