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Default Official Tournament Special Batch

Official Tournament Special Batch

This batch is currently closed.

Submission Criteria


Submissions must follow regular batch rules. Submissions must be a .zip or .rar file and be sure to note that the submission is for the official tournament batch.

What I'm looking for:

*Files that fill the difficulties found in the spreadsheet here.
*Files that test more than one skill, for example a file that has streams and jacks in it instead of something that is just jumpstreaming.
*I'm less concerned with the 89+ area due to the hard songs batch. If you have submitted a file there do not send it again for this batch, I will be looking at accepted files from other batches to fill slots. If you have something 89+ that you have not submitted to that batch you are welcome to submit it here.

Please post what difficulty you think your file is in this thread so that we can hopefully get people going for different slots and fill them up quickly.

Judgment Process

Being that we're doing our best to get the official tournament up and running for the month of December, TC_Halogen and I will be judging submissions as they come in. If a file is accepted the difficulty will be determined and I will highlight the text in the slot green on the spreadsheet. Be sure to check the spreadsheet to see what slots get filled, some will be filled by files from other batches. Files that are accepted but do not fit into a tournament slot will be used for FFRmas or transferred to regular queue.

File submissions can be tracked on the Batch Search Engine.

Files Submitted as of 04/26 8:15 am EST

Kanon (ilikexd)
Real (ilikexd)

G4m3 0V3R (gameboy42690)
Try This (rushyrulz)
Our Journey and Epilogue (YoshL)
The Devil Plays Dance Games (ilikexd)
Akasha (ilikexd)
Violet Rose (bmah)
Amphisbaena (DarkZtar)

Danse de Romani (DarkZtar)
Funny Function (gameboy42690)
Pink Cloud (Feat. Max Collins) (gameboy42690)
Seedy Try (gameboy42690)

Seiran's Mad Hammer (Scintill)
Ringo's Tea Party (Scintill)
Lust for Blood (Scintill)

Back to the Gate (DarkZtar)
Dedication (DarkZtar)

Starry Fate (DarkZtar)

Polis Ruin (Reshiram)
La Tristesse Durera Toujours (XelNya)
Every Chance of Hope is Destroyed (Scintill)

Milky Berry Sweet Time (gameboy42690)
Ultraviolent Junglist (DarkZtar)
The Moon (M0nkeyz)
Visitor (DarkZtar)
Reach (_______)
Doki-Doki (xXOpkillerXx)
How Things Went Wrong (XelNya)
Megalovania (Guest15937)
Decretum (Xelnya)
It's Not Supposed to be Snowing (ShurykaN)
I UPDATED MY F-LIST (beary605)
Terror From Beyond v2 (Xtreme2252)
Titenic - The JonSong (Xtreme2252)
Pear (M0nkeyz)
Spider Dance (Guest15937)
Your Lies (Kraezymann)
The Lovely, Freezing, Tomboyish Bath, Cirno's Hot Spring (YoshL)
faster! faster! faster!!! (YoshL)

Transferred Files

Nov/Dec 2014

This Will Be the Day

Paraclete [Oni]
False White
Amber Shores
Meteor Lights
Call me it. (500 Tortures)

I'm Alive

Jan/Feb 2015

Divinity Garden (hi19hi19)
Funny Funky Freaky (bmah)
Follow You (gameboy42690)
yay yeah (bmah)
Futurity (bmah)
Turn Around (gameboy42690)
Renatus (rCaliberGX)
Ripcord (ilikexd)

FrainBreeze (MarioNintendo)
Suit Up (gameboy42690)

Mar/April 2015

Amnolys (bmah)
The Fated Hour (Silvuh)

Altale (DarkZtar)

May/June 2015

Alive (Poison-)

Conflict (rparty89)

July/August 2015

Scrambled Eggman (Silvuh)
Red Sphere, Blue Sphere (Silvuh)
Gin Tonic Flavor (hi19hi19)
The Scales of Strangeness (ilikexd)
Unpause The Heat (ilikexd)
le carnaval des animaux (ilikexd)
Endgame (DarkZtar)
Syncopatriarch (ilikexd)
Fall Memories (Silvuh)
Stage 1 (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2) (hi19hi19)

Major League Can Can (ilikexd)

hyperdisco (FFR Pro 21)
gate openerz (DarkZtar)


Dating Start! (Silvuh)
All is fair in Rage (DarkZtar)
Shade of Gloria (hi19hi19)

Heartache (Silvuh)
Ox69 (hi19hi19)

Nov 2015

OWA Raged at Kurorak for making OWA Raged at Skeletor (hi19hi19)
Koi No Sibou Flag (hi19hi19)
Super Soaker (hi19hi19)


NOTE: TVI (tournament viability index) values are our opinion and do not reflect the usability in the tournament; high values do not guarantee use in the tournament, and lower values do not guarantee a lack of use. These are merely thoughts from us being tournament coordinators in the past.

TC_Halogen's notes and ratings are left black.
Psychoangel's notes and ratings are blue.

Back to the Gate {DJ Sharpnel} (DarkZtar)
Judgment rating: [7.5/10] [7.5/10]Agreed rating [7.5/10]
TVI: [1/10] [3/10]

- remove jump at 18.088 - vocals and piano don't both coincide here
- 47.517/67.661/87.804/(etc): there's a trailing high note that comes from the vocal sample, but it's unclear as to whether or not it's a separate note or a slurred note, so it's really tough to say whether or not they should have jumps... really tricky
- add jump at 72.067
- 133.442: piano + kicks makes sense structurally, but the piano is so far behind that it's strange to mix them in with the kicks that are much stronger
- point blank structure, nothing ambiguous about it at all
- file makes sense, but I absolutely hate the structure - it's really unintuitive because it's simply direct layering with the kick and vocals, or the kick and some other element; that being said, it's generally correct and accurate with pitch relevant when necessary

Tournament Viability
- The structure is really unintuitive for newer players, a bad thing for the start of the lowest division (less bad for higher divisions but certainly the file's not hard enough to have that issue). In addition, the highest bits of difficulty are exceptionally short, the rest of the file is pretty tame, and not too much is tested; it's pretty much just a stream chart with only a few really short blips of other things and likely isn't hard enough even to open out D1 this time around given the suggested starting point.

I don't have much to add to what Aj's already said in terms of technical accuracy on the charting. I like that you made this a lighter version rather than making difficult like it could have been. I think overall it's fine for an easier file.

Tournament Use
This file isn't quite what I'd usually look for but it may very well be usable in D1 depending on the difficulty of it and where it would fit in. I think any division beyond that would just destroy it.

Danse de Romani {Mue} (DarkZtar)

Judgment rating: [7.5/10] [8/10] Agreed rating [8/10]
TVI: [8/10] [9/10]

- offset set to -0.051
- 8.408: missing piano note
- PR can be improved a touch in the first 15 seconds or so
- 28.444/42.158/(etc): should be a jump, as there are both repeated piano and violin notes here, though instances after 28.444 can be omitted since they would force a somewhat uncomfortable three-jump pattern (despite being very accurate)
- 43.230/43.283: missing violin notes
- 50.515/64.230: optional, but these should be 48ths
- 51.480/65.194: three 32nds into 8th as opposed to the four 24th notes you have here
- 72.051 to 85.765: I understand the usage of the 48ths for the hi-hats (not withstanding the fact that they're actually 64ths), but you might be better off using a colored note accent to allow for better intertwined layering between the violin and the harder percussive accenting; the chart layering will feel more appropriate if all of the crashes are accented appropriately with triples, and you're no longer contending with forced mini-jacks as a result of 48th note bursts
- 73.265/74.980/(etc): missing note for violin
- 92.408: missing note for piano
- 105.747: missing note
- in retrospect, many of these errors are minor overall, though I would make some tweaks to the 72s-85s area overall in an effort to clean the layering and make the accenting a bit more consistent
- structure is simple but effective, very sensible

Tournament Viability
- In my opinion, this is a great tournament choice. Really good song choice that just screams for a technical chart to go along side of it, and the chart does generally deliver. Great pattern variety and it fits the song generally well.

I'd like to see some of the fixes made that AJ mentioned for this file. I also felt as though some of the forced minijacks were a bit awkward and not necessary. I would love to see some of those cleaned up as well. But overall I think the file is structured nicely.

Tournament Use
This is the perfect type of file for the tournament. It tests different skills which is what I want to see.

Dedication {void} (DarkZtar)

Judgment rating: [7/10] [8/10]Agreed rating [7.5/10]
TVI: [4/10] [5/10]

- PR for the intro melody/supplemental piano notes aren't good separately, but combining them together does take some good patterning skill and it is reasonably placed, so kudos for that
- acceptable file overall, but the structure is just... really underwhelming; a good majority of the section combines less prominent percussive elements (hi-hat) and more prominent melodic elements (piano/other synth) and when combined together, the chart's pacing feels a bit forced, despite being correct

Tournament Viability
It carries an accurate structure, but the song just feels draggy because the structure, both audibly and chart-wise, don't really change much in aggression once you get out of the first 45 seconds. The song is a bit draggy when coupled with your chart because there's not enough differentiation. In my opinion, this is something that is usable as a last resort with a slot that is simply not possible to fill any other way.

The file overall seems fine in terms of structure. For me a bit draggy because it was mostly jumpstreaming.

Tournament Use
This is one of those files that would be okay for a tournament but depending on where it would fit could be bumped by another file because it really just mainly focuses on jumpstreaming.

Every Chance of Hope is Destroyed {A Black Rose Burial} (Scintill)

Judgment rating: [7*/10] [7*/10]Agreed rating [7*/10]
TVI: [2/10] [5/10]

- sync needs work in numerous areas; poor sync in some areas has a few taps that are noticeably off when listening to assist tick at 100% speed
- 96.959/105.715/114.331: structurally sensible, but the patterning + double BPM is a massive difficulty spike given the rest of the file's structure -- there's opportunity to smooth out the patterns a bit by partially following the guitar's pitch changing every two beats at double tempo to make the patterns a little bit more readable if it is an absolute necessity to keep the doubled tempo
- with that being said structure makes sense, although is a bit tamer than you'd expect for a song this heavy; there's not a single triple in this
- sending this to conditional queue with fixed sync and consideration of double-tempo dense jumpstream - needs more work than BPM changes every beat to be synced properly, use BPM changes on taps outside of beats if you need to

Tournament Viability
- While the chart does have some interesting pattern placement given the song, the patterns alone don't save the song from being draggy because the interesting pattern placement grows stale due to unavoidable repetition in the song; additionally, the really large difficulty spikes at the end make this a pretty tough song to enjoy playing with the highest difficulty being so heavily concentrated at the ending.

I think overall the file is pretty neat and nicely structured but I have to agree on it being contidional for the sync.

Tournament Use
This file is sort of middle ground for me when it comes to the tournament but I do think it's usable.

Funny Function {t+pazolite} (gameboy42690)

Judgment rating: [8/10] [8.5/10]Agreed rating [8/10]
TVI: [10/10] [10/10]

- 16th note usage in the intro is slightly arbitrary in that it only captures some of the hi-hats
- 33.288/44.074/(etc): repeated jumps for snares are reasonable accents, though they are -technically -incorrect because there are three snare hits; regardless of whether or not you are automatically designating snares to jumps or layering in that funky synth, the most correct (not necessarily the best feeling, though) pattern would have a jump to it... however, structurally, this feels nice regardless (note, there are some instances where the synth actually doesn't play on the 16th and your current layering scheme is ok)
- 46.518/(etc): mini-jacks are slightly ambiguous only because there are multiple instances of the chopped sample being cut-off; again, you still get a general feel for the patterning and it feels alright overall
- 55.366/55.535: missing notes for some sounds you were following a little earlier
- really fun!

Tournament Viability
- if this doesn't get used... I'll be shocked.

Very nicely structured, great file overall.

Tournament Use
This file is perfect for the tournament, it tests different abilities and is high energy. Exactly what I like to see.

TC_Halogen's notes and ratings are left black.
Psychoangel's notes and ratings are blue.

Heartache {Toby Fox} (Silvuh)

Judgment Rating: [10/10] [9.5/10]Agreed rating [9.5/10]
TVI: [9/10] [9/10]

- what the hell
- seriously I've passed through this song four times and I can't find even anything worth mentioning that would not be subjective nitpicking (and even then, I can't find anything there either!)
- like... there's not a thing in here that I don't understand structurally, all of the rhythms are perfect, PR checks out, patterns are very well thought of with more detailed examination... fantastic.

Tournament Viability
- great variation here; heavy layering, somewhat bursty, varied rhythms, complicated patterning... it's all there. Pretty much a perfect tournament file choice.

Very very nicely done.

Tournament Use
Definitely a really nice tournament file.

Seedy Try {t+pazolite} (gameboy42690)

Judgment Rating: [8/10][8/10]Agreed rating [8/10]
TVI: [7/10]

- most instances of three 32nds you have in the intro should be five as well (11.936, 13.079, etc)
- this file breaks structural rules...
- ...and I like it. I like it a lot, haha. The only suggestion I'll tell you is that since your structure is fixated on over-emphasizing the melody, that you at least get the jump ordering right since it seems like you are trying to have some pitch relevance -- jumps 1 and 4 are the same pitch and jumps 7 and 8 are different ones in each 9 note sequence, and jumps 1 and 3 are also the same in the five note sequences (though I kinda like that "roundabout" pattern you have that circles around the your hands for those so that's up to you for the change, haha)
- gonna sound like a really nerdy/corny thing to say here, but this song and chart paired together really work well; it's got some attitude

Tournament Viability
- deceivingly difficult! Really rare to come across a structure like this in a tournament file; definitely worth using and it's got a good mix of cohesion testing, layering control, burst control, and some slight color-usage too... interesting indeed.
- the ONLY thing hurting this file in terms of tournament viability and usage is how short it is, and it's a pretty varied chart structure which literally makes it FLY by.

I really enjoyed this file and it's done well structurally. I'm not as much of a stickler with PR like AJ is so for me it's up to you if you wanted to adjust that or not.

Tournament Use
Not super technical but definitely has enough variation to it to make it a solid tournament choice. I think the song is pretty cool for it too.

Pink Cloud (feat. Max Collins) {Pegboard Nerds} (gameboy42690)

Judgment Rating: [8/10][8/10]Agreed rating [8/10]
TVI: [7/10] [7/10]

- really explicit structure
- good mixing of patterning to capture melodic and percussion relevance at the same time, which is an excellent attribute for an easier file like this one
- with that being said, I feel like some pattern collisions could be avoided for a bit more clarity in structure when the verse gets going
- layering is a little heavier than you'd expect for an easier file like this, but is well designed with the player in mind - patterns are very easy to read through and are generally comfortable even for one-handed play

Tournament Viability
- great pattern mix, and the use of triples and semi-heavy layering make it a great introductory tournament file; no complaints at all aside from the fact that the song does take a little while to get going and is quite short.

I don't have much to add to what Aj's already said. Makes for a good easier file.

Tournament Use
Makes for a good D1 file for sure.

Starry Fate {TiS} (DarkZtar)

Judgment Rating: [7.5/10][7.5/10]Agreed rating [7.5/10]
TVI: [7/10][8/10]

- 3.015: with all kicks designated on the right arrow, it's clear to see that 3.744, 5.225, 6.707, (etc) do not belong since they are supposed to attach to the guitar/synth (hard to tell)
- 16.348: just an fyi - there are 5 notes, but it's actually a five note 48th burst that ends on the 8th (could get a little sloppy, 32nds are acceptable at normal rate imo); if you opt into keeping the 32nds, you should tack on jumps at the end of them for layering consistency
- 32.274: why's there no note here? a kick and a hi-hat both exist here, surely that covers the scope of what you're following
- 43.014: obviously an intentional choice to leave the jumps out, but why? 8th notes earlier on cover your percussion, so having a single jump for the vocals arbitrarily at the end of the synth lead is a bit strange
- 45.607: this jump's a bit unclear
- 53.292: there is a synth note here
- 61.440: remove
- 61.533: since these kicks are going to lead into a triple that adds as a mid-phrase accent (62.274), adding jumps makes the accent a bit more powerful
- 65.144: missing note?
- 68.292: ^
- 71.996: ^
- more, etc - look accordingly
- 135.792: some 24ths here for percussion, good little transition into the final part
- despite the numerous missing notes and a few added notes, file has a decent structure

Tournament Viability
- good file; mixes multiple elements and manages to keep you on your toes for quite some time -- good pattern variation and doesn't leave a lot of weaknesses unexposed.

The file overall has a good structure but I do need to echo a lot of what AJ has already brought up. So I'd say go through those notes and make a few adjustments to really solidify this file.

Tournament Use
Makes for a really good tournament file, stresses multiple skills and is high energy.

Lust For Blood {setsat} (Scintill)

Judgment Rating: [8/10][8/10]Agreed rating [8/10]
TVI: [7/10][7/10]

- solid structure, though I'd argue that the BPM could be doubled in the intro because of the pacing of cymbal crashes, certainly not necessary though
- 53.937: tough to do with your structure placing jumps for these snares, but there is a little 24th blip for the piano here
- 59.613/(etc): some of these 3/64 blips don't quite seem like they work for the guitar, the most offending one to me being the ones at 61.412/75.601
- 100.761: catch that piano! you've got some 24th bursts here that really allow you to mix the chart up a bit more
- 114.444: should be 32nds
- 128.025: you've got space to make this cymbal crash a triple without causing too much of a pattern collision (3/32nd at 148 is hardly a big deal)
- 166.133: eh, 3/64 will do I guess - certainly not the right rhythm but it works acceptably well as an approximation given the audible pace of the piano
- unchanging structure for time signature changes does bother me slightly, but it's hardly a requirement for a song like this that seems to just naturally end up back on 4/4 - it might sound like a lot needs to change, but when it's landing back on 1/4, there's not much to say
- pretty explicit chart
- rhythms are correct for the most part; tastefully placed flams for guitar pitch bends make things feel great

Tournament Viability
- This song is a rare situation where the structure being the way it is actually causes it to be a bit more draggy; the awkward time signatures cause really change phrase repetition in the music and it makes the song feel a lot longer than it is despite the time signatures being quite short.
- That being said, it's got quite a bit of variance in pattern testing, from little bursts, to long jumpstreams, to somewhat heavier layering, etc.

Really solid structure and the patterns flow nicely. I personally don't agree with doubling the BPM as AJ mentioned but do feel it could go either way.

Tournament Use
The file is pretty good for a tournament file, I usually like to see a little bit more variation in things tested (yes I like super technical for tournaments) but I definitely could see this being used.

*In this set AJ and I looked at the files together and just left it as one set of notes. This will help us move faster plus it's neater for you guys (and he's a million times better at writing than I am).

Le carnaval des animaux, Movement no. 14 "Finale {Camille Saint-Sans} (ilikexd)

Agreed Rating: 8.5/10 || TVI: 8/10

- intro trills/bursts are acceptable approximations despite not being perfectly synced (with that audio quality, it'd be pretty tough to do anyway given how low the piano notes go)
- nice little pseudo-PR trick with the 8th notes to catch the descending pitches despite them actually not quite falling on 8ths, still makes a lot of sense
- 30.102: should be 16ths as opposed to 12ths (start at 30.150)
- 67.597: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (it's a good thing)
- 72.572: ow fuck (again, still correct)
- 79.586: STOP THAT SHIT (lol still completely correct)
- 93.336 to 98.051: it would seem almost prudent to follow the pianos outside of the 16ths because they're the most notable accents within the streams of 16ths - without it, it feels a little empty...
- 98.051: also quite surprised to not see 16th streams here; the piano definitely sounds like it's got at least a few notes that are prevalent
- 103.584: higher violin starts here
- solid chart overall with a few little things here or there to be nitpicked at; layering is good, although the really intense sections make for some quite rude difficulty spikes

Tournament Viability
- really diverse patterns; gives you a good mix of jumpstreaming, regular streaming, bits of trills, blips of bursts, heavy layering, chord-streaming... nothing is really left unscathed here, and plus... it's a classical song! We've not had much of that lately.


Follow You (Rhythmics Remix) {Au5} (gameboy42690)

Agreed Rating: 8/10 || TVI: 7/10

Note: In most cases, featuring artists are listed in the title of the song, so this might be more correct as Follow You (Rhythmics Remix) ft. Danyka Nadeau - if the artist has it listed this way though, I suppose it can be left alone.

- while the changing trill at 7.152 is somewhat passable due to the very subtle change in the background synth, 9.975 should be changed because of the primary synth blip changing in pitch
- 10.858/11.034: Neither of us can hear the two notes here.
- 18.446: for better pattern construction, this should a continuation of the first four notes of the trill starting at 17.740 (the synth that was barely audible on the first repetition gets more than masked out by the vocals here, so the switch looks a little arbitrary)
- 21.269: correct, but -very- tough to hear at normal rate
- 22.152: ghost note (vocal doesn't seem to change note here)
- 34.505: missing note for vocals (second note for the word clear is pretty well accented here)
- 36.622: optional - the lyrics close out with "to the end", but by ignoring the vocals after the synth starts, you only hit one of those two syllables; accenting the last syllable there might be a good thing to give that whole section finality (all other lyrics at this point can be ignored).
- 41.210: if this note is for the synth that does come in a bit subtly, you are technically missing a note at 41.387 as well
- 81.269: these bounce-back patterns aaaaaaaaaaaaa so good, love the repetition

Tournament Viability
Good file overall; has a fair and aggressive structure that's somewhat forgiving to newer players because of how explicit it is. Solid difficulty all the way throughout once the song actually gets going.


Funny Funky Freaky {mommy} (bmah)
Agreed Rating: 8/10 || TVI: 9/10

- 44.300 to 56.474: this section is quite confusing in terms of structure; it seems it's partially following the piano (mostly the chords), but if that's the case, then there's quite a few extra notes - if it's just following the piano as a whole, there are quite a few missing notes, and if it's following percussion for any reason, there are numerous taps for kicks that are missing, so I'm not sure what to think here. At a glance, it seems somewhat correct because the brass instruments are properly accounted for and are pitch relevant, but...
- 77.724: remove
- 84.192: no mini-jack for the kicks? you do it at 80.713 and 81.909
- 94.735: ^
- other than those little bits, I've really got nothing; despite utilizing direct layering throughout the entire file, most of what is done is very much discernible and plays well; great structure overall

Tournament Viability
- really mixed up and features a ton of great tournament-testing patterns while also having a silly song to boot; players will probably get a kick out of this song before the mind-blocks start to ravage them into fucking pieces


Endgame {Waterflame} (DarkZtar)
Agreed Rating: 7.5/10 || TVI: 7/10

- goddammit get your offset right i'm tired of having to fix it >
- offset changed from -0.020 to -0.038
- 0.526: not the biiiiiiigest of deals but these blips should be 4 notes instead of 3 (though in retrospect this would severely inhibit your pattern creativity later on so don't listen to me and just acknowledge the fact that I noticed your intentional idea)
- 6.136: should be 64ths instead of three 48ths but again, hardly worth changing because you have good pattern flexibility here
- 17.274: remove this 12th note because the sound effect actually breaks the percussion on the 16th at 17.233
- 22.152: reverse D/U arrows so that you get proper pitch relevance with the repeating taps (you do this at 17.599)
- 40.363: if you want to be an evil asshole, there's actually a vibrato in the synth that makes it play a five note 48th burst; gives you an opportunity to be really rude and potentially lace this file with trills and other crazy stuff, haha
- 48.819 to 64.428: interesting little layer shift here; wasn't expecting the layering to go down considering the song's progression generally hadn't changed much
- 51.949: remove
- 87.111: this pattern is absolutely disgusting
- 103.615: remove this jump, probably should only be a single tap
- 111.420: ^
- 117.965: this blip is actually four notes, so there should be another note around here somewhere to separate this and the first little burst
- 132.396: remove this 12th note because the sound effect actually breaks the percussion on the 16th at 132.355
- file plays well, though it is a bit draggy

Tournament Viability
- bursty and swingy is good, and the pattern complexity is nice as well. The song is only a touch draggy -- I got to just before the end of the song before I asked myself "how much longer does this go on", so it's not criminally uninteresting, it just takes a bit to conclude.


Ox69 {Kurorak} (hi19hi19)
Agreed Rating: 9.5/10 || TVI: 10/10

- yep
- the only nit-pick I have for this file is that triples could be used a bit more for accents on snares since there's not too much in the way of crash cymbals; with that being said, the lack of them certainly is not an inhibitor for this file
- pattern variability is great

- yes please

ilikexd was lead and is left black, Halogen was reviewer and is in blue

Conflict (rparty89) - 3/10

9s - change from all [14] jumps is arbitrary / doesn't mark anything in the music (and is also randomly done as single jumps then a few repeating jumps)
this is quite strange... it would be much more understandable if there were other taps around and you needed to have pattern differentiation.
12.4s - loud cymbal/drum sound ignored, could be accented to reduce the monotony
not only that, but a somewhat higher piano note also comes in and stands out quite a bit; again, the point is that accenting could be added to make the chart a little less monotonous
14.5s - not sure if intentional effect in the music but the audio is extreme distorted here and afterwards
yeah, christ - the audio quality drops pretty noticeably here, not sure if this is a byproduct of the song itself or manual modification
18s - the trilliness isn't bad in itself as a theme of the js patterning, but here it makes no sense / doesn't follow anything to extend into long anchors
I was about to note that I thought the trilling-based jumpstreaming was actually kind neat on the hands, but the long up-arrow anchor is very unpleasant and jarring following that
21.3s - minijacks start here but there is no repeating piano here for this jack to exist, there were several repeating piano notes earlier that didn't have jacks, and there are several later that don't, so the consistency on this is off
mini-jacks definitely should start earlier; as an added note, you're technically promoting inconsistent structure this way
on another note, I definitely don't agree with the random drop in pace at 24.054; yes, the percussion disappears, but reducing it down to 4th notes is a bit too much

26.9s - ghost note
31.83s, etc - repeating piano note w/ no jack
38.210: missing note for the piano; additionally, the audio quality is so poor, it's nearly impossible to discern if there's actually any piano notes past 38.679
39.71s - missing note
41.585s, etc - missing note. there are many mising notes in this section, and the distortion/quality of the music file could be to blame
49.9s - unreasonable jack (doesn't go to anything)
50s - 12ths not 16ths
hmm, it actually almost sounds like a 3/32 + 3/32 + 1/16 to me, but either way 12ths would be better than what is here
53s - lots of inaccurate usage / missing 16ths, and more jack usage here doesn't follow anything, also really long down anchor not following anything
more specifically, the jack usage for the vocals is done really poorly; take your time to actually catch the rhythms here, because jack usage to the samples would actually be a great touch if executed properly
63.05s - should be jump like other jumps that follow
yeah, many piano notes missing on 8ths that do not have any sort of accenting
63.68s - ditto, and minijack usage in this section doesn't follow anything
68.210: should be 48ths, not 32nds (you may consider breaking from a mini-trill at that speed, but both are acceptable given how short the burst would be)
72.43s - ghost note
73.4s - only 16ths
73.741: incorrect rhythm on the trill, should be 16ths at 73.929; before that is arguable, either four 24ths or five 32nds would work acceptably here
75.054 to 87.054: not the best of layering structure choices here, because you basically end up returning to an earlier structure that could have otherwise been avoided despite having a completely unique section

87.24s - just 2 notes
87.8s - backwards pr, missing 16ths (they're in groups of 4)
89.87s - ghost note
96.4s - fairly inaccurate and not representative of the sounds in this part
I'd say the issue starts after the second white note at 96.624; the three note jacks are actually not bad, though placing the jacks on two different columns and introducing some jumps could help it a little more
105.7s - 16ths [?]
it's a dual-accent between the building hi-hat and the melody from before; it works, albeit not well
107.7s - just 16ths
108.24s - hand to nothing (drum sound follows)
triple should be at 108.335, one 16th lower (the current triple should just be a single tap)
119s - same problems with the earlier js
146.2s, 146.6s - ghost notes

Amphisbaena (DarkZtar) - 7.5/10
>> proposed change: 8/10
Viability - Short and difficulty is consistent with two sets of equally hard parts and a break: 8/10

**offset is currently .027 early (about 1/48th note), chart was resynced and judgement timestamps will be shifted accordingly**
4.981s - this should be shifted up 1/32nd
6s-36s - good usage of heavy layering
I agree, this structure really works with the intensity of the song!
15.932: there are some 24ths for the piano here, which would add a great accented transition into the more intense piano section coming in

23.224s - minijack could be added here, fine either way
caught this as well, add this!
27.846s - missing low note (listen closely)
31.089s, 31.414s - ditto
caught all of these, please add these accordingly
29.387s - jump for snare
31.9s - just note
I actually hear a kick here, this jump can stay
32.8s, 16.74s - good use of anchoring
the second instance of this is fantastic by virtue of having a bunch of percussion to layer around it, looks great
39.28s - hands (compare with 40.74s etc)
interesting touch can be added here because of the synth having a very slight portamento (pitch bend), you could add a 32nd immediately after the jump at 39.445 to capture both of these things; if you want the file to stay clean, a triple is the better choice
58.094: I hear a 16th just before the 4th here
58.9s - pitch on this 4 jack alternating between high low, not constant
this is interesting; I hear what you're saying on a lower rate, but the higher pitch seems fine to me at 100% rate...
60.202, 65.391, 66.040: 24ths can be added for the string, though it's a bit in the background
70.580: also sounds like an instance of 32nds can be added here, although these are even further back than the ones that I mentioned before

75.76s - pitch gets lower on the repeating bass so better to go from right to left
81.28s - missing note
84.927s - make white for consistency
108.765s, 109s - jumps
111.44s - same as 23.224s
good chart concept / heavy and intense layering goes well with the aggressiveness of the music. slow/quiet section could be worked on a bit and there are some things to fix in the chart.

I UPDATED MY F-LIST (beary605) - 4.5/10
>> proposed change: 5/10
Viability: Could be an acceptable tournament file if improved, hard to say as of now

26s+ - the synth melody is in patterns of ABB BBB BCC CCC etc, but jacks are in groups of 2 (should be in groups of 2 then 3)
49.43s, 49.88s - there are drum sounds here so the brokenness is hard to follow
definitely understand the point here; it initially seems like the point is to break the accenting on the more prominent percussion, but there are situations where 16ths show up after kicks or snares after other instances where they are incorrectly broken...
50.514s - loud kick drum but note instead of jump (compared with 49.791s etc)
50.876s, 51.327s, 51.779s etc - drum sound not followed
53.406s - loud kick not jump
54s+ - while it's understandable what the notes and jumps are going to where stepped, there is a lack of consistency in the jumpstream sections as a whole as far as which drum sounds are followed and which are layered as jumps. the accuracy of these sections (which take up a majority of the file) need to be improved.
71.207s 71.569s - it's hard to see why these snares are hands when the other snares are just jumps, and what follows is another hand also [124] for a different sound: crash
agreed; if you wanted the triples to be used for the purpose of a section's finality, then you could add a quad to 71.930 and have it appropriately separated - however, I suggest making those jumps since you have a triple at the start of the new section and jumps for snares earlier on throughout
72.924s, 73.105s, etc etc - lots of different drum sounds from less to more noticeable not followed and it's not clear why
79.882s - 80.605s, 91.449s etc - these two beats are missing almost every sound in them
118.9s+ - unclear why certain vocals are jumps
129.4s - the "whoosh" sound here is 16th hihats (not 32nds)--better to stick to the 24ths used to accomodate the strings as earlier
131s - unclear white note usage (strings/vocals aren't white anywhere else). although it's consistently on this group of 2 notes, they aren't outstanding in any way to merit being colored differently.
141.3s+ - extremely messy grace note usage. it seems that grace notes are being used to accent the bass screeches, but they're done so at random: some have grace notes, some don't, and the interval used is random, and it crowds the section with a lot of colors notes that can't be understood while playing
chart concept could be acceptable but there is a lot to be worked on in accuracy
this file actually has a solid foundation, but needs a bit more tweaking; definitely a lot of potential here!

It's Not Supposed To Be Snowing (ShurykaN) - 2.5/10

**chart is over .050s early**
whole chart has YNS, meaning the main/downbeats should fall on 4th/red notes, but they're all off by 1/16th and yellow
no understandable layering scheme (e.g. jumps at 5.581s, 8.308s, 9.399s not consistently accenting/ going to anything in the music). later on hands do consistently go to snare but other jumps and hands don't make sense
music is extremely repetitive/simplistic and not very accomodating for an entertaining/engaging stepchart
unfortunately, there's really not much to say about this file; structurally unstable and a largely incorrect offset make this an almost instant rejection; begin by changing the offset to 2.099 and placing the first note of the chart on 2.236, and then work from there. You'll notice that all of your jumps for drums/percussion are on red (4th) notes at this point; this is the correct offset.

Shade of Gloria (hi19hi19) - 8.5/10
Viability - Fairly short and good distribution of difficulty emphasizing streaming, bursting, and jacking skills. Minor qualm with the outward 32nd spin. - 8/10

43.14s - soft 8th drum note
I actually can't hear that one; really tough to catch
52.434s - i don't so much mind the inward spin that follows, but this one is extremely hard to hit (outward) and isn't transitioned into easily. this should be transitioned into easier or both spins should be changed to (perhaps difficult) 24th patterns. i can see this being something that will consistently ruin AAAs on an otherwise fairly evenly-distributed chart
I actually agree with this; the spin-rolling is appropriate given that the rest of your chart utilizes it, but staircases into that first spin-roll feels incredibly jarring; a way to fix this is to make this particular instances a 4312 roll, and then change the second instance to a 3421 roll; you can get away with that because you actually have a 16th note break before hitting the second one, so just about any spin or regular roll will be comfortable because it's not directly led into
146.34s - left to right rolly patterns were used (and well used) for most of the 16th melodies in the chart. for such a different sound (only drums) you could try using different patterns for this stream such as lots of minitrills
additional suggestion for not adding layering: assign the percussion that hits on beats 2 and 4 to a particular arrrow and craft your streams around it for nice variance!

This set is a little wonky because Silvuh started as lead but then decided to drop so Halogen did some supplement and some lead notes. Just going to note lead notes are left black, reviewer notes are blue.

Pear {DanPaladin} (M0nkeyz) [6/10]
// I know you must have ignored the bass drum on purpose, but I'd try stepping a version with it in, because there are a lot of minijacks that could help add to the rhythm.
17.50s: Should be on 4 because it's a higher pitch than the previous 8ths. And then the following 4th jump could be [13] or [23]
18.81-21.93s: The pitch contour here is the same, but it's lower, so maybe try stepping the 8ths on 2 and work around that.
21.93s: Shouldn't anchor with the previous 8th for PR
26.62-27.15s: Maybe step the percussion here
27.15-35.49s: I'd fill in all the 8ths to the drum to keep the momentum going with how much louder this is than the previous section.
27.15-28.71s: Maybe step the 16th melody and/or the percussion here?
30.281: little bit of a pattern collision here because you represent the melody and the low end guitar chugs on the down arrow
30.80-31.06s: These could be jumps to the metal guitar + snare.
35.49-48.00s: This section could really use bass drum minijacks
I agree with the above note; it'd add a bit more deviation that this chart desperately needs
38.10, 42.27, 46.44s: The guitar has notes on these 4ths too, so they should be jumps. Also, the melody at 37.58-38.62s is ABBCB, so ABCBA is incorrect.
the repeated notes are tough to hear on the guitar personally, so you could get away with not having the jumps there, however, the pitch should be checked for these
also, check things like 41.231/41.752, as those are the same pitch and should be on the same jumps

48.00-52.17s: By keeping the 8ths on 4, you limit yourself to three trill patterns, but there are more different pitches than that.
I am quite fond of the white note usage in this in the last third of the file.
67.55, 71.72s: Same as 17.50s
69.11s: This actually is the same pitch as 64.95s, so you don't need to change it like at 18.81s
76.16-93.88s: Same stuff as last time
93.88-102.22s: I'd make sure every 4th is jumped here with that "Hoo - hey" being a lot more prominent.
Solid attempt overall; with some fixes, this could be accepted quite easily.

Spider Dance {Toby Fox} (Guest15937) [5.5/10]
// There are a lot of incorrect anchors and trills in the patterns, and the PR needs work.
5.59s: This note is lower; move to 1 for PR
on that note, you could still apply pitch relevance without having such staircase heavy patterning; this is ok, but you could improve it a bit more
6.31s: This second 32nd is a ghost note (and then make 6.11s not be a triplet)
10.55-16.81s: I know this goes to the background melody, but like it feels odd to have 12.38-15.20s be a runningman when there's more going on in the main melody.
The prominence of a melody could help with better pattern distribution here that represents both melodies, certainly your choice here because it is clear what is being followed.
18.77s: The minijack here doesn't go to anything
18.90-33.51s: Same stuff in the repeat
35.07s: This note is lower than the previous 8th and can be on 1. Also, it shouldn't be a part of the following notes' trill, because the sound starts on the following 16th
35.59-52.29s: The following notes repeat throughout this section. There are a lot of irrelevant anchors and overextended trills.
> 35.85s: The melody is descending, so this 8th shouldn't be anchored to either jump around it for PR
> 36.11s: The sound isn't a trill here, it's like a CADB thing
> 36.90s: Move this 8th to 1 because it shouldn't be anchored to the 4ths
37.293/37.554/etc: there are numerous missing notes throughout this entire section, actually...
> 39.24s: Similar to 35.07s that this note shouldn't be in the trill
43.16-43.94s: The pitch here is CB.ABAB, so this being all one trill is incorrect
54.77s: There's a background 16th here you can step
55.03s: There's no sound making a minijack on this one
56.20s: Not sure why this is a jump but 55.68s isn't. Also, this jump shouldn't be the same as the previous jump for PR.
56.59, 56.72s: Move these notes to 3 4 so they're not part of the following trill
57.77-58.16s: The minitrill should be here, not starting at 58.03s
57.96s: There's a 32nd here you can step
59.98s: This minijack is irrelevant
60.64-68.46s: Same stuff here
68.989: The most correct pitch relevant pattern here would be 12421242 as there's a bit of an interval between the second/fourth and third notes, but that's hardly a requirement. However, if you alternate between 12421242 and 13431343, your jump placement could end up a little cleaner.
77.33-85.68s: Focusing on keeping the background melody consistently stepped creates a lot of odd anchors and minijacks, so you shouldn't worry about the background so much and think more about playable patterns and jump PR.
there's an addition of some newer sounds here that could be accounted for here either on top of your runningmen if you'd like, or you can omit the background representation altogether.
87.51, 87.77s: These notes shouldn't be anchored with the following 8th/4th
85.68-100.29s: Feels a bit odd that the 16ths to the bass are ignored in this section
89.337: if you're not interested in adding 32nd note trills, you could just add 16th note jacks here to keep the difficulty somewhat leveled out while maintaining pitch relevance; you're focusing a bit much on the background when you have prominent elements that can be accommodated for; the repeated right arrows are good, but when things they a little crowded, you could do a little bit more
92.20s: Shouldn't be the same as the previous jump for PR
99.64s: Irrelevant minijack
100.29-101.33s: Maybe make these jumps?

Terror From Beyond v2 {Digital Explosion} (Xtreme2252) [4/10]
#OFFSET:-2.275; (-25 ms)
7.489: the concept of repeated taps is certainly not a bad idea, but the extremely long instances of repeated taps are not correct because the synth does change a bit -- you would ideally want a repetition of three notes along side of your other layering
10.383: while these jumps/triples technically make sense with direct layering, some of the other jumps (8.761/9.410/[etc]) are ambiguous
12.68, 13.33, 15.27 - Personally the triples feel out of place to me because I really feel in lighter sections they should be reserved for louder sounds like cymbal crashes.
15.248: any reason why you don't try to accommodate for any of the synths with the snare roll here? despite the increase in aggression, it still feels quite empty.
17.680: technically nothing here to accommoate for that mini-jack, even though I understan that you did it for the tail end of the snares
Yeah, I have to agree, I don't really hear anything that merits the minijack
22.302: this jump here is a general conflict in your layering with the hi-hat percussion playing every three 16th notes and your following of the synth for jumps; you've otherwise been ignoring the kick; with that being said, I feel like the kicks should be accented a bit more frequently to help with the leveling of the difficulty for your chart as a whole
33.248: see 17.680
37.870: similar kick inconsistency here, only this time you're missing a jump rather than having added it
43.789 to 56.762: following the synths and whatnot is a smart idea; however, killing off the previous layering makes this a valley in difficulty that could otherwise be avoided -- add some more on top of this; because you have the repeated taps (including 16ths), they will be noticeable through any sort of layering you have with good patterning
59.356 to 77.518: the attempt that pitch relevance is easy to comprehend, but the execution could use work; you don't have to worry so much about being completely dead on about the overall placement for a section this long, but make sure that your relative pitch is correct every time the melodic sequence repeats -- in this 16 measure phrase, your melody repeats 8 different times, so you could set up things in two measure sequences. When you do, realize the following: everything that is not in beats 3, 5, or 6, 6.5, 7, and 7.5 in each two measure sequence is the same note. So, you could have something like this: http://puu.sh/mKnWg/c08a2dee63.png -- once you've identified how the patterns should be, you can mix up the jump placement all that you want, just so that overall jump repetition stays in place.
79.951: see 17.680
80.113 to 87.987: acceptable structure to transition out, but it still suffers from the kick issue mentioned at 37.870
90.491 to 111.248: be wary of your repeated taps in here, they're not placed correctly to the synth
111.248 to 124.221: why aren't there jumps for all of the synths? you introduce it a bit earlier, but don't seem to keep them in play
another notable thing that seems to be problematic in the file is the snare rolls kinda removing any other layering elements, it's just strange
file's quite repetitive and needs a reasonable amount of structural work before being acceptable
Overall I agree with the things Halogen has already stated, the file needs a bit of work before it can be accepted.

Titenic {The JonSong} (Xtreme2252) [2.5/10]
// The sync gets late by like 50 ms, so just use a BPM of 122.12 with an offset of -1.657
// The layering and sound choice are very inconsistent, and the rhythms don't always feel right.
9.14s: Ghost note
13.44-13.81s: This should be the same rhythm as 14.43-14.79s
18.85-20.40s: With the synced fixed, these notes are too early and should just be on the beat.
drifty sync throughout, rhythms are not properly structured, not even workable until sync issues are resolved
The sync needs to be worked on and mis-rhythms resolved. I agree with Halogen's rating.

Your Lies {Lone Ghost} (Kraezymann) [6/10]
#OFFSET:0.3; (-40 ms)
// Layering mostly works, patterns could be improved
3.00s: These 24ths are a 96th early: 29 ms is almost a whole frame
all instances of 24ths are a touch late, yes
25.218/etc: to give a bit more of a separation between the kicks and snares, you should move the triple to off of a left or up arrow (see 27.287 for a good example!)
46.597/etc: with you using jumps to accommodate for the melody here, it might be well advised to check your pitch relevance a bit better. In situations where you have two jumps in a row, you can pattern the percussion with the opposing jump to clearly separate the melody
56.597/56.942 + 67.632/67.976: hmm, tricky situation here with the melody and harder percussion coming in; you're missing a jump and another single tap technically could be a jump as well...
94.356: these four 16ths all ascend - somethng like this could work: http://puu.sh/mKr3j/ff7bcacc90.png
99.011: try to prevent these repeated notes in your chart, as they imply something repeating where it doesn't quite exist here.
111.425: with how you handle the tail end of these building snares here, it might be better to build up the 16th streams at 110.908 and filling in all the way through
116.425: this pattern is quite uncomfortable; with you having three repeated notes as a result of things, you're obviously not afraid to use mini-jacks - the first two notes are the same pitch and could be repeated; something like this, perhaps?: http://puu.sh/mKskR/694e9f07fe.png
127.459: ^, while not uncomfortable, still could use the proper pattern construction from a minijack for pitch.
128.666: unintentional mini-jacks.
134.787: missing note?
134.873 to 179.011: a few things:
1.) make sure that you are appropriately accommodating for the percussion, you're missing numerous samples (136.166, 138.925, 141.683, etc, check this entire section)
2.) blank space where there's literally nothing else: 149.873
3.) added notes within the chart that don't capture anything in the song: 150.649, 150.821, 156.166, 156.339, etc
4.) numerous jumps missing for kicks: now, I know there are some instances where you'd have straight 8th jumps and that's obviously not something that you'd want for your structure, but you could get away with having jumps added in spots like 135.735, 137.114, etc. to create a x-o--xo- (x = kick/o = snare); jumps would be safe to add considering you have 5 note 16th sequences with triples in them.
179.011 to 201.080: similar to the earlier section with this in it, make a few pattern fixes here or there
216.425: why do you opt out of following the vocal sample here but catch it again at 219.701?
There's not much for me to add to what Halogen said here. I do enjoy the file overall though and would love to see the improvements made so it can be accepted.

Silvuh was lead and is left black, Halogen was reviewer and is in blue

Alive (Evan Duffy Piano Cover) (Poison-) Agreed Rating [6/10]
// The PR is mostly good (there are a few notes that shouldn't be anchored), but the layering does need work. Volume versus layered notes and chords isn't consistent.
gonna have to agree here; there are noticeable attempts at pitch relevance which is always good for a song like this, but the layering is inconsistent in your structure; the occasional jumps that are placed for the purpose of volume cause the structure to be a bit more convoluted
5.133: two piano notes coincide here, so this could technically be a jump for a chord, though the jacks alone are an acceptable impact

7.80, 8.04s: You can make this [23][14] so no note is anchored, because the previous 4th doesn't share its pitch with the chords.
agree and would do the exact same thing; it prevents a pattern collision that implies a repeated note
12.842: another instance of two piano notes coinciding here, so a jump could be used and this one is a bit more wisely placed give

8.52-9.24s: The last note should be 4 for PR, which means moving the anchored chord jumps down so 9.24s isn't anchored. 2[13][23]4 works well.
again, perfect pattern selection here and I'd do the exact same thing, it's a good idea
15.24-17.16s: The jumps at 7.80-9.00s seemed to be layering right- and left-hand piano notes as jumps. In this corresponding section, you have jumps where only the left hand plays (15.24, 16.20s). The layered notes are 15.48-15.96s and 16.44s. If you think that's too many jumps for the intro, just jump 15.72 and 16.44s, which feel the most emphasized.
(Also, just to say, layered notes like 14.52, 14.76s are good to keep as singles because of how light they are.)
an example of volume structure not working well against the earlier structure; if anything, the chords could be placed at 15.482 and 15.722 since they're prominent and do have two notes that are quite loud
17.522/17.882: for continuity, move these to 1 as opposed to leaving them on 2; the 8th note before the melody, and the three notes in the start of this section are all the same pitch

22.92-24.36s: These notes are all layered and could be jumped, but it works if you don't want too many jumps in the intro. So instead of 23.87s, I would jump the chords on 23.40 and 24.36s, and you could then step the left-hand single at 24.60s.
24.602: missing note for piano
25.56s: Left hand has a chord here with a right-hand note on top, so this is doubly jump-worthy.
28.20s: Left+right hand could be a jump here.
30.60-32.04s: Same as 22.92s
32.282: missing note for piano
32.52-47.87s: Your layering in this section seems to add in volume as a factor, and it needs a bit more work
I personally could see you using triples for the REALLY hard hits on the left hand when they combine with chords, because they will far outweigh the melody in volume - some instances of acceptable triple usage in my opinion: 34.442, 47.876, 62.036; some locations where it can be considered: 44.042, 46.676, 47.876, etc; try to get the -really hard- notes where it sounds like the pianist is literally going to break their finger if they hit it any harder, aha.
35.86s: Missing left-hand single
37.07s: This chord could be jumped
38.28-39.00s: These should be higher for PR
39.00s: This 8th is similar in volume to the previous 16th jump, and also this note is layered, so I'd definitely jump it.
40.20, 42.12, 44.04s: Hands here would go with all the previous ones, especially 44.04s.
43.56s: This chord could be jumped
45.71s: Missing left-hand single
46.67s: This layered note should definitely be jumped, a [24] because the left-hand chord is different.
47.87-62.75s: Strictly speaking, the notes like 48.95s are the highest and should be on 4, but the way it is now does work okay. I would just move the notes like 51.23s to 3, because they're higher than the previous 16th.
This note above is a good one; it actually would help clarify your structure a bit.
48.596: missing note for piano
52.676/52.916: ^

62.03s: I don't know about the hand here. This section is mostly jumps, and this note doesn't feel especially emphasized. So if you want the hand here, you should add more in this section to match (it woudln't be unreasonable considering how loud some chords are.)
I personally disagree with the note not being especially emphasized, as it packs a punch compared to the previous notes; however, this note makes sense considering the section is practically triple-free - either change this back to a jump, or (preferably) revise this section to have a bit more.
65.15-74.51s: In this section, I'd consider taking volume into account more and jump more chords rather than just layered notes. Jumping every note with right- and left-hand notes would probably end up being too much here (like, 69.71, 70.19, and 70.43s would be jumps). 68.27, 68.99s feel too light for jumps, even though they're layered.
100% agree with this note: from 67.076 to 82.436, you have an entire melody that's pretty clearly heard and a huge majority of those notes are accompanied by the left handed piano
71.63-73.55s: So if you decide to just jump the chords, 72.11 and 73.55s would be the only two of these jumps you'd keep.
72.35s: Missing left-hand note
74.75-s: The second time around, you jump the layered notes more consistently. The added emphasis on 74.75 and 75.47s make them definitely worth jumping, though the piano does get softer again. So you have two options: putting in the jumps at 77.39 and 81.24s to consistently jump all the layered notes, or unlayering some of the lighter notes like before. Either would work.
took note of this as well; I believe the first option is the better choice here
80.75s: This note should be higher for PR
85.082: missing note for left-hand piano
85.802/86.042: ^
88.202: ^ - while you might be deliberately ignoring these, it's strange to leave it unaccented when it's very clearly in the soundscape...

90.12s: I'd make this a single, because the emphasis really starts at 90.60s.
91.32, 92.76, 95.16, 95.64s: Missing left-hand notes. I understand ignoring them at 82.43-90.36s, but there's more layering now.
91.562: change to a [13] jump so that it doesn't imply three repeated notes on [2], plus the chords both here and at 92.042 are the same note
93.00, 93.24s: Jump the right-hand chords?
^, very hard hit notes here and they create chords, no excuse for a lack of jumps here
96.60s: This left-hand chord is loud enough to be a jump.
^, accenting is king for this chart and that's definitely something to be accented
103.32, 107.16, 111.00s: Even though you ignored it each time, I'd say these 8ths are definitely worth stepping.
^, absolutely; you've also got some missing ones at 105.242, 109.082, and 112.919 on the left hand which are hard to ignore

104.76, 112.44s: Unlike the 16ths, this is a loud chord, so I'd make this a jump and 105.00s a hand.
112.91, 114.36, 114.84s: Filling in these 8ths would also work, and make 114.12 and 114.60s jumps to the chords.
117.002: because the melody here has three foundational notes (at 117.002, 117.362, and 118.082; 117.722 is the same pitch as 117.002) that repeat in sets of three, you've got a very easy potential for utilizing some great pitch relevancy here, but you'll need to play with patterning a bit to get the chords down just right.
123.96, 124.08s: Make these 3 and 4 instead of 4,3 to go to the ascending pitch
137.64, 145.32s: Jump these chords
139.922, 144.002: missing notes
147.12s: Missing 16th

Futurity (bmah) Agreed rating [7.5/10]

// The layering can often feel pretty heavy, with various rhythms getting a bit lost. But it's consistent and the climax theory is good.
8.94s: I don't hear a main melody note on this 4th, and you haven't started layering in the percussion yet, so this one can be a single.
this one is a tricky situation, because it's up to the interpretation of when the filtered snare is playing loud enough, though I do agree that it would be more sensible to start in the next set of four measures, personally
34.78-36.17s: This is a lot of jumps in a row to different sounds. If any, I'd say 35.02s is light enough to be a single.
while the area is a bit heavy, the accenting does seem to be consistent, though I will agree that 35.02 can be a little lighter of an emphasis
34.90s: Missing 16th to the synth
^, as well as a missing note for the bass at 36.058, 37.905, 38.366, 38.597 and 43.443
42.40s: Similar to 35.02s
45.86s: White jump here like at 97.55, 119.71s? But also, this is a sound that might actually be nice stepped as a roll.
^, this would be a nice little 24th note flourish that could spice up the end of that section
59.71s: Starting here, sometimes the chime that the white notes go to gets so soft I could hardly hear it while playing. Also, you missed some chimes: 68.48, 71.25, 71.71, 72.17s. You did make them white at 112.78-116.48s.
75.28, 75.40s: These notes are likely loud enough to get jumps.
I'd personally opt out of of 75.28 being a jump -- it's a really strange volume increase that almost seems like it happened as a result of a limiter or something being removed from the master track (this is a mixing note, not really a charting note) - 75.40 could fit as a jump due to the kind of accent it is, though
104.71s: The white notes around this 8th feel odd without the white note here to the same sound to go with them.
not sure I quite agree with it being a white note accent, but I do at least agree that the note should be there, it's pretty noticeable

Major League Can Can (ilikexd) Agreed rating [7/10]
// Uh. Needs a little work.
6.52, 7.42, 7.72s: Missing 8ths. 7.26s should be a three-note anchor like 6.03s.
^ - confirmed, please fix
7.57s: Jump here? Not sure why 7.42-7.72s suddenly got light.
8.958: it's really hard to hear the separation between the first and second right arrows here; if anything, I'd shift the first 4 to a 3
9.726: and then consequently move the three 3's to a 1

12.64s: Missing 8th to complete the rhythm
hmm, if the higher frequency sounds are all that's being sought after, it's acceptable - can go either way and still be correct in my eyes
16.95s: Might be good to unlayer this jump to keep the focus on the vocals
seems just like an instance of direct layering, but I can understand this note as well and either seems correct
19.56-19.87s: These feel loud enough for hands. Maybe make them green?
meme incomplete, you've failed as a memer (p.s. I agree with the above note, and not even withstanding volume, but rather because that particular meme is emphasized with green notes and it should be followed)
21.86s: Missing note to the buzzy sound
a bit hard for me to tell here...
26.17s: No vocal here and can just be a single
I actually do hear a vocal for this, so the jump works fine for me.
27.55-28.32s: Color this vocal sample more thoroughly
^, please do - that's a pretty glaring thing above all of the other errors here
38.00s: Hand to the louder scream here? Also, the break in rhythm to step the "my god" sample feels a bit odd
agree with the second half of that particular note, the interruption feels a little strange to me given that the can-can melody is still very noticeable
43.23s: Just step a 4th here, because there's no odd sound to emphasize with color.
sample actually happens a bit earlier than a 4th there, the 64th seems to be placed with the intent of actually accommodating for that and not to just color arbitrarily
44.924: change this jump to a [24] to keep the repetition but accent the change in pitch in the vocals

45.99-47.69s: These aren't that much louder than the previous jumps, so quads feels like overkill.
hilarious quad usage; I understand how it works - it's the openness of the voice itself, but... yeah, it does seem like overkill, ahahaha
67.21s: This jump triplet doesn't seem to go to anything. There are some missing drum rhythms around this note.
it follows the chopped vocal sample there, definitely tough to hear in any case

Syncopatriarch (ilikexd) Agreed Rating [8/10]
// Not much to say, because it's done consistently. It's just so repetitive.
16.99s: Jump to the snare?
23.841: hmm, potential for a nice little aesthetic by coloring the tail end of this 24th blip due to the percussive buzz
27.685: no matter how you look at this, there's an error somewhere here; if layering between bass + percussion, then 27.779 should be a single, 27.966 a jump, and 28.060 a single - if you're accenting the percussion, then you should have three 16th jumps starting at 27.591
31.154: this step's following an echo and not an actual note, so I'd remove it
32.654: same with this - if you truly believe it's an actual note, then it's the same pitch of the previous note and would be most accurate with a mini-jack, though that would admittedly be quite uncomfortable

40.71, 40.81; 41.37-41.56s: Jacks to the percussion?
40.904: because this is more of a freeform patterning, you should manipulate that percussive accenting a bit by assigning each set of three to one hand (something like a 343 121 etc)
87.029 to 109.529: with how much repetition there is in the melody, I am quite surprised to see that you didn't try to use triples with the accenting here, given that what you'd be following is substantially louder than what you'd followed with your sparse triple usage in the first place
chart is definitely really repetitive, but it is in the nature of the song and there's not much to be done about it

Yay Yeah (bmah) Agreed Rating [7.5/10]
// The layering works, but sometimes the patterns can feel over-anchored, even when it's just singles.
5.32s, 7.68s: There are 32nds in the percussion like these that you can consider stepping. You step it at 20.62s, though I suppose that's understandable because is the last one.
10.84-12.31, 15.84-17.02s: These long 8th anchors are a bit odd.
yeah, they really don't look/play very nicely...
30.25, 36.72s: These 4ths don't have a repeating sound and shouldn't make a three-note jack
they actually do follow the kick properly in the first instance, but the second instance at 36.72 seems layered strangely to me - I guess the piano at 36.579 does make sense, it's just such a quite sound to apply a dual emphasis on...
38.049: missing note for the melody

60.67, 61.41s: These piano notes are way too soft to layer with that percussion
it took a second play to even realize the first note at 60.67 was even there. 61.141 is more audible and could stay as it is in my personal opinion.
91.13s: This feels like a bit of a sudden spike.
91.136: bmah throwin' them bmah's
109.33s to end: consider lightening up the steps here to go to the light feel of the outro.
ugh, yeah -- I -hate- this outro; everything's fading out but the intensity of the chart seems to stay where it is (or even grow in some spots), turn it down a bit; I'd even argue that this toning down should be at 103.483

*In this set AJ and I looked at the files together and just left it as one set of notes.

Dating Start (Silvuh)

- 36.810: ghost note
- a few instances of rearranged patterning could add a little more accuracy: 40.070 could be changed to a R for the repeating note, same with 44.244; 46.331 can go on L, etc. Really minor things that are barely noticeable, to be quite honest.
- file has great structure in general, and actually has good pattern differentiation for an easier file

Divinity Garden (hi19hi19)
Rating: 9/10

- 24.384: missing note for the melody
- 42.509/(etc): I'd change the patterning just a bit to ensure that only the piano holds the repeating jump, removes ambiguity
- 93.345 to 105.428: *throws wallet* take all my money
- 130.428: that is a nasty transition; I'd say invert the 2/3 to chop it up a bit more (although to be honest I see huge amounts of idgaf in this, so maybe not )
- I wonder how many AAAs will be taken away from the ending...
- very cruel burst usage, but fair regardless; explicit and accurate structure

False White (Silvuh)
Rating: 8/10

- you're the baddest motherfucker
- 45.782: missing 12th for the piano
- 47.282: ^
- 51.782: ^
- 67.032: if you change the pattern to 31243124 starting here, you'll keep the same structure while accommodating for the right pitch on the first two 16ths for the piano (in fact, if you change the 12th jack at 65.907 to 3 and the 16th after to 1, you can maintain that structure for a little while!)
- 73.313: same deal here; you can change this to a 221 to follow the pitch from earlier on, or you can make some modifications to allow for the 332 to stay (or not do anything, these are just nice little polishing details, honestly)
- 77.698: slight mis-rhythm - this should be 1/16 + 1/48 (see here)
- 120.532: hmmmmm, this last chord is quite dissonant; a colored accent could work nicely if you're up for it
- love this file, haha

The Scales of Strangeness (ilikexd)

- 36.025: not a fan of the emptiness here, even single taps would work well for the purpose of keeping the snares intact, especially considering they return when the synth starts playing 16th notes again
- 64.025: I was charting this too and was almost expecting everyone to say that this was wrong; thank you for actually getting the right rhythm here as tempting as it is to use 24ths
- difficulty reduction on the 24th patterning was smart given the added jumps near the end, good decision on your part to keep the difficulty reasonably leveled out despite the increased pacing
- well-executed overall; some great utilization of pattern repetition in the more extended 24th streams, pitch relevancy is generally intact (even relatively so during the faster bits), and layering feels generally correct

Unpause the Heat (ilikexd)
Rating: 8/10

- 37.164: slight PR correction can be made here since this 8th is a different pitch than the one at 37.497 (the 16th after can also be put back on 1)
- 39.997: should be a 32nd flam
- color gimmicks for the fireball shots are cute
- 68.664/(etc): a few of these should also be 32nds, check accordingly
- 103.164: hey, you actually get the PR right for this one; what's the deal with the first one being different
- I personally feel that a few triples could be omitted for the purpose of utilizing them only in the accented phrases where three crashes are used in a row: 25.164, 91.830 - gives the structure more clarity and doesn't make it feel like the other instances of those open hi-hats are being unintentionally ignored
- good file overall; a bit spiky in layering on occasion, but every instance is less than a measure so it's not too rough in any case

Amber Shores {The Flashbulb} (DarkZtar) [7.5/10]
I've judged this file a couple of times now, and still feel the same way about it: it's a very abstract file that has good execution, because it actually uses bursts in a more relative fashion, relying on the overall harshness of the buzz tone to generalize rhythms rather than the rhythm of the bursts themselves
in my opinion, this file is executed well; there are just a few things that should be analyzed
I personally believe that the 48th rolls in this file actually take away from the general theme of keeping things sub-divided, but opinions aside...
48.217: ... this percussion toning doesn't completely fall into the background of the song, so you might want to make it return a bit earlier than 48.915 since it's a continuously growing volume (try an 8th earlier? I put down 24ths starting at 48.740 and it felt quite nice)
Yeah right around here feels a little empty to me.
51.008: this flam section can be super effectively accented by putting the flams on [12] and [34] in entirety, players will feel that accenting much more easily if the patterns in between them are split out a bit more
Agree here as well
57.810: the snares actually speed up here, so it seems weird for the player to actually have to slow down here; because it's only an 8th note between the next accent, you could consider terminating the burst with a flam
61.996: this is an extended snare roll, but one that is somewhat diminished in volume, so you could have some 24ths into a 32nd burst at 62.345
66.182: since this sound is a bit longer than the previous flam, you could add a third note here to emphasize in the increase in length
68.886: another situation where a 24th or 32nd burst can be used
74.467: rather harsh burst here, this can be a 32nd burst rather than a strange off-color 24th burst
77.520: this part is rather strange, because if there is a polyrhythm here, there's not clear enough separation between the 12ths actually accenting the polyrhythms and the 24ths that are generalizing the burst (same color, so a bit more separated of an accent); additionally, 77.752 sounds like a misrhythm and might have a more appropriate tap at 77.781 instead
79.961: add an additional note at 80.049, then accent the burst differently (add a colored note to terminate, or some sort of off-color burst, to separate the burst from the actual accenting)
80.659: another situation where you can hear the burst growing in volume, but nothing is done to accommodate for that
82.578: since the 16th/48th coloring is actually not an intentional accent, but actually the correct rhythm, this flam could be a 64th to separate it from the previous colors
86.589: acceptable, but you might be better off using 16ths between the flams to actually get a better accent since you're using 12ths/24ths/48ths for the percussion here
90.427: in lieu of the note that I mentioned regarding 48th rolls, you could do a 16th note trill / 24th note burst / 32nd note roll, the reasoning for this being that the rolls after happen to be the same in terms of intensity to the end of the wall, yet you use off-colored 24ths to accent them
98.101: use a 32nd note roll here so that you're actually capturing the 16th note kicks (this would be an effective time to use a split-handed roll, because one hand would be responsible for carrying the kick while the 32nd note roll as a whole would be accenting that buzz)
100.892: missing jump for the kick here
102.461: some 24ths here
132.985: this burst is quite abrasive compared to the volume of the buzz; either make this a roll/spin or drop it to 24ths
clean this up a bit, the file stands to be one of the more unique burst-oriented files that FFR has seen
Overall Halogen has had some good suggestions, I really enjoy this file and think it's well done.

Fall Memories {Phantasma} (Silvuh) [8/10]

19.795: move to 3 (same pitch as 20.009); the jump at 19.581 can be changed to a [24] as well
47.152: should create a mini-jack (like 46.509)
57.867: not a note for the melody here (and if it's intending to follow hi-hats, then there are a number of other notes that should be added)
65.224: with the melody having two different notes here, the [23] jumps a little off-putting; changing the [13] will give better PR and catches the string + melody at the same time
93.224: move to 4 for better PR
94.581: a change to a [23] would help capture both the repeating string and the ascending melody
fun file overall, deceivingly difficult patterning
Really nice mid level swing file.

I'm Alive {Jarvis} (Xiz) [6/10]
19.306: not sure about the layering increase here
32.163: missing jump
37.199: mis-rhythm, place at 37.091
66.020: watch your jump placement, the 8th at 66.234 shouldn't be a jump given your later structure, which follows the more aggressive synths with single taps
66.449: missing note for the melody
69.663: since you use three 24ths in a row a bit earlier, you should be able to add the missing 24ths here for the sound effect; if you opt out of it, at least add the 8th note there
70.841: missing note for the bass
74.056/75.770: missing note for the melody
77.377: again, some more sound effects that are strong enough to be accented because they mask everything else out; these are also 24ths, but you can opt out similarly as you might have in 69.663
fix any errors that occur in the first half of the drop that aren't different from the second/third, as the rhythms are generally the same for the sections outside of instances where the song makes a slight deviation within a measure phrase
chart has an acceptable foundation, but also has some glaring mistakes that need to be resolved
I really enjoy this song and file but Halogen is right with the things he found. I'd really like you to fix these up so we can use it in the tournament.

Meteor Lights {s-don} (bmah) [9.5/10]

10.420: why do you opt into the percussion now but not earlier on at the beginning of the phrase? a bit strange but hardly a big deal
20.720: missing note, though not much to be done about it unless you anchor a note, which would stink
nearly flawless file, great work!
Really nothing to add, awesome file.

Turn Around {Grabbitz} (gameboy42690) [8/10]
61.474: pattern collision here (you use 4 for the bass, but this particular 4 is not a bass)
70.823: I like the jump-chaining here, gives it a bit more of a bouncy feel - the back and forth with the 8ths is also a nice touch
77.398: if you could find some feasible way to change this to a [24], you'd complete the repeated 4th jumps
89.624: should be a 2
96.200: should be a 4
102.775: should be a 1
121.371: while these repeated sets of four notes are technically incorrect pitch wise, they just feel right in separation of the one-handed trills; that is entirely up to you to alleviate
156.303: I'd actually keep charting a bit further due to the addition of the of the synth that layers on the vocals; you get a bit more finality using single notes for that and then ending the song with single notes for the lyrics
Most of what Halogen mentioned is minor, I really love this file and think it will be a great addition to the tournament.

All is fair in RAGE {litmus} (DarkZtar) [7.5/10]
5.428/6.572/9.368: remove notes; no vocals there
13.563/14.707: ^
Yeah the vocals aren't here, I even removed the notes and gave it a quick play it even feels better imo.
17.631: very nice patterning here! To make the section perfect here, I would suggest that you use 19.665 as the basis for your patterning through the first half of the section: "Turn down the bass!" is four words, and you've got four arrows here to work with. For a good majority of the section, "turn" seems to fall on the up arrow, "down" on the down arrow, "the" on left, and "bass" on the right, but there's a little discrepancy at the start of this section that could be fixed.
49.665: opportunity for a colored note accent for separation here, just an option to consider.
50.682: should be 24ths at the start of the section here
51.190: should be three 32nds here as opposed to four 24ths
54.750: sequence of mis-rhythms here, should be some 32nds/16ths: (see here for rhythms)
61.487: this note's a bit ambiguous, I'd remove it
63.648: should be 32nds
64.602: missing note
65.936: toasty!
69.496/77.631: not sure about those mini-jacks; seems like you're trying to catch the piano (based off of what I see at 86.021), but this is what I'm hearing for that - if not, what else is it?
98.987: apply any removals for the vocals for this section
solid file with lots of little nuances that are easily taken care of
I feel silly if I just agree with everything under each line so I'm just going to say take his suggestions/fixes into consideration. I really like the overall structure of the file.

Gate Openerz {DJ Sharpnel} (DarkZtar) [6.5/10]
double the tempos up to 10.933, as the percussive elements have returned by then and there's no reason for it to be half tempo
9.725: remove, there's literally nothing there
11.160: add note for vocals
31.243: this little burst/blip is really weird
31.470 to 79.791: so, we both know that these streams are highly generalized, but there's just something about a chorus so iconic/known with a high pacing to allow for something like this. How they are generalized however, makes a big difference as to the passability, because if there's a coherent structure, it can work. Let's look at this in pieces.
>> the filtered synth/gate in the background repeats every three 16ths with a break in the fourth 16th, meaning that the overall pace in this section is generally high, so that makes your stream reasonably passable
>> the pitch relevance to the vocals is only passable at best; it's particularly noticeable at 34.490/39.926/44.607 where the pitch relevance doesn't best accommodate for the highest points in the melody
>> with that being said, there are instances of good usage - 35.245, 36,906 are two good examples
>> pattern contouring is really well done at 48.382 with the trill usage, and the call/response with the background vocal repetition does a good job complementing that
>> 58.046 is quite questionable as trills considering their earlier and more explicit purpose
>> there are instances of missing vocals: 31.772, 65.597, 72.694
80.999 to 99.120: if you're going to accent using pitch relevance, worry more about that first before trying to accent the hi-hats, which are atonal and don't change in pitch (and therefore, can be freeform). The jumps in place are fine, but everything should be working around that pitch relevance so that your structure is solid because there's only one melodic element until the vocals come in
the second half of the vocals has little bits and pieces of copy/pasting, so the notes with vocals do mostly apply here. The patterning seems to be a bit more trill-biased outside of the would-be intentional accents.
with a little bit of cleaning up, this could be a really well structured stamina file overall. Trill usage needs to be defined a bit more clearly, PR improved slightly, all vocals accommodated for appropriately, and the break structured a bit better.
Overall I like the structure and flow of the file but Halogen did pick up on several things throughout that should be fixed up prior to acceptance.

PrayStation {Ras} (gameboy42690) [8/10]
5.516: can be improved to better accommodate not only pitch relevance, but also stereo panning (the first note's all the way to the right on your headphones, second note seems to be near the middle, third note all the way to the left, then repeat for notes 4/5/6).
8.90: I notice you leave out the triple on the cymbal crash here, guessing it was to avoid the forced minijack. I put it in and gave it a shot. It felt like it flowed fine to me but completely up to you if you feel it would be good to add.
40.587: WOO (nice little change on the roll here, haha)
43.545: you are an evil little man
50.305: you are a VERY evil little man
my only suggestion for those patterns above is to perhaps break the jack that happens on the 9th note
83.967/84.671/(etc): missing notes for wub, there's a few more
really solid overall, and I expect many people to hate you for this file, hah.
File overall has a really good structure and will probably drive people nuts in the tournament haha.

Renatus {Soleily} (rCaliberGX) [7.5/10]

11.360: surprised to not see a stream here since it breaks from the percussion
12.679 to 33.777: really liking the anchored 8th notes for that little synth whistle or whatever you'd like to call it
35.096: missing note (you use a filler note like this at 36.415/37.733/etc)
40.371: move this note off of down since it's irrelevant to the melody, prevent that repeat
40.865: add a jump here since it's technically a start to the stream for the melody and also is a kick, which has two jumps upcoming
43.008/43.338: missing notes? (filler for kicks/snares)
44.821: see 40.371
45.645: see 35.096
75.315: hngh <3
75.975 to : layering increase here is prominent, but really well done, I like this and it works nice with your PR overall
83.475: remove note
123.118: with how heavily accented this cooldown is, I assumed that some of the elements being followed are strings and therefore, this would be missing by how I'm perceiving your structure
132.678: disgusting, yet adorable.
133.997 to 155.095: "Goddammit, why did he have to do that as a jumpstream, he knows I'm gonna have to nail him for all of these ghost notes." *checks on lower rate* "Oh, they're all here."
Pitch relevance as a whole could use a slight improvement, particularly at the end where a majority of the jumps follow the main melody.
Overall I'd say this is really nicely done, it flows well and has a solid structure.

The Fated Hour {Exias} (Silvuh) [7.5/10]
with 31.172 being on a R, the whole pattern sequence might be better suited as something like this for a bit more of a reach for pitch relevance (this could work for the second repetition as well)
50.350: maybe you could move this to U here and scale it to capture the interval change of the melody a bit more
59.243/62.672/66.100/(etc): these patterns account for the melody, but there many instances of the melody that are not directly accounted for with jumps on top of the background; this is alright from an accenting perspective, but the jump placement for that entire section as a whole is somewhat unclear - the only thing that I can feasibly see is you deliberately accounting for just 4th notes for the melody, which would explain the well timed UR jump repetition, but it's strange having the 16th jumps accounted for here if you were trying to keep tame compared to the ending, as you could have just had 8th note jumps here and it would have been smooth but reasonably difficult thanks to the mini-jack placement
I have to agree that the jumps seem a bit unclear in this section.
59.565: minijack for the kick should be here
68.886: ambiguous triple
102.850: move to U (different note from 103.065)
111.529: technically a little drum hit here, so this could be filled in
116.779: I don't hear the third repeated note here
124.493: ghost note
131.565: missing mini-jack for kick? only time in this particular instance of the melody that it doesn't happen
150.315: missing jump for the melody?
very much a progressive structure; that being said, execution feels a bit strange/ambiguous in some spots - still possible to comprehend and accept, though
I really like the variety this file offers but it definitely could use a little cleaning up, especially on some of the jumps/triples.

Call me it. (500 Tortures) {t+pazolite} (hi19hi19) [8/10]

- 10.300: if this is an empty space, then 8.380 and 16.060 should be as well (otherwise, fill them in for the presence of a hi-hat)
- streams for the screams are abstract, but very fitting for intensity; like that take quite a bit
- structure is about as explicit and obvious as it comes, nothing to point out as erroneous at all
- personally I'd like to see slightly better PR in the break at 36.700; the patterns work, but they're a bit stale being staircases - the jumps also don't quite follow typical PR either
- 78.940: stop holding back sir; add those triples for the big kicks :devil: (don't do it for the 24th burst though, you're not allowed to be that much of an asshole)
- 82.420: I know that the melody is omitted here for the sake of percussion conclusion, but it personally feels strange to me to be left out, despite you adding great continuity with a quad
- 82.780 to 98.140: not necessarily a requirement, but one thing that I will suggest to you is to keep the jump that falls on the highest note of the melody the same while keeping a relatively similar repetition structure - the 2/1/1 jump sequences are good, but I feel like you'd have a touch more relevance and a bit more of a structurally accurate feel by keeping that structure and making sure that the 4th jump is the same between each BPM cut (so, assign the 4th jump from 82.780 to 85.660, then a different one 86.620 to 89.500, etc)
- really fun FSO-level file
Despite this file being out of my range as a player I actually really enjoy it. As far as I could see it looks solid, but of course I'd say peek at the things AJ mentioned since he's way stronger than me in this area.

Miniboss {Makkon} (Silvuh) [7.5/10]
- 26.430/(etc): was going to mention the missing percussion hits after the triples, but with those triples being as strong as they are as accents, they almost seem irrelevant to accent; besides, they're consistently ignored anyway
- the only qualm I have with this file is that it tries a little -too- hard to pay attention to detail with jumps, so much so that a few of the elements that the chart is trying to capture happen are too far behind the soundscape to really hear in the more intense sections; jumps like 42.530, and 48.930 are two examples of this, though they do somewhat exist throughout the chart
- everything in the chart does go to a sound that is reasonably audible; there are a few instances of notes that could be added that are noticeable on a once-over, like 39.730/40.130/52.530, etc
- 74.830: a good example of the note I mentioned with trying to capture things that are very difficult to hear; this jump sequence seems to imply something, but it's hard to determine what
- 97.430: stands out a bit since it is the only time you use a mini-jack like this
- despite having a rather solid structure, the file feels a little over-emphasized in some areas; personally believe that a reduction in the jump usage should be done before queue for this one
I think I actually understand what all the jumps are for, but I will say that the ones on 16th notes do feel a bit more awkward cause I feel like it's not super apparent as to what they're there for. Otherwise really well done, I enjoy this file.

Rampage {Virtual Riot} (icyworld) [5.5/10]

- pitch relevance in the beginning could be improved slightly, particularly with attention to detail as to where the two highest notes in the melody are; take a look here
- 11.062: the start of this pattern is somewhat neat because the hi-hat sequence that plays every note is accented by having 4th notes on the right arrow, but you deviate away from it about halfway into the musical phrase, unfortunately
- 32.872: missing note
- 38.993: no triple for the snares here?
- 39.682: deliberately ignored the 32nds this time around because of the triple, I suppose?
- 40.200: with the stream not going on and no taps in between, you should separate the kicks and snares by changing one of the arrows in this jump to a down arrow
- 41.407: why is there a triple for a kick here?
- 44.165 to 55.200: being that the file's main feature is streaming/jumpstreaming, it might be better for you to back away from a stream here and accent the hi-hat (the little synth could work as well, but you've already done that earlier on); also, the jumps are really out of place because they are following ad-lib vocals, which don't exactly have a clear point of accenting
- 66.234 to 85.545: pay a bit more attention to your patterning here; rhythms are correct (interpretable for the bass growling but that's the fun of the genre!) overall, but there's a lot of repeating 8th notes that are kinda strange and offputting (68.131, 71.579, 78.821, 79.165) - you're definitely good enough to understand pitch relevance and know what shouldn't repeat, so apply yourself here!
- 69.108: nasty little 12th note mini-jack here; if you want to separate these patterns out a bit, do something like [2]34[1]234 (brackets for 8th notes, and this is even more correct with the bass as well!)
- 99.338 to 110.372: not bad at all! liking the attention to detail on the highest notes in this section, though it could be improved a bit more
- 103.303: missing note, put it on R to keep for good relevance
- 110.372 to 121.407: really liking the structure here, looks good
- 126.579: change the jumps here to prevent that repeated up arrow
- 143.907: remove this note; it goes against the rest of the structure here
- 145.976/146.062/146.148: with the synth being so incredibly forceful, any sort of other instrument is being heavily masked and the stream should probably terminate temporarily here since the main melody is also gone
- 146.235 to 148.993: ^, give the extraneous sections less attention to streaming so that when the melody returns, the pacing feels more appropriately shifted
- 154.511: similar to the earlier section, it would be neat if you added little bursts here, since the 16ths themselves don't exist but the bass gives you an opportunity to interpret a rhythm up to the 8th note - also, the pattern repetition is an awesome idea, but make sure you apply it to all four instances
- 160.028 to 182.097: again, somewhat similar to the previous note - earlier streams were alright because between the melody and the hi-hats, they legitimately do form a continuous stream; however, here the hi-hats are barely audible and this section just feels overdone
- with some tweaks, this could be a really suitable FFR file, but as it stands at the moment, it is just a touch overcharted; pattern tweaks would also help this file quite a bit
Looking at AJ's notes I really don't think I could add anything new to the table here. So check those out, I do like the file from just a playing standpoint.

Ripcord {The Flashbulb} (ilikexd) [8/10]

- really nice subtle repeated taps between snares in the intro
- 27.493: felt weird enough for me to slow down and check rhythms and sure enough, this was a bit off even in terms of approximation, could be timed a little better
- 48.694: strange in terms of patterning when you look at the roll right ahead, despite the buzzes being sharp enough to have three different pitches; I'd make a little bit of a change here
- 51.292: HNGH SO GOOD
- 63.359: check rhythms here, second burst is a bit misplaced
- 79.742: theoretically this should be a 48th, so I can understand your omission; however, it's still audibly separated, so you should probably put a 32nd here just for good measure
- 88.583: either add the missing 16th here, or remove the second 16th at 88.750, as they are five notes past the 4th/8th (the second one is technically 6 notes, so you could add a 32nd before 88.666 if you'd like)
- 114.309: very cute and effective color gimmick
- ending is great!
- good file with just a few little tiny tweaks to make it better
- the only question I have: why does 27.829 get a bit more accenting on the kick when there are plenty of situations where there are numerous repeated kicks that don't otherwise get noted with the repetition?
- in any case, doesn't matter, plays great.
I really enjoy this file and think it will be great for the tournament. I have nothing extra to add to what AJ's already pointed out.

Stage 1 (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2) (hi19hi19) [8/10]

- 14.127: for the best PR, move the last two jumps such that they indicate PR and are not on the right arrow, since that's holding the repeated left hand piano
- 15.174 to 30.116: there are numerous left-hand piano notes missing when others are accounted for - accounted: 15.520/15.754, 17.395/17.629, etc; missing: 16.463, 17.862, 18.095, 18.328, etc - check this entire section accordingly
- 37.111: LR instead of LU, as there are four repeated notes in this sequence as well
- 44.350/44.934: snare here, so a note could work
- 45.517/45.750: any reason why there's no jumps for layering here, yet there's a UR jump at 45.284? if you're following the lower piano, then there should at least be a jump at 45.517
- 47.384/47.734/48.317/(etc): no jumps for these splash accents?
- 49.250: a switch to R/L might help with that repetition a bit, optional change, though
- 51.875: piano note here if you catch it
- 76.084: these jumps feel slightly out of place compared to the rest of the accenting
- 117.734: technically, these should be grace notes as well
- 119.718 to 134.651: could benefit with some triples to stand out against the layering here
- 165.918: really smart idea to separate the piano here against the 24ths, good little bit of differentiation that fits nicely
- there are various areas that are missing some notes for little blips/notes of percussion, many of which are noticeable: 50.359, 56.367/56.425, 70.134, 78.826, 24ths at 81.917 (intentionally omitted perhaps due to the repeated piano), 88.159, etc - there are many more
- overall, a great file that is quite technical and enjoyable, but could use a touch more polishing
This is another file I really like and can't wait to see in the tournament. I hate to be saying it again (well kinda not cause I guess it's good there's nothing else to point out) but I really have nothing to add to AJ's critiques (darn him and his thorouness.)

Altale {sakuzyo} (DarkZtar)
Rating: [6.5/10]

- offset changed from -0.700 to -0.720
- 3.615: very subtle piano note missed here
- 12.615: ^
- while the time signature is arguably correct, you might have been better off with using 180 BPM for more precise quantizing; 180 BPM is acceptable as it implies a 3/4 time signature, which works acceptably here
- 28.053: these bursts look very strange, and again, it might have to do with the inability to quantize tightly
- 29.720: does this burst have a tail of 32nds because of the snare rolls? it seems odd to have this burst not only come in where it is, but also terminate it with a 12th note for the melody
- 32.386: should be 48ths from here, the 24ths themselves don't really do anything
- 44.386: the previous burst should terminate here
- 46.053: what is this burst for?
- 51.720: first half of the burst and second half of the burst are the same rhythmically, yet accented differently
- 56.720 to 64.720: many missing notes for the background melody represented as 24th streams; 63.720 is incompletely represented
- 74.720: incorrect rhythm for the piano, speeds up quite substantially compared to 32nds
- 86.053/86.386: missing notes
- 94.720 to 108.720: so incredibly lack-luster compared to the upcoming section, and there are definitely other sounds to follow
- 108.720 to 118.720: this stream hardly sounds like it should be continuous - there is a very faint piano that somewhat corresponds to your ascending/descending patterning, there seems to be breaks in it; in any case, 118.386 is a bit of an early termination for that pattern
- 144.543: it seems like there should be a few more notes for the piano here; that emptiness is somewhat strange
- file could use some work, and honestly, could turn out a bit cleaner color wise if quantized at 180 BPM as opposed to 120 BPM; it's not very nice to work with a piano that could be 12th notes at one tempo but 96ths at another
From a player point of view I really enjoy this file and would love to see it end up making it through but Halogen did nail down a fair amount of errors to look into. I'd say fix those up and send this back in.

Amnolys {onoken} (bmah)
Rating: [8.5/10]

- jumps in the beginning (first 14 seconds) seem a little ambiguous, either that or they're following something that's kinda far in the back there
- 34.589: I think the quantize changes at this point here; reason being that it would create two whole measures of 12th notes at 180 and before that would be four measures of 16ths at 120 (just a bit cleaner in terms of quantizing)
- 68.494: since you follow the piano for this entire section, move this arrow to R for proper PR
- 74.078/84.744: remove; no discernible percussion here
- 78.772: missing note for the synth
- 99.744: missing note for hi-hat
- 100.744: missing note for percussion here (either a hi-hat, or the sweep here either/or)
- all of the things mentioned here are super minor and only noticeable to a pretty well trained ear, file is more than good as is
I love this file, I don't think anything that AJ mentioned takes away from the file or is a big deal.

Gin Tonic Flavor {q/stol} (hi19hi19)
Rating: [8.5/10]

- 16.795: check PR here, the three left arrows looks wrong for sure
- 42.261: should be 24ths here, not 16ths
- 55.364 to 62.983: cute! very well executed.
- 98.460: love the pattern contouring here, subtle but I noticed :P
- goddamn, this file's really well polished! Players are gonna love this.
Really well done, I have nothing additional to add to what AJ's already said.

Paraclete [Oni] {LeaF} (ilikexd)
Rating: [9/10]

- 68.170/69.313/70.456/(etc): missing notes for kicks
- 81.956: I've always wondered why you broke the synth here; yeah, it's a noticeable scale, but it still runs constant here - not really worth calling erroneous though
- chart's relatively explicit and it's hard to pinpoint any real nitpicks, structure is very solid
*Thumbs up*

Suit Up (feat. Southpaw Swagger) {Blue Stahli} (gameboy42690)
Rating: [7/10]

- deliberately forceful structure that doesn't adhere to standard layering structure, but the accenting is point blank and very acceptable due to the style of music/reduced tempo, it feels right
- 24.800: missing guitar note, likely a single step
- 33.527: missing guitar note, also likely to be a single note
- 35.436: switch to a [13] for pitch relevance (and move the 1 to something else)
- 39.254: three 64ths into a 8th, rather than four 48ths
- 41.709: not liking these jumps; it's quite hard to hear what they're following and how they differentiate from the vocals on their own (the single taps, that is)
- 42.868: missing note for vocals
- 45.697: remove
- 46.663: I hear the first two notes, this one though...
- 48.936: these three jumps are strange with the guitar accents falling on
- 45.390: check your rhythm, should be a bit more than 16ths
- 45.697: remove this note
- 46.481: having a bit of trouble hearing what the 24ths are for here, or at least, the third note in the sequence; tough to discern
- 48.936: three jumps is a little strange with no vocals and the guitar accent falling on 49.072
- 49.481: 48ths
- 52.345: 64th blip in the vocal sampling here
- 82.072: move this over to the right arrow, listen carefully!
- 84.118: should be a 4-note 64th burst starting at 84.152
- 87.663: this feels a bit strange; care to clarify?
- 120.663: note doesn't really represent anything that is audible; the other four 64ths are fine
- 129.390: little flourish of guitar notes here
- despite the large amount of notes, many of these details are rather small and the file is understandable overall - there's a clear PR scheme and understandable sequence of anchoring in the jumps for the guitar, though some more jump clarity could be established, I think... not bad overall, though.
I don't think there's going to be anything I can add to what he's already nailed here. Check out these errors and we'd be more than happy to look over a resubmit if you'd like to send it back.

Akasha {xi} (ilikexd)
Rating: 8/10

- solid PR in the piano overall, though the jump placement seems a bit strange because there are prominent kicks that are ignored with jumps (the structure does put jumps on snares, but they're in the background sometimes and occasionally your jumps placed for the piano chords land on kicks, so it seems a little strange visually)
- 39.100: move off of down to break the continuity of the trill
- 70.479 to 91.235: good intent on pitch relevance here, definitely noticeable in the pattern structure
- 89.938: not necessarily incorrect, but you could probably take advantage of this arpeggio with runningmen and still have the bursts as well?
- 122.370 to 132.749: good patterns overall, but it's a bit of a shame that you didn't take advantage of the piano that ran through here; would have been an awesome way to transition into a melodically different section
- 132.749 to 133.722/(etc): numerous missing piano notes here that are about as easy to hear as the 24ths so I think they should be accented; the intent at differentiation is a nice idea, but it seems a little empty in my opinion
- 153.506 to 163.884: good majority of this is copy/pasted from an earlier section; with your main point of PR starting on [23], you could easily manipulate the start point to [14] and still have relatively deviated patterning
- 163.398: missing jump (both kick + synth land here)
- generally well done, no real complaints
Overall really well done, nothing extra to add to Halogen's notes.

Hyperdisco {Annoying Ringtone} (FFR Pro 21)
Rating: 5/10

- 2.917: with the jumps coming in on the vocals, you should try to change the jumps so that they appropriately accent their patch rather than having them all as the same
- 3.877 to 11.557: with the exception of the jumps at 10.597, the jumps here are quite arbitrary, they don't give a major accent to much of anything
- 14.437: with your current structure, you don't really capture the increased kick intensity (to be fair, it is a little difficult to do regardless, but you might do better holding off on the layering until these kicks, perhaps? with them fading at 18.277, it's noticeable and plays reasonably well)
- 19.117: this jump is a bit odd compared to the rest of the jumps in this section, even though it does clearly go to the vocals
- 19.237 to 34.597: I can't help but feel like the structure of this chart would feel a bit less randomized and better structured if you used the vocals as your foundation, and layered around that... or even used the melody and had the vocals layered as jumps, even - both ways are a bit more direct and easier for the player to comprehend and connect with your chart. As it is, the kicks feel a bit bland only because you actually follow the vocals a bit (with some layering alternation) in a later section.
- 28.117 to 34.597: this is a great example of why the change at 14.437 would be good for your file - you actually do it already!
- 52.117: remove jump
- 52.957: add jump for snare
- 58.957/(etc): the 3/32nd situations happening into single taps are acceptable, but 16th mini-jacks as a result of a 32nd roll are certainly not - cut the last 32nd out before the triple, or remove it all together
- 60.277: these are even worse because it's technically not a clean jump-trill, aaaaaa D:
- 65.317 to 72.997: you have a good opportunity to mix layering and PR here since your structure generally lightens up a bit - take advantage of the simple melody and clean up your patterns so they feel a bit less randomized
- 72.997 to 88.357: another interesting opportunity here; you have repeated vocals behind your streams - you could leverage stream patterns for the "heut ist mein tag", which would make your patterns have a bit more meaning. Additional note about this section, be very careful with your patterning at this speed - you have some right-handed bias at around 83.077 that should be addressed
- 91.357/95.197/99.037/(etc): missing jump for snare; yes, they come after a triple but with how aggressive your structure is as a whole, this is a good accent to have that is consistent throughout the song
- 103.717/107.557: what merits these triples? that harder crash that you hear at 104.677/etc isn't here, and this is a big problem in the first instance because it creates a 16th note minijack off of a 32nd roll
- 129.756/etc: missing jump
- the main problem with the chart is that the layering/structure is so generalized and doesn't fit with the song's changes in dynamic, which makes it feel quite a bit longer than it really is; if more separation was created between sections, it might play a lot better/faster
- overall, structure is coherent, but generally needs a bit more work because the file as a whole is a bit underwhelming despite having a reasonable difficulty - adding more relevant patterns could help quite a bit
Look into the fixes that were suggested by Halogen. I really enjoy the song and would love to see it fixed up.

Reach {Grant Bowtie} (blanky!)
Rating: 6/10

- 4.006: very glaring missing note here
- 5.319: not quite the correct rhythm here
- 9.631: I'd keep the 24ths running until the next beat; the sound is still present and that termination point plays a bit strangely
- 16.694: hmmm, with a jump here, why is there not a note at 13.694 to separate the pitch bend? (actually, it really should be a 16th at 13.662)
- 25.569 to 37.569: pitch relevance could be improved a bit; you've definite got some localized pitch relevance with the jump placement (notes before and after the 16th jump are the same, which indicates at least some comprehension), but the melody is simple enough to reorder things even better than they are now
- 35.694: very strange, almost counter-intuitive thinking here - the fuller notes get the layering cut?
- 56.069: not sure about these colored notes here
- 60.444: repeated 8th note here feels strange; yes, there's definitely a separated note for the background synth, but coming after the repeated note at 59.694 (which likely accents the kick), it feels closer to erroneous than viable
- 64.569: I like the idea of a burst here for the blast of bass that comes out here, but you can't get away with using 24ths here when the main construction of your chart is 24ths for something that actually does exist at that rhythm; this is where a burst of color can come in and liven things up a bit
- 70.756: with the bass playing three notes here, putting these all on L (cruel, I know) gives you the accent for both the bass and the interval within the melody
- 73.194: again, same idea as the bass: I agree with an increase in steps for that drop in pitch, but 24ths on their own won't do it because you're using 24ths for actual musical components within your song
- 75.959: missing 32nd note just before that 6 note blip (should be 7)
- 76.381: make this jump the same as the jump that captures the other clap for better accenting relevance
- 76.569: see 64.569
- please cut the remainder of the song out of your submission
- this file actually has a reasonable amount of potential for being really unique; some improved patterning, pitch relevance, and burst representation could go a long way on this
Halogen's nailed pretty much everything as ususal. I will say from a personal opinion with how mellow the song is in the beginning all the bursty stuff feels uncessecary, but of course I understand what they're going to and they aren't wrong. The abrupt stop also urked me a little bit.

Red Sphere, Blue Sphere {chthonic} (Silvuh)
Rating: 8/10

- 20.489: while correct, the streaming kinda detracts from the generally noticeable melody which all falls on off-beats and just feels a touch overemphasized, which is only an issue because the melody really never got a chance to be introduced into the rest of the layering elements
- 38.950: nice increase in layering for the overlay of the second melody on top of the first one, works nicely here
- 66.527: I understand the purpose of these jacks; they're more in the way of interruptors rather than actual repetition (and this is present earlier on as well), but I'm still not a fan - it feels a bit too jarring, especially given a moving melody that is being followed alongside
- 98.720: another trill can be placed here as well
- good file, nothing really noticeable otherwise
I felt it was really well done and like that it tests more than one skillset which is something I'm always looking for.

The Devil Plays Dance Games {dbk2} (ilikexd)
Rating: 8.5/10

- 21.873: eh, I don't understand the purpose of inverting here
- 97.873: the idea of repeating streams is great, but I think it would have been the most effective (and more memorable) if it was in repeated sets of 4 as opposed to sets of 2, to capture the actual key changes in the melody
- hmmm, nothing charted for the choir at the end?
- chart's really well done, though I really don't like how underwhelming in difficulty it is
Well my opinion differs from AJ and I don't think it's underwhelming at all. I'm happy to see it not super heavily layeredand to see some straight streaming. I feel like we don't come across that very much anymore.

Black is Gameboy, blue is Halogen

Decretum (Xelnya) (6/10)
0.000: Why is this first note a 4th note instead of a 12th? Not that this is significant enough to have any impact on the rating, it just strikes me as really weird.
That is an offset issue to me, but it’s a single note so not worth penalizing really, but yeah, certainly strange
5.439: Pitch relevancy feels backwards here. A 2-3 pattern instead of a 4-2 pattern would make for better pitch relevancy, but it conflicts with 8.250; they would end up being the exact same pattern to two different pitches. Changing the entire set of 12ths to something like [23]-4-1-2-3 could work.
I do agree with this note above, though you at least took the time to repeat the same pattern twice to keep accordance with the respective pitches - however, 7.126 ends up repeating the same patterns as 3.751 (and others) which are clearly not in the same key, so more pattern variation does need to happen here
9.376: Adding variety to your steps is okay, just be consistent with your changes. 12.750 plays the exact same set of notes but uses the old [13]-2-1-3-4 pattern instead of the new [14]-2-3-1-4 pattern.
19.500: This jump should be a [24] jump to match the one at 18.375.
30.189: This note is higher than 29.626; a [34] jump instead of repeating a [24] jump should be used to reflect that. The jump at 30.376 should be a [24] jump instead since it's the same note as 29.626.
31.313: This is technically correct, but the note this jump is going to is really subtle and was hard for me to notice.
Was able to pick up what this jump went to the first time, so it’s alright for some and not others; subjective but noteworthy point regardless
35.246: Should be a [12] jump (lower note than 34.885).
35.811: The [24] jump should come first, then the [23] jump.
40.125: There should be a jump here, not at 40.312.
43.128: Should be a [34] jump.
PR is usually okay when you're just stepping single notes, but there's quite a few jumps in this file besides the ones I've mentioned that could stand to be more pitch relevant.
Absolutely agree with the above point; if you spent more time mapping the pitch out to the jumps when they become a bit more prevalent and then lined up the single notes to only be relatively (but not directly) accurate, the chart would look a lot better
49.127: Missing jump.
53.252: I don't really agree with using hands in this particular file, but this one in particular really felt exaggerated.
This one feels alright to me because it is a question of ending a phrase, and the chord is a bit dissonant/standing out, so I’m personally alright with it - however, I do agree in that removal of it could work because it’s certainly not as strong as the earlier one that had a much lower tone
57.189: missing jump, much like the one at 31.313
59.626: Missing jump.
60.752: A couple of more missing jumps here too.
63.381: given the previous patterns, I’d argue that this is strong enough to use a triple on - certainly alright as you have it, but more accenting power is always good
65.066: Should be a single note, the next two notes should both be jumps.
66.002 & 66.375: Missing jumps.
67.314: another missing jump, somewhat harder to hear like the one at 31.313
67.879: Should be a single note.
68.998: Should be a single note.
78.375: should probably be a single note given the jumps after
Jump placement a bit after seems a bit strange at the end
What’s with the tempo shift at the end? Those white notes seem strange/unnecessary.

FrainBreeze (MarioNintendo) (7/10)
13.438 to 17.882/19.549 to 22.327: whats with the anchor-heavy patterning here? All the repeating notes seem a bit unnecessary.
30.753: The minijack wasn't that fun but it's technically correct.
33.716: The drum is really hard to hear at this point. It might be better to just focus on the melody and the occasional bass kick until you reach 35.660.
36.771: pattern structure could use a bit more improvement, given that your kicks were on down arrow 8ths and the downs suddenly switched to 12ths - you have a gap that makes this pattern change rather easy
43.438: Missing jump.
47.882: Missing jump.
50.568: This is kind of a mean pattern. I would look into making the jump two-handed instead of one-handed.
Agreed, this is a boo trap waiting to happen and should probably be fixed; it’s a very abrupt difficulty spike.
52.327: Missing jump.
56.771 & 57.049: Missing jump.
59.827: Missing jump. This same note is consistently stepped without a jump whenever it plays in the song despite 59.179 being stepped with a jump.
70.105: Missing jump.
74.549: Missing jump.
77.605: Since you began stepping the melody with jumps, this 8th note during the 24th stream could work as a jump too. Totally optional though, it's fine the way it is too.
Keeps the pattern even and adds a bit more of an aggressive patterning contour, I agree 100% since you’re trying to accent the melody but can’t sensibly accent every single note in it as 24ths; this is the next best thing (do this at 86.493 as well)
93.438: Really enjoying how you stepped the drum here.
A+ indeed
100.660: Ghost 24th trill. I hear a 16th triplet, no 24ths though.
I do not hear what this goes to either; likely requires removal
102.881/(etc): these three repeated 8th notes are a bit erroneous because the pitch does not repeat (it’s three notes separated by a half step)

124.271 & 133.160: Not sure what these 8th jumps are going to.

How Things Went Wrong (Xelnya) (4.5/10)
0.920: I see a lot of white notes used in this file that don't really accent any particular sound. During a burst it's fine, but in a situation like this an ordinary 16th jump would have been fine. What you stepped now suggests there's a sound you wanted to accent besides the bass, but there's no other sound being played there.
1.834/4.603: should be 64ths (you use them later, so I assume that this is just an oversight)
3.334: Missing burst.
3.680: Misinterpreted the drums. There should be a jump here and on 3.910, but not on the 4th note.
4.257: This should be a jump as well.
6.507: VERY uncomfortable pattern. Fast one-handed 64ths like this should be avoided, even in short bursts. There's a few of these during the file, so watch out for them.
This pattern ends in a 32nd note mini-jack; at 130 BPM, that is absolutely unplayable.
7.084: Missing 32nd.
7.372: Ghost burst.
8.987: Missing jump going to the bass kick.
9.093: Going back to my point in 0.920, putting a white note here makes much more sense than what you did before. I think this could have worked as a hand too, but a white note gets the point across.
10.949 & 12.218: These long anchors weren't very fun.
They’re also not the most representative of the percussion sequence either; there’s more than just two types of percussion; you have two jumps but there’s at least three different kicks/percussion elements
14.353: Missing 32nd.
16.257: If 9.093 is going to be a white note, this needs to be a white note too. Although judging by the random use of white notes in this file, I'm starting to wonder if the one at 9.093 was just coincidence. There's really no consistency here at all.
20.180: Another long anchor that wasn't really that fun.
23.872: misrhythm; very overemphasized when all you need are two 32nds and four 64ths
25.641: These 48ths were really rough. Consider turning this into a roll so the player can just jumptrill.
This 48th note burst doesn’t even follow anything for me - the burst should start at 25.718, and notes before it should be 32nds instead
32.987: Missing 32nd burst.
34.834: Missing note.
35.468/35.584: missing 32nds
36.622: Missing 32nd.
also at 36.853 as well
- Errors with misplaced jumps and missing bursts are consistent throughout the file. Look through the file again, there's a ton of errors like this besides the ones I've mentioned.
41.872: This was a really nasty anchor!
55.026: The first minijack is okay (although 130 BPM 32nd minijacks are pretty extreme and right at the borderline of what would be acceptable), the second one... I had to slow down the music to 0.25x speed to understand what it was going to. At normal speed it doesn't feel right at all.
Second mini-jack is incorrect as the snares have two different pitches; the first set, while ill-advised, is acceptable
58.949: Missing a 16th triplet leading into the hand (which really shouldn't be a hand since the note it's going to isn't really loud).
There are also notes that could come before here because the bass absolutely rumbles in; however, they are arguably worth accenting because some non-headphone players will miss those notes (the frequency is -really- low on that); there’s also a string instrument that starts before where you have your triple, but yeah, the triple itself seems strange
73.487: This should nudged upward to an 8th note.
88.257: Same with this note.
89.814: Ghost 32nd note.
90.564: After this 64th bursts, there's a bunch of missing 32nds.
94.026: Missing 32nd burst.
101.987, 112.141, 112.487: Uncomfortable patterns. I'd avoid having a minijack coming out of these jumps. The second one isn't as bad since at least it's a two-handed pattern, but the others are really pretty gross.
113.180: I'm okay with 130 BPM 32nd minijacks... I don't think anybody is okay with a five note long 130 BPM 32nd jackhammer.
Absolutely needs to be removed, there’s no legitimate/viable reason to ever have that in a file.
Go through the entire chart and fix up your burst rhythms/structure - this has serious potential.

I really wanted to love this file, but there's just so many errors that it really can't be accepted. But I do see a lot of potential for a really hard and fun FGO, so keep working on this file.

La Tristesse Durera Toujours (Xelnya) (6.5/10)
6.065: Missing jump.
10.855: Pitch relevancy is a little off. The piano note this jump is going to is a higher note than the jump at 10.351, so a [12] jump is incorrect.
14.133: Missing jump.
18.922: Similar issue to 10.855.
19.930-22.702: There's a lot of missed piano notes here. I can sort of see where you're coming from, but towards the end of the file you actually did put 8th notes around 16th jumps so I don't get why this wasn't done more consistently.
Perhaps for progressive purposes? It’s certainly arguable either way because again, it is done later on, but it is a bit strange to do it intentionally here and then not omit them later.
Jump placement could certainly be improved with regards to pitch relevance, either way.

36.570: Should be a single note.
41.106 & 43.125: These should also be single notes.
There’s still piano notes being played an octave beneath the already low notes (they are admittedly a little difficult to hear, though); they at least help to set a pace a bit and are at least arguably correct
49.175: Also should be a single note.
70.854: remove jump
85.477: remove jump - if there is a piano even further down on the left hand, it is hardly audible

99.845: This should be a jump.
105.646: This should be a single note.
I feel like the gaps should be filled a bit more consistently, at least in the second half of the map as the jumps increase - it feels very strange to have the chords sporadically surrounded by other notes in some spots and not others

Try This (rushyrulz) (6.5/10)
- Offset changed from -0.189 to -0.159
5.677: There's an additional brass instrument being played on this set of 8ths, so rather than copy 2.919 exactly you could change the patterns a little bit (something like 3-1 3-2 4-2).
Additionally, you could actually use pitch relevant jumps here as well ([13][12], [14][23], [34][24], etc)
11.711/(etc): these jumps should be on a 12th, not an 8th - there are a lot of these; fix them accordingly

14.183, 16.137, 16.942: Missing 12ths.
- There's actually a few other unstepped 12ths too, but they would probably feel awkward to hit.
I hear numerous flute notes here at 19.469, but only see 8th notes here; avoided intentionally for some reason?
22.057: Move this 8th note out of column 1. This drum is not the same sound that you stepped the long anchors to, so this note shouldn't be part of the anchor.
26.194: By the way I really liked the anchors.
27.459: Ghost 24ths. Ghost notes can sometimes work really well with certain dubstep/drumstep effects, but in this case it was more of an annoyance.
The problem here is not the 24ths for the bass there, but rather the pattern that is used; it’s rather jarring because it has an implicit 12th note mini-jack. If you change it to something like 4321 or 1234, it’ll be a cleaner representation.
30.850, 32.401: Missed a couple of notes.
34.298: Similarly to 5.677, because of the extra brass you could change the patterns up instead of doing a direct copy & paste.
42.229: Missed a jump.
44.298-52.574: What's with all the missing 8th notes? I can still follow what you're stepping, but it feels very empty. There should also be 8th minijacks at 47.401 and 50.160.
55.504: missing note for the bass here that you follow with jumps throughout the section
60.850: The brass is gradually rising in pitch, so rather than step a trill you could step a roll to reflect that. You actually do something sort of like this just before the trill.
This is a tricky situation; I somewhat agree with gameboy’s point, but I do like that you’re also giving strong accent to the bass by repeating the jumps - you can actually get the best of both world here by doing a pseudo-pitch relevance with something like this: http://puu.sh/oosWs/5db666a4f8.png; tough call either way
63.522: This should be changed to a single note, and there should be a 4th jump at 63.608.
71.453: This 48th burst is early. It should actually start on the 4th note at 71.539, not here.
73.952: change to a [14] for better PR
74.794: If these 64ths are intended to be on the same frame, fine. If not, then the 64ths should actually come after the 8th note, not before.
76.669: And again here. Generally all of your 32nds/48ths/64ths should be trailoffs, not lead-ins.
78.607: change this [24] to a [12], or change the [23] jumps later to [24] for proper PR
87.919: Missed a few jumps for the bass kick.
88.263: move this jump to [12] for better pattern assignment ([14] gets snare, [12] gets kick) - the bass that plays in the earlier section cannot be heard behind the percussion
89.126 etc.: Missing note going to the drum. I can see it was intentional but stepping it just feels right.
109.470: There's another wub here that could be stepped.
110.332: ^

Interesting file. I had fun with it but some of those technical errors need to be addressed.

Gameboy = black Halogen=blue

Doki-Doki ((xXOpkillerXx)) (6/10)
2.091: Should be a triple, not a jump.
3.424: reduce some strain on this pattern by breaking one of the mini-jack chains that happens here
3.758: Should be a triple, too
Yeah, the structure feels a bit strange with that note emphasized and nothing else...
4.091: And again here. Basically wherever you have the synth and bass playing at the same time there should be a triple, which is what you do more consistently at around 7.924. Of course, don't actually use a triple if it would be really uncomfortable to play (7.424, for example). After 12.758 I'd probably back off from using hands again.
10.424/10.591: with how heavy the layering is around that section, it might be good to layer in the piano and the synth at the same time as jumps to keep your aggression somewhat intact; this is just disparagingly light
11.091: you do a good job separating the kicks and what are presumably pitch relevant jumps for the piano here, but then you just repeat a bunch of [12] jumps, which is structurally accurate, but rather disappointing because it breaks the relevance that you instantiated in the section beforehand
12.758 to 21.424: this is so lightly layered compared to the aggression of the intro, and you also bring the aggression back near the end of a musical phrase, which makes this entire section look glaringly erroneous

17.758: I don't really have an issue with using 48th walls in this file, but they should all be able to be hit as 24th jumptrills. This pattern is essentially asking the player to do a short 32nd trill at 180 BPM. It's really not fun. There's another one of these at 65.758.
Entirely agree; this is too jarring of a difficulty spike
21.424: Hands felt out of place.
I agree with the above note, but I agree more with the fact that the entire section just feels too light given how harshly you opened; aggression is certainly fine, but don’t back away only to make it return momentarily
24.591, 27.258, etc.: I get what you were doing with these 8th jumps, but it feels weird having a jump for the synth only occasionally.
I actually somewhat disagree with the above note because of the combined layering structure you have here; you’re not going to be able to cleanly catch every note in the melody and I feel like this is an acceptable alternative to doing so - however, instances where you have repeated jumps that aren’t for the melody (i.e. kicks) should repeat so that there’s accented separation between both musical elements (good: 24.424 / not so much: 25.758); clean this up just a bit and it could feel quite nice
26.924: This jack isn't technically correct; this should only be a minijack and not a 3-note jack. There's a few other jacks that should be looked at too.
Arguable point here, and that’s only because the bass and the synth play on the same note in different octaves, and the third bass note gets a bit masked behind the heavier synth. The structure’s technically acceptable, but I do feel like it should be listened to a bit more carefully to catch when the synth has a touch more prominence.
30.424: no jacks for the repeating synth here? The three jumps don’t quite work as well here since those notes aren’t quite as accented - in fact, you should probably add jumps at 30.924 and 31.258.

31.258: Missing jump for the bass kick.
44.758: There's something really really satisfying about this color note theory.
I agree; quite cute. Any reason for the green color in particular?
55.424: The triples here are very exaggerated. These should be jumps instead.
Up to you for the change here - I personally am fine with the triples given the intensity of this melodic bridge; that’s not something I feel like you need to change. If anything, fixing the previous structure a bit could make it more appropriate.
76.758: Missing jump at the end of this wall.
92.758: VERY overstepped! I get you want climax theory, but this is crazy!
Holy shit, this is honki sentai’s tougher section on steroids. As a player, this is fun as hell; however, it’s definitely overcharted compared to the rest of the structure and will be very lacking in enjoyment to those who do well in the first 80% of the chart to get destroyed here. If you want to use this ending, the rest of your chart would have to be beefed up quite substantially to make this ending at least plausible for use in this structure.

There's sings of a really fun file hidden here, but that ending really takes away from everything else.

Megalovania (Guest15937) (5.5/10)
- Unknown Artist??? (This song is kinda hard to avoid so of course I know it's Toby Fox, thank you The Internet for your obsession over Undertale.)
18.263: Since the music gets more intense here and a louder instrument is used for the melody, you could probably change the layering to have a jump for every note in the melody. Your current layering also works but I feel it kinda lacks that OOMPH.
I’d actually listen to gameboy here for this note as well; you’re actually constraining your layering a bit by trying to keep the bass accented and directly layering over it - if you use jump pitch relevance on the melody itself and use the bass to fill your structure out a bit, you’ll have a much more noticeable relevance that does a great job accenting what players will hear clearly, while still keeping a good pace.
- As far as patterns are concerned, it's a little inconsistent with how you stepped the last eight seconds of the file. The 16th at 18.388 should be in column 1, not 4. Instead of forming a 16th minijack with the 8th jump, it should form a 16th minijack with the hand. There should also be another minijack at 18.763 and a jump at 20.013. From there you can copy & paste 18.263-20.263 and alter the patterns to match how the bass is a lower pitch than the previous measure.
25.263, 25.638, 26.013: These notes should be hands. If you want, you can make 25.513 a jump to go with the snare drum and remove the jump at 25.388.
34.013 & 34.263: These technically should both be hands, but I understand if you only want to make the second one a hand and leave the first one as a jump.
34.888: Change the [23] jump to a [24] jump, and change the 8th at 35.013 to a 3 or a 1. There should be a minijack to go with the bass. The 8th that's going to the snare drum shouldn't form a minijack with anything, since that snare drum isn't repeating twice in a row.
35.138: This minijack would be fine if you were following the high hat, but since you're not this minijack should be broken up.
35.638: Jump should be on this 16th note, not on the 4th note at 35.763.
36.013: This 8th could be a jump since the bass and snare play at the same time.
- Many of the issues that I just pointed out repeat themselves frequently, so keep an eye out for them.
37.450: Technically there's a 48th burst here, not a 32nd, but I'm okay with this being left as a 32nd anyway.
41.263: Same idea with the hands and jumps as 25.263 etc.
42.263: feel like interjecting here at gameboy’s good structural note earlier on: if you opt into following the melody with jumps earlier on, you have the opportunity to utilize a really good combination layering here by representing each individual melody with single notes - again, using the bass only to fill in gaps without worrying too much about its pitch relevance because it’s trivially visible and a waste of space that could be used for what is actually heard.
42.638 & 42.888 etc.: Should be jumps.
44.138, 46.138, etc.: Ghost 16ths.
49.513: Missing note.
51.013: Missing 8th for the snare drum.
51.263: The song isn't playing a trill, so having this long 1-2 trill (and the [13][24] mini jumptrill) doesn't fit.
This is a by-product of sticking with the same layering element for too long. Using a [13][24] jumptrill seems like the right thing to do because it allows you to have that 2-1-2-3-4-3-2-1 you want for the melody, but it’s not noticeable behind the accent that you’re trying to portray. To alleviate this, you should probably break away from the bass for a bit and rely on the less prevalent percussion - this will give your patterns a bit more room to breathe.
52.263: This also isn't a trill. Something like [24]-3-1-2-[14] (that 8th note needs to be a jump too) fits the song better.
- There's a lot of trills in this file that don't make any sense. Again, something to watch out for.
56.763: Quite a bit of left hand bias going on here.
61.013, 63.013, 65.013 etc.: Missing 8th for the snare drum.
82.763, 83.388, 84.013, etc.: There's jumps you could put to the snare drum to make this part a little more interesting.
96.763: Should be a minijack.
98.263, 100.263, etc.: If you want to look at this from a technical layering standpoint, yes these should be hands. But the sound you're stepping really isn't loud enough/doesn't carry enough weight to really warrant a hand.
110.513: These hands are good though.
Agree in entirety; it’s good to have these triples as they are end-of-section accents, but the previous section just feels a bit too heavy.
114.763, 116.763, etc.: These 4th note jumps should actually be single notes.
115.013, 117.013, etc.: Missing the snare again.
130.013: Missing jump.
- The last 40 seconds of the file are really repetitive and draggy.

The file starts off good but as time goes on the file starts to fall apart. There's potential here, it just needs more work.
Song could certainly use a cut near the ending; your structure is not half bad, but is weakened due to the constant usage of direct layering, which doesn’t give your file much variation because the song’s underlying instrumental structure is not changed quite as much as you need using this layering style.

Ringo's Tea Party (Scintill) (8.5/10)
Interesting intro: I’d say consider moving the first set of 8th notes to 2 as opposed to 3, second set to 3 as opposed to 4, etc - but the pitch relevance on the 4ths is good as well. If you can find a way to incorporate both, it’d be pretty neat.
8.086-12.200: It would be awesome if the placement of the 4th notes matched the first six seconds of the file.
13.057: I don't like how these three notes are intentionally left out.
Definitely personal preference here; I’d say leave them out over here. #conflictingjudgeopinions
23.771: There's a drum playing in the background that would be cool to step.
29.171: This pattern was kinda gross.
32.771: The sound you're stepping gradually rises in pitch, so a left-to-right roll pattern would actually work better than a trill.
Agree with a trill being a little underwhelming here, but I certainly don’t agree with 12341234 either - something like 121314232434 (ascending pairs) could work nicely in my opinion
36.200, 36.886, etc.: Could have stepped jumps here.
50.943: thoughts on adding a color gimmick here for the detune of the melody?
73.229: you jerk your jackhammer killed my sightread AAA
Speaking of the jackhammer here - since the colored notes are following the brass instrument, wouldn’t it technically be more accurate to have these notes as 192nds as well? Minor gripe, certainly not necessary to change, haha

Really fun file, there's not terribly much I have to say that isn't subjective.

Seiran's Mad Hammer (Scintill) (8.5/10)
- Wow, I had no idea IOSYS could sound this gritty.
13.457: The drums are actually lowering in pitch, so the 24ths should go from right to left instead of left to right.
41.886: Missing 24th.
66.600: Jump should be on the 24th note at 66.457, not here.
66.886: Similarly, this jump should actually have been on the 8th note at 67.029.
- The above two mistakes happen again at 80.171.

Solid file, not much to complain about.
Cannot point out anything that gameboy hasn’t mentioned. I am a little disappointed in the lack of layering for the snares prior to the drop, but that’s subjective and certainly not a detriment to your current structure.

Violet Rose (bmah) (10/10)
- file sucked
- Just kidding it was amazing. About all I can think of to comment on is blatantly subjective and super nitpicky so I won't even bother. Great job!
- hot damn; trying to find mistakes is yielding me unsuccessful; this file is incredibly polished and very well deserving of a fantastic rating
- 198s to 246s are very memorably

Gameboy = Black Halogen = Blue

Our Journey and Epilogue (8/10)
57.938: This polyrhythm feels really forced.
it seems alright to me, personally. It’s for cymbal crashes - if anything it might just feel a touch overemphasized (not because they’re jumps, but because they’re jumps + polys)
87.016: Layering gets really weird here. The intention seems to be "step a jump if the repeated set of three 8ths and the melody plays at the same time". But that's not the case at 87.672, where you only have the repeated 8ths but there's a jump anyways. It's really confusing.
The layering here is very much direct, and simply layers instruments on top of one another; the problem here is that the layers have a tendency to clash a little - for example, the melody at 87.017 comes in while there’s three bass notes on 4, and the melody plays 12344, causing the three bass notes and the tail of the melody to clash, making the five repeated notes a little strange; it’s done accurately, but the execution could potentially be a little bit cleaner
107.836: The same sort of thing continues here, except now there's jumps on the melody and the repeated 8ths all the time. Or at least I think that's the intention. There's also jumps that don't go to either of those two things, and I can't figure out what else they go to (111.115, for instance). The layering is really busy as it is, so adding even more layering makes the layering difficult to follow.
An additional synth layer actually gets added here, as well as the percussion, so given the previous section and how it’s perceived to be working, this added layer also seems fine to me with comprehension of the previous section.
128.486: Everything up to the slowdown feels really underlayered compared to the dense layering from before.
I do agree with this; you could put a little more oomph into this section for sure.
191.514, 194.458, etc.: The first 32nd in these 32nd bursts are ghost notes.
Interestingly enough, they’re actually not, but they’re also not 32nds either - this seems to be the most accurate rhythm: http://puu.sh/or2Uo/a4db32c68c.png - with that being said, that is quite nitpicky given the intensity of the section and most players will approximate their taps to 32nds anyway.
242.166: Should be a jump.
That it should, fix please.
275.992: More forced polyrhythms. It's really difficult to hear the 16ths, so sticking to the 12ths may be better.
I personally disagree with the above point; both instruments have noticeable prominence and you do a good job highlighting the accented instrument by anchoring 16ths on 4, plus the patterns are reasonably smooth given the situation.
289.200: this was slightly erroneous to me - the repeating note is a 12th away, and having repeated 24ths looks a bit strange given that you don’t repeat anything for the percussion at all at this interval
317.502: Here comes that infamous jumpstream. :P
332.136: I didn't like this pair of one-handed trills. The second one isn't as bad, but the first one is faster and less fun.
Mean little spike at the end for sure, but I can’t complain; it’s got merit in the song.

There's a lot that was clearly influenced by bmah's file, but the extra four minutes adds more than enough new stuff that I don't think it's a problem for both version to be in FFR.

Polis Ruin (7/10)
7.707: PR felt backwards for a few notes. It's not a huge concern but look into fixing it if you can.
10.541: Choosing not to step those soft 16th drums playing in the background I think plays pretty nicely. On the other hand, this results in 74.211 being a huge difficulty spike. I actually don't mind this too much personally, but consider filling in those gaps.
18.208 to 34.209: with how light your layering is, you have plenty of room to improve the overall patterning structure. Take the time to poke through this section and align kicks/snares to respective notes for pieces of this section (for example: you open out well at 26.542 having all snares on the right arrow, but then that goes out the window almost immediately. Repeated taps for kicks would help for relevance too.)
49.036, 49.369, etc.: White notes to accent the drum bursts instead of stepping 32nds is a little unusual, since this is the only time you do it. Leaving out the 12ths and instead focusing on 32nds might make a little more sense.
50.210 to 66.211: same note as 18.208 - it’s actually a little more strange seeing a lack of coordinated structure at a very light glance looking at 59.543 and then 60.210, where one reflects a percussive repetition and the other does not really capture anything

65.252: Just for the sake of visually clarifying what goes to what, I'd make the 32nd grace note a 48th grace note or a white note instead. That way the player can easily identify that it's something separate from the 32nd drums. If you do this, make sure you change all of your other 32nd grace notes to 48ths/white notes instead for consistency.
This is a rare instance where I will agree with this kind of intentional rhythm change, because chances are it will land on the same frame either way, and you’d gain a nice visual separation.
67.127: a jump on a reverse sample looks strange because it’s not as pronounced as other percussion in this section (it especially looks stranger a bit later on when the piano melody introduces itself quite loudly and that reversed sample is hardly worth paying attention to between that and the other drums - if you want to keep it, a single note colored accent could do the trick

73.794: Missing 16th
74.211: Wow, this is a pretty big difficulty spike! You could make this part seem less spiky by stepping those 16ths you intentionally left out earlier, but as I said before I actually prefer how it's stepped now. So I guess this file is just going to have a really big spike halfway through. :P
Yeah, this is… quite a polarized change in difficulty overall; compared to the rest of the file, this is a mammoth jump in structure.
77.711, 77.795, 77.878: As long as we're stepping a jumpstream, this set of three drums should probably be jumps too. Same thing near the end of the jumpstream.
90.212: This note is way too soft for this to be a hand.
116.047: missing jump
119.380/120.380: missing notes for piano

I personally feel like this file could use a structural improvement and the fixes could be done quite easily to really improve the playability of the file. It’s not bad, but it certainly could be improved.

Scrambled Eggman (8.5/10)
1.003: These are 12ths, not 16ths.
3.394: Ghost 16th
4.003 & 4.566: These should also be 12ths.
73.961: These are actually 12ths, too.
117.441-123.441: Lots of guitar notes were ignored here, despite all of those same notes getting stepped from 123.441 onward.
Seems like a build-up to the next section; despite this emptiness, it feels like it progresses alright to me but I could see why you brought this up.
135.441 & 136.961: Both of these quads are very exagerrated, and both of them force 16th minijacks that end up not being that fun.
They layer on the previous pattern; the only reason why the quads seem to appear here is because the guitar is also prominent over that sharp accent. It does feel a bit overemphasized, but the reasoning behind it is at least easy to comprehend.
188.691: How come you stopped stepping here? Stepping only about half of the laughter at the end is weird.
Agree; rather arbitrary place to stop, lol

Besides some odd misrhythms and a couple of weird stepping choices during the 160 BPM part, this was very good!

The Moon (4.5/10)
15.779: the trill’s direction should be inverted to properly capture the low/high note alternation
18.143: Since the snare drum repeats, you could actually have a 16th minijack starting here and leading into the 32nds.
19.961: Missing jump.
22.143: Missing jump.
It’s quite hard to see what the structure even is here, but in almost any case, there’s no feasible way that the jumps are properly laid out - there’s either a missing jump for the melody if the background synth layer is accented, or a missing jump at 18.870 (among other areas) at if the melody is supposed to be layered on top of percussion… the section is just unclear as a whole
Judging by 21.779, where you can clearly see the PR for the background melody, it seems like you’re trying to add the more noticeable melody on top, but your structure absolutely does not reflect that; 24.325 is missing a jump, so is 25.052, etc. The structure is largely incomplete.

22.507: Some color notes to accent some of the notes being played here would be really cool (I'd reserve jumps for the main melody). Just a little something that I think would make the file stand out a bit more, but not absolutely necessary. At the very least, I feel like pitch relevancy could be improved here. 22.689 is a lower pitch than 23.052, so for them to both be in column 4 doesn't make sense.
24.325: Missing jump and a couple of missing 32nds.
24.234/24.416 - missing 32nds, which you do follow at 29.961
These problems seem to continue on throughout the chart; there’s not a consistent representation of the melody in the song up to 41.961.

25.052: Missing jump.
27.234: Missing jump.
28.689: Missing jump etc. There's a lot of missing jumps in this file that should have been stepped to the melody.
33.779: The jump should be on this 16th note, not on a 4th note.
35.976: What's this white note going to?
65.961: Misrhythm. The jumpglut starts on the 16th at 66.143, not here.
- Since the song just repeats itself starting at 56.507, ideally the rest of the file should follow the first half of the file's structure and layering identically, just with a handful of pattern changes so that it's not a direct copy & paste. Judging by the mistake at 65.961, it really doesn't seem like consistency was taken into account when this was stepped, because this error didn't happen the first time around.
99.962: This felt like a really weird spot to stop stepping. The file would feel more complete if you stepped all the way until you can't hear the melody anymore.

This file has a lot of really silly errors, which is a shame because I'd really like to see this song in FFR.

Visitor (6/10)
Oh my god how many times am I going to judge this goddamn file ;__;
Changed your offset from -2.070 to -2.103 (33 milliseconds later).
11.823 - should be an 8th into three 32nds, actually was somewhat noticeable to me at full rate interestingly enough
15.960: because you use mini-jacks for the kicks just a moment later, it’s better to capture them right as they start; chain one of the notes to the jump to make this a bit more accurate

19.956: Either stepping a couple of 8th jumps or making this a 16th jack could be used to go with the drum (that would help make this partcular bit stand out from the rest of the 16th stream).
Makes sense; actually separates this part from the previous one where the kicks didn’t exist at all
37.054: missing jump for kick + melody?

39.606: I like these 16th minijacks for the bass kick, but why aren't there more of these in the file? There's ones you could put at 33.712 and 34.333 too, for example. Stuff like this would really add to the file and make it more memorable.
Really strongly agree with this above point; it would give the file a lot more structure as well because you could more strictly define the percussion.
43.672: add a beat here and change the BPM so that the upcoming section is 12ths instead of 16ths - this is where the percussion changes to prep up for the next section
Also, what’s with the huge amount of missing jumps for kicks? You suddenly opt into ignoring them, but the percussion serves as a great transitionary structure for the upcoming time signature change.
Not sure what this tap at 47.085 is supposed to be, but if it’s any sort of percussion, there are a ton of taps missed for snares (and potentially intentionally omitted because that would force a fuckton of polyrhythmic bursts, a messy combination)

40.847: Missing 16th.
44.259-45.707: Lots of missing 32nds.
57.909: Why is this a hand?
While the sound effect that would likely merit this comes before the triple itself, it is somewhat appropriate to have as a sectional separation, in my opinion - I do see your point, but I see the stepartist’s point as well.
57.632 to 75.315/(etc): this section is quite convoluted, especially given the generally light layering that you have in the section before it. While I do understand that you’re following the snares in the chart, adding the melody (which is very easily heard) and the snares (which is not quite as easily heard with the introduction of the melody) makes this part of the chart quite heavily layered, in my opinion.

63.907: Should be a jump.
67.526: Should also be a jump. Depending on where you want to take this file, this actually could be a 12th jumpglut.
75.643 & 76.263: Missing 24ths.
78.383, 78.590: Should be jumps.
78.494: should be 16ths like at 79.735
79.624: This should be a jump too. There's a lot of notes played in the melody that weren't stepped as jumps. If it's playing a 12th stream you can get away with jumps on every 4th note, but otherwise you should be stepping all of it with jumps since you established this layering scheme at 57.909.
79.968: this, among other sections, showcases why your structure is ineffective - you cannot properly accommodate for the melody and the snares at the same time without largely inhibiting your patterns, yet you attempt to do so by capturing jumps for snares in empty spaces, but ignoring jumps for snare when the melody goes on - as a result, your structure is somewhat unclear.
88.310, 88.931, etc.: Maybe it's just because Patashu did it in his file that I'm saying this, but these notes would work well as hands in order to differentiate them from the snare at 88.620, 89.241, etc.
100% agree with this note as well; accented separation is key to making this section have a peak intensity that makes sense
108.198: time signature changes here, set the tempo back to the ~145 BPM you had before at this point and adjust the quantize of the chart at this point

98.030: Minijack doesn't go to anything.
128.638, 131.947, 135.050, 138.359: These are 32nds, not 24ths.
134.429: Missing 8th
164.417: The switch in layering from stepping the drum as jumps to stepping the lead instrument (I guess you really wouldn't call chiptune sounds a synth, would you?) as jumps seemed a bit sudden.
167.209: As long as we're going with this new layering scheme, you missed a jump here.
Missing taps at 170.448 and 170.654 also stick out like a sore thumb, yikes; in fact, there are various missing taps for percussive elements that you end up following either earlier or later in this section...
173.620: And here.
177.653: And now we're back to the previous layering scheme where drums are jumps. The last 8 measures really feel out of place now.
181.944: Ghost 32nd note.
184.064: Missing 8th note.
185.925: Missing 4th note.
186.752: You left out a lot of the bass drum, didn't you?
- The solo in general has a lot of weird layering. As far as I can see, it's supposed to be that any drum that's not the bass kick is supposed to get stepped as a jump, but this really only happens about half the time. There's also all the missing notes for the bass kicks that are confusing me, too.
- Unfortunately, gonna have to agree with the above note as well; the structure for the chiptune solo is incredibly awkward in terms of patterning and does not seem to hold a coherent construction - it’s not consistent enough to be viable.
220.256: The jump back to 193 BPM should actually happen here. Technically everything is still on beat, but it makes no sense to wait until 222.737 until switching back to 12th notes.
This note is one that can be contested, but is correct at face value - the time signature actually goes a bit berserk: at 216.773, the BPM should be set to the ~193 you have for 12ths, for three beats, the back to the ~145 or so for the jump accents, then set back to ~193 again at 219.048 - you can arguably keep it that way since the next jump accent (the jump trill) is 9 notes long and would both start and end on a 4th note with a 12th note structure. But yes, your current structure’s BPM change is arbitrary and poorly placed.

The file is okay at best, but all the things I mentioned in my review really pull the file down for me.

AJ and I looked at the three together, AJ's file was already judged in the Nov batch then I looked it over as well.
G4M3 0V3R (gameboy) (7.5/10)
12.800: check PR here, should be 4-1-2 rather than 4-2-1 (all notes on 16ths are the same pitch)
14.221: since this particular jump happens without any percussion behind it, it’s safer to assume that your jumps are for the guitar chords, in which this one should be the same as the next one as the pitches are the same
14.695: clever patterning, I like it a lot
17.063: move to 3, as it’s the same pitch as the other 16th at 16.747
23.695/24.168/24.642: intentionally omitted melody notes? Figured I’d point it out to be safe - they are much more noticeable in the second iteration of the melody.
24.958: move to 3, same pitch as previous note
25.747: move to 4, same pitch as previous note
30.741: because of the way the sound effect plays, there are very clearly 4 notes here - you might want to fix that up a bit to better reflect that
58.431: move to 2 for repeated note in melody
60.948: move to 1 for repeated note in melody
(I notice there are a few other instances where this happens, but the jumps are a bit tight around it so it’s somewhat acceptable to ignore it in those cases to keep the structure preserved a bit more.)
71.537: fixating on the guitar in this section is a good idea, but I’d keep focusing on it the entire way, because you’d actually get a bit more in the way of rhythmic variation that you didn’t have before
91.102: same as earlier, four notes works better and it’s very clearly heard that way
111.326: might be a bit more appropriate as a runningman rather than a trill here
Solid chart overall, though a few simple tweaks can be made to make it even better. A touch on the repetitive side, but this can also be counteracted with some better patterning variation in parts that call for it.

Milky Berry Sweet Time (gameboy) (6/10)
5.448: not quite meriting a repeated tap there
18.242/(etc): missing note for snare (albeit a bit further in the background) - check second repeat of melody if you’re interested in incorporating this
20.890/21.066: ghost notes
24.595: add a note for the synth here
26.978 to 36.860: what are all of the 8th note jumps for?
28.301/(etc): should be a 32nd note apart - there are other grace notes that are 64th apart as well, fix accordingly
41.095/46.742: Despite this not being a part of your structure, these blips stand out quite a bit - a colored note (or some sort of colored accent) could be a nice addition here
60.331: should be 24ths
60.595: remove note
68.978: grace note
77.007/78.242/(etc): missing notes for snare, look around for more please
90.006: missing note for melody
91.301: if you’re only following the top melody, remove this note - if not, fill in other notes before this please
92.890: missing note
96.419: missing note
96.860: should be x-xxx (32nds) as opposed to 24ths
100.213: this trail-off ends a little early - also, since it’s 32nd notes along with the same rhythm as the accent into the next section, you might want to accent this glissando in a different way to separate them visually
100.625: should be 32nds
103.919: sounds like a jump should be here for percussion, though it is admittedly difficult to hear
112.566: this blip is three notes, not two - listen a bit more carefully
115.742: with the layering that shows a bit ahead of this, is it worth accenting the burst that happens immediately before this burst
118.566: since you did a burst pattern that had 12th notes repeating, you could afford to make this jump different to separate the kick and snares since it at most creates a 12th note repetition
119.713: missing 16th note for melody
119.978: not sure if this is a weird song cut or something, but the time signature gets quite wonky here - turns into YNS for a moment, but resets itself
122.978: this crash pierces the soundscape about as heavily as those previous synth accents do - perhaps you could make this a triple as well (or a quad to really give the start of this hyperactive section a bit of a bang?)
123.595: missing note
124.037: should be 32nds
131.228: there is the opportunity for a 32nd here, inclusion is up to you
132.684: any reason why you’re not using 24ths here? The 16ths work minimally because the pattern repeats, but it just seems a little underwhelming, I guess.
135.684 to 147.331: this entire section is synced to a blue note.
148.566 to 155.978: copy-pasted from first time the melody repeats, every single note in that area :V
167.978 to 190.389: large amount of copy and paste from the first repeat of the melody here, at least 85-90% of the notes.
The song and chart drag along when they’re not really active/in the more intense sections, which is unfortunately a respectable amount of the song.
Furthermore, outside of those areas, the chart could use some noticeable polishing.

Ultraviolent Junglist (DarkZtar) [5/10]
Changed offset from -2.000 to -2.024
24.524/(etc): the concept of mini-jacks for percussion is alright as a theme of the file, but you definitely shouldn’t use split-handed jumpjacks for the kicks that are barely present - those would be better suited for harsher/louder ones.
26.024: things like this really constrain your patterning - you could easily capture more than just the snare here if you isolated one of the trills to a single hand and hit the secondary percussion that layers on top of it
28.124: rather noticeable ascension in the snare pitch, but you don’t use jumps? Why did you use them earlier on at the start of the section?
29.174: sounds like these can help separate your structure even more - don’t be afraid to utilize triples to really segment things out a bit more effectively
30.149/30.449/30.599: missing notes
30.974: should not be a mini-jack - two different snare pitches
34.724: 24th roll is too fast for the snare here; start off with 3/64 up until an 8th at 35.174, then use 7/192 continuously up until 35.480 - the tailing 32nds can stay
36.224: again, a concept of jacks is fine, but utilize them properly - these are not all the same sample at all
37.124/37.349: a lack of jumps here seems weird - these sounds are quite noticeable at normal rate
39.486: missing 32nd; also, misrhythm at 39.336, as the 32nd should be at 39.261
41.249: missing note
42.149: missing note
42.224: check rhythms again, certainly incorrect in a few spots
44.849/45.299: more missing notes - fill these in to make your pattern repetition a bit more memorable
46.049: this is correct, but the motion required to do it compared to the volume of the accent itself is very counter-intuitive - use 64th bursts when you have something incredibly loud that merits the player to have that kind of jagged response
47.605: why is this not a 192nd like the rest of the section?
48.599: missing note
50.324: change to [23], the next to [13], the one after to [12], then you’ll have proper PR when you ascend back up again
52.649/(etc): not too sure about the jumps in this little bit here
55.049: way too jarring for a sound that’s barely pronounced
55.724: this one’s a bit more fair
60.824: purpose of using a triple here? The sound’s not the most pronounced
61.274: because you have a cutoff snare here, it would make sense to have the fuller snare an 8th note after to have a firmer accent - again, reiterating the fact that you should try to make use of the accenting ability that you have here - definitely use triples here, because it makes it stand out over the mess of jumps you have starting at 62.024, which, by the way, is quite… blah, to be honest
65.324: the kick does repeat here, but it’s also masked out by other melodic elements, making this accent feel a bit more jarring than it should be - I’d opt into removing the jacks and make it a 434 (the jack at 66.899 is much more sensible because the chip is a lot louder and noticeably repeating with the kick)
71.399/71.549: missing notes
72.824: another instance where triples could help separate things out again
76.124: not a fan of the jacks here either, again just purely because it’s hard to make them out and why they’re important for representing what’s in the song
78.449: missing note
79.274: too much strain on individual hands; having all jumps is fine, but play with opposing jumps rather than trying to do a descension for that long
80.249: another missing note; at this point, i’m not going to worry about picking anymore of these up, find all of the noticeable ones at 100% speed and add them, please
81.524: you’d be better off having a flam accent into a 16th note since the buzz lasts that long
83.924: the four note split-handed jacks would be alright on their one, but the amount of tension required to hit them on top of the four jumps immediately following that (which also creates a mini-jack) is rather unreasonable
86.774: again, these jump patterns need to be a bit more reasonable; pair up opposing jumps to keep the structure intact while not making it ridiculously unfair
89.924: not quite correct rhythmically
92.024: this sequence forces a lot of connected mini-jacks; ungodly uncomfortable and as these patterns stack up, they push the file closer and closer to unplayable
98.174: mini-trill?
108.224: keep focusing on the vocal sample here; the trill seems to come out of nowhere given that the processed voice samples are much louder than the other element you are trying to follow
123.974: drop this jump to give you better accenting power on the two [14] jumps
129.468: these 64th jumps are a bit strange and not quite correct in terms of timing
132.224: incredibly cruel; the burst at 133.124 is not bad on its own, but coupled with a 32nd burst coming after it and it’s suddenly a bit more unfair
134.924: justified, but very much ill-advised - jacks are not a good idea because the snare sample is slightly ascending in pitch; on top of that, if you’re going to utilize a continuous stream of jacks like this, do it so that the jacks alternate hands - this is pretty much unplayable for everyone.
136.424 to 150.224: probably the best part of the file; patterns are rigid but fair, and do a good job separating accents between percussive elements
152.024: these jacks feel a bit less justified being a bit quieter than the snares you had as jumptrills just before
154.874: what’s with these mini-trills?
161.549: really nasty burst that creates a mini-jack for a sound that is relatively trivial
Honestly, a lot of the notes that are going to be brought up are much of the same with regards to difficult patterning/structure - take care of cleaning up jump patterns so that they have even strain on both hands; mitigate extensive jump-jack usage/extreme burst usage if further jacks/further bursts come after. Use split-handed jump-jacks for really abrasive accents and use one-handed jump jacks for accents that aren’t quite as harsh.
There are certain things that are strangely inventive/innovative - I’m quite fond of things like 179.474 (up to 180.299)
186.074: try to split up your patterns to separate the roll from something else to capture the increasing pitch
208.424: a bit ridiculous, and also somewhat counter-intuitive because it’s nothing but jumptrilling - this is where rhythmic subdivision and pattern rigidity can help to make this section intense without relying on a ton of manipulation
215.174 to 218.774: this is too much; way too many jumps in a repeated sequence
223.049: quiet sound, but harsh burst
240.974: another sequence that could probably be brought down a bit because a lot of the percussion is not quite that harsh
243.299: this burst starting on a jump, ouch
246.674: these sweeps are cool, but change them up at 247.124 since it’s a different sound
267.074: absolutely not
I give you some credit… you definitely tried really hard on this file; unfortunately, I think this file pushes just a bit too far in terms of playability. I think if you spend some time working with a really high level player as a playtesting guide, you could bring down the difficulty of this file just enough to be playable while still being absolutely fucking insane. There’s a solid foundation here, but I don’t feel like this is something that should be in game in its current state.

[8/10] This Will Be The Day (TC_Halogen)
Had to reprocess the song to get a stable bitrate mp3 so my timings might be slightly different from yours.
-36.438 some of the vocal syncing feels a tad off when actually being played, but when I listen to it with the snap tick on everything seems alright. *shrugs*
-46.130 Understandable that you chose not to make this a hand to avoid forcing a jack, but I’d argue that it would make more sense sense considering how you’ve kept hands to all the other crashes in the buildup. (mini-jack at this speed wouldn’t be much of an issue either)
-46.245 suggest moving the 16th to 1 since the vocal here is lower
-47.053 liked how you interspersed stepping the background synths to keep the file interesting when the vocal variation got a bit bland
-49.361 suggest moving the 4th to 3 or 4 to better reflect the vocal pr.
-49.476 16th here should be filled in
-65.033 great usage of jacks in this section
-75.899 8th should be in the same column as the minijack since it’s the same synth sound.
-79.591 ^same thing (you do it half the time, half the time you don’t)
-82.245 3 note of backwards pr here makes this pattern feel weird to play.
-98.861 jumpgluts here feel kinda out of place given how the rest of the file has progressed to be relatively laidback. Nothing technically wrong with them but I’d argue having single note jacks here would be more effective since it maintains the easygoing feel that the chart has consistently maintained.
-102.207 recommend filling in the vocal sounds that you left out here (at least for this measure) since they catch the ear in the absence of the synth.
-113.630 same as 98.861
-rest of the file looks good.
Wrote a lot of nitpicky things but honestly I really like the chart. Consider the suggestions though.
Catchy song, chart does an excellent job overall of pinpointing the player’s attention when multiple elements are going on in the song.

Final judgment set: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...it?usp=sharing

Resub Notes

Try This [8/10]
8th note jump misrhythms fixed from previous version.
27.459: pattern for the bass shifted to something a bit more smooth, nice.
Missing note at 32.401 addressed.
Missing 8th notes for bass melody resolved from 44.298 to 52.574.
Gradually rising pitch in snare transition worked out.
Other little PR nuances seem to be resolved as well, file looks a bit cleaner now - nice work.

Alive (Evan Duffy Piano Cover) [7/10]
Structure is noticeably improved - jump placement throughout the file does a better job accenting chords and the patterning feels a bit more clarified.
Some polishing still can be done in a few areas regarding obvious pitch relevance, despite having improved from before.
Watch out for repeated taps where the melody does not directly indicate a repeated note; this seems to happen quite a bit throughout the file in situations where it is quite avoidable (instances where this happens going into triples are alright to leave alone) - this is the most serious issue remaining with the file, in my opinion.
Missing note at 72.356/80.036
83.159: check PR here - there’s a lot of repeated notes but your columns switch up mid-measure when the melody hasn’t fully represented itself.
You definitely played with ending patterns a bit, I see some more triplet-based repetition in the 16th note melody; it plays a bit better on the hands.
139.922: mini-jack?
143.882: here as well?
147.122: ^?

Your Lies [6.5/10]
Slight misrhythms in swing early on are resolved
PR a bit later in the file (~94s) improved from previous submission
Patterning from 116.425 to 134.872 improved slightly
Missing notes in drum and bass section at 134s accommodated for, though missing notes exist in the second half (158.062, 158.924, etc)
The second half of the drum and bass section is still a bit of a deal-breaker despite the file being improved -- the jump usage is somewhat unclear and the percussion seems to be followed in alternation with the melody, which would be fine if the jumps were more clearly used.

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My dick is good, thank you very much. It gets love and attention no matter what <3 <3 <3
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also a fucking helicopter is the absolute last place I'd go to find out how big my dick is
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Dawg you don't even know. It's so fuckin' small I can use a pen cap to jack off

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yeah I'mma go for the Rave7 route she's just perfect, stiff on the top, thin in the middle, and has a BIG THICC END that I can just jack on all night UwU best girl

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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

you've got a year's worth of files just sitting there, and now you're asking for more files?

Originally Posted by bluguerilla
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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

from the looks of it, AJ and Kayla are going to be running through this batch independantly of the FFR batch itself.

people want the official tournament to happen, and this looks only to expedite the process, given that the batch is only beginning to return to a good speed of judgement.

faster! is probably something in the low 80s ish
idk if journey will be accepted, but probably mid80s+
cirno is some lower difficulty, maybe like VC or something on the old scale (i'm bad with difficulties)

Originally Posted by Charu View Post
Only yours, for an easy price of $19.99! You too can experience the wonders of full motion rump sticking.
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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

Originally Posted by SKG_Scintill View Post
you've got a year's worth of files just sitting there, and now you're asking for more files?
If you read I clearly said that I'm going through the other batches. Have you taken notice to the acceptance rate of files? Do you really think I can fill in all these slots just going through the batches? Do you think that I'm going to get so lucky that the files I find in the regular batches will be the right difficulties? I'm doing what I need to in order to get this event off the ground. I could have just done an internal batch of a few select people, instead this is open to everyone.
Originally Posted by Charu View Post
My dick is good, thank you very much. It gets love and attention no matter what <3 <3 <3
Originally Posted by DaBackpack View Post
also a fucking helicopter is the absolute last place I'd go to find out how big my dick is
Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 View Post
Dawg you don't even know. It's so fuckin' small I can use a pen cap to jack off

Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
yeah I'mma go for the Rave7 route she's just perfect, stiff on the top, thin in the middle, and has a BIG THICC END that I can just jack on all night UwU best girl
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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

Just sent 3 files.

Pink Cloud is aimed at D1 Round 1.
Seedy Try is probably somewhere between 65-70 (i flippin' love this song so it better get accepted).
Funny Function is probably somewhere between 70-75.
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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

Originally Posted by psychoangel691 View Post
Have you taken notice to the acceptance rate of files? Do you really think I can fill in all these slots just going through the batches? Do you think that I'm going to get so lucky that the files I find in the regular batches will be the right difficulties?
yes, yes and yes
now I'm going to sleep

Originally Posted by bluguerilla
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lol happy
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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

I actually do kind of agree with Scintill.
Seems weird when there's so many waiting to be judged, but I'm also sympathetic with Kayla because... well, those files aren't judged yet lmao
I guess she just wants to speed along the process of constructing an Official, and this is one way to do it.

I do think it would be wise to go through the unjudged files from the queue though and pick out some obvious winners for the Official.
That would lessen the load on the judges (fewer files that are just "ok 9/10 good stuff") and get some of the best material into the Official.

As for me, I still have a decent backlog of files and I can step any difficulty that's needed if asked, so I have no reason to submit now.
I think I'll wait until later on when there's only a few slots left that are difficult to fill and try to step something specific for them. I enjoy that challenge.
I do hope there's room to submit Chipwrecked for this, though. I think it would fit well. Sadly 85ish files tend to be fairly abundant in the batches, but you never know.

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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

can we recommend files that were recently queued for this

For instance I've got three files in in the conditional queue atm and I think they would all make decent tournament files (one for early D1 and the other two for early-mid D2), and I'd be happy to fix them up soon* if so

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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

Originally Posted by gameboy42690 View Post
Just sent 3 files.

Pink Cloud is aimed at D1 Round 1.
Seedy Try is probably somewhere between 65-70 (i flippin' love this song so it better get accepted).
Funny Function is probably somewhere between 70-75.
Ooo Pink Cloud. Step Emoji too plz
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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

I sent all the rest of my files to the regular batch but would be fine with them being judged for this. If moving them is fine I'll send another e-mail and post the difficulties here.
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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

Originally Posted by ilikexd View Post
I sent all the rest of my files to the regular batch but would be fine with them being judged for this. If moving them is fine I'll send another e-mail and post the difficulties here.
Would kind of defeat the purpose of this whole thing imo
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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

Originally Posted by SKG_Scintill View Post
yes, yes and yes
now I'm going to sleep
You're clearly very naive if you actually believe that considering every official tournament since doing all new files has involved getting files from outside the batch to fill gaps needed.

Originally Posted by VisD View Post
can we recommend files that were recently queued for this

For instance I've got three files in in the conditional queue atm and I think they would all make decent tournament files (one for early D1 and the other two for early-mid D2), and I'd be happy to fix them up soon* if so
I've already been through recently queued files for this, I need to get the difficulties on those I've selected and get them into the spreadsheet. I do hope people get on their conditionally queued files though, there are some in there I want. So fix those up if you have the chance.

Regardless of how many files are waiting to be judged this is a good thing for the tournament because it's allowing for better tournament files to be brought in rather than settling for files. If you haven't noticed in many of the officials we were forced to settle for difficulties or files that weren't that great for a tournament setting because we didn't have what we needed. Plus we need more files in queue anyway, we haven't even been able to go back to songs of the week yet because it's so low not to mention we have ffrmas coming up as well.
Originally Posted by Charu View Post
My dick is good, thank you very much. It gets love and attention no matter what <3 <3 <3
Originally Posted by DaBackpack View Post
also a fucking helicopter is the absolute last place I'd go to find out how big my dick is
Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 View Post
Dawg you don't even know. It's so fuckin' small I can use a pen cap to jack off

Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
yeah I'mma go for the Rave7 route she's just perfect, stiff on the top, thin in the middle, and has a BIG THICC END that I can just jack on all night UwU best girl

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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

Originally Posted by SKG_Scintill View Post
you've got a year's worth of files just sitting there, and now you're asking for more files?
This Official Tournament Batch was an excellent course of action to take and I'll explain why:

Silvuh has made a draft of a new transfer policy which allows stepartists to move their files from the regular batches to a special batch if the file matches specific criteria. In the case of the Official Tournament Batch, there are specific difficulty ranges. So rather than having to waiting for a long backlog of regular batches to finish, stepartists can use the transfer policy as a shortcut to move files fitting that specific difficulty criteria to the Official Tournament Batch.

The transfers don't count towards submission slots in the special batch, although the slots in the regular batch are still taken by that file. Think of the policy as a way to skip through a long line of waiting without being penalized.

Sample scenario:
- Stepartist has a file in July 2015
- Stepartist feels like the file fits the 27-29 difficulty range, so the stepartist makes a request to transfer the file from July 2015 to the Official Tournament Batch.
- The file is looked over for a rough difficulty estimate and if it does fit the difficulty range, it is moved to the Official Tournament Batch with an update stating it was a transfer from July 2015.
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file
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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

I actually didn't even know about the transfer policy yet, so there you guys go if you have stuff submitted already that you want to transfer here you can make that request.
Originally Posted by Charu View Post
My dick is good, thank you very much. It gets love and attention no matter what <3 <3 <3
Originally Posted by DaBackpack View Post
also a fucking helicopter is the absolute last place I'd go to find out how big my dick is
Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 View Post
Dawg you don't even know. It's so fuckin' small I can use a pen cap to jack off

Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
yeah I'mma go for the Rave7 route she's just perfect, stiff on the top, thin in the middle, and has a BIG THICC END that I can just jack on all night UwU best girl
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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

Sent 2 files and a short essay about permission issues with Lust for Blood.

Originally Posted by bluguerilla
So Sexy Robotnik (SKG_Scintill) {.0001/10} [--]
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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

Sent a mid 30's ish file, and 3 files that are probably around mid 50- low 60 range. Bad at determining difficulties so forgive me if they're bad estimates.
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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

It's okay, just having a general idea of what gaps people are trying to get into helps. I'm going to go through some of these when AJ gets off work and we'll get some estimate difficulties as well.
Originally Posted by Charu View Post
My dick is good, thank you very much. It gets love and attention no matter what <3 <3 <3
Originally Posted by DaBackpack View Post
also a fucking helicopter is the absolute last place I'd go to find out how big my dick is
Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 View Post
Dawg you don't even know. It's so fuckin' small I can use a pen cap to jack off

Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
yeah I'mma go for the Rave7 route she's just perfect, stiff on the top, thin in the middle, and has a BIG THICC END that I can just jack on all night UwU best girl
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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

Added the files that have been submitted so far to the OP for quick reference. We'll be taking a look at some of these shortly.

Originally Posted by gameboy42690 View Post
Just sent 3 files.
Seedy Try is probably somewhere between 65-70 (i flippin' love this song so it better get accepted).
Just played seedy try, worst tournament file ever


I love it
Originally Posted by Charu View Post
My dick is good, thank you very much. It gets love and attention no matter what <3 <3 <3
Originally Posted by DaBackpack View Post
also a fucking helicopter is the absolute last place I'd go to find out how big my dick is
Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 View Post
Dawg you don't even know. It's so fuckin' small I can use a pen cap to jack off

Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
yeah I'mma go for the Rave7 route she's just perfect, stiff on the top, thin in the middle, and has a BIG THICC END that I can just jack on all night UwU best girl

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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

Originally Posted by Poison- View Post
Ooo Pink Cloud. Step Emoji too plz
Emoji has been stuck in my head all day today so I'm most likely going to step it now.

Originally Posted by psychoangel691 View Post
I actually didn't even know about the transfer policy yet, so there you guys go if you have stuff submitted already that you want to transfer here you can make that request.
I'd like a few of my files transferred over to tournament batch:

Bring The Madness (feat. Mayor Apeshit) - Really not sure of the difficulty. Maybe low 40's at most?
Follow You (Rhythmics Remix) - High 40's/Low 50's
Suit Up (feat Southpaw Swagger) - 60's, maaaaaaaybe a borderline FMO
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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

Originally Posted by gameboy42690 View Post
Emoji has been stuck in my head all day today so I'm most likely going to step it now.

I'd like a few of my files transferred over to tournament batch:

Bring The Madness (feat. Mayor Apeshit) - Really not sure of the difficulty. Maybe low 40's at most?
Follow You (Rhythmics Remix) - High 40's/Low 50's
Suit Up (feat Southpaw Swagger) - 60's, maaaaaaaybe a borderline FMO

Alright, I'll check with doss and silv about how this works exactly when I see them on.
Originally Posted by Charu View Post
My dick is good, thank you very much. It gets love and attention no matter what <3 <3 <3
Originally Posted by DaBackpack View Post
also a fucking helicopter is the absolute last place I'd go to find out how big my dick is
Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 View Post
Dawg you don't even know. It's so fuckin' small I can use a pen cap to jack off

Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
yeah I'mma go for the Rave7 route she's just perfect, stiff on the top, thin in the middle, and has a BIG THICC END that I can just jack on all night UwU best girl
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