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Uploaded on April 25, 2008 at 02:09:29pm

Picture Comments

  1. Nice pic^^
    love the eyes

  2. zomg ur fucking hot!!!

  3. omg pretty prettty prettty

  4. This picture is awesome. You're so pretty. x.x
    P.S. her name isn't Evanescence, it's Amy Lee.

  5. Woah, thats a really good pic

  6. evenesance

  7. you look sooo sexy in this one. my favorite =D kinda reminds me of that rock band singer whats her name again? she sings: WAKE ME UP! wake me inside! lol

  8. Woaaaaaaaaahhhh

  9. IT'S GAWJUSS <33333

  10. Shayne is good at Photoshop, FFR, drawing, basically everything...
    ...but not SM ;P

  11. Looks awshum =]

  12. 0o I didn't even think you liked it xD
    I love you n.n

  13. DX eh whats in teh background elole

  14. Shayne made me have a pretteh background.