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I'm all about giving the love. Unilateral, unconditional, unbridled, unrequited love for all of humanity while detaching from all the materialistic values of society (wealth, status, selfish pleasure, power, etc.) is the recipe for a happiness incomprehensible and completely illogical and senseless to most people, but I DON'T CARE!
Everything and everyone! I am naturally curious by nature, always wondering how things works and thoroughly disappointed that I lack the time in this lifetime to learn everything there is to know! xD
Fav Music:
Trance, Techno, Hip Hop, Electronica, Meditation Music, Rock, Alternative, Metal, Anime soundtracks, Movie soundtracks, Video Game soundtracks... Ultimately anything meaningful, inspirational, or which I can express myself to.
Fav Movies:
Oh man. So many. I'll only name a few select ones. The Passion Hook Saw Office Space Shaun of the Dead Dawn of the Dead
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Abcddcba writes...
at 9:13:12pm on 7/13/09
Oh wow, I forgot all about you. What happens on the fourth
Abcddcba writes...
at 9:49:38am on 2/28/09
Having a more extanded vocabulary than me, Doesn't make you smarter, first of all, and I don't think you know me at all to make the assumption that I don't read, If you were smart, you'd think about that before making stupid comments.
Abcddcba writes...
at 3:21:45am on 2/4/09
That book isn't making you look any smarter.
Abcddcba writes...
at 3:16:51am on 2/4/09
One month later. >_>
I'm not a cold person.
your kindness isn't very kind either.
Abcddcba writes...
at 9:36:10am on 1/23/09
How does it pop out?
and do not.
at least not from you. o_o
Abcddcba writes...
at 2:51:11am on 1/9/09
Someone's a stalker. >_>
passivegirl writes...
at 8:07:14pm on 11/23/08
passivegirl writes...
at 6:33:03pm on 11/23/08
It's Sherri Lynn! I understand all the others, but how am I misguided? v_v;; Guide me to the correct path!
Abcddcba writes...
at 7:02:08am on 11/21/08
Good to know.
Abcddcba writes...
at 9:41:45pm on 11/16/08
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