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Frederic54's Gameplay Stats Today
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Hakulyte writes...
at 4:55:57pm on 11/12/15
Bah après réflexions et quelques changements d'idées, je viens de conclure que t'a raison.
Par contre je lag quand même. >:
DDRNGGin writes...
at 12:55:23pm on 7/5/15
Congratulations on 700 AAAs, Frederic54! :)
Kawaii025 writes...
at 1:47:15pm on 6/26/15
Baaaaa ♥
ssbmchamp writes...
at 11:12:25am on 2/8/14
Thanks :)
ssbmchamp writes...
at 2:29:57pm on 2/1/14
i love how our scores are nearly opposites of each other :p
ssbmchamp writes...
at 10:35:18am on 2/1/14
Thanks you too :) ughhhhhhhh why the hell did i pick gotta catch 'em all lol i'm an idiot
ssbmchamp writes...
at 11:56:46am on 1/30/14
I wouldn't give up in the non-divisional tourney if I were you. you actually have a good shot at beating me because I have yet to get under 40 goods on Gotta catch 'em all (which is what i picked cuz i wanted to improve my score) lol, and scythe of 13 is 100% luck, if you slip in one spot its so easy to dump 20 goods. I haven't posted scores yet cuz mine are far worse than yours lol
yuri7 writes...
at 8:27:36am on 12/8/13
We don't know each other in the slightest, but i was struck by your rainbow sheep 0u0. It is quite spectacular.
Seductive angel writes...
at 7:45:26am on 12/8/13
Fucking love your avatar
soramimi writes...
at 3:24:05pm on 12/3/13
Your avatar is so cute, I want to eat it.
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