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My name is Clark, I play spread askl, I love rhythm gaming and the challenges as well as the music that comes with it.
Physics, Computer Science, Programming, Web Development, AI, Video Games, Anime, and Music. That's me in a nutshell.
Fav Music:
I Love Music, Almost Anything Done Well. My favorite group would be Pink Floyd. I really enjoy the music present in games such as FFR/DDR/ITG
Fav Movies:
Anything Thought Provoking
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Comment wall
Hakulyte writes...
at 7:28:26pm on 3/16/14
The Ultimate Battle.
hi19hi19 writes...
at 1:59:36pm on 3/15/14
haha thanks, it's quite nice to hear that people enjoy them :)
Preg Jr writes...
at 9:55:39pm on 3/14/14
I am, I barely play now.
Xx{Fallen}xX writes...
at 10:46:54pm on 2/26/14
Solomine Gray writes...
at 10:24:32pm on 2/26/14
Oh, I see, I'm not sure I was around for when the site went down as you said. I can't remember that occurrence.
As for what kept me coming around... people, essentially, though it's a lot more self-absorbed than that. I'm considering posting a more detailed answer in your thread.
One Winged Angel writes...
at 10:21:56pm on 2/26/14
the reasons you're thinking of are probably correct, 17 year old me wasn't creative at coming up with names whatsoever and obviously had to go for something FFVII-related
Solomine Gray writes...
at 10:01:22pm on 2/26/14
I spent a load of time in my first year here, then left. I came back for a short time, then left again. Last time I was on the site was almost 6 years ago. I came back yet again last week.
Are you off and on when it comes to this site?
Solomine Gray writes...
at 9:39:07pm on 2/26/14
Wow, you've been here for a long time.
Preg Jr writes...
at 3:55:15pm on 2/26/14
you're so pro
OmegaOrdoss writes...
at 11:02:17am on 2/24/14
Back in the Top 2000 Players!!!
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