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Author: science the rat
Type: In The Groove Videos
Description: This is rated 15 now, so this is my first ITG 15 passed. :) SOFTPAD STAMINA GANG!!!
  1. Thank you very much! Congratulations on your 18 pass as well, man! :D

  2. woahh! That is super impressive, on a soft pad too!

  3. Haha did you get my references?

  4. nice bro. repping itg boiii

  5. Thank you very much! I'll tell you what, it did take a lot of determination and as you can see the blood rushed to my arms while I played. About 300 measures in, I felt delirious with the way I was energized. When I had 60 measures left, I kept thinking to go go through the song! It was hardcore to have my body north in a vertex shape for so long, and I was in euphoria after passing it!

  6. Dude that was insane! It's unreal how you can acquire such a clean high score through the whole relentless length of that song. Such insane focus and quickness. Got so much determination. Loving the content!