New Year Release Event: Week 4 (Final Week)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on January 27th, 2019

Time for the final release of the New Year Release Event! We finish with a behemoth of a chart for this week. Stepped by DarkZtar, Starbound has 9419 notes and is 13:15 in length. This makes Starbound the second longest song in the game behind The Games We Played (Full Edition), and the chart with the most notes in the game. For reference, it has more than double the notecount of Vertex BETA vrofl, and 3,568 more notes than The Games We Played (Full Edition)!

As for the content of the chart, it is a combination of many technical elements. You will find yourself handling skillsets such as tricky polyrhythms, jumpjacks, streaming, jumpstreams. The chart has plenty of tricky parts to keep you focused throughout, and the streams at the end can be particularly nerve-wracking.

It can be unlocked by AAAing Star.

Musician: Shnabubula
Step Artist: DarkZtar
Song Genre: Skill Token
Style: Chiptune Fusion
Difficulty: 94
Song Length: 13:15

Feel free to leave comments in the thread.

- The Game Management Team

27 Responses to “New Year Release Event: Week 4 (Final Week)”

  1. Wut do i get if i aaa???

  2. over 9000 perfects

  3. Not enuff perfects tho.

  4. 0.1 rate pass when

  5. this file is rly good

  6. So what do you do if you’ve already AAA’d Star in the past? I’m a lazy boi and I didn’t re-AAA it first try.

  7. you re-aaa it

  8. AAA a level 20.

    Get a chart I can only mash to clear :(

  9. @SubaruPoptart

    I AAAed Cruel Whole (Abelcain Remix) years back and now I gotta go back and FC it for the newer skill token :D

  10. NVM got 6 goods….either way.

  11. it doesnt have any sound?

  12. edit: ok it just doesnt work on safari…but i forgot my password so cant play it on other browsers :p rip

  13. Anyone else having sound trouble? I’m not getting any sound on the Flash Player, in Chrome, or IE.

  14. No sound, yup. But, I’ll try it again sometime. (:

  15. I AAAed Star and unlocked this behemoth of a song.

  16. This file is tiring as HECCCCCCCC
    But it sounds really catchy! A formidable endurance challenge for players who dare to play it.

  17. only reason I’m higher ranked is the rest didn’t finish the song.

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