Valentines Day SponCon!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution, Spontaneous Contests on February 10th, 2012

Feel the love~
~Valentines day~

A day that brings about thoughts of love, togetherness, flowers and candy. So here at FFR we’ve decided to let you guys have a go at making something special to grace the site for this special occassion.
Using the the current logo/header as a size guide, create your very own valentines day themed logo for ffr! Standard sort of rules regarding what material is permitted on the site apply, but the size must remain 362×108 pixels. You may use any programs/medium that you’d like (no .gifs please, static images only), and any colour scheme as long as the site name is still present.

EDIT: ~Entries are now closed~

The entries can all be viewed in this thread.

The winner will have their FFR logo used on EVERY page of the site for the complete span of Valentines day time zones
from 6am on the 13th, through to 6am on the 15th (-12GMT to +12GMT).

On top of that, the winning entry will gain themselves a pink/purple userbar in prochat for 7 days + 40,000 credits!
The runner-up will receive their choice of a pink/purple userbar for 3 days + 10,000 credits!

All other valid entries will receive a small credit prize for their contribution, and their names will appear on the front page when all the winners are announced!! So get designing, dazzle your fellow FFRians with your mad skills and feel the love!

~nois-or-e and the FFR Staff

FFR Shirts: To those of you who are wondering about your pre-ordered FFR T-Shirts, there has been a slight delay in the printing process due to a shortage of Anvil brand shirts on their part. The batch of shirts will be sent out Monday the 13th.

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  1. ?

  2. !

  3. :D

  4. :O

  5. forever alone

  6. \o/

  7. Valentine’s Day?
    I think you mean squats day. >:D

  8. for dossar it’s bicep exercise day hehu

  9. Making mine from a ffr guy in front of a white screen, on picnik.com. getonmylevel

  10. Happy Valentines Day FFR!


  11. piiiiiiiiink~

  12. No love for countries in UTC+13/14?

  13. boner ready

  14. Funny you should mention that emerald, it was written into the post draft ;D
    However, 48hrs is plenty enough that people in +13/14 won’t notice that it doesn’t start until 1/2am on the 14th~

  15. Amazinggg job to everyone haha. Go check out the thread, sick submissions

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