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Uploaded on March 24, 2008 at 01:28:45pm

Picture Comments

  1. omg a lokl egg! LOL i didnt even notice that one

  2. omg XD
    awesomely super :x

  3. whats the red one on the right say i cant see it all the way lol :P

  4. WHHHAAAAATTTT!!!????!?!?!?!? Im YOUR bestest friend and you didnt make ME one!!!

  5. That is soo cool

  6. That one with the FFR sign is really well-made O.o

  7. In reality i ate them all later yum yum ^^

  8. make me one next time please

  9. like... Sprite- ??? or not D:,yes..Sprite-,the one and only toilet

  10. I love it!!!!! Soo cute!

  11. Where's the 2224 egg.

  12. AHAHAHA i like the sprite- one O_O so funnai.
    :O i feel..complete X__X being next to tehraaaa!

  13. i c me xD

  14. nice ffr dude.
    omg is that mp chat? lol

  15. ami not on these? ;O;

  16. =]

  17. omg an smitty egg with terajuana! :]]]]]]

  18. Those eggs are filled with win.
    Zombie Jesus would be impressed. ;o

  19. hahahahaha amazing.

  20. FFEggs