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About me:
i've been upside down, i don't wanna be the right way round, can't find paradise on the ground ♫~ i got dragged here like almost a decade ago pre-downtime, then started playing twg in summer 2016 after staring at it for a long time and liked it enough that now i split my time between here and other twg based places ha ha! also once upon a time i knew how to step things kinda but i've been super uninterested in that lately. no need to invite me to twg btw, i regularly read the forum and very likely know about games already
art, music, linguistics, twg, eternal, mtg, totally not shadowverse the anime card game, that part of twitter that is snarky toward everything
Fav Music:
shoegaze, post-rock, tegan and sara, daughter, oh wonder, loro's, etc.
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Rapta writes...
at 12:08:18pm on 4/1/18
Right inDheart, the feels.
dAnceguy117 writes...
at 11:30:56am on 10/21/17
omgggg thank youuuuu
evanescence_death4ever writes...
at 1:34:18am on 6/25/17
But how will we know?/
If in~D~heart has been there?/
Ah! Where is the drain?
Soyster writes...
at 9:43:44pm on 6/2/17
nice profile c:
Zapmeister writes...
at 6:34:02pm on 1/18/17
i... oh my god. yeah. that thing. yoshl stole it from me.
basically what happened was i actually found yoshl/daikenkai's rtab thread on here through google searching rtab sometime in 2012 before i actually joined this forum. i pm'd him on metanet and told him to give me credit for the thread idea, since he literally stole it, and he said he would - but HE NEVER DID!
but by the time i signed up to this forum, i totally forgot that the thread existed. until you reminded me now. 4 years later. i'm thinking of making a post calling him out on that thread, but at this point i don't know if i still care that much :P
regarding the metanet thread on rtab, it's basically unintelligible now that all 3 image hosting sites we used (imageshack from 29403, tinypic from myself, and imgnook from you) have since completely died / rehosted all images. :(
-xXx-snivy-xXx- writes...
at 12:11:35am on 12/14/16
[in] for town or wolf/
long live the days of winning/
Where is the exit?
Kawaii025 writes...
at 4:12:20pm on 12/13/16
That's a pretty awesome avi.
Ecinizeerf writes...
at 1:01:43am on 11/30/16
thesunfan writes...
at 12:17:38am on 10/31/16
psychoangel691 writes...
at 12:09:30am on 10/24/16
Thanks ^_^ it's old though haha
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