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Posted on: June 5, 2009, at 06:25:41pm

What the fuck would you do for a Klondike bar? I got like, 2 boxes.
Cept you won't really get one, 'cause I'mma fat ass and they're all mine.
I just need some good lulz.

  1. lmfao
    I want some :D
    I'd sex you up for a Klondike bar, Becz<3

  2. i woudl go streaking on FFR for a klondike bar :D lmao

  3. What WOULDN'T I do for a klondike bar?

  4. I would...
    make a sex video called Ebony and Ivory. You'd be a guest star. Yes.
    I'd make you work with me
    for MY Klondike bar. And then I'd
    sing some Gunther. Yeah. pft idfk what I'd do, rofl.

  5. More like a klonDYKE bar, amirite?

  6. I would totally take a zebra and go to Japan and save the day.

  7. I'd kick open your door to your house, gun down your family and take the 2 boxes. Then I would walk to my car and drive away.
    That would be if I was crazy though.....:D

  8. i'd strap you up in leather and tie you down and go dominatrix style on your ass. <3

  9. I'll stop texting you at two in the morning. D:
    <3 Klondikes :D

  10. you know what i would do.

  11. I would take the robot from rocky 3 and the robot from mighty morphing power rangers and let them duke it out while the pillsbury dough boy get's nom'd on the hamburgerlar.

  12. i sunbath with poop as my sunscreen for a godamn klondike bar

  13. According to what happened last night, I didn't have to do much to get in your Klondike bar goodness. Obby. ;]

  14. i dont like klondike bars >_>

  15. >_>

  16. .. i'd.. buy you a klondike bar?

  17. I'd be your new bestest friend :D

  18. I actually hate klondike bars. Get me a chipwiich and then we can talk. :D

  19. i would TESTie all over you.

  20. I'd do you ;D

  21. i'd pay a dollar for one at wal mart thats what i'd do for a klondike bar kay ;D

  22. I could take your place as a mod in case you decide to retire XD