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624 MEASURES OF 152 BPM 16THS! 10000 NOTES!
Author: science the rat
Type: In The Groove Videos
Description: YEAH! This made my lungs really tired so I didn't cheer/scream/yell.
  1. Thank you! Bet I burned a lot of calories doing that! :P

  2. What the heck :o that's impressive.

  3. Hehe, the name of this song is called Haunted House. I picked it because I ilke the song and the game it's from (Super Mario 64) and because I knew I could make it long and it's 152 BPM and 16ths actually fit the music. I'm very glad you enjoy watching me play and I like pushing myself to bigger and bigger stamina heights!

  4. What was that?! Lol sounded like you were going through some haunted house or something. Think this is the best I've seen you play yet! I can't even last this long just clicking keys! Some quality entertainment. I like how you just tap danced your way off of their at the end like it was nothing.

  5. Lol because I prefer them to candles. In fact, I end up double stepping candles a lot sometimes. :p

  6. why tf are you playing 600 measures of alternating staircases and boxes?!