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Cool Eppu's November FFR Scores thingy!

Welp, it's December. Time to start using the low-effort Christmas avatar once again! It's also time to make a good old score thread, with all the crazy scores I got in November.

I got so many new top scores, and many other amazing ones as well, that I guess they all deserve their own thread. (And also, because Hateandhatred told me that I need to do one of these, so here we are. Shoutouts to you.)

I have posted all these scores to the FFR Discord server, so most of yall have probably already seen these, but here's a nice little recap of all the good ones from the past month!


Heavenly Castle Velier | 4-0-0-0

Not the craziest score, but I'd say solid enough for this thread! The last 24th stream is where most of the goods came from, that part is preventing me from AAAing this file lol

Almost There (Oni) | 3-0-2-0

Another shoutout to Hateandhatred for suggesting this file to me. Turns out I don't suck at trills anymore (atleast that much!)

Serious Shit | 2-0-0-0

I wanted to AAA this so baaaad, but didn't make it. Maybe one day it will happen, but for now, 2g it is.

Call me it. (500 Tortures) | 3-0-1-0

Another file I wished I would've got a better score from. It's a stressful file to hold a AAA run on!

Extratone Pirates (Drunk Optimus Remix) | 0-0-1-0

This missflag hurts, and of course it has to be a file where fixing that is not an easy task! Either way, a very good score.

do i smile? | 2-0-1-0

My current top play. Holy crap, I didn't think this file would be this possible for me! This was literally the AAA run, I just can't hit the trill after the speedup wall. But I don't mind, this score is insane! The link leads to a Twitch highlight of this score.

System Doctor | 5-0-2-0

Another score from the same stream session. I thought that SDGing this file was impossible for me, but apparently, it wasn't! That made for a nice reaction, and a very nice score! There are goods to shave off, but the ending probably won't go that well in a while.

A Dichoric Glass Snafu | 1-0-1-0

If do i smile is the most probable AAA from the 101 difficulty, this file is the most probable from 100. I like this one, it's tricky but fun at the same time!

OWA Raged In Vegas (Fuck Bees) | 8-0-0-5

Sightread. Holy crap. That's all I have to say about this one

Jamais Vu | 3-0-0-0

I honestly didn't think this score would've been possible as well. This skillboosting is starting to get frightening!

thinking of you | AAA

Not really a mindblowing score, but decided to include this, since it was the last score of November! Thank god I finally got it, have been after this score for a while now..


That's it! You have reached the end of my November FFR Scores thingy! It's been really fun, let's hope there will still be new crazy scores in December, when I can still play FFR actively! Then it's off to military service for me, and there will be way less playing

But that's fine, let's enjoy this year while it lasts!
I'm out of things to say, so yeah. Thanks for reading
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finland doesnt exist
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Default Re: Eppu's November FFR Scores thingy!

Its crazy to see how far you have progressed since the last official! Literally miles and miles of improvement. Good for you!!! I am proud of you Eppu
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Default Re: Eppu's November FFR Scores thingy!

congratulations! you played FFR

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Default Re: Eppu's November FFR Scores thingy!

Eppu is a god in the making

I'm so glad I got to witness your progression in real time!


Thanks for the shoutouts btw, yer a bro

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something something nate lever
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I don't fucking know there is apparently more genders in 2019 than there are concentration camp victims
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Det är okej om djuret är större än du.
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Default Re: Eppu's November FFR Scores thingy!

Amazing scores man! You've been improving quite a lot haha.

I request you to improve your Japan Style Breakcore - 2 (unlock this too haha) and Resistance [Aero Chord] scores! I think you can do well on both files!
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