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25 years old in university studying physical geography. I am quiet and reserved, always thinking of something.
Anime, strategy, puzzles, FFR, ...weed
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Dance, techno, trance, some night core. Lady gaga.
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Horror (not gory), comedy, action.
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Posted on: June 12, 2013, at 02:34:42pm   [0 comments]
"Don't argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."
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Hutchingame writes at 9:36:55am on 3/10/17
Bleeding Hollow. I unsubbed when they allowed 4th gold trait in rated PvP :/ Not dealing with those warriors lmao
Momoko_Katsura writes at 10:31:46pm on 3/9/17
What WoW server ;)?
Hutchingame writes at 5:52:30pm on 9/3/15
The miss a long time ago was in the first few seconds, too, and I didn't bother restarting x.x made me cry.
Rapta writes at 4:41:17pm on 9/3/15
Nice job almost FC'ing Holy Orders!
DDRNGGin writes at 7:47:58pm on 6/28/15
Congratulations on unlocking St.Scarhand [Standard], Hutchingame! :)
CDCan writes at 8:12:41pm on 12/2/14
new aaa, just saw it on the front page…gg!