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Default Bursts Of A Teitoku Kai Ni (BOAT3) RELEASE

(Click banner for dl link)

Thanks everyone for all the contributions and hard work that went into this pack. I know it's hella long in coming, but it's finally done. (On my birthday, I'm so glad to have this just off my chest for good now.)

What is in BOAT Kai Ni?
It's largely become a pretty selfish pack. I know what I like seeing and playing in files, and it boils down to stuff in the range of technical, bursty, jacky files. There's a couple dumps this time around as well to really make things feel a little more rounded out as a set of files to play in general. Plenty of stuff in all music ranges and lengths, although the general difficulty is tailored towards Mid-D6 and higher. The vast majority of files here are new and unseen by most eyes.

Graphics Credits:

Pack Banner
~Oh Say Can YOSHI~
Ahoy!! Our Houshou Pirates☆
Clock Tower Of The Beginning
Kill Screen


Shiroki Yume Wa Madara Ni


Terrae Motus

All other graphics were put together by me

Special Thanks:
All the people who did gfx
All the people who submitted files, rejected and accepted, thank you for your contributions
Jess <3
Anyone who bothered standing by even while this pack died and was reborn like 3 times over the years.

  1. Ahoy!! Our Houshou Pirates☆ - ARM (IOSYS) feat. Hololive/Houshou Marine
  2. Bad Apple Bad Psy!! Remix - Camellia
  3. beepbit futures - FrAAAAms
  4. BREACH PROTOCOL - Kurorak
  5. c.s.q.n. - Aoi
  6. Catalinésie - MisomyL
  7. Clock Tower Of The Beginning (ISK "Re-Interpretation and Resurrection" Remix) - Hino Isuka
  8. Cloud 9 - Yunosuke
  9. Confide - Tanchiky
  10. Double Helix - xi
  11. F1055 - Silentroom
  12. Failnaught - xi
  13. Good Night - SiIvagunner
  14. Helix of Garatia - sasakure.uk
  15. If Eat Rotten Food Often I'll Get Upset Stomach - kyou1110
  16. Jiyuu no Tsubasa - Linked Horizon
  17. Kill Screen - Koloto
  18. Lancelot ~Flame of the Rebellion~ - Penoreri
  19. LINK[INIT] - BilliumMoto
  20. The Last Page - ARForest
  21. Mr. LittleHeart's Adventure - Chroma
  22. My Music Playlist - Kobaryo
  23. Q.E. - Frums
  24. Qyoh -Nine Stars- - Camellia
  26. SHI*A*WA*SE - eye burn
  27. Shiroki Yume Wa Madara Ni - ELFENSJóN
  28. Take - 立秋 feat.ちょこ
  29. Take Me to Pleasure Island - Shirobon
  30. Terrae Motus - Zekk
  31. Teufel - Hommarju
  32. Thriller - Reizoko C
  33. Towerblock - Frost
  34. Traveler ~Stand Aloof~ - Se-U-Ra
  35. VVelcome!! - MisoilePunch
  36. [ns] - Camellia
  37. ~Oh Say Can YOSHI~ - Bladiator

Thanks everyone for playing my stuff.

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Only yours, for an easy price of $19.99! You too can experience the wonders of full motion rump sticking.

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Default Re: Bursts Of A Teitoku Kai Ni (BOAT3) RELEASE

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Default Re: Bursts Of A Teitoku Kai Ni (BOAT3) RELEASE

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Default Re: Bursts Of A Teitoku Kai Ni (BOAT3) RELEASE

I got a chance to play the files ahead of time, I can put my opinions of each file under a spoiler for reading.

Ahoy!! 我ら宝鐘海賊団☆: Your standard denpa overchart file, with some interesting patterning at parts to give the lyrics some funny flair.

Bad Apple!! (Bad Psy!! Remix): This is absolutely my favorite file in the pack, it offers a little bit of every skillset to keep it interesting from start to end. Absolutely recommend playing if you can handle 5 minutes of hard Camellia charting.

beepbit futures: The second half definitely shines much brighter on this song than the first half. This file tests skillsets similarly to bad apple but is hit or miss because of the speed.

BREACH PROTOCOL: https://www.flashflashrevolution.com.../sgt.+traveler read the comments

c.s.q.n.: This file is easy to underestimate. You need some control to tackle the patterns this file has to offer, but they're really satisfying once you hit them.

Catalinésie: The quintessential js file. Some of the changes (I assume from the FFR version) make it much more smooth, it feels like a potential file for acc scores.

はじまりの時計塔 (ISK "Re-Interpretation and Resurrection" Remix): This song carries excitement for a good five minutes with a relaxed but very pleasant intro/outro to pace yourself.

Cloud 9: Ain't nothing like a funky beat. This file is more relaxed than c.s.q.n. while still targeting the same skillsets.

Confide: I wonder if Kayla would enjoy this one. It offers some high speed tech and jacks, with patterning that compliments the drops in a fun way.

Double Helix: bmah is laughing somewhere.

F1055: Eh, it's alright. (This is my file)

Failnaught: That hard difficulty is surprisingly fun, I was not prepared for how much I'd enjoy it. Challenge difficulty takes it up a step with full layering, but still comes out with something interesting to play.

Good Night: A pretty satisfying file, mostly chill so try it on rates if you want. (Note: Don't actually try it on rates unless you like the mario paint experience.)

Helix of Garatia: Both difficulties carry a lot of similarities, but the differences don't make either bad for trying acc scores.

If Eat Rotten Food Often I'll Get An Upset Stomach: Wow that's a long title. This song features anchor-y light js that is really reminiscent of the d6-level dnb/breakcore you can see on FFR. Certainly a nice experience.

Jiyuu no Tsubasa: You already know Challenge from skwidpack, Hard difficulty follows the song's melody faithfully for a relaxing jumpstream file.

Kill Screen: This was a sightread PFC for me. All the patterns are fairly relaxed for their speed, making for a chill ride through the song.

Lancelot ~Flame of the Rebellion~: God damn, I'll take this song over For UltraPlayers any day. Difficulty is mostly consistent and does not let up at any point, resulting in a fun two minutes of js and 1/12 tech.

LINK[INIT]: A British person plays Legend of Zelda. Yes that's what I said to YoshL.

Mr. LittleHeart's Adventure: Comparable files on both difficulties. The tech keeps it from being reasonable to play on rates, but man I wish it stayed smooth on rates because it's so fun otherwise.

My Music Playlist: Playing this felt like Dossar punched me in the face. Would recommend.

Q.E.: That pizza hit different going down. I kinda knew what to expect going into this song but Pizza really busted those expectations, featuring tricky tech patterns and layering mixed with short breaks.

Qyoh -Nine Stars-: Ow, my stamina. The song is mostly relaxed in the first half with a focus on bursts being the main tech, but after the break it drains your stamina with bursty flams, minijacks, a 240bpm js chorus, and a tech-filled climax.

SENSE: File is filled with friendly-ish burst streams, sure to keep you comfortable and then rip that comfort away. Much simpler if you cheat some of the bursts, like I didn't.

SHI*A*WA*SE: This song goes for somewhat comfortable light hs. It basically plays like 210bpm so use a halved noteskin if you want it to read it as 16ths hs.

白き夢は斑に: This one really tests your one-hand control with trilly js and occasional gluts mixed in for the majority of the song. When I listened to the song preview I thought it would be light 24th js instead.

竹: Lmao good luck trying to pfc this one. You should more than know what you're getting yourself into.

Take Me to Pleasure Island: Lein is really coming in with these fun song choices. Both the song and file are pretty groovy.

Terrae Motus: Most of the stream and burst patterns are chill, but the jacks hit you when you're not ready for them. A weird way to keep you on your toes throughout the song.

Teufel: This is why MSD is really dumb sometimes. The cooldown sections offer relief, but the drops tense you up immediately.

The Last Page: This file really rides out like a story. The spikes in the first half offer hardships in an adventurous song before finally building up into a climactic chorus.

Thriller: I had to get a second playthrough because I was exhausted by the time I got to it in the list. File is just as chaotic as the song itself, throwing sudden elements of LNs, minijacks, and broken bursts.

Towerblock: There's nothing I can say aside from this being fantastic progressive rock, and the file really does it justice by matching the flow to a T.

Traveler ~Stand Aloof~: Good to see a love of Se-U-Ra recently. File keeps it interesting without being overbearing, with not much else to say.

VVelcome: Out of all the songs in this pack, this one was the only one I had to fluke the AA on. That ending jumptrill is probably gonna appear in my nightmares, and I don't even have dreams.

[ns]: This is the hardest out of all the Camellia songs featured in this pack, and for some reason the one with an artist name not in Japanese when I got the preview version. Be prepared for extremely fast bursts and tech that this file is filled with.

~Oh Say Can YOSHI~: It's interesting to know this file has a bit of history, being in the making for 15 years. But honestly there couldn't be a better finish to this pack and what it has to offer.

The pack provided a lot of tech-oriented files that ranged between wonderful and troublesome, but it's not too bad to aim for all AA's if you're D7 level.

My five must-play files in order:
1. Bad Apple!! (Bad Psy!! Remix)
2. Lancelot ~Flame of the Rebellion~
3. Towerblock
4. Good Night
5. Mr. LittleHeart's Adventure

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Default Re: Bursts Of A Teitoku Kai Ni (BOAT3) RELEASE

i bursted

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Default Re: Bursts Of A Teitoku Kai Ni (BOAT3) RELEASE

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post

- Tosh 2014

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Default Re: Bursts Of A Teitoku Kai Ni (BOAT3) RELEASE

habby borth
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Default Re: Bursts Of A Teitoku Kai Ni (BOAT3) RELEASE

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Default Re: Bursts Of A Teitoku Kai Ni (BOAT3) RELEASE

Check out my Speedruns
Originally Posted by TEEX
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Default Re: Bursts Of A Teitoku Kai Ni (BOAT3) RELEASE

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Default Re: Bursts Of A Teitoku Kai Ni (BOAT3) RELEASE

thanq for the paq

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