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kmay writes...
at 11:24:56am on 6/28/16
happy now?
kmay writes...
at 8:54:35pm on 6/27/16
lol i can't seem to make my offset work... every song seems off. even when i use yoshl's thread
kmay writes...
at 8:35:40pm on 6/27/16
but are you going to get a real score?
kmay writes...
at 8:28:27pm on 6/27/16
lol that was me trying... ill play again in the morning. my eyes are dry and i'm blinking a lot
i dont think i'll be under 30 goods this song
kmay writes...
at 8:41:08am on 6/23/16
holy hell. i should probably switch to R3... i still use the legacy engine
kmay writes...
at 7:41:15am on 6/22/16
Cant tell me its not :p
All i want to do is touch your powerpoints.
case and point ;)
kmay writes...
at 9:44:57pm on 6/20/16
Lol you will work it off faster than me. Especially with this jack file. That's your shit lol
kmay writes...
at 2:44:44pm on 6/20/16
coming back for the tourney... super rusty but hope i can keep up with you!
Hakulyte writes...
at 12:05:14am on 4/20/16
hint for ya: They're going to make rates record and I work since 2 years now and it's massively dropping my ability to be here to play. There's hope~
MarcusHawkins writes...
at 6:59:17am on 2/4/16
Judge offset changes where you get an amazing; the lower the offset, the earlier the hit, and the higher the offset, the later the hit.
Your reaction time may be a little slow, hence how you changed your offset to 0.6. That, in reality, is a "Perfect!!" hit late in retrospect to judge 0.
Are things making more sense, now?
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