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My name is Chris. 23 years old. FFR originalfag. Been here since mid 2003 and I made simfiles from 2004 - 2012. Currently forever in college for Computer Science
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Thinking DifferentBreak Beats09-12-05
MAX ForeverDDR Medley30-12-05
Hyper PressureHyper Euro Techno23-05-06
Start SomethingTechno19-06-06
The Games We Played, Part 1Piano Medley27-11-06
The Games We Played, Part 2Piano Medley28-11-06
The Games We Played, Part 3Piano Medley29-11-06
The Games We Played, Part 4Piano Medley30-11-06
The Games We Played, Part 5Piano Medley01-12-06
Carol MegamixChristmas Medley24-12-06
Summer -Speedy Mix-Happy Hardcore14-01-07
ZNu Style Rave28-01-07
Takecore of YourselfHard Dance30-01-07
Gaussian Blur 3Baroque23-02-07
Aztec Templing (Techno-Titlan Mix)Ethno Hardcore15-02-07
esc (super version)Break Beats11-03-07
Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star v2Hyper Eurobeat28-02-07
UNknown GirlEpic Rock/Touhou26-03-07
Samurai RoadJ-Techno29-03-07
BB EvolutionEpic Rock05-04-07
BB RevengeHard Rock06-04-07
the Dream of ScarletRock/Touhou11-05-07
LessonPiano Jig27-05-07
Youkoso! Himitsu no Janbaraya!J-Pop10-06-07
The Brain of the MoonProgressive Rock/Tou09-06-07
Sunny Starry CarnivalShuffle Pop07-07-07
Judgment DaysHyper J-Techno03-07-07
Frozen BondInstrumental05-07-07
Love Cheat!Hyper J-Pop21-07-07
Cold BreathTrancecore27-07-07
bbblowTribal Euro26-08-07
UnheartedAcoustic Rock20-08-07
Your Grace [Heavy]Electronic Acoustic24-08-07
Gaussian BlurEpic Overture16-09-07
Love Coloured Master Spark (LUV2 Remix)Euro Trance15-10-07
Decisive BattleEpic Rock20-10-07
Euro FreakEurobeat21-10-07
Forsaken NeonHi-Speed Techno14-12-07
Lunar SaturationTrance Core19-12-07
Shind BadJ-Core Freeform25-12-07
Kirby's Dream LandGame Remix15-02-08
Blooddrunk [Heavy]Hard Rock25-02-08
Lawn Wake IDrill 'n Bass23-03-08
Electro Rush x8 v2Electric Hardcore25-03-08
Setsujou! Hyakka Ryouran!E-Dance Pop27-03-08
UtopiaHappy Pop18-06-08
Border Of MaximumProgressive Rock03-07-08
Nanairopanda v2Lounge Pop10-07-08
Into The NightPop Drum'n Bass07-08-08
LiberateAlternative Metal20-12-11
Try To StarRetro Rock22-12-11
The Games We Played (Full Edition)Piano Medley24-12-12
Random Thoughts
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Posted on: July 17, 2012, at 04:42:22am   [3 comments]
It's time to change my profile and perhaps sig/avatar set. I've only had everything the same since 2008.

Notable Events:
- Another year of college, etc
- Red Fraction 2.0 experiment failed. Mostly because of my own lack of interest but whatever.
- Another year of me saying I'm going to get back into this game. Once again we'll see

Here's a poll for you guys though: Should I change my avatar/sig set? Yes or No. Why
Posted on: July 8, 2011, at 12:33:27pm   [1 comment]
The website I ran back in 2007 for about a year is going to make a return. I need some development help though, as I don't know shit about coding/programming anything.

If anybody knows php, flash, etc, and you're willing to help me out, let me know.
Posted on: June 9, 2011, at 12:31:09pm   [0 comments]
Pretty cool feeling. I've been in dorms for 1.5 years already but this is the first actual apartment I've lived in.

Pictures in this thread
Posted on: May 27, 2011, at 07:33:30pm   [5 comments]
Well I did decide to start making simfiles for this game again. Here's what I have going right now and their completion percentages

Try To Star - SSH - 100%
Fleeting Fantasy - Phantasma - 100% (this file is shitstreams like vertex beta so its not gonna be my best)
Identity - SHK - 0% (waiting on a good mp3 of it)
UNknown Girl (Full Version) - dBu - 60% (much of it is the same as my original version, deal with it)
felys (Full Version) - onoken - 0%
Kick Your A (Full Version) - SuperGreenX - 5%
Renaissance - Smiley - 0% (this will be an easy file)
Rebirth's OP - Zaghurim - 50%
W@REZ - DJ Sharpnel - 30%
neogenesis - DM Ashura - 0%
Posted on: May 26, 2011, at 03:33:22pm   [3 comments]
I've only said I'd return to FFR a few times now without doing it at all. This time hopefully I'm here to stay for a little while. I actually have time now during the summer to do something. Only have 3 new AAA's today. I haven't played this game in 3 years, so I'm surprised I can do anything at all still. Goal for today is 20 AAA's. Time to get an average rank of under 500
Comment wall
FreezinIce writes at 12:28:21pm on 4/18/14
Glad to see you didnt die out like everyone else who gets banned around here. Kinda late, but welcome back.
Sidek writes at 3:44:03pm on 4/14/14
666 AAA's lol
xxXitsunexx writes at 6:46:35am on 1/31/14
Wow I love your profile! ^.^
XelNya writes at 6:36:36am on 1/25/14
The5thMoon writes at 3:23:11am on 1/22/14
I keep trying to come back and play but since I'm so bad compared to how I was back then I just keep giving up loool
The5thMoon writes at 1:21:59am on 1/22/14
You still smashing keys bro?
klimtkiller writes at 12:39:17pm on 1/18/14
on r^3 there is no sound for that song. i listened to other music on top
klimtkiller writes at 5:59:10am on 1/18/14
finally games we played full version AAA after exactly 100 restarts xD
LegitMusicProducer writes at 3:49:52pm on 12/14/13
Hello yes, I am seeing that you are also produce man of arrow make for musics? Interested wondering if want the making of more? Thanks you.
Izzy writes at 11:20:51am on 12/4/13
That is disgusting