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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
What's your take on DFR and his interactions?
Personally, on the andy/YoshL interactions I've already said iirc that andy imo is playing town-like in that argument, as he's pulling the kind of stuff that I would have done in my very first game of twg if I was town, just getting myself into unnecessary holes. DFR was first to respond with thinking andy is town but I don't really like the reason that he put out there, playing on that he always tries to cut some slack for newer players and that's his meta.

Still in response to that argument, I think newer players shouldn't be cut slack since this is TWG. If it were jTWG, maybe, but it's hard to find a jTWG game nowadays imo so I'm compromising on it. Keeping all of that in mind, I think his best post is this one.

Originally Posted by danceflashrevo View Post
Originally Posted by YoshL View Post
i'm saying literally when you chimed in emotionally about newer players getting lynched and w/e, was there any danger of there being a bandwagon forming on andy
was there any indication that anyone else was agreeing with me
Yes and no. Yes because traction could have easily accrued, which is why I said the historically mark. And no because there wasn't immediate danger. However, I simply just didn't agree with your push. If I had the intention of saving him, I wouldn't have waited for you and him to finish. I would've jumped straight in and been like "HOLD UP HOLD UP HOLD UP" but I didn't. Likewise I don't think people would let me save people. I'd probably get brushed off as the resident dumbass as I feel happens a bit already. No one was a agreeing with you but I disagreed with you and I felt like I should note that I did at the time and back it up with reasoning.

I understand what you're saying here, but I feel like you're trying to establish a meta for him. Let him develop his own meta and play the way that he learns how to play. Probing a newer player, sure. Asking his or her input, sure. Putting them in an uncomfortable situation intentionally to where a lot of people regardless of alignment crumble, bad, because it happens a lot regardless of alignment.
I think both DFR & YoshL from this are leaning town. DFR because while I may not agree with this 'meta', I do feel that he makes a valid point about YoshL pushing andy maybe a little bit too hard during that, in a way to get an early bad rap on andy. And while I do agree with YoshL's pushing and how he's trying to get some nice amount of information & response, I think he completely missed DFR's argument/pushed it aside, argumentive of this post after the DFR/YoshL interaction was for the most part said & done:

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post
reasoning makes 0 sense. I'm saying you overreacted to a push onto andy, and i'm not seeing any true justification for the magnitude of response for the magnitude of the original push.
Further on, DFR has made a couple of comments about who he likes, including me and Shado. I'm not a super fan of people clinging to me without reason, and I certainly feel like DFR is clinging to me without much reason, but I see why he's doing it. (Because Shado couldn't see past an ocean of dicks :^) ) I'd like it if he could explain why he likes ShadoWolfe's posts in particular. I also like his more recent post regarding FreezinIce.

All in all, I think he's got a town lean from me for right now. Certainly more of his posts I like rather than hate, but I don't agree with everything he says.
Originally Posted by YoshL View Post

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