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GT Rank 3
Posted on: May 28, 2014, at 08:30:23pm   [3 comments]
Achieved May 28, 2014. Figured I'd make a post to document how high up I managed to get in case I get passed. After reaching what seems to be a skill plateau for me and not improving at all for quite some time, my drive to continue playing and trying to get better at this game is dwindling, and therefore I don't know if I'll be able to move up any further. I definitely won't pass Hakulyte but there's a small chance I might pass JerryDB assuming he's done playing. Only time will tell.

SDG Challenge with Yulanik
Posted on: January 1, 2014, at 09:38:47pm   [5 comments]
50,000 credits to whoever can SDG all but ANY 5 songs in the difficulty range of 60-70 (including 60's and 70's)

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SuperNOVA Gian writes...
at 2:35:10am on 3/25/15
So painful!, OUCH!
SuperNOVA Gian writes...
at 5:28:49pm on 3/24/15
WHOA!!, you're improving at a high rate
SuperNOVA Gian writes...
at 3:04:11pm on 3/24/15
The songs for this round are unplayable for me today, damn, I have such good scores on them and I cant get decent SDG's
SuperNOVA Gian writes...
at 11:10:59pm on 3/23/15
I'll try my best in JULIA to help you
SuperNOVA Gian writes...
at 11:24:11am on 3/23/15
Good luck on this doubles tourney round partner :)
SuperNOVA Gian writes...
at 12:13:31pm on 3/17/15
Yes, thank you, I'm not too good on any of the songs but I definitely have a better chance playing song A lol
SuperNOVA Gian writes...
at 11:36:47am on 3/17/15
Ouch, that ending lol, 1g, that part is brutal, It happened to me, not with 1g but it happened
SuperNOVA Gian writes...
at 12:53:14am on 3/17/15
wow that SDG in Adventures of Lolo is crazy, good job on that, I definitely cant reach that lol
SuperNOVA Gian writes...
at 11:49:19pm on 3/16/15
This doubles tournament round looks hard, I already played The Replicator and did 8g, gonna try to do well on 13th Friday so you have the option to play the easier song
SuperNOVA Gian writes...
at 2:21:10pm on 3/16/15
btw saw your Black Key Etude AAA, keep those FMO AAA's coming :)
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