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hi my name is Kennin,im 15 years old i live in Puerto Rico im a little inteligent but not to much lol im not a geek like mostly some people what else ohhh oK I PLAY ALLLLLLLLLLLOOOOTTTTTTT OF VIDEO GAMES BECAUSE IM ADDICTIVE TO GAMES i like to hang out with my friends and do fun stufs OK THATS ALL ABOUT ME DONT ASK QUESTIONS. (please leave a comment if you wanna talk with me,send random thoughts,send photos or everything you like i wont matter)
Im really interested on videos games and doing cool stufs
Fav Music:
Sistem of a Down,Linkin Park,Disturbed,Fall Out Boy,
Fav Movies:
well i cant tell all my favorite movies because there all alot of movies that i like
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How to make does rides
Posted on: March 7, 2009, at 02:34:49pm   [0 comments]
I just make does rides on www.linerider.com you can do awesome rides and you can shared them with your friends but i think you have to buy the game im gonna buy it in gamestop or babbage or eb games or in the web site to share my rides with the world if you need help from the website just leave me a comment ok

The Roller Coaster of Doom
Posted on: March 7, 2009, at 01:20:35pm   [2 comments]

Funny video about a noob!
Posted on: February 15, 2009, at 09:39:29am   [1 comment]

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hellticky writes...
at 10:22:24am on 10/17/14
I'm sorry
DustyFart writes...
at 5:03:53pm on 6/19/12
fuck you
xCylipso writes...
at 9:54:36am on 9/19/09
wow, i got ur comment on my wall ;p
at least i have a life and im not on the computer all day or playing halo :p
hellticky writes...
at 4:56:46pm on 7/17/09
woops i just remembered tomorrow im going fishing, so maybe monday we can play together
hellticky writes...
at 3:13:03pm on 7/16/09
nvm about the MP i thought you where on
mirror_eclipse writes...
at 11:21:07am on 6/30/09
No probalo. ;)
miko122 writes...
at 11:12:24am on 6/20/09
hi, nothing much just got out for summer
mirror_eclipse writes...
at 3:51:53pm on 6/19/09
sup man?
NSane writes...
at 3:38:12pm on 6/19/09
not much.
2EdgedVictory writes...
at 8:14:54pm on 6/16/09
Sure, I just won't get gold for a while. I just don't have enough games yet.
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