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After The Tourney
Posted on: January 30, 2013, at 10:00:50pm   [1 comment]
Well, I guess I may as well talk a bit about myself seeing as I've been here so long. Only took seven and a half years to even remotely get involved in the community, yeah.

My name is Mike and I'm a developer. I am a little sporadic when it comes to playing FFR - I first played about a year, left for one, came back, etc... I like to think I'm not bad, certainly not top tier, but it's mainly for enjoyment. Eventually I'll probably set some goals for improvement - it feels pretty good to finally get a wicked score on a crazy song.

Maybe I'll randomly post stuff here. I don't know, we'll see how it goes. Just something I felt I'd try out
October 22, 2013
9th Official
D4, alright. I should do pretty well in the beginning rounds, I think. I can probably AAA anything up to about 60 fairly easily and up to 67 with some persistence. Past that, it's going to be hit or miss. All I can hope for is for songs that aren't a constant jumpstream from beginning to end. Good luck all!

Scratch that, nevermind x) Turns out I don't really have much time to play get the good scores at the moment. Ah well, good luck everyone else!

Highest FCs: Frictional Nevada - 78 (Eclipse (Solar) (89) (/w Random Mashing Sections))
Next promising songs
- Tageri (81) - 1 miss
- Crow's Ghost (81) - 7 misses
- Integraation (82) - 3 misses
- Holy Orders (82) - 4 misses

Highest AAAs:
- Scars Left By Time - 62
- Szamar Madar - 58
- Entry - 56
Next Promising Songs
- Retro City - 63 (9-0-0-0)
- Lawn Wake IV - 64 (2-0-0-1)
- Overdrive [aaronmusslewhite] - 65 (7-1-0-0)
- Within Life - 66 (1-0-0-0) - Dem rolls
- Magnum - 72 (10-0-1-0) - Dem jacks

What I feel are my:
Rolls - Ex: AAA on Entry (56), 1-0-0-0 on Within Life (66)
Jacks and Minijacks - Ex: 25-2-0-2 on Document 13b (72), AAA on Scars Left By Time (62)
Trills and Running Men - Ex: 5-1-0-0 on Klung Kung 2004 (62)
Jumpgluts - Ex: 26-1-1-5 on Spoils (72)
Dubstep and Drum 'n Bass - they usually have very distinctive beats I can hear and bursts that are manageable for me since they're broken up.

- Just the wrong pattern of jumpstream I can't get right
- Constant Streams - my eyes tend to glaze over after a while unless something new happens in the stream
- Sightreading - I need to match the chart up with the music and get used to the song. Until I can hear the notes and know what's coming, my scores aren't the greatest
- Jazz. Fun songs, but HOLY CRAP it's tough to match the notes to the music.

Why I like raw scoring
Spoils - 73
Best Score: 2,976,350 (91-13-0-37)
Best Replay: 2,396,945 (26-1-1-5)

Blue Rose - 82
Best Score: 4,341,320 (267-85-10-184)
Best Replay: 3,656,260 (125-23-6-46)

Comment wall
xAlphaWolf writes...
at 3:25:48am on 11/6/13
Awe I see that, I am getting all BFs after just some tries luckily. Well round 5-6 will start recuperation at school, will be hard for me to play :c
xAlphaWolf writes...
at 6:24:03pm on 10/25/13
i did it sightread XDDDDDDDDDD now its your time mike c:
xAlphaWolf writes...
at 5:05:14am on 10/24/13
Lot of people on d4 now I think will be hard for we do that xD
xAlphaWolf writes...
at 9:18:58pm on 10/22/13
Yup x3 I also got a skill boost, I am not the same guy :P
xAlphaWolf writes...
at 8:05:55am on 10/22/13
Mike, you're in the tourney yay
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 2:11:25am on 9/25/13
sounds like a date ;)
shenjoku writes...
at 1:35:23pm on 9/24/13
haha wow. I was wondering if anyone else was going to pick those songs :P You seem to have me beat by one good on each one though. One more day to rectify that though >:D
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 2:12:16am on 9/24/13
hey mike! (i miss you :3)
xAlphaWolf writes...
at 4:53:42am on 9/20/13
Yuppie, well I wish I get some time to play, because exams.. Hw... (school) fucking it completely t.t
xAlphaWolf writes...
at 12:56:20pm on 9/19/13
Hai there mike :P
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