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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

On phone, still need to read last 2 pages. Lets get some thoughts out.

Originally Posted by andy-o24 View Post
Literally my first game ever. Never mafia'd in person, never TWG'd in a thread. I skimmed through a turbo thread on here, and watched a little of The Town (the BTS DotA 2 circle jerk mafia thing), but that's it.

Isn't it generally a wolf strategy to lay low and try to cause chaos by questioning every read anyone makes? And if AA and tokzic are both wolves (I don't think tokzic is at this point, btw) wouldn't it be good for AA to dispel any suspicions early on to protect his furry brethren? It feels like a weird post from AA. He could have jumped in on the shit posts, but immediately picked that out.

See I know everyone gives shit to Andy for this but I'm 100% no wolf partner he could possibly have would tell him to take that stance.

Even by himself, I dont know if Wolf Andy would be the one to try and rock the boat.

Originally Posted by _Zenith_ View Post
My first game related post: I like YoshL being inquisitive here and the intention is very pure.
I don't know if I agree.

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post

cya later
This vote has no reason to exist.

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post
dfr feels super awkward right now, and i'm kinda surprised that he's not familiar with the standard yoshl fare, grill the new guy so it's easier to read them

especially doing something like asking "ok is this interaction over?" feels like he's overly cognizant of his position in this game, which feels much more scummy than not
He's taken that stance as town before.

And I guess I'm not familiar with standard YoshL fare then cause you aggressive as fuck right now.

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post
also i have to disagree with you freezinice.

in a mystery game where there are people who are on the lookout for specific names of roles (guessing from the setup), wolves and other factions have quite a lot to gain most likely from being able to choreograph your moves - also speaking from experience, i think that wolves do set up things like that, and especially with a newer player, it becomes easier since their meta is wholly unknown. i.e. andy seems like the player to make just unemotional and flat statements for the most part (at least, as best as i can describe what i'm seeing from him)

this doesn't sound like dfr

People having abilities based on their character? Ok maybe. Like as far as I can tell that's not really the case but NEEDING TO KNOW SOMEONE ELSES? That's hella specific yo

How about you explain why you came to that conclusion YoshL

Originally Posted by Charu View Post
Also, I would emotion read dfr right here, but this game, gonna try not to do that.
I mean

I aint clearing anyone d0 but
I'm ok emotionally reading him town.

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post
that furthers my point. I'm saying there was little to no real pressure or danger of being lynched, or even any semblance of a bandwagon forming

which makes your current emotional outburst pretty big
It happened just this turbo. And he always takes that stance anyway.
There is nothing to see with DFR atm

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post
i'm not talking about history at the moment'

i'm saying literally when you chimed in emotionally about newer players getting lynched and w/e, was there any danger of there being a bandwagon forming on andy
was there any indication that anyone else was agreeing with me

the difference between "out of 20" is that you still need a majority of all the players, even those who haven't even posted or done anything for a lynch. Establishing a good baseline reads level for a new player is stupid important because quite a lot of at least FFR twg revolves around player meta, even though it's not the end-all-be-all.
Don't handwave the history point its valid. You're trying awfully hard here.

Gonna eat KFC and casually read thread. YoshL please get back at me

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