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About me:
I love classical music, I play trumpet. I tend to nerd out a bit, so ignore that if you find it offensive. Psychology and physics are my mainstays if I must avoid playing my horn.
Very many things. Really, an absurd number of things. I hate anime in general but for some reason, I really love Studio Ghibli. I like tennis. Also, cooking things.
Fav Music:
Impressionists and whole-tone composers. Debussy, Ravel, Satie, Janecek. I also happen to love Mahler and Bruckner. Shostakovich and Rachmaninov round it out. Prolific pianists like Chopin, Liszt, and Beethoven are acceptable too.
Fav Movies:
Everything by Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan. Hayao Miyazaki as well if he counts.
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linebro writes...
at 4:14:59pm on 12/9/13
you could have waited like 10 more days too. 3 years = 4 bil, 3 years = 3 bil
Checked_Out writes...
at 10:28:20am on 12/9/13
Weeee, can has vet
rockdis12inch writes...
at 1:51:09pm on 4/2/12
I think there's some hidden messages in them that will build me a time machine. Do you see what enough exposure to it can do the brain? It's music for the insane...(that's a good thing of course):)
Checked_Out writes...
at 1:00:47am on 11/5/11
Reborn: Yeah, I play the trumpet, and the piano.
R E B O R N writes...
at 12:53:13am on 11/5/11
You love classical music? Do you happen to play any classical instruments?
Checked_Out writes...
at 9:04:26pm on 11/4/11
I really need to start making friends on here..
BIGEZAY writes...
at 11:53:46pm on 11/3/11
good game
Checked_Out writes...
at 10:22:14pm on 8/3/11
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 9:47:24pm on 8/3/11
Third person to post on your wall.
Cee kun writes...
at 3:11:57pm on 4/7/11
Second person to post on your wall.
Cee kun
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