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About me:
My name is Axel.
Videogames; RPG, platformers, almost any rhythm game: GH, FFR, DDR, RB(any instrument), ITG... I am decent at any of those. Music; I play bass, in a band. Literature; Mangas and from time to time a read a good book.
Fav Music:
Rock, Ska, Punk, Metal. All that Remains, Avenged Sevenfold, Buckethead, Bullet for my Valentine, Coheed and Cambria, Disturbed, Dream Theater, The Fall Of Troy, Flobots, Green Day, Guns N' Roses, HIM, Iron Maiden, Kamelot, The Killers, Linkin Park, Matchbook Romance, Muse, Prototype, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Reel Big Fish, Say Anything, Slipknot, Story of the Year, The Strokes, Symphony X, System of a Down, Tenacious D, 30 seconds to Mars and many more...
Fav Movies:
Comedy and Action.
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Full Combo:
[x] FC 50% of the songs
[x] FC 75% of the songs (6.15.09)
[ ] FC 99% of the songs
Overall Rank:
[x] FFR Rank top 5000 (7.28.08)
[x] FFR Rank top 2500 (1.11.09)
[x] FFR Rank top 1000 (6.07.09)
[x] FFR Rank top 500 (10.26.09)
[ ] FFR Rank top 250
Average Rank:
[x] Avrg Rank top 500 (10.11.09)
[x] Avrg Rank top 400 (11.25.09)
[x] Avrg Rank top 250 (11.30.10)
[ ] Avrg Rank top 100
[x] AAA 50 songs (5.02.09)
[x] AAA 100 songs (7.06.09) [Yoshi's Cookie XD]
[x] AAA 200 songs (10.13.09) [Techno GreenĀ²]
[x] AAA 300 songs (12.14.09) [{Firestorm}]
[x] AAA 400 songs (12.21.10) [Gacha Gacha Cute Figu atto Mate]
[x] AAA 500 songs (2.18.11) [Epic]
[ ] AAA 600 songs


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MixMasterLar writes at 4:59:01am on 12/31/16
Ohai I think I remember you
YoshL writes at 4:03:16pm on 10/28/13
kinda the same, schoolschoolschool
YoshL writes at 9:06:13am on 10/23/13
x3 it's just, i haven't seen you in forever haha how's it been
YoshL writes at 11:20:37pm on 10/22/13
oh wow i see you on pokemon!
DossarLX ODI writes at 6:24:24pm on 3/24/13
happy birthday!
The~J~MaXx writes at 12:44:11pm on 7/24/12
Tremendo!! yo tambien, vivo en San Juan.
The~J~MaXx writes at 4:15:38pm on 7/23/12
Are you really from Puerto Rico?
will08 writes at 3:47:44pm on 7/23/12
same dude i havent played in forever. I just come back every now and then to pass time on lvl 9 and 10 songs
will08 writes at 9:35:41pm on 7/17/12
are you still godlike in this game?
Evnoir writes at 12:09:19pm on 7/6/12
Good luck in the tournament :D