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ic0slay3r writes at 2:47:18am on 5/26/11
Pfft ni que jugando stepmania.
XDark_PrinceX writes at 11:06:03pm on 5/20/11
I love blue :| and your sporting alot of it :)
krazyoreo writes at 11:44:31pm on 2/5/11
ninjette420 writes at 9:58:11pm on 2/5/11
"ohana means family and family sick together" lol love stich!!!
ic0slay3r writes at 1:42:20am on 1/15/11
wooo dejandole un comment a Gretchen que va a sacar su primera AAA hoy :O
ETF246 writes at 6:33:54pm on 8/11/09
que bonita foto Lilo &Stich son los mejor
R3EfLexX writes at 10:43:55am on 11/23/08
CHEN!!...qs la q?!
Dave&Wave writes at 5:16:19pm on 10/27/08
I meant pic , reffering to your avatar .
Dave&Wave writes at 5:15:57pm on 10/27/08
Awwww... That pick is to cute.
Roxena writes at 11:20:49pm on 10/22/08
love ur id pic ^^