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Uploaded on July 21, 2007 at 07:36:10pm

Picture Comments

  1. I knew it :D (especially from the heading of you wearing the FFR Shirt)

  2. nice writing.

  3. Awsome =D

  4. I didn't even notice the Pokemon shirt until Smitty commented on it. XD

    The hair... well, everybody has pretty much said what I was going to say. Stop stealing my ideas! ;_;

  5. i like ur hair its alsome :P :]

  6. wow, they're right, it does match your hair! XD

  7. Pearl pwnz diamond, i got a full party of 100's baha CHALLENGE ME FOO

  8. nice hair

  9. ROFLz... wtf, thats a lot of Pokemanz..... but not as much stuffs as meh! lolzzzz... well, I don't collect pokemanz stuffs anymore, but I have a lot of it still from my younger days.... I need to start playing diamond again. : /

  10. "XXXsmittyXXX writes...
    at 1:59:59pm on 7/26/07
    omfg pokemon shirt ?"

    OMG HE'S RIGHT LOL, ps: way to go, story time :D
    one day during school, (i'm known as the guy who does crack even though i've never done drugs) i came to skwl in a pokemon shirt with a blastoise on it saying "lets have a blast" and a hat with ash and pikachu on it AND a pokemone shoulder bag from pre-ordering fire red LOL

  11. i heart your hair!

  12. best pic out of you ^^

  13. omfg pokemon shirt ?

  14. you need to make me a sign

    that would dominate =]]

  15. imma going to kidnap you!

  16. I r Danny i play ffr

  17. ur rly darkshark rite???

  18. The text color matches your hair, how cute ^_^

  19. I R teh REAl DJ_SWABBER =O

  20. Im the only one authorized to say "mew" on FFR...

  21. uhg this pic gives me motion sickness ><;

  22. Its true, OMGz, I am the only girl on FFR. xD (jokinnng)