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I'm a bongo cat.
Dance games.
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Psychotik's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Boy & BearPlunderphonics24-08-19
The Great Pumpkin TapesEasy Listening Jazz31-10-19
Christmas Ain't The SameFestive RnB15-12-19
Jingle Bells (Bass)Dance Pop17-12-19
Fake SantaFestive Swing Rock18-12-19
Final BossElectro31-12-19
RicochetGlitch Hop10-03-20
Make Eggs, Eat EggsGame Remix12-04-20
hARPIES15HPDrum'n Bass21-04-20
Silly Videogame Bleep BloopsGame Music27-04-20
Dracula Man X2 Alpha TurboGame Music12-05-20
TURBOBass House13-07-20
Oedo HopEdo House Remix28-07-20
HornetVG Metal28-07-20
TwilightTribal Trance04-08-20
OpiaUK Hardcore04-08-20
Brostep Strikes BackDubstep11-08-20
Blackmagik BlazingEnchanted Speedcore09-09-20
Morning RunPiano Ambient16-09-20
Lawn Wake IIIDrill'n Bass07-10-20
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HBar writes at 2:21:10am on 7/29/20
Nice job stepping Oedo Hop! This one's really fun to play.
VisD writes at 11:48:05pm on 7/16/20
hehe not a fan of the split rolls and minijacks in ani? For me it's the 2nd half, ironically. I am absolutely unable to keep the stamina needed for the jumpstream and polys inside it and get super tilted with the last 1/4
PetrifiedEX writes at 2:13:48pm on 7/10/20
hi :D
PetrifiedEX writes at 9:58:09pm on 7/8/20
hey psychotik im on twitch i hope you are having a good day bro
Rapta writes at 2:05:44pm on 6/23/20
I like your profile
revolutionomega writes at 3:38:18pm on 3/18/20
-sad face- fiffer charts are cool though.
Any chance you'd be down to chart something a little easier? I got perms recently for a few LNY TNZ tracks (hardstyle stuff) and have been looking for someone to give them a go so I can report back progress to Jan (LNY TNZ) himself. I know most steppers prefer more complex stuff though.
revolutionomega writes at 3:30:12pm on 3/18/20
Not by much though! And you seem to be better than me at a bulk of the 70+ files, even if I have my niche songs lol. Just promise me you'll come out with more Psychoriginal pad packs so I can add new charts to my ITG machine.
revolutionomega writes at 10:50:29pm on 3/17/20
We are now rivals.
That is all!
P.s. I'm coming for your avg rank and tier points - I have a lot of work to do.
SpaceGorilla writes at 11:18:59am on 1/26/20
happy 12 years
PrawnSkunk writes at 10:45:41pm on 1/7/20
very, very nice job on your POP/STARS stepchart!