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Tips to FC these songs?
Posted on: December 6, 2009, at 06:49:04pm



1.Crowdpleaser... Difficulty: 12
Release Date: 12-31-69
Song Length: 2:38

2.Largiloquent Dithyramb...Difficulty: 11
Release Date: 04-24-09
Song Length: 4:06

3.Blue Rose...Difficulty: 12
Release Date: 03-26-08
Song Length: 6:00

4.La Campanella...Difficulty: 12
Release Date: 05-30-09
Song Length: 4:09

5.Revolutionary Etude...Difficulty: 12
Release Date: 03-03-05
Song Length: 2:46

6.Red Wings Over Baron...Difficulty: 12
Release Date: 09-08-09
Song Length: 7:52

7.J'ai Envie de Plaisir X2...Difficulty: 12
Release Date: 06-29-09
Song Length: 2:17

8.Magical 8bit Tour...Difficulty: 12
Release Date: 09-08-09
Song Length: 2:36

9.World Tour 2004...Difficulty: 11
Release Date: 01-01-09
Song Length: 8:38

10.Club...Difficulty: 11
Release Date: 03-24-08
Song Length: 1:17

11.Reluctantly Accepting Temporary Overexhaustion...Difficulty: 13
Release Date: 12-23-08
Song Length: 1:34

12.Death Piano...Difficulty: 13
Release Date: 04-01-08
Song Length: 2:54

If yall have any advice to FC these please help. By the way i dont need advice on the FMOs i just havent got them for some wierd reason, probably cause i improved my score and didnt FC them...pretty gay.

  1. You're gonna need to mash xD

  2. cant agree more :D
    like me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
    only ones i dont have is dp, cp and revo.

  3. lolmash

  4. rato takes some stamina when doing controlled mashing, just need to know when to "slow" mash compared to more of a "vibrate" style when playing that song

  5. Crowdpleaser isn't too bad if you can play the trills as doubles and mash fairly quickly. Some people find it easier to use the arrow keys, but I personally don't see either one to be easier.
    RATO is an easy FC if you have the stamina to play through the song. What I did to get the FC was no matter what was in the screen, to do an Up right, down left key alternating kind of mash, and whenever the 48th / 64th rolls came, just increased the speed.
    Club is really just if you have the jacking skills or not. If it helps, you could just mash two keys on either side of the keyboard to keep up the same rhythm and get the FC that way. Club is 16th notes at a 120 bpm, rounded to the nearest frame if that helps you any.
    Jai is generally the same thing as club, it really comes down to if you have the jackiing skills. The 32nd jumpstreams later on in the song can just be quadheld through for the most part, everything else invlving jacking can be done the same way as I described club.

  6. Revolutionary etude is a stupid dump file which should have never been accepted into FFR. I'd suggest turning off the music and play as clean as possible at first, but once the jacking comes into play, really amp up the two key mash sequence. I don't have the FC for it yet, but I intend to get it soon.
    Magical 8-bit tour is simple, if you have the skill to play everything but the trills clean, play the trills as doubles and mash accordingly. The trills change freqently so quadhold through the whole thing if possible.
    World tour 2004 is really easy as well. Just make sure you have a reliable keyboard and a good attention span...even if you know a pattern later in the song mash it to make sure that you get the FC...cleaner runs can be gotten later on.
    La Campanella...either you have the skill to play clean or you don't. If not, just quadhold from about notes 700 to the end of the song.
    Blue Rose again like world tour 2004 isn't that bad, just make sure you have the pat

  7. This is getting pretty long, I can post the rest of this in a message with better detail if you want. Sorry!

  8. depends on your speed, and stamina, etc. but when in doubt, just mash. once you get the FC, go back and try not too.

  9. Crowdpleaser - if you don't have the stamina... DOUBLE SETUP (two keyboards) and just hit the giga-trill. (Or just trill fast on one keyboard like me >:])
    Jai - All you can do is mash... :[ I can't get good pa on this song except for the beginning.
    RATO - Spread and MAAASSSSHHHH!!!!
    I say "f u" to Revolutionary Etude. Play it as clean as possible in the beginning and then quad-hold the jack-doubles onward! (Not very clear explanation.)
    Death Piano - you need two keyboards for this unless you are Mr. Rubix Jr. or something like that. XD
    I could give my advice on the others, but seeing as I am one handed/index finger with three fingers, it might not help much. XD