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i play gaia either the acc c o n d o m s e c k s and iPixel Girl, add me if u want here or on gaia and i'll add u back add my new account on ffr: S u n n y D i n o s, im bored of this account now
anime, manga, interesting books, drawing anime, computer, sleeping, food, friends
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ali project, kukui, round table feat. nino, lady gaga, katy perry, the killers
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see you in you tube, juno, 27 dresses, bleach, sailor moon, pokemon lolz
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T.A.T.U.-Cosmos (remix)
Posted on: January 28, 2009, at 08:21:19pm   [2 comments]

sailor moon amv with the last season sailor moon stars which was never dubbed to english

Maple Story-Let me borrow that top
Posted on: November 14, 2007, at 04:30:59pm   [5 comments]

its kelly from shoes!!!!!!!!!
awsome vid i say

Tokyo Mew Mew ~*Asterisk~
Posted on: August 14, 2007, at 04:51:57pm   [7 comments]

the song is form the 1st opening theme for bleach

Caramelldansen(speedy cake remix)
Posted on: August 14, 2007, at 04:46:36pm   [14 comments]

i luv this song
the anime for this song is:the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya

Comment wall
sweetest lace writes...
at 10:35:38pm on 8/16/11
lol my old acc...
luckelizard writes...
at 12:40:29pm on 2/17/11
Are you ever on here anymore???
hyrochu writes...
at 3:34:22am on 12/29/10
S u n n y D i n o s writes...
at 11:31:14pm on 11/17/09
can't log into that account forgot password, add me on this
itachi1 writes...
at 10:03:38am on 8/13/09
hi> do you remember
S u n n y D i n o s writes...
at 10:52:48pm on 4/25/09
ppl this is my new acc!! add me on it but i want a small friends list!!!
Zauriel writes...
at 7:48:21pm on 4/12/09
( I give you a Wind of dust ring!!!! )
this its my ring.. I need to give it to you! I will become weird with the time... the Wind of dust dosent follow the justice or the evil... he only follows your mind's will!!
Bojack2424 writes...
at 6:59:15pm on 4/12/09
usually if i get stomach feels like it left me. then theres an eerie pause
Bojack2424 writes...
at 3:56:54pm on 4/11/09
eh nothing wrong with taking a chance..not saying i want you to get caught or anything but worth a try =P
Zauriel writes...
at 7:34:59pm on 4/1/09
what to give you some thing..... but..... you need to be ware.... evil will try to kill you if I give it to you... it willl make you more power.. and really ... really destroctive...
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