Happy New Year, 2012!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on January 1st, 2012

A gift for you... enjoy!Happy New Year everyone!

At the end of the last year, the Chrismas cross-event between Thirdstyle was done and FFR official tournament is going now, and we have another new song event for the new year today.

As well as the last year’s releases, we have some BEER songs today.
Here’s a list of today’s songs.. ALL of BEER songs are stepped by bmah, as always.
This year’s songs are relatively easier than the last year’s ones, overall.

beer(party)tune by valentia (bmah) – Hip-Hop (Hip-Hop) / Tricky / 1:29
BEER? FOR BATHING!! by LU (bmah) – Purchased (Drum’n Bass) / Challenging / 2:01

The price of BEER? FOR BATHING!! (credits) is the same with the number of this year.

We’ll have another song as a Token, so we’ll inform you in this article when it is added.

Enjoy your new year’s vacation!

*UPDATED* – sorry for the delay, now the token is officially added.

Get positive scores on all four BEER songs then check levelrank.php to get You Gotta B-E-E-R!.

~FFR Simfile Team

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  1. Happy new year erryone

  2. Happy New Year, FFR.


  4. happy new year! also this is worth mentioning about last years skill tokens i believe the requirements changed (BEER MY FRIEND 2 goods, 0 averages, 1 miss, 2 boos) and (BEER 2012 combo)

  5. Happy new year.

  6. Happy New Year!

  7. Heppy Naw Yaer !

  8. What no psychostick?

    Beer is good beer is good beer is good… And stuff…

  9. Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year Everybody! :D

  11. @Xx{Midnight}xX maybe thats the skill token thats supposed to be coming out later ;)

  12. happy new beer to you all.

  13. I got positive scores on all four beer songs. I check my levelrank.php and yet no token is awarded. Where is my token? I even checked my “Token Level Stats” as well and no dice.

  14. The token hasn’t come out yet.

  15. As long as I don’t have to play the songs again when the token actually is out. I really don’t like them.

  16. oh okay. I just saw it on the tokens page and that 5 people already had it and thought it was gettable already. My bad.

  17. Happy new year to all!

  18. So the token is not available yet even though it shows it?

  19. Sorry for the delay of the token, we are short on manpower now. The req is shown but it doesn’t work yet.

  20. Okay thank you for the reply jimerax,
    You are much appreciated!

  21. Happy New Beer!

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