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Kay so.
Posted on: January 4, 2011, at 01:43:59pm

A fair warning.
I will be bitchy, moody, and probably want to rip your face off on multiple occasions.
Hopefully, it'll only last 2 weeks. :D
Quitting smoking cigarettes is a bitch.

  1. xDDD
    wise choice =O xD

  2. Good becca! Keep it up! <3333333

  3. yayyy

  4. day three, you're doing great gogogo :)

  5. Good job, hope you can stop :D

  6. good beccaaaaa

  7. i am trying to quit as well. it is proving quite difficult

  8. So nothing new then?

  9. TEST

  10. do you smoke now?

  11. do you smoke now?