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lxrowe writes...
at 12:18:02am on 9/11/15
...I forgot, Oceanic is a thing. :p
lxrowe writes...
at 4:43:18am on 9/6/15
I sort've do. I mean, I have it installed. But I don't get much time with work. I'm same username on there. ;)
lxrowe writes...
at 6:53:59am on 8/29/15
Duuuuuuuuuuude, miss me? :D
shadowraikiri writes...
at 2:15:29am on 7/14/15
Phe0 I love you and miss you for still playing. Jebus man.
CAFK writes...
at 10:52:14pm on 11/2/14
that avatar...
NessTormented writes...
at 8:14:08pm on 4/7/14
Godspeed you and your fingers,.
NessTormented writes...
at 8:13:45pm on 4/7/14
My god man, you are the leg and insanily of FFR.
shadowraikiri writes...
at 8:43:40pm on 2/16/14
Can I get discounted comics? I'm starting a collection of things.
Godnick writes...
at 12:38:58pm on 1/16/14
All seriousness aside, my post was just a joke. Your not a troller, wasn't trying to say you were a bad person or anything like that because your not at all and yeah I haven't seen you in there in forever.
stealthkidd writes...
at 1:03:00pm on 1/15/14
not sarcasm, that's not fair for you :(
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