Token #10 Makes It’s Appearance

Posted in Uncategorized on March 22nd, 2007

I would like to thank token #10 for participating and being a part of the FFR community. If you are looking for token #10, I really can’t help you. You will have to look to other people tonight for your clues.



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  1. weird

  2. awesome i will do my best

  3. hmm….

  4. You will have to look other people tonight for your clues.

    did you mean you have to look to other people?

  5. hello other ppl =)

  6. ARGH. If only I had a camera..

  7. Wow! How will we EVER find the new Token?!?

  8. this will be almost impossible tonight lol, forums and shit will be swamped

  9. i don’t know if i should tell :x

  10. sarumon, that was cruel =(
    *puppy eyes* pweeez?

  11. Yes, how do we get these tokens?!?


  12. 11th!

  13. *Grins* I’ll buy it off of one of you for 3,000 credits xD

  14. omg i want it!!!

  15. Cool, TOKEN

  16. =D

  17. Christ, I’m gonna be blackmailed by the end of the night.

  18. Token #10 looks REALLY cool 8)

  19. who knows?

  20. Sorry guys, I have the token.

    Not sure if I’m ready to give away the location yet though. Any hint directly GIVES you the token, so ethics come into question here…

    @.@ why did my mommy have to hlod a sign saying FFR makes her constipated? AND WHY DID I POST IT?!?

  21. It’s just Silence, only easy.

  22. Hummmm.

  23. well tizzy … think of a hint that doesnt give it away but in all essence makes you think more

  24. hints ppl i need hints

  25. It’s just not fair!!! *cries* I lost my really good digital camera a few weeks ago in St. Simon’s. :’( It had my 256mb card in it too, with a whole bunch of video and photos of not only St. Simon’s, but of the Blue Angels as well… I want my preciouses back… A spontaneous contest not involving cameras would be appreciated… :’(

  26. Well I’ll give a hint:

    You can’t get it. Unless… you… are a platypus wrangler.

    (to those who have it: don’t give it away…)

  27. Anyone who has it, please be kind. (Itll get leaked out anyways.)

    But PM a hint please, unless Synth just sent you a link. Then I’ll buy it off of you in a non-money way.

  28. hmmmsilverpearl…something is working in my mind..ONTO THE HUNT!

  29. :P

  30. this is weird, i guess we have to ask jasonkey for clues

  31. So…is there seriously no way that people will be able to find it on their own? That seems so cruel…

    Oh well. XD

  32. does YFD mean anything to anyone?? im trying to think of something by looking at this http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showthread.php?p=1379057#post1379057

  33. great – #10 :)

  34. Asking others who already have it is the way for them to find it. Remember, we like to mix up these methods. This one is unique and presents a new challenge for anyone wanting the token.

  35. OMG! 1 synth didnt end with chears…and 2 so many hints i can see them i just am having trouble finding it argh lol

  36. Cheers


  37. i need this one, its the only one i need!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrr

  38. og jeez this stuff gets confusing, but ahh i need this token and well, if any of you wonderful people would liek to help me out a litle, i would be oh so happy!

  39. plz give me hint i need them plzzz

  40. all but this!?!?!?

  41. can someone give me a better hint for the 10th token? that would be cool if you did and i would love you forever

  42. where

  43. Okay then… WTH is the dang thang? Synth says it’s the right thing to ask for the location. Well I’m askin’ now. So please… someone… anyone… TELL ME!!! *going insane, ripping hair out of all bodily locations*

  44. WHERE

  45. Dang this is gonna be a hard one

  46. new token.. ill look hard =(

  47. ok heres the hints that ive found out …

    1 – ask other ppl for the location

    2 – you cant get it unless you are a platypus wrangler

    3 – there are more than one version of ffr

    and lastly ppl have said that jus pming synth will give it two you …

    wth … pming synth wont do it … now the other ones … wth

  48. Anyone willing to leave a hint?

  49. Mmmm, Shiny 10th token… Woot! got it.

  50. …How?

  51. how smart are you? someone PLEASE answer that question

  52. GOT IT!!

    And I’m not telling ANYONE how lmao…

    But feel free to try…

  53. I’m apparently not very smart at all..

  54. WTF? did u have to be in the contest to get it

  55. i heard u have to have sex with a mod or admin to get it.

  56. i’m pretty sure it was the e-gift he was talking about

  57. grrr, i need the next token to be the best

  58. Sweet this one was hell, but I got it.

  59. yeah so it is most possibly the egift to the participants in the spontaneous contest … hence why he states ‘ others will want what you have … but its your decision to give it to them ‘

  60. I didnt even know there was a token 9, dude i have 8 and i want ALL!!!! HEEHEE!!

  61. taking bribes for token… PM me with offer

  62. can someone please give me the token?

  63. ToKeNaGe!!!

  64. it makes sense. cuz if he’s telling you to ask other people, that means that certain people(focusing on contest people which i took a nap and missed the contest.)have it. they will pm you or something. maybe.

  65. i hate you all >_

  66. i need that 10 token badly its the last token

  67. OMG!!!!!!!!!!

  68. omg????

  69. ANYONE WHO IS DESPRATE: look here: http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/6950/tehbitchrn6.jpg

    NOW do that exact thing and send the picture to Starshot or his aim: Starshot Gray.

  70. fun song, 4 goods on it, hopefully ill AAA soon =]

  71. Idk, I like the song but it won’t be one of my commonly played ones. I’ll get a good score today and I doubt I play it for a while.

  72. tloz wtf man i don’t get it

  73. ^_^ I gots it.


  75. DARN YOU SAT CLASSES *shakes fist towards the sky*

  76. Aim; Starshot Gray he holds the answer im him and he will give it to you… maby

  77. Well now that the token is pretty much out…

  78. Selling token for 500 credits. Pm me, i will reply as fast as possible.

  79. Free token wanted? Just ask.

  80. Through PM, of course..

  81. Taking bribes for token….. PM ME

  82. this is not a good way of getting a token ;.; especially when you’re “OMG NU T41k 2 N3W P30P13!”

  83. i have the token

    message me on aim at badnewsbear13

  84. Yes, got it, thank you stfuitsbrandon!!


  85. Okay… I’m rather cheesed at the moment… I’ve PM’ed around 10 people now and no one WILL ANSWER ME!!! This is bullcrap.


  87. 25 credits for this really cool token


  89. Hmm… I’ll just do it later… it can wait for me…

  90. lol

  91. fine then 5 credits…5 minutes…go…not even kidding…1130 by my clock now…1135 its done

  92. Still free guys. PM me.

  93. rofl

  94. ahh screw it then…im going to bed…kinda…if i get pms while im gone and at school i’ll give you the link to the token…you’ll just have to wait till i read it tomorrow. cya

  95. i love how every one even me included is hussling for credits hahahahaa … yo if yall want it … avengedxxdragon2 is my aim … im me …

  96. Still 500 credits if anyone wants it. let me know

  97. Still free if anyone wants it. Why buy it? Rofl. PM me.

  98. how do you pm?

  99. Haha. Looks like wootsicle has my price beat by FAR ;) . But oh well, I just wanted to get my 1k credits back, which i have, indeed done. but still…500 credits :p.

  100. wuts a token?/?

  101. o.o Wowza. Someone needs to read old news posts.

  102. aww wowwee. 10th

  103. funny guy up here…

  104. Just a special thanks to Wootsicle who isn’t asking for credits to help people. I was going to give someone credits for help, then I saw Wootsicle’s post. It is nice to know there are still people out there willing to help others for free.
    Thanks again Wootsicle!

  105. Thx Wootsicle.

  106. Got it – just goes to show there are some nice people out there (at least 2) and then there are others that aren’t so nice ;)

  107. Also, if Wootsicle is overwhelmed, you can pm me as well, and I will help free of charge.

  108. as well if paul simon gets malled lol jus pm me or post on my wall and i will gladly be of service for a little fee that is

  109. comon tell me where token is

  110. honestly, i don’t think people like this:
    sauske123 Says:
    March 22nd, 2007 at 10:50 pm
    comon tell me where token is
    deserve to get it for free. sure, its a nice service. but people should have a little dignity, and ASK where the token is and if someone can help them. don’t beg, don’t be a jerk about it(he’s not being a jerk, just people in general). Ask for it, be nice. Talk in proper English? (Oh noes!)

    Be it true that this is one token, that you CAN’T get unless someone gives it to you, people should still have a bit of respect for others, as well as themselves.
    That being said, my offer still stands for 500 credits.

  111. # shantred Says:
    March 22nd, 2007 at 10:43 pm

    o.o Wowza. Someone needs to read old news posts.

    Lol, you’re a blast.

  112. DarkbearX Says:
    March 22nd, 2007 at 10:57 pm
    # shantred Says:
    March 22nd, 2007 at 10:43 pm

    o.o Wowza. Someone needs to read old news posts.

    Lol, you’re a blast.

    Rofl. Thanks? Not sure what to say there :p

  113. where the hell is it!

  114. And this, is exactly what I meant. =p. orly101, try looking around the forums. Read the comments. You can’t “find” it. Someone must give you the link. you find someone nice enough and willing to give it to you for free, or you can pay someone off for it. Such as myself(500 credits)

  115. Location to Token Ten on my Profile.

  116. Still selling it for anyone who can’t get it. 500 credits, let me know.

  117. giving token for 200 credits lowest price in town hit me up on aim poopmaster973 or pm whatever FLAFFLE

  118. post # 115 IS actually the token – why spend credits for it?

  119. listen … no one can get banned for giving it out … becuz its what synth wants … so someone jus post it in here who cares

  120. Krunky..i gave YOU the link. You have it, so why don’t YOU do it? :p. Anyway, Stop paying for the token. I’m going to bed, but i’ll be giving the link for free tomorrow. Pm me or comment my wall

  121. i should do it O_O

    make everyone happy

  122. consti-pation=tokens B)

  123. hahahahahahahahaahahahahaha

  124. pretty much….

  125. OMG

    oops =O

  126. there that should shut everyone up … now goodnight to all

  127. something to do with constipation hahahwahaha

  128. everyone visit my profile!!!!!!!

  129. I greet token10 with open arms!!! thank you! it was much easier than i thought… its all about the pm baby

  130. aww

    and i wanted comments XD

  131. i am the who_cares973 O_O

  132. Someone needs to pm me the link :P

    Thanks to whoever does it.

  133. ahahahahah i got the token in like 5 mins easy u ppl jsut have to look around! i feel special:D

  134. who want to have the token comant on my profil *redxiii09

  135. Thanks Synthlight. :)

  136. I really like this songs, the new steps are easy but fun to play.
    Thx hi19, a clean work again.

  137. who want to have the token comant on my profil *redxiii09 if i not answer instately because im not here

  138. paying 7000 credits for location of 9th and 10th token

  139. muhahahaha found it!!!!! w00t

  140. 142:nd…

  141. who want to have the token comant on my profil *redxiii09 .

  142. i have the token yay!!! now i feel a lot better knowing i have it

  143. x3; Yey I guessed the URL~

  144. jeez take it easy on the hiding locations guys its getting to be a little hard to find the tokens

  145. someone just found it

  146. yeah really, you’ll get it from me if you PM me and make a good offer :-)

  147. token is was 2 easy. lol

  148. bullshit DDRfreak

  149. LOL I found it! If you want it, then EMAIL me at ddrultramix3@gmail.com

    LOL look to other people…

  150. Make a good offer too

  151. pm me for hints reguarding this token please!!!

  152. I get the riddle…. but I haven’t found it…

    i cant get banned this is what Synth wants…

  154. HEY!

  155. Buying token 10 for 1,000 credits. Contact info at itmorr.com.

  156. Token link on my wall… Feel free to leave a donation.

  157. who want to have the token comment on my profil *redxiii09 .

  158. any donated creds would be freakin awsome! i need like 5000 more to play that one song in secret (the last one)

  159. lol gtrick69

  160. thanks a lot DarkRoA!

  161. lol, I never even found the green page with the little square guy. You can guess the actual token URL, just think of the ongoing pattern :P

  162. Cant believe people are just Giving the 10th token away…

    No fair…

    Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter now.

  163. you people asking for credits are gay

  164. Shame some of you got bans for this for not playing by the rules.

    See you in a couple weeks.

  165. harrd?

  166. shame you idiots ruined the whole idea of this token. it would have been super cool if retards didnt give it away. i think the contest participants deserve to be able to charge for it.

  167. token token token ^^

  168. FREE token info (on any of them) e-mail me at gtrick69@yahoo.com or PM.

  169. nvrmind, no more token info =[, got banned…looks like you guys are on yer own. good luck

  170. fun song

  171. i finally got it woohoo

  172. get the f*** away from me. btw, this token song stinks.

  173. Woot Got It!. Makes 10 for me =)

  174. lotsa people are getting banned for this one – i think no one really knows what Synth wants, lol

    Note: Posting it on your profile page is definitely not the way to go.

    tsk tsk

  175. Wow…looks like people are getting banned for openly giving it to people. Looks like i’m back to selling the token. If you would like to get the token, PM me.
    I charge 500 credits for the token.

  176. i usually don’t give hints but i thought on this one you could just like tell everyone but he wants them to ask around for it i think cause it says if your looking ask around, so yea…my bad lol.

  177. ….

  178. Odd… I participated but never got a PM with a hint =/

    Oh well. =(


  179. All of you who cheated, you deserve to be banned. You’re not supposed to give away the locations, read the rules.

    Also, it’s very easy to get. And the song sucks. But it was fun getting it.

  180. its not “very easy” to get unless someone just handed it to you. And who’s cheating? The ONLY way to get it is to give it to other people. SO you can either sell it, or give it away to people.

    There has been no cheating done.

  181. And you, my friend, just gave it away.

  182. oh well…lol

  183. gave it away? he TOLD everyone that you would have to know someone who had it. Hell, even Rebirth is selling the thing on the OFFICIAL thread lol

  184. trust me the token is easy to find…remember wat synthlight said u need to look to other ppl

  185. For one, I’m really glad they put an easier song on there seeing as the token system is kinda made so people who aren’t so good at FFR can still get super special songs.
    Second, I don’t get why all the suddon people are charging for hints now? Dx
    I’ll admit I’ve only gotten one token by myself without reading the comments. People have been giving out little hints just in their comments without giving away the location compleatly. Now you have to have credits to buy a chance at getting them? That defeates the purpose of Token Songs completely! I’m gonna go cry now.


  186. selling the token for 1k credits send them to me then post on my profile and ill help you out

  187. Selling token for 500 credits. Pm me.

  188. that wuz the funnest time ive ever had looking for a token, THANKS SYNTH!

  189. crap.

  190. yay i got it!!!!!!!!!!! i’m happy

  191. feels 2 good to have it! lol even the song is 2 easy….

  192. not even worth it…that was way to easy…(looks good on your profile w/ all 10 of em though)

  193. i dun get it =(

  194. lol, read the comments and you’ll get it. (WH00T, FOUND THE TENTH TOKEN AND I’M POST NUMBER 195!!).


  196. nevermind i have it now! i going cheap here, 250 creds for 10th token :D PM in the forum

  197. Anyone know or want to give hints out for thr 9th token? I have all the tokens besides the 9th token O_o

  198. Synthlight Says:
    Asking others who already have it is the way for them to find it.

    If that’s true, can someone reading this who has the 10th token help me get it? Thanks in advance if you can.

  199. People can still pm me for free. I will gladly help.

  200. 250 creds to me, and its yours, PM in forum in you wanna do it :D

    GUNDAM-DUDE, i help you find the 9th token but 100 creds :D

  201. come on put teh new token out alreay lol i got this one so fast

  202. *is pretty slow but got it*

  203. Awww. This is really a nice way to meet new people. =D I love the way Synth did this one; it’s quite the unique.

    Though the simfile wasn’t all zOmG…

  204. To everyone that wants the 10th token:
    I’m willing to tell you where it is for FREE. Just Private Message me.

    This may be a limited time offer because I may get overwhealmed by people asking and not want to do it anymore. private message me fast for a gaurantee.

  205. Got it.

  206. cant find it wont ever be able to without accurate hints :(

  207. Okay guys, no hints. No hints at all. Its a link? k? its been said in the official token 10 thread. If you really want the token, PM me. I’ll sell the link for 500 creds

  208. To everyone that wants the 10th token:
    I’m willing to tell you where it is for FREE. Just Private Message me.

    This may be a limited time offer because I may get overwhealmed by people asking and not want to do it anymore. private message me fast for a gaurantee.

  209. Oh my god. This is a BIG misunderstanding. My old account (ddrultramix3) got banned because I posted where the token is. What I thought Synth meant when he said “look to other people” was if you found it, then you could show other people how to get it. PLEASE If there is any way you can un-ban my other account or if there is ANYTHING I can do to get it unbanned, PLEASE PLEASE tell me.


  210. My suggestion to you: PM synth. Or someone who can talk to synth for you. He might understand. But you would probably get faster action that way, rather than posting on comments.

  211. its not hard i got it add me to your myspace http://www.myspace.com/keenanw
    when you add me send me a message saying new token?
    and ill get you the link

  212. To everyone that wants the 10th token:
    I’m willing to tell you where it is for FREE. Just Private Message me.

    This may be a limited time offer because I may get overwhealmed by people asking and not want to do it anymore. private message me fast for a gaurantee..

  213. 250 creds for instant TOKEN! let me know by PM’ing me! :D

  214. OMG Im banned. I swear to god If I would have known that would get me banned then I would have never done that! Please please PLEASE take the ban off (please!) I beg of you! (you being whoever banned me or can take the ban off)

  215. That one detail (look to other people for token) got people banned.

    P.S. It was edited from ”look to other people for the token” to ”look to other people for your clues.”

  216. He changed after a handful of people already got banned. I was in that handful.

  217. How are you even on a different account if you got banned? I thought if you got banned it banned your IP?

  218. Guys just private message me for the token. Unlike all these other people that want credits I will tell you where the 10th token is for free.

  219. hmm bannage… interesting.

    So pretty much, everyone looks towards me for the token, so I tell everyone where it is. but nooooo, that’d be too logical.

    (I still think nobody should have let it out in the first place, but we all know how inevitable this was.)

    What a shame. But seriously, who DIDN’T see this comming?


  220. Ummm…

    “I’m selling the token for 200 credits!”

    “PM me and I’ll give you the link (if you have a good offer).”

    And what’s up with the services?

    So I post where it is, to be generous. I mean, who wouldn’t like a FREE token. Even the post said “look to other people to find the token” (before it was edited).

    Now I’m BANNED?!

  221. *edit* Even Synth wrote “look to other people to find the token (before it was edited after a handful of people were banned)

  222. Anyone who needs the 10th token, simply send me a PM or comment my wall and i’ll get to you ASAP.

    I’m selling it for 500 credits. Sorry, but I take credits up front. If you’re worried about it, PM me for a list of people who have already gone through with the deal.

  223. *confusion*

  224. ill try to find it

  225. *gets bored of token*

  226. i have all the tokens. yay. =]

  227. ok no.1 why isnt there a post for the 9th token and no.2…..im findin that 10th one

  228. token 9 was slid in there “sneakily”. :p very subtle hints.

  229. I gave Synthlight a private message about this but incase he never gets it, I’ll write here too. My account was banned from forums because they say I have to be 13 to be allowed on forums. I don’t understand this misconception since I am 15 years old. Dude please unban me from forums. It keeps me from posting absolutely anything.

    Over and out,


  230. if ne one need help for anythink i can do my best to help u go comment on my profil *redxiii09

  231. wow i had it since it came out…

  232. it waz easy

  233. Wtf

  234. i know a lot of ppl got banned for giving the link out on their page – now – can those ppl get re-banned via new account for being obnoxious? lol

  235. i got it if u give me some credits u can have it 2
    my email adress is omasum01@aim.com

  236. I have the token! Whooo! (Will give hints *wink* for hints*wink* about the red token)

  237. so i have token #11

  238. ill most likeley never find it >=p

  239. anyone who wants the 10th token, I’ll give you the link for 500 credits. Not many people DON’T have it anymore, but anyone who would like it, just PM me, and we’ll work out details

  240. found it song is good but understepped

  241. found one. yay. has a b/w face on it

  242. wow

  243. I’m still willing to help with the 10th token free of charge. Just pm me.

  244. #245 =D

    I was one of the originals synth PMed the direct link to, so I’ll help you free also. :D

  245. I heard you have to be a Platypus Wrangler? Does that mean you have to do good on the Song called Platypus?

  246. Did anyone find me?

  247. PM me for help. =]
    for free

  248. i was just joking i don’t have token #11 and im not a subscriber

  249. selling any token info for 1k credits

  250. selling any token info for 1k credits

  251. Wow! I’m surpirsed. I’ve got nine of them.

  252. so many tokens that i missed when i was away :(

  253. hey whats up this one is hard?

  254. lol u all type to much posts, probley this one willl be read untill its way up there ^^ lol

  255. BOld?

  256. This text is bold

    This text is strong

    This text is big

  257. im not good at finding tokens =(

  258. I need this token and yet all the “Clues” i’ve been given are dead ends. this is just sad…

  259. i’m confuzzled

  260. Got it.

  261. still dot even have it lol

  262. i got this one


  264. ?

  265. ill get em someday lol..

  266. I don’t get it…



  268. Someone, I still need it…

    XD lol u dont have to. jk.

  269. Hard

  270. would someone be kind enough to send me the link for free plz?

  271. Haha nice one!!! Omg a silver token appear from nowhere :P Sorry cant say any hint :D

  272. what about token 9?…

  273. …?

  274. i need tokens

  275. token?

  276. o_O shiny

  277. Wow so anyone want to help me get this token?

  278. (@_@)

  279. token

  280. ???

  281. wow… i dont get it at all

  282. Help me? *-*

  283. someone help me get it? please

  284. arrgh, i have no idea :(

  285. this is soo hardd. i only have 15 tokens out of 28!!! =[

  286. hey where is this one

  287. ok heres the hints that ive found out …

    1 – ask other ppl for the location

    2 – you cant get it unless you are a platypus wrangler

    3 – there are more than one version of ffr

  288. these make my brain hurttt

  289. I WANT THIS TOKEN!!! Can anyone help out? PM me or something?

  290. so wait . . i dont get it . . maybe

  291. 1k for answer

  292. what’s a platypus wrangler in German??? :[

  293. I have no idea how I found this one… I just did.

  294. lol

  295. yes

  296. ARGH help me? D:

  297. Easiest song ever. AAA’d first try

  298. Finally found it!!

  299. someone pm me the answer pls D:

  300. What??

  301. too crazy,man!

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