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I am 16, I love playing DDR! My buddy told me about this site, but I like Stepmania a lot better than FFR. I thought speed mods would change that, but jack syndrome is annoying.
DDR, Stepmania, Music, Playing guitar, watching movies, and skateboarding.
Fav Music:
Dragonforce, System of a Down, Dragonland, Megadeth, any classical music.
Fav Movies:
Clerks 2, 300, Hostel Part 2 and Pokemon the movie. =P
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s0ulst0n3 writes...
at 8:51:48pm on 9/15/08
Dude, my phone's not ringing. Make sure it's (519) 277-0377
s0ulst0n3 writes...
at 8:42:13pm on 9/15/08
WTF!!! Why did he tell you!?!?!?!?
s0ulst0n3 writes...
at 8:36:14pm on 9/15/08
Oh, lol I didn't hear it ring. I'll call you back in a minute. THE PARTY IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!! Dad is buying us a new Xbox 360 because mine broke, hehe. WE CAN PLAY ROCK BAND 2 ALL NIGHT!!!
Panic4Me writes...
at 1:36:17pm on 6/14/08
happy birthday ^_^
wayne_white writes...
at 11:33:49am on 5/13/08
Flash_G0D writes...
at 11:35:53am on 5/12/08
yo devon, me and you should play ,megaman, i got like 7 of them.
wayne_white writes...
at 10:33:52am on 5/12/08
just like dad used to make :D lol
wayne_white writes...
at 6:32:51am on 5/8/08
come to english devon, and u should start playing on this account (^_^)
Flash_G0D writes...
at 11:39:23am on 5/2/08
hi devon...
wayne_white writes...
at 12:31:38pm on 4/28/08
who the hell do u think u are calling me a stalker, i was with my friends last nite, i dont waste my time following ur faggot ass little brother, do u even live in the area i do dumbass?
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